Yet Another Unofficial Patch is, you guessed it right, a patch modification for Gothic II NotR/Gold also known as the very first English oriented Gothic mod to use Union! YAUP supplements the original game with a collection of bug fixes, improvements in several areas, updated execution of certain innate mechanics, and improved linguistic conveyance, while staying mostly faithful to Gothic II's gameplay. That means the player won't be showered with a plethora of new exciting lands, prepossessing characters, and inventive adventures... except the familiar Gothic II journey, but smoother than ever. Most vanilla inconsistencies were squished, resulting in the same good old Gothic formula, from the Chapter 1 to the Chapter 6. It's recommended for all "purist" players out there, but other types of fans, including the fanatic ones, who want something extra with a decisive value edge, should find YAUP to their liking.

It is compatible with retail (CD/DVD), Steam, and GOG releases in v2.6/2.7 in ANY language.


- Ability to buy back any weapon, melee or ranged, that a trader has equipped, for wares browsing impunity
- Acrobatics is now a regular skill the player can absorb from the certain three teachers
- Almost all textures were doubled in size and augmented with inbuilt responsive grain, in order to make them sharper and less resistant to brightness/contrast/gamma controls manipulations, while mostly preserving their classic look, all without significantly increased demand for hardware resources
- Colored or recolored spell scrolls/runes and many other items for an easy equipment awareness
- Consistent pricing system for almost all items and goods
- Corrected all Quest Log entries, and added a couple of new ones for those "hidden" quests that were lacking them before
- Cosmetic and aesthetic changes and fixes of all variety in abundance
- Crafting of certain items in greater quantities than one for less tedium; currently only for the things created at pans/stoves and alchemy benches; mass steel heating and mass forging are coming soon
- Eliminated exploits for the several dozen characters and their connected quests
- Enabled cheats, part 1: cheat as much as you want, because there is no point in disabling something that is an essential section of the game
- Enabled cheats, part 2: translated and streamlined all dialogues of all cheat characters to English
- Enhanced options menus, including a lot more options that were hidden inside the config files so far; some will require to restart the game
- Fixed problems with several dozen quests, especially where items being transferred are involved
- Fresh names for several NPCs to differentiate them from the common folk; they won't provide new quests, only just new names
- Frying all kinds of raw meats and mushrooms at pans/stoves is now a thing
- Keys have their own category in the inventory, so they won't mix with the other items anymore
- Massive amount of corrected typos, spelling errors, and inaccuracies to the game's texts; English only
- More believable and logical changes to the damage system depending on slashing, bludgeoning, piercing, fire, and magic damage types
- More characters can now have their pockets checked with the pickpocketing course of action; also, implemented a special Log Entry to track pickpocketing successes/failures
- New fonts for both big and small texts
- New minor loot for felled entities that didn't have any previously
- No achievements or auto/cloud saves or centered dialogue options or onscreen counter of defeated enemies/inflicted damage/available missiles or two-handed weapons splash damage or XP bar or cinematic bars or "trialogs" or gods karma system or auto key removal or time/date display
- No additional equipment requirements for usual crafting spots; like hammers for anvils, pans for pans/stoves, pincers for rune tables, etc.
- No exhaustive manipulations to LP system
- No hunger, thirst, encumbrance, sleep deprivation, or stamina systems in place
- No multiple artificial difficulty settings to select from
- No options for the guildless playthrough or with the addon disabled or as a water mage
- No ultra HD texture, DX11 renderer, hyper dense grass, or free aiming mods included in the package
- Possibility of taking items from dead NPCs at several points of the game, where it wasn't a feasible option earlier
- Revamped names and/or meshes and/or textures for the majority of potions, jewelry, stone tablets, and other equipment for a greater diversification
- Revised inventory and equipment for a lot of NPCs
- Simple backstab/sneak attack mechanic that scales with the player's value of Dexterity
- Summoning system that depends on the summoner's level of experience to prevent summon spamming and encourage conscious spellcasting
- The Valley of Mines is a bit harder and this includes the difficulty of the dragons
- The issue of not leveling properly while transformed was eliminated
- The issue with randomly changing values of weapon skills caused by transformations was put to sleep; includes weapons, accessories, and other items that might interfere with the erroneous outcome
- The player's gait will change depending on the guild they belong to
- Visiting the missing locations from the first Gothic installment, in the Valley of Mines, like Free Mine, inside of Xardas' sunken tower, orcish graveyard, orcish village, fog tower, and several others, is possible now
- Water mages use their own spells in case of trouble
- When training, only the actual value of training in the given attribute/weapon skill is taken into account; bonuses from stone tablets/elixirs/blessings/foods are considered "magical" and not recognized in the training formula, hence these items can be consumed right away; overall, that means having a much better "LP liquidity" in the long run; this change also terminated the infamous "+5 investment jump" exploit as well, because all values are now calculated in absolutes
- Zero cliche tropes like permanent Health bonus potions brewed from berries, cooking yourself a plethora of cuisines at cauldron, or all armors from Gothic Sequel that are in every other mod
- And much, much more!

The overwhelming changelog, along with other usual goodies, like FAQ, comments, discussion, and you contributing feedback can be found on WoG.

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For the classic Gothic game formula developed by Piranha Bytes, shields made their formal appearance in the third iteration of the franchise (and continued into Arcania and Risen and ELEX as well), where they felt like another natural addition to the "protections" system, and provided two extra slots for worn armor elements. Nonetheless, nowadays everyone knows the original developers wanted to include shields right away in Gothic II, since almost all animations for human NPCs have the shieldgear slots rigged in (for either passively worn on the back or actively equipped in the left hand). But reasons unknown the shields finally didn't make it into the final version of the game.

With the next version, shields were restored and made a proper component of the game.



1. Buckler.


2. Leather Shield.


3. Hide Shield.


4. Mercenary Shield.


5. Militia Shield.


6. Reinforced Shield.


7. Metal Shield.


8. Crawler Shield.


9. Line Shield.


10. Royal Shield.


11. Tower Shield.

- Buckler (+1 Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing protections) {Strength required: 17, Dexterity required: 14} <Blocking Bonus +1> [125 gold].
- Leather Shield (+2 Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing, +1 Fire/Magic protections) {Strength required: 34, Dexterity required: 22} <Blocking Bonus +2> [250 gold].
- Hide Shield (+4 Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing, +2 Fire/Magic protections) {Strength required: 51, Dexterity required: 30} <Blocking Bonus +4> [500 gold].
- Mercenary Shield (+6 Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing, +3 Fire/Magic protections) {Strength required: 68, Dexterity required: 38} <Blocking Bonus +6 [1000 gold].
- Militia Shield (+8 Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing, +4 Fire/Magic protections) {Strength required: 85, Dexterity required: 46} <Blocking Bonus +8> [1500 gold].
- Reinforced Shield (+10 Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing, +5 Fire/Magic protections) {Strength required: 102, Dexterity required: 54} <Blocking Bonus +10> [2500 gold].
- Metal Shield (+12 Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing, +6 Fire/Magic protections) {Strength required: 119, Dexterity required: 62} <Blocking Bonus +12> [3500 gold].
- Crawler Shield (+14 Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing, +7 Fire/Magic protections) {Strength required: 136, Dexterity required: 70} <Blocking Bonus +14> [4500 gold].
- Line Shield (+16 Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing, +8 Fire/Magic protections) {Strength required: 153, Dexterity required: 78} <Blocking Bonus +16> [5500 gold].
- Royal Shield (+18 Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing, +9 Fire/Magic protections) {Strength required: 170, Dexterity required: 86} <Blocking Bonus +18> [6500 gold].
- Tower Shield (+20 Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing, +10 Fire/Magic protections) {Strength required: 187, Dexterity required: 94} <Blocking Bonus +20> [7500 gold].

The eleven completely new shields. Some are purchasable in the Chapter 1 and some in the later Chapters, some need to be looted from monsters or places, some need to be crafted. In combination with one handed weapons, they can be actively used in combat to block most incoming attacks; that general melee style has two tiers and each needs to be absorbed from a teacher (Cord and/or Wulfgar in Khorinis, Kjorn and/or Sengrath in VoM, Scatty in Jarkhendar, and Girion in The Halls of Irdorath) who requires a certain amount of percentage of one handed weapon skill and learning points to be had (45%/10LPs and 90%/20LPs respectively).

Their prices may be perceived as too much and the provided protection scores or Strength/Dexterity requirements not agreeable enough, but since v2.6 will also introduce helmets, and both categories shall be available from the Chapter 1 or 2, the values supplied by new armor elements and accessories need to stay low or demanding in the term of requirements, otherwise they would make the player overpowered too quickly (but certain monsters had some of their protections and damage slightly increased after all, to counter the possibility of a more armored player). The overall concept is to mimic the first Risen, where helmets, jewelry, and shields were supplementary to main body armors.

Finally, with a shield in hand, the player will be able to completely neutralize almost any type of an attack or a source of damage when actively blocking. However, a successful block will rely on the wielder's attributes and not a completely random percentage chance. For melee attacks (of any nature), the enemy's Strength would be multiplied by 3/4 and then compared to the player's Strength, while for ranged/fire/magic attacks (or similar nature), the same formula would follow, but the attribute used would be Dexterity and the multiplier of 1/2. The better shields provide a greater special bonus used in the formula, making it easier to fully block with them while in the blocking stance.

Massively many thanks to Xardas Bs from WoG for contributing all these fantastic models!


The pictures above are from Blender in their raw, non rendered form, hence they will look better once processed in the game. Also, only very selected few NPCs will wear shields, plus shields will result in clipping in some animations, but these issues will be addressed in the later versions of the mod.

YAUP | It's back!

YAUP | It's back!

News 2 comments

This news is about the mod resuming its development. Yes, you've read that right.

YAUP | Addition: juices/foodstuffs/ointments [FINALIZED]

YAUP | Addition: juices/foodstuffs/ointments [FINALIZED]

News 8 comments

This news focuses on the new and/or restored content of various foodstuffs for 2.6 version of Yet Another Unofficial Patch for Gothic II Gold.

YAUP | Addition: helmets/hoods/circlets [FINALIZED]

YAUP | Addition: helmets/hoods/circlets [FINALIZED]

News 3 comments

This news focuses on the new and/or restored content of helmets for 2.6 version of Yet Another Unofficial Patch for Gothic II Gold.

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Yet Another Unofficial Patch v2.5

Yet Another Unofficial Patch v2.5

Full Version 16 comments

The mod's finalized version of 2.5, with updated animations, items, meshes, NPCs, objects, SFXs, textures, and loads of bugfixes, plus many other improvements...

Kolejna Nieoficjalna Poprawka v2.5.1

Kolejna Nieoficjalna Poprawka v2.5.1

Full Version

Prawie to samo co z Yet Another Unofficial Patch v2.5, która robi za podstawkę, tylko w polskiej wersji językowej; chwilowo wciąż w niewypolerowanej...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 293)

Any chance to restore double experience - for knocking out NPCs and then finishing them with bow/crossbow?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Czudak Creator

Shalom. This is a Gothic exploit I'm not interested in (re)introducing to NotR, hehe.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Guys, even though mod is not perfect and have its flaws, like crashing upon dieng sometimes, I have to thank you guys for the work you put by bringing gothic 1 areas back into the game.
You didn't had to, you could have put some trees behind an orc wall and call it a day. But you guys went out of your way and brought orc town, area behind old xardas tower, sunken xardas tower, old monestery, old skeleton tower, even sleeper camp, maybe other areas that I haven't encountered yet.
Holy **** was I giddy when I seen that I could actually visit these places, especially since I finished gothic 1 playthrough right before I started playing gothic 2 with your mod. So again guys, thanks for the mod :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Czudak Creator

Howdie! Heh, the whole areas restored to VoM were done possible because of the Wasteland mod. I only polished many of its pieces. If you're experiencing crashes, take a look at the section about crashes, lags, and stutters in the mod's homepage at, yo?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Did you fix these stupid crits?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Czudak Creator

Howdie. There's no "crits" in NotR, so I didn't fix that?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Been playing this for awhile now and would love to see an update regarding the shields and/or the next update

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Czudak Creator

Shields and helmets and v2.6 are on the way. First beta/release candidate tests, then full launch. A lot of Union related stuff turned up, that fixes most ancient bugs and inconsistencies, so I'm working on incorporating them, plus I'm waiting for a critical plugin; until then I polish the overall thing.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello Czudak.Any news for 2.6 version?This year?Thanks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Czudak Creator

Hey! Unfortunately not this 2021 year, hah.

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