Anomaly is a standalone S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod powered by an x64 version of the X-Ray engine. Starting with version 1.5.0 Anomaly uses a custom engine build called the XRay-Monolith engine. After almost one year of development of the Anomaly 1.5.0 update, the mod continues its way on expanding and adding new features while maintaining a high level of quality and replay value.

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Really nice mod, with, weirdly really good damage balance that somehow fit to my annoying needs. I said weirdly because most of mods just try to hard to mimic Misery that it self is really bad made mod(its not hard, its just annoying with fake hardness made via stats not gameplay it self) and thanks to it you dont need to play it like doom/quake, progressing trough game just for better gear that deal more damage. You can really get fist gun and take care of it and it will take care of you. Just after first hour after reaching Army Warehouse at totally pitch black night I was fighting 2 bloodsuckers jumping from box to box trying to avoid their attacks holding just 9mm pistol and damn flashlight in other hand(forgot batteries)... It was serious fight for death: they do one hit I bleed out and die, I hit them without aiming(because I was holding flashlight) they will slow down and I have chance to kill them with just few shoots of those 9mm... Of course live in the zone is not fair and small chimera show up and jump on me and I died... but hell, I didnt have such intense fight in stalker for months, in other mods this 9mm pistol would be like farts for those bloodsuckers and they would be fake buffed out to kill me in one hit instantly, here you slowly bleed out and you have chance to survive with your sidearm.

For the rest of game parts, its solid work, I could complain about pricing of items and not that great medical supplies stats, but I think no one gonna fit my personal needs in that terms... Also traders/repairs are tad annoying, I know that its for making game more harder and to stretch gameplay, but still I just dont like where you sell items in 40-60 conditon and you get 5% of its price, and repair cost more than gun it self...

AI of stalkers... I cant really say anything in that terms, honestly I didnt saw any mod that do anything really new and visible for years, even over-hyped Dead Air is just the same stuff, and its no different from what Anomaly have: Stalkers do stalker things: random "I see yo behind that wall!" or magical vision of 10000 meters, and often "I have no idea what im doing" where some of enemies just stop seeing you and you can dance around them... This is just how stalker roll, and there is no way to change that...

From gameplay perspective, you really gonna get what you have in any coc based mod, dont expect too much, its more about survival and because mentioned good damage balance, it is fun to play, no matter what gun and armor you or enemy have, you will need to focus and prepared to do even simple fetch missions.

In terms of look and performances... its solid and nice looking, game work pretty good and have nice atmosphere... but it have also some problems...
I often get weird errors related to shaders and lighting when playing DX10/11 I could not find any relation to them(specific place, specific setting, specific time...) And I never get the same error two times. There are also lots of glitches, like for example when I pay with DX10 menu cursor have annoying ghosting effect, and almost every time when I try to go from bar to scrapyard, game freeze in hangar where "get out of here stalker" guy is, but game it self still work: there are sounds of me moving/shooting and NPC walking, but I still have that one frame on screen and I cant do anything beside force closing it.
This is really annoying because this is one of main route to other maps, and for now I need to go around to get to scrapyard/cordon. + those random crashes when playing in DX10 and for me its one point down...
But still mod it self is really nice, there is a chance that those errors are from my side(but I doubt it...) however still for me its solid 8/10


vvil01 says

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64 bit x-ray engine
HD modells
HD maps
No lag
Do i need to tell more?


64-bit engine is truly a revolution - it removes at least 50% of crashes and stuttering you would encounter in Last Day mod pack.
When you use at least DirectX 10 as renderer the visuals are very pretty. Especially noticeable on a sunny in-game day.
Although Last Day itself is a horrid shitfest, because made by drunk russian teens, the one most important thing I like about Anomaly mod pack is that the creator does his best to solve any problems you encounter, no matter if engine related or poor script, he solves them all quick.
Shiny blows and whistles matter null if stability null.
All this combined puts all the rest of STALKER mod packs into trash bin; I prefer stable full release and none of that early access pre-alpha **** made by alcoholics and drug addicts.

Gave it a fair shake. I just don't like it. While stability is much improved from earlier versions, the Misery-inspired content is still just no good, for all the same reasons it was never good to begin with.

Dying every five minutes from massive radiation exposure just because you strayed two steps close enough to a radiation source to trigger a full-on red dose isn't even remotely realistic, nor is it good gameplay. This might not be the case everywhere, but the Great Swamp is a disaster. You're absolutely fine standing next to the water...just don't stick a pinky toe in. One wrong step and BOOM CATASTROPHIC GAMMA RAYS ENTER YOUR SOUL. This is not how radiation works, nor should it be. It's massively annoying.

The "you're injured" effects that kick in at about 35% health are overblown and ridiculous, which is funny because I actually like effects like these, generally speaking. They're just *too much* here. Essentially, once you get to that point, you're pretty much screwed - you can barely move, you can't see, your vision literally goes almost completely black. Basically, 35%-40% of your health bar is a lie. It practically doesn't exist.

The NPC skins are actually bad. Not only do they not look that great, they're actually world-breaking. Gotta love the leather-on-tracksuit bandits. Very nice. I feel like I'm playing a Youtube version of the Zone. Ahh nuu cheeki breeki, rite? *sigh* I've heard reports that there are assets straight up ripped from other games in here, too. I mean, like, in a completely world-breaking way, stuff like Metro and Fallout. I can believe it now. It's optional, though, so it's not really a big deal.

The graphics are muddy, washed-out, and straight-up ugly. The only positive is increased - and adjustable - grass density.

The stupid minutia of the Call of Miserable Dead Air and Other Such Derivatives is present and accounted-for here. Dozens and dozens of grainy, colorless icons you can barely make out against the inventory background cluttering up your backpack, absolutely everywhere. Every little thing is a badly-hacked in chore. Weapons drop as fossilized rust-and-dirt facsimilies of guns, even though they were perfectly-working bullet hoses a second ago, when the AI was using them against you. Everything is ludicrously expensive, an excuse to pretend at gameplay substance through sheer grind. Ammunition is laughably overpriced. You can't "go local," either, because picking up discarded weapons in a firefight just won't work. The guns are gene-locked to rust into dust the instant you pick them up. Books can be written on how stupid this is, and how badly this kind of non-gameplay needs to go away. I'll let somebody else write them. Suffice it to say, it sucks, and it's not what STALKER ever was, or should be, about.

I understand the nature of a free-play mod kind of necessitates artificial carrots dangling from artificial sticks to make up for the apparent lack of progression, plot, and goals. So far, there's not much left in most mods but the acquisition of gear. This is a fundamental flaw that is better addressed with something more meaningful than making said acquisition of gear miserable, slow, and silly-stupid.

There's no easy answer to the problem, I'll admit, but this is definitely the *wrong* answer. I didn't fall in love with STALKER because I liked grinding bits and bobs, and STALKER didn't get a big international following for that reason, either. So while "softer core" mods like base CoC have apparently "easy" progression and a lack of atmospheric story-based content, Misery-style mods just have stupid progression, bad gameplay, dull repetition of basic tasks without satisfaction or meaning, AND a lack of atmospheric story-based content.

I did like the radio mod, though. There's that.

The updates have improved a lot about the modpack, including fixing the odd HD models, making crafting less of a pain, and adding more content in general.


One of the best mod packs out to play and the support from searge is amazing. It's been a long time since i saw something like that!


wojola says

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Solid, stable mod pack based around Last Day that improves visuals, audio, performance, and economy. If your rig is up to the task, this is the way to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Anomaly is one of the better and more promising forks of Call of Misery/Last Day, but still suffers from some of their issues and more. Here is a breakdown, and note I've only played 1.5 Beta 2.4:

- It has a promising future and has most features from Call of Chernobyl and more.

- It has thorough difficulty and gameplay customization so you are not stick with tedious synthetic Misery difficulty.

- But since it still uses Misery, it is full of inventory clutter, unnecessary items and some really autistic mechanics for repairing and such. You also need components yourself to have armors upgraded.

- Unlike most versions of CoC/CoM, Anomaly has a story mode with several campaigns. But they're not very good at all.

- It comes with Warfare for very dynamic faction warfare, as of 1.5 Beta 2.4.

- Some of the best animation work in the series, beta 3.0 has 3D non picture-in-picture scopes now.

- It doesn't go and enhance the level design like Dollchan, Demosfen, and MLR do.

- Really bad sense of progression. You'll get exoskeletons and other high end items early, fight high end creatures early, Cordon is full of fruit punches and electros.

- It has Call of Duty and Devil May Cry character models, and it still has Mein Kampf from Misery mod lol.

It'd be nice if Anomaly had a good story mode, enhanced levels, and some of the newer better tech shown by other mods such as picture-in-picture scopes, multithreaded rendering from X-Ray Oxygen, and the particle quality from the next A.R.E.A update.

In the meantime, I'd recommend Call of Chernobyl by stason174 over this easily.


takeo64z says

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Definitely the best S.T.A.L.K.E.R mod pack i have played. The amount of dedication from the Devs to fix bugs and keep adding content is amazing. If your looking for a very good preforming S.T.A.L.K.E.R Mod pack this is what your looking for. I have a somewhat decent system and i have no problem runing it at max settings. Now nothings perfect and i don't expect it to be since it is on the xray engine (very much improved though).

Greatest freeplay mod so far, it's balanced in the right way, hard in the right way and you don't need the strongest assault rifle to survive, a 9x19 pistol can do the job most of the times.

Everything is done just the right way with a very slight polishing need.

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Really nice mod, with, weirdly really good damage balance that somehow fit to my annoying needs. I said weirdly because most of mods just try to hard to mimic Misery that it self is really bad made mod(its not hard, its just annoying with fake hardness made via stats not gameplay it self) and thanks to it you dont need to play it like doom/quake, progressing trough game just for better gear that deal more damage. You can really get fist gun and take care of it and it will take care of you. Just…

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