YAUP is, you guessed it right, a patch modification for Gothic II NotR/Gold! YAUP supplements the original game with a collection of bug fixes, improvements in several areas, updated execution of certain innate mechanics, and improved linguistic conveyance, while staying (mostly) faithful to Gothic II's gameplay. That means the player won't be showered with a plethora of new exciting lands, prepossessing characters, and inventive adventures... except the exasperatingly familiar Gothic II journey, but smoother than ever! Most vanilla inconsistencies were squished, resulting in the same good old Gothic, from the Chapter 1 to the Chapter 6. It's recommended for all "purist" players out there, but other types of fans (including the fanatic ones), who want something extra with a decisive value edge, will certainly find YAUP to their liking.

It is compatible with retail (CD/DVD), Steam, and GOG releases in v2.6/2.7.

It is NOT compatible with the DX11 renderer (I'm working on it).


- Ability to buy back any weapon (melee or ranged) that a trader has equipped, for wares-browsing impunity (thanks to the much improved trading scripts)
- Acrobatics is now a regular skill the player can absorb from the certain three teachers
- Almost all textures were doubled in size and augmented with inbuilt responsive grain, in order to make them sharper and less resistant to brightness/contrast/gamma controls manipulations, while mostly preserving their classic look, all without significantly increased demand for hardware resources
- Colored (or recolored) spell scrolls/runes and many other items for an easy equipment awareness
- Consistent pricing system for almost all items and goods
- Corrected all Quest Log entries, and added a couple of new ones for those "hidden" quests that were lacking them before
- Cosmetic and aesthetic changes and fixes of all variety in abundance
- Crafting of certain items in greater quantities than one for less tedium (currently only the things created at pans/stoves and alchemy benches)
- Eliminated exploits for the several characters and their connected quests
- Enabled cheats, part 1: cheat as much as you want, because there is no point in disabling something that is an essential section of the game
- Enabled cheats, part 2: translated and streamlined all dialogues of all cheat characters to English
- Enhanced options menus, including a lot more options that were hidden inside the config files so far (some will require to restart the game)
- Fixed problems with several dozen quests, especially where items being transferred are involved
- Fresh names for several NPCs (they won't provide new quests; just new names) to differentiate them from the common folk
- Frying all kinds of raw meat (clam, fish, insect, and the mushrooms [both] too) at pan campfires or stoves is now a thing
- Massive amount of corrected typos, spelling errors, and inaccuracies to the game's texts (English only)
- More believable and logical changes to the damage system depending on slashing, bludgeoning, piercing, fire, and magic damage types
- More characters can now have their pockets checked with the pickpocketing course of action (also added a special Log Entry to track pickpocketing successes/failures)
- New fonts for both big and small texts
- New minor loot for felled monsters, beings, and enemies that didn't have any previously
- No additional equipment requirements for usual crafting spots (like hammers for anvils, pans for campfires/stoves, pincers for rune tables etc.)
- No exhaustive manipulations to LP system
- No hunger, thirst, encumbrance, sleep deprivation, or stamina systems in place
- No multiple artificial difficulty settings to select from
- No options for the guildless playthrough or with the addon disabled or as a Water Mage
- No ultra HD texture, DX11 renderer, hyper dense grass, multitude of helmets/shields, or free aiming mods included in the package
- Possibility of taking items from dead NPCs at several points of the game, where it wasn't a feasible option earlier
- Revamped names (plus meshes and/or textures) for the majority of potions, jewelry, stone tablets, and other equipment for greater diversification
- Revised inventory and equipment for a lot of characters
- Simple backstab/sneak attack mechanic that's scaling with the player's value of Dexterity (more of it means more damage)
- Summoning system that depends on the summoner's level of experience to prevent summon-spamming and encourage conscious spellcasting
- The issue of not leveling properly while transformed was eliminated
- The issue with randomly-changing values of weapon skills caused by transformations was put to sleep (includes weapons, accessories, and other items that might interfere with the erroneous outcome)
- The player's gait will change depending on the guild they belong to
- The Valley of Mines is a bit harder (this includes the difficulty of the dragons)
- Visiting the missing locations from the first Gothic installment, in the Valley of Mines (like Free Mine, inside of Xardas' sunken tower, orcish graveyard, orcish village, fog tower, and several others) is now a thing
- Water Mages use their own spells in case of trouble
- When training, only the actual value of training in the given attribute/weapon skill is taken into account; bonuses from stone tablets/elixirs/(certain) characters/blessings/foods/other items are considered "magical" and not recognized in the training formula (overall, that means having a much better "LP liquidity" in the long run); this change also terminated the (in)famous "+5 investment jump" exploit as well, because all values are now calculated in absolutes
- Zero cliche tropes like permanent Health bonus potions brewed from berries, cooking yourself a plethora of cuisines at cauldron, or all armors from Gothic Sequel that are in every other mod
- And much, much more!

The overwhelming changelog, along with other usual goodies can be found on WoG.

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YAUP v2.4

YAUP v2.4

Full Version 17 comments

[Compatible with saves from v2.2/2.3] The finalized 2.4 version of the mod, with updated animations, objects, items, models, meshes, textures, and loads...

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Czudak Creator

The Union was updated to v1.0d a few days ago; it's compatible with the Union saves of v1.0c and YAUP v2.2/2.3/2.4. Its most noticeable change fixes the application crash due to the exception at 0xc0000005 memory address, so if you had this issue, you can install the newest, improved version for even more bugfixes.

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Czudak Creator

I need some feedback, peeps.

I'm currently working on a trait/perk system. The trait would be a one-shot thing that the player can select during the very first dialogue with Xardas (or they can skip on it entirely, so it wouldn't be obligatory). I initially planned to make a trait something that benefits the player while handicapping them in some other way. For example:

- Frost Guardian: +30% damage with "cold/ice" spells but -30% damage with "heat/fire" ones; or can't learn "cold/ice" spells at all and have "heat/fire" ones being easier to learn by half (halved LPs cost)
- Flame Sentinel: the same as above but vice versa
- Scalawag: easier Pickpocketing checks but needs more LPs to learn taking trophies/forging weapons/brewing potions/creating runes
- Grunt: more Health per level but less LPs per level too (or can't have more than 30 max. Mana or more than 100 max. Dexterity)
- Thug: +15 to all protections but potions replenish less by 2/3
- Forager: Triple the meat yield from slain animals/monsters and raw meat/fried meat is thrice as replenishing but everything is 10% more expensive at merchants (also, 10% money when selling stuff; doesn't affect the scripted, fixed prices)

As for the perks, the player would gain a perk point every 15 levels. That would allow him to learn the desired perk with a teacher (however, every teacher would teach a "secret" perk, so no one would know what a given teacher teaches until they would learn their perk knowledge; the list of teachers and their perks would be made available in the FAQ once the system is finished, though). For example:

- Resilience: +35 max. Health
- Combat Stance: +6% to either melee weapon skill (one- or two-handed) [additive]
- Arcane Lore: +10 max. Mana
- Sharp Sight: +7% to either long range weapon skill (bows or crossbows) [additive]
- Survivalist: fried food replenishes 20% more Health
- Sunburnt: +10 Fire protection
- Magically Scarred: +5 Magic protection
- Rebounding: +25 protection against special damage inflicted by golems
- Enlightened: +40 Learning Points and cheaper donations at statues of Innos [by 40%; no changes for Paladins and the blessings for their weapons])

The names are the working titles, and thus generic, and ought to change (also the names of traits/perks might change too). Traits/perks would be available only to the player. They would individual log entries under the "Specials" section. Traits/perks would be visible in the character's sheet as well (under the TRAIT/PERKS section, marked as either (T) for trait or (P) for perk). Finally, the values and effects or traits/perks are pretty random and shall seen being altered in some way.

If anyone, I mean, anyone, has an idea for a trait/perk, feel free to lay it on me. Also, I accept general feedback regarding the whole concept.

Thanks in advance.

PS. Also, if anyone wants to collaborate on YAUP, give me a shout. But feel no pressure.

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Hello Czudak. Is it posible for you to add Gothic sequel armor, and Gothic 1 armors patch to your mod? i realy like to hawe them in my game so baddly :/

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Czudak Creator

Hey! I would like to do that, but I don't have enough time as of lately and adding a plethora of armors is a lot of effort.

There is an Orc Hunter armor available through cheats (insert ItAr_Oht), though. It's from Sequel, I think.

Do you have links to available resources I could implement, perhaps?

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Hey thanks for reply! There is some resources to download on these two youtube chanels you can check if these are ok.

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Czudak Creator

Alright. YAUP of version 2.4 is up.

I fixed some more of the remaining vanilla bugs, revamped several dozen NPCs to react differently to the player's actual guild (the voiceover remained the same), added a couple of new textures and meshes, implemented a couple of new solution possibilities for a couple of quest instances, polished the scripts for many general improvements, and so on. It's just better than the previous version, trust me.

Also, please notice that Union was updated to the v1.0c last week. YAUP v2.4 still works with Union of the v1.0b, so update to the Union is not obligatory (just recommended).

Additionally, if you downloaded the YetAnotherUnofficialPatchQuickScripts.vdf file at any point, please delete it before installing YAUP v2.4.

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Hello Czudak,
First of all thank you for the work you're putting into this!

You mentioned that version 2.4 is in the pipeline. Do you have an estimate for the release date?

Wondering whether to start playing with the current 2.3 or wait until 2.4 comes out..


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Czudak Creator

Hey, yo!

Version 2.4 is going to be up this Sunday, and if not, then definitely this Monday.

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great, thanks!

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I know it's kinda weird to ask you this question but I feel very confused about G2 NotR patches. Most searches point to IronKeep studio patches but I found post about your mod on the forums. I search for the "best" patch as for 2019 that is newest, most bug-free, fixing most problems while keeping old game feel and mechanics and so on. Your mod seems to be more extensive than IronKeep's plus it's newer, still updated and compatible with non-English dubbing. Do you know of any alternatives to your patch, some other unofficial patch that I should consider? Or it is only a choice between yours or IronKeep's.

Thank you in advance and again sorry for weird question to ask a mod developer.

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Czudak Creator


I will be brief: there is no competition and/or alternatives for YAUP, because the vast majority of Gothic fans that know how to mod the game are at odds with the modern Latin, thus they can't consolidate their efforts and create a proper "community" patch. In the meanwhile, IronKeep's stuff is desperately outdated and it might not even be able to work with the obligatory SystemPack, while YAUP works with the newest v1.8 integrated with the UNION.

Additionally, that's why I created it in the first place: because I was fed up with installing all those little patches that were all over the place, and with glaring bugs/grammar errors that could be easily fixed.

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