The stand-alone mod S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly aims to be the most stable and customizable experience for fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. It's powered by the Monolith 64-bit engine, a custom fork of the X-Ray engine.

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vvil01 says

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64 bit x-ray engine
HD modells
HD maps
No lag
Do i need to tell more?


Very VERY polished mod.
The 64bit engine is amazing. I can run stalker at solid 60+fps on a clevo now.
Textures and models are really beautiful. The AI is less uber powered than Last Day but stays dangerous at the same time.

Another good point? The economy! Reworked and for the better... cause expensive things like armor and such are still expensive so you have a nice curve of grind for money but you're not wasting it in zone produced bread worth 3000+ rubbles.

I recommend this for it's general feeling of a more polished and clean mod than most of the COM clones (imo).

Credits where it's due, the mod patches are put into a new, separated folder and in individual .db files which is, for me, a very cool option to not loose tracks of changes and merges if you need to devel an addon for this mod. Clearly what most of the mod teams should do. Huge bravo for this sergedp.

One of the only thing I would consider "bad" for this mod is also it's strength: the many texture packs included. Sometimes I must say I miss the Misery/Last Day feeling on some textures like bushes/trees/grass/general feeling/structures.

Everything is much more detailed now but also more vibrant and colorful. It has it's own style. Maybe one day an optional pack for original architecture/foliage/general textures from Last Day? I may do it if I have some time. For the people seeking the miserable feeling of a dying zone.

Anyway great job on this mod. It's been a while since the last time I stopped on a mod and played more than 20 hours without switching back to another one...

Ethic stuff/disclosure: I helped with some porting of sound files related to stealth gameplay capabilities in patch 3.


64-bit engine is truly a revolution - it removes at least 50% of crashes and stuttering you would encounter in Last Day mod pack.
When you use at least DirectX 10 as renderer the visuals are very pretty. Especially noticeable on a sunny in-game day.
Although Last Day itself is a horrid shitfest, because made by drunk russian teens, the one most important thing I like about Anomaly mod pack is that the creator does his best to solve any problems you encounter, no matter if engine related or poor script, he solves them all quick.
Shiny blows and whistles matter null if stability null.
All this combined puts all the rest of STALKER mod packs into trash bin; I prefer stable full release and none of that early access pre-alpha **** made by alcoholics and drug addicts.


One of the best mod packs out to play and the support from searge is amazing. It's been a long time since i saw something like that!

The updates have improved a lot about the modpack, including fixing the odd HD models, making crafting less of a pain, and adding more content in general.


takeo64z says

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Definitely the best S.T.A.L.K.E.R mod pack i have played. The amount of dedication from the Devs to fix bugs and keep adding content is amazing. If your looking for a very good preforming S.T.A.L.K.E.R Mod pack this is what your looking for. I have a somewhat decent system and i have no problem runing it at max settings. Now nothings perfect and i don't expect it to be since it is on the xray engine (very much improved though).


wojola says

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Solid, stable mod pack based around Last Day that improves visuals, audio, performance, and economy. If your rig is up to the task, this is the way to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Looks great, runs mostly stable, atmosphere and sound design are on point but that's it.

Played it for several hours and other than looks and stability it comes nowhere close to CoC and I honestly don't get the hype about this mod.
Tbh many aspects of it are just bad in my opinion.

You know, warfare sounds great on paper but mostly just doesn't work the way you'd imagine it and together with the all out war and dynamic faction relations options turned on the whole thing just becomes a clusterfuck. The A.I. of the faction
you choose always starts out as neutral (except Monolith, they're the only one's treating their boys as friendly from the start) and doesn't give a **** about you, neither do they when relations suddenly change and you're being attacked by someone they now consider friendly or neutral. It just doesn't work to any kind of real satisfaction. The NPCS and the worlds "hubs" feel bland and boring. Everyone says the same, they tend to run around absolutely clueless and it doesn't feel very alive tbh. Everyone's just there and occasionally shooting at something, doesn't matter if 2 guys sit around a campfire in some level somewhere else as long as there are a dozen of others that behave like they barely exist. This also used to feel way better in other mods.

No matter which alife options you choose, mutants (except for certain hotspots) have become almost to none-existant in some areas. It's more about shooting other stalkers now as it seems and this is where things really start to suck. Where are the bloodsuckers that roamed the buildings in dead city @? Pseudo-Giants wreaking havoc over several levels? The snorks in Limansk? Tushkanos in cellars? And no, 10 ******* pseudo-dogs in the Red Forest don't make up for that. The new additions like the lurkers can't make up for the general lack of mutants either, even if their design as weaker chimeras seems quite cool.

And well, then there is the "realistic" combat. I won't rant about the aim, I've always been okay
with it, even in the base game. But there's just a lot of other things no one seems to give a **** about and these things just make the general gameplay loop frustrating.
Enemies are bullet-spongy as all hell, never tend to bleed out, nor do they have to use bandages. They always manage to spot and track you down. And the player? Put 10 ******* bullets in the chest of a bandit whose protection is made out to be far worse than yours (atleast thats what stats and conditions of the enemies gear tell you) and watch him hipfire you right in the ******* face, doesn't matter if you die right on the spot, you'll bleed to death from every single scratch anyway since no one seems to have even something like bandages with them. You can call this hardcore all you want, but it's just cheap. Loot from firefights is unsatisfying and unrewarding as everything is in a ******-up condition but still, I haven't seen the A.I. once having to reload one of their ****** guns because it jammed, while a Glock at 70% condition has regular jamming, which is ******* ridicoulus enough. Like, wtf, even ammo can be damaged and old now, like who the **** asked
for that or what sense does it make if you can't even sell that anymore.

I think unrewarding is the right term to sum up the gameplay loop here.

"But the gameplay is highly customizable". No, it isn't. Most sliders seem to do jackshit. Weapon degradation, population density, warfare settings etc., etc. all seem to have barely any effect on anything and even if, barely positive. And yes, a few have an impact on gameplay, thanks for letting me sprint freely now. But then again, things like "Player Protection" don't matter,
because you're already gonna die and bleed out in a few hits from whatever weapon, even
if the setting is already put to good. Setting it to "Great" barely helps and just hurts your ego.

You know, Misery was always mean to the player, but never came across as cheap as this. Neither did Call of Chernobyl.

I'd give it not even 2 points, if it weren't for the great looks and all the effort that was put into the atmosphere/sound design etc., gotta give credit where credit is due, but everything else, just no, thank you.

Greatest freeplay mod so far, it's balanced in the right way, hard in the right way and you don't need the strongest assault rifle to survive, a 9x19 pistol can do the job most of the times.

Everything is done just the right way with a very slight polishing need.

I kept returning to this mod quite a few times back in the day and everything was ending up the same way. So many features you probably won't use most of the time, or "made to be made". Visuals look very odd, -- too much greenery and constant feeling of being in jungles, which isn't present in the actual EZ. Not hardcore at all. Boring and repetitive storyline tasks in the manner of "Go to the opposite side of the Zone, read a couple of text lines and return". So many good LD features were cut for no real reason so it's basically just another CoC compilation mod with a few public addons installed over it. Doesn't supports most CoC oriented addons as well. 3/10

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64 bit x-ray engine
HD modells
HD maps
No lag
Do i need to tell more?

Jun 20 2018 by vvil01