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A display of concept design created by Felipe, the AotR concept artist.

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AotR logo medium

A while ago the AotR team was joined by Felipe, a Tolkien afficionado, spine surgeon and artist, who has since been drawing concept art for various new units and heroes that will be coming in the future.

His work has helped streamline the design process of the mod and has made it much quicker and easier for us to create our art. Before we would often conceptualize each model while making it (none of us are very good at concept art drawing) - thanks to Felipe we've now often got an excellent visual guidelinebased on previously discussed visual characteristics of each unit, meaning things get done much quicker and more efficiently.


The Westfolder


The Bree-land Townsguard


The Bounder

grimbeorn firienholt

Grimbeorn and the Firienholt Warden


The fearsome Jungle Troll

Want to know more about the Jungle Troll?

Check out the AotR Lore Compendium entry on this creature...

Oh, and you may of course be wondering: when's the new release?

Can't say yet, but we have begun bug-hunting and beta-testing it recently.

That's an indication. Have a screenshot.



The AotR Team

Pvt_Popcorn - - 14 comments

Nice work!

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Ulomagyar - - 141 comments


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OdoProudfoot - - 117 comments

Very nice to see where the magic begins hehe

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Kark-Jocke - - 14,707 comments

I seen many type of drawings in my life and that's not just good drawing, that is what I call absolutely amazing. It's like looking at Tolkien drawings once more and that is amazing. If you are going to make a artist book for this mod, I would love to get my hands on that.

Keep up the great work you are doing guys, I look forward to the next release!

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Negtharayas16 - - 360 comments

Hmm. Not something they could sell... but maybe something only Paetrons could have access to?

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Vanders - - 560 comments

A spine surgeon, Tolkien fan, and talented artist? Felipe sounds too good to be true. Are you sure you lot didn't just dream up this perfect person?

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kingsjewel - - 712 comments

Congrats, very nice work!

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Elf-ThranduilKing - - 107 comments

I did'nt know where make this question, but...I have an important question for me... for this new realease, the details like "The pc makes too much catapults or battering rams" or "catapults and battering rams makes too much damage to structures quickly" would it be solved?.

Because always my enemies or allies makes too much catapults and quickly and somethimes that's the reason for winn or be defeat easly.

Just a question, you're the best! Waiting anxiously this new faction :D
Thanks ;)

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