The BattleGroup42 team aim to promote team-play in a historically accurate and fun environment set across the battlefields of World War 2. With each successive release BG42 is developing its own style of unique gameplay. Scout forward positions and call in covering fire as a troop of friendly tanks roll forward backed by APC support, fly air cover protecting your bombers from marauding interceptors, assault an enemy beachhead taking the forward positions before moving inland to victory!

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Woozle says

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My second favorite WWII bf1942 mod. This one has much more content then my favorite though. The graphics are AWESOME!! It's historically accurate (always a plus in my book) there are MANY maps with bot support. Huge diversity of content (vehicles that appear in one map) etc. One of my favorite mods!

Wow, BF 1942 was great already. But this, this is EPIC!


this is the very very good mod that make me feel like real Battlefield in WWII and a lot of fun in every thing ^^

Best Mod for Battlefield 1942. Best Realism and Gameplay.

I would like to start by saying 'BattleGroup42' is a well thought out MOD and is an ingenious improvement over Battlefield 1942 itself.

The mod has a great level of historical accuracy when it comes down to the battle maps, uniforms, weapons, language, etc. As someone who looks very closely at historical accuracy in games & mods, so that is well appreciated. The list is endless for positive facts and points in 'BattleGroup42'. I give the mod a 10. I have almost no negative things to say about it. But the creators always have room for improvement.

The best mod ever made for Battlefield 1942...and maybe for any Battlefield. One that I'll rate 10/10 any day. This is one of the most accurate, well made mods I've ever played.

i love this mod :D


sble says

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Its one of the best WW2 Mod's together with FH/SW, Load Times and Content is very large.


Great game