Yet Another Unofficial Patch is, you guessed it right, a patch modification for Gothic II NotR/Gold! YAUP supplements the original game with a collection of bug fixes, improvements in several areas, updated execution of certain innate mechanics, and improved linguistic conveyance, while staying mostly faithful to Gothic II's gameplay. That means the player won't be showered with a plethora of new exciting lands, prepossessing characters, and inventive adventures... except the familiar Gothic II journey, but smoother than ever. Most vanilla inconsistencies were squished, resulting in the same good old Gothic formula, from the Chapter 1 to the Chapter 6. It's recommended for all "purist" players out there, but other types of fans, including the fanatic ones, who want something extra with a decisive value edge, should find YAUP to their liking.

It is compatible with retail (CD/DVD), Steam, and GOG releases in v2.6/2.7 in ANY language.


- Ability to buy back any weapon, melee or ranged, that a trader has equipped, for wares browsing impunity
- Acrobatics is now a regular skill the player can absorb from the certain three teachers
- Almost all textures were doubled in size and augmented with inbuilt responsive grain, in order to make them sharper and less resistant to brightness/contrast/gamma controls manipulations, while mostly preserving their classic look, all without significantly increased demand for hardware resources
- Colored or recolored spell scrolls/runes and many other items for an easy equipment awareness
- Consistent pricing system for almost all items and goods
- Corrected all Quest Log entries, and added a couple of new ones for those "hidden" quests that were lacking them before
- Cosmetic and aesthetic changes and fixes of all variety in abundance
- Crafting of certain items in greater quantities than one for less tedium; currently only for the things created at pans/stoves and alchemy benches; mass steel heating and mass forging are coming soon
- Eliminated exploits for the several dozen characters and their connected quests
- Enabled cheats, part 1: cheat as much as you want, because there is no point in disabling something that is an essential section of the game
- Enabled cheats, part 2: translated and streamlined all dialogues of all cheat characters to English
- Enhanced options menus, including a lot more options that were hidden inside the config files so far; some will require to restart the game
- Fixed problems with several dozen quests, especially where items being transferred are involved
- Fresh names for several NPCs to differentiate them from the common folk; they won't provide new quests, only just new names
- Frying all kinds of raw meats and mushrooms at pans/stoves is now a thing
- Keys have their own category in the inventory, so they won't mix with the other items anymore
- Massive amount of corrected typos, spelling errors, and inaccuracies to the game's texts; English only
- More believable and logical changes to the damage system depending on slashing, bludgeoning, piercing, fire, and magic damage types
- More characters can now have their pockets checked with the pickpocketing course of action; also, implemented a special Log Entry to track pickpocketing successes/failures
- New fonts for both big and small texts
- New minor loot for felled entities that didn't have any previously
- No achievements or cloud saves or centered dialogue options or onscreen counter of defeated enemies/inflicted damage or XP bar or "trialogs" or gods karma system or auto key removal
- No additional equipment requirements for usual crafting spots; like hammers for anvils, pans for pans/stoves, pincers for rune tables, etc.
- No exhaustive manipulations to LP system
- No hunger, thirst, encumbrance, sleep deprivation, or stamina systems in place
- No multiple artificial difficulty settings to select from
- No options for the guildless playthrough or with the addon disabled or as a water mage
- No ultra HD texture, DX11 renderer, hyper dense grass, or free aiming mods included in the package
- Possibility of taking items from dead NPCs at several points of the game, where it wasn't a feasible option earlier
- Revamped names and/or meshes and/or textures for the majority of potions, jewelry, stone tablets, and other equipment for a greater diversification
- Revised inventory and equipment for a lot of NPCs
- Simple backstab/sneak attack mechanic that scales with the player's value of Dexterity
- Summoning system that depends on the summoner's level of experience to prevent summon spamming and encourage conscious spellcasting
- The Valley of Mines is a bit harder and this includes the difficulty of the dragons
- The issue of not leveling properly while transformed was eliminated
- The issue with randomly changing values of weapon skills caused by transformations was put to sleep; includes weapons, accessories, and other items that might interfere with the erroneous outcome
- The player's gait will change depending on the guild they belong to
- Visiting the missing locations from the first Gothic installment, in the Valley of Mines, like Free Mine, inside of Xardas' sunken tower, orcish graveyard, orcish village, fog tower, and several others, is possible now
- Water mages use their own spells in case of trouble
- When training, only the actual value of training in the given attribute/weapon skill is taken into account; bonuses from stone tablets/elixirs/blessings/foods are considered "magical" and not recognized in the training formula, hence these items can be consumed right away; overall, that means having a much better "LP liquidity" in the long run; this change also terminated the infamous "+5 investment jump" exploit as well, because all values are now calculated in absolutes
- Zero cliche tropes like permanent Health bonus potions brewed from berries, cooking yourself a plethora of cuisines at cauldron, or all armors from Gothic Sequel that are in every other mod
- And much, much more!

The overwhelming changelog, along with other usual goodies, like FAQ, comments, discussion, and you contributing feedback can be found on WoG.

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With the classic Gothic game formula created by Piranha Bytes, a limited selection of comestibles was initially introduced in the very first game, but only with the third part of the trilogy, actual cooking and multitude of foodstuffs appeared (and that is true as well for Arcania, Risen, and ELEX).

There is a lot of new foodstuffs in the mod already, but with the next version, even more new items of that category were introduced, plus new "subcategory" of juices and ointments as well.



1. Apple, Banana, Carrot, Pear, and Plum.

- Apple (4 Health) [4 gold].
- Banana
(6 Health, 6 Mana) [18 gold].
- Carrot
(2 Health, 2 Mana) [6 gold].
- Pear
(3 Health, 1 Mana) [5 gold].
- Plum
(1 Health, 3 Mana) [7 gold].

The fruits (the carrot is called that here only for the uniformity of the concept) by themselves usually are not too worthwhile (maybe except the apples, given their well known innate bonus), so to enhance their capacity for being a somewhat more noticeable merchandise and inventory pieces, they can now be used in the new procedure of pressing juices (each selection always demands 10 fruits), which is done at pitchers, where a Stomper is required, but no particular training is needed. The fruits now appear as loot at defeated NPCs and monsters, and are purchasable at vendors, and some can be found in the worlds.


2. Apple Pomace, Banana Nectar, Carrot Juice, Pear Slush, and Plum Mash.

- Apple Pomace (40 Health) [40 gold].
- Banana Nectar
(60 Health, 60 Mana) [180 gold].
- Carrot Juice
(20 Health, 20 Mana) [60 gold].
- Pear Slush
(30 Health, 10 Mana) [50 gold].
- Plum
Mash (10 Health, 30 Mana) [70 gold].

All juices are the concentrated forms of their respective fruity ingredients, hence why each represents the scores of the given fruit times 10. A very limited amount of juice bottles can be bought or found in the worlds, but they never appear as loot.



3. Roast Beast.


4. Mushroom Pate.


5. Bone Broth.


6. Hardtack.


7. Fireflush Brandy.

- Roast Beast (107 Health) [107 gold] {11 Raw Meats/85 gold}.
- Mushroom Pate (116 Health) [116 gold] {6 Digger Meats/85 gold}.
- Bone Broth (39 Mana) [78 gold] {15 of any bones/35 gold}.
- Hardtack (16 Health) [16 gold].
- Fireflush Brandy (+1 max Mana, +250 EXP) [550 gold].

The large amounts of Raw Meats, Digger Meats (especially for those who are not apprentices to Constantino), and bones (both versions) always accumulate in the inventory in almost every playthrough. To address this issue in a creative way, that is supplemental to the frying procedure and in sync with the designated NPCs who are capable of preparing dishes for the player, two other NPCs and three new "designs" joined the ranks of food preparation.

Ciroc, the "chef" in the castle in the Valley of Mines knows how to fix up a meat roast and some mushroom pate, but he requires the player to bring the basic components and provide quite a bit of gold to utilize his culinary skills. Snaf, the tavern "owner" in the bandit camp in Jarkhendar, can boil a broth from supplied bones, which feels like a cheap substitute for the basic Mana restoring essence. However, the man needs to read the recipe first to get the thing going, and the recipe in question is hidden somewhere in the camp, in a stone chest. None of these delicacies can be bought or found or looted, being exclusives to their individual "authors".

While at it, for a tiny fee Edda can now also cook the normal version of fish soup, in addition to her daily rationed "special".

Furthermore, hardtack, the long lasting military "bread", made an introduction and was distributed among the population of militiamen, paladins, and pirates (and two food merchants), as these groups are most likely to care about having it at all.

Additionally, at Salandril the player can buy the special alcohol recipe that can be proffered to Samuel, who's the only person capable of actually creating it. Once the fermentation is finished, the player is permitted to buy the limited stock of this Risen related Easter Egg from the pirate.

Finally, all NPCs that handle cooking received updated scripts, so now the player can acquire their choices in bulk if they have corresponding amount of ingredients.



8. Azure Salve.


9. Black Ointment.


10. Crimson Salve.

- Azure Salve (200 Mana) [400 gold] {1 Fire Nettle/2 Fire Weeds/1 Jar of Mole Rat Fat}.
- Black Ointment (+2 max Mana) [1000 gold] {25 Dark Mushrooms/1 Jar of Mole Rat Fat}.
- Crimson Salve (200 Health) [200 gold] {1 Healing Plant/2 Healing Herbs/1 Jar of Mole Rat Fat}.

The method of delivering curatives via potions is the most popular fantasy "trope", but rubbed or spread ointments/salves might be the second most common.

Since quantities of collected Dark Mushrooms in most playthroughs (again, for those not allied with Constantino as his apprentice) are high as well, and eating 50 samples of them to get the bonus is somewhat tedious, the new recipe for a powerful ointment is now a solution for those inclined. But to comprehend the recipe the player has to know the alchemy skill of Essence of Mana plus the most advanced, priestly language of the Builders, since the instructions are to be obtained only in the house of the Healers from a stone bookstand.

The player's inventory gets bloated with Healing Plants/Herbs and Fire Nettles/Weeds usually as well (even more if the player didn't learn alchemy skills for the matching potions made with these plants), so the two new recipes that require knowledge of either Extract of Healing/Mana were added to Salandril in the Chapter 2. The value of health or mental power replenished via salves is somewhat lesser than from three matching extracts but that's to reflect on the fact that salves work externally rather than internally. Nonetheless, this might be a viable option for those who ran out of (or want to save) Meadow Knotweeds required for concoctions and have extra Jars of Mole Rat Fat.

The new "trophy" skill of squeezing fat from defeated Mole Rats, taught by Grimbald, is essential for gaining the base needed for all ointments and salves without spending too much gold on it with merchants (and their stock is fairly limited, by the way).

Furthermore, apprentices to Constantino will now receive full +5 max Mana bonus for each 50 Dark Mushrooms brought to the alchemist; this to make the old goat more appealing as the master in the city and giving yet another alternative for Dark Mushrooms and their innate bonus.

The act of using smelly ointments employs the new special animation.


The pictures above are from Blender in their raw, non rendered form, hence they will look better once processed in the game.

YAUP | Addition: helmets/hoods/circlets [FINALIZED]

YAUP | Addition: helmets/hoods/circlets [FINALIZED]

News 2 comments

This news focuses on the new and/or restored content of helmets for 2.6 version of Yet Another Unofficial Patch for Gothic II Gold. The release date is...

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Yet Another Unofficial Patch v2.5

Yet Another Unofficial Patch v2.5

Full Version 15 comments

The mod's finalized version of 2.5, with updated animations, items, meshes, NPCs, objects, SFXs, textures, and loads of bugfixes, plus many other improvements...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 190)

Hey Czudak! Do you plan on changing enemy attacks in v2.6? In normal Gothic and in YAUP Gothic enemies only use like the first attack of their combo when their combo has like 5 attacks and it slightly bothers me.

Can't wait for 2.6!

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There seems to be a problem with "The Weed Deal" quest in the Militia path where Nadja refuses to tell you where you can buy weed even if you don't have the Militia armor worn. Is there anyway to solve this ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Czudak Creator

There is no error. You have been seen and/or interact with the other members of bordello and/or harbor tavern when wearing the militia armor and now everyone involved in that quest knows you're from militia team, hence the quest is botched for you now.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi y'all! So, I'm in Chapter 2, trying to get the Blood Chalices, and when I go to the upper quarter to where the paladins sleep, they always wake up when I sneak! Sometimes only some do, sometimes they all do... I don't want to insert the item and I want to also be able to get their statues of Innos and h0t l00t.

Also if this is dex dependent, I have 44 dex and I have enough LP to get 9 more but even after that they wake up. I get it, room full of Paladins, but they're all sleeping! Even if I sneak I'm not the quietest guy in the world but they shouldn't be waking up.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Czudak Creator

Yes, had this kind of problem in v2.5, since it was released long before Union fix for sneaking popped up; I messed stuff up and this is the result, but only in two or three rooms.

However, in the paladins' barracks in the city's upper quarter, there's no Blood Chalice, so you can simply skip on the place. And if not, wait until paladins are gone (they all leave at some point), then perform pillaging.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I meant in the room next to it. Also, the tip is helpful, thanks again!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Czudak Creator

Anyway, it'll be all fixed for v2.6.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Great to hear!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Are you going to equip NPCs returning from G1 with relevant armors and weapons from the game? (to some extent ofc e. g. Lares will still have his citizen's clothing)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Czudak Creator


No. I don't want to create a "bridge", "ultra canonic" modification that merges/covers both stories and their "lore". I'm OK with some changes, like their heads, but trying to keep it everything "in sync" is pointless.

Many tried before me, no one succeeded. xD

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I understand. You mentioned Requiem xD? But at least you can give G1 armors for G1 mercenaries (Lee's and Sylvio's bands probably weren't unified in few weeks) and G1 OC armors for some nameless bandits (they're fugitives from penal colony).

More suggestions (I hope there isn't too many of them xD):

1. A weapon suggestion - a bow which apart from dexterity requires some strength too but it would be possible to kill trolls with it (can be craftable in 2.7).
2. Damage from crossbows dependable on strength instead dexterity so they would be more relevant to warriors as primary or secondary weapon.
3. Option to learn forging two-handed weapons from Harad (with same LP path as one-handed).
4. Options of sharpening weapons and enhancing armors (including craftable ones). You might also equip some NPCs with craftable-only armors.
5. Bonuses from becoming an apprentice (Harad +10 strength, Bosper +5 dexterity and bow, Constantino +10 mana).
6. Balance of lockpicking options: for warriors (breaking the lock with melee weapon; the longer the code, the more strength required to break) and mages (relevant spell and rune; the longer the code, the more mana required to open) so they won't have to waste LPs and picklocks.
7. A chest with equipment for militia in Matteo's warehouse so there would be a sense going there if Nameless becomes militiaman (the key would be given by Temil after relevant dialogue).
8. Equiping Gorn in II chapter with Convict's Clothing - more logical than merc's armor.
9. Giving Martin, Temil, Mario and VoM guys with militia armors (dunno how they're called in English) royal guard armors from G1.
10. Chance to meet Bilgot in Khorinis after escorting him to the pass.
11. Option to get Shadow's (aka Diego's) Armor and slightly buffing it (probably somewhere in the castle or former OC Outer Ring).
12. Option to buy light and medium (aka Bloodwyn's) OC guard's armors from Huno, they would be bandit armors ofc.
13. A bounty hunter quest with wanted notices to gain some experience and gold (like in VarusBikerEdition).
14. Walking style dependent on current guild (not sure if it's already done).
15. Adding Abandoned Mine zen required to pass between Khorinis and Valley of Mines and vice versa.
16. Adding mostly-collapsed Temple of the Sleeper as a place to gain experience and loot, probably without Uriziel :(.
17. Judging by changelog made, maybe change name from Patch to Addon? :P

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