APPENDING:- two new races – The Ancient and The Fallen were added;- several Yaki clans with their own Headquarters (Homes) and manufacture specialization were added;
- new biological organism – Space Mutant-Flies – a very dangerous type was added.- 53 new ships- 81 new stations and factoriesPLOTS, MISSIONS, QUESTS were added:
- the main plot - "Х3: Time of the Truth";
- the plot - "CPU: Evolution";
- the side plot - "Three sectors races";
- the new plot - "Plutarch vs. NMMC";
- the new plot - "The Yaki Enhancement";
- the new plot - "Pirates’ Vengeance";
- "Complex-building quests";
- the amount of the resources needed for the Hub-mission was reduced.

Pirates, the Yaki, the Ancients, the Xenons, the Khaaks;

- over 80 new sectors;
- most of the old sectors were remodeled.WEAPONS:

New types of weapons and missiles were added, the existing weaponry’s parameters were changed:
- ships of M0-class can be equipped with new weapons, being much more powerful than the others;
- the parameters of Ion Pulse Generator, Point Singularity Projector, Concussion Impulse Generator, Ion Shard Railgun were improved;
- the boarding pod’s cargo-class was changed to L;
- the boarding pod’s capacity was increased up to 10 persons.


- State’s enemy;
- Space veteran;
- New-built Xenon;
- Tough Xenon;
- Xenon-invader;
- Yaki rebel.


- Reinforcement;
- Xenon invasions;
- Asteroid attack;
- Sector’s capturing by player;
- Multirace invasions;
- Mineral scanner МК2;
- Jump-to-point;
- Turrets: selective attack;
- Turrets: attack my target;
- Sector patrol;
- Player ships’ boarding;
- Lostcommands;
- AL Hide debris;
- Trial by Fire.- all the weapon and missile forges (except terrain and xenon) were added with nividium - a secondary resource, which fastens the production process;
- some Teladi equipment docks were added with ammunition for Gauss Cannon and Energy Bolt Chaingun;
- the capacity of equipment docks and trading stations was increased;
- the xenon Industrial Shipyard was remodeled;
- all the main races’ shipyards were added with new forges and plants;
- the terrain shipyards were added with the missing ships and plants (Protein paste fabs и Carbohydrate biscuit fabs);
- the new OTAS shipyard was added and contains a large choice of ships and plants;
- the Yaki shipyards were added with missing ships and new factories;
- a new xenon Utilization shipyard was added;
- xenon standard shipyards were added with new ships and stations;
- a new ancient shipyard was added;
- an equipment dock of ancients was added;
- the new OTAS Headquarters, containing an extended choice of goods and devices, was added;
- several xenon equipment docks were added and filled with different goods and equipment. The “Industrial complex core” is a special one, acting as a basis of xenon industrial complexes;
- the Yaki equipment dock was added and filled with different goods and equipment, including those that are illegal among a lot of races;
- "big shipyards" were added with a docking places for М0-ships.


The several races’ economics was changed:

- new xenon economics;
- new Yaki economics;
- new Ancients economics;

An extended choice of goods at some stations;
An extended choice of ships and stations at the Yaki Shipyard.


Over 30 tracks were composed just for the add-on.

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- the mod was adjusted to 3.1 game's version;
- previously found errors were fixed;
- sectors’ names were colored;
- some performance increasing changes were made;
- the ships of M8 class were changed: they act as assault ships from now on;
- the new pirate boarding corvette of "Clipper", being able to contain 30 marines, was added;
- a player’s game achievements rewarding system was added;
- SETA’s automatic shutdown while menu-navigating via keyboard was disabled;
- the Neptune sector’s gates, which appear after the Oldrin plot or the “CPU: Far reconnaissance” plot were fixed;
- all the plot-stations were fixed: after any plot’s finishing, its quest stations become “mortal”;
- oldrin traders were fixed;
- after a ship’s capturing, its cargo-bay’s upgrade remains unchanged;
- a game difficulty levels were added. They affect the speed of the reputation’s; combat and trade ranks’ growth; quantity of different tasks and mini-missions; and it also affects quantity of combat patrol ships in the races’ core sectors;
- briefings and aim-indicators for the mod's main plot were added;
- the maximum amount of credits, that a player can have at the account, was increased up to one Quadrillion of credits - 1 000 000 000 000 000;
- SETA's maximum limit is 20х from now on;
- when a new game starts, hull/sheids are indicated in percents on default from now on;
- the built-in equipment of M0-class ships now incudes Life support system, "Jump to point" module, scanner C-6, indicating objects within 60 km radius;
- the translation into polish language was added;
- "USC Customs Department license" was added;
- even if there are more than 12 cannons in a turret, you'd be able to change them via weapons menu;
- X3 Reunion's medals, indicating the ranrks' increase, were returned;
- xenon ships' boarding defence factor was slightly reduced;

X3: Time Of The Truth v1.0 released

X3: Time Of The Truth v1.0 released


X3: TIME OF THE TRUTH 1.0 "DES-Studio" is glad to introduce their creation - X3: Time Of The Truth. A global modification with lots of new features, including...

X3: Time Of The Truth v0.4 beta

X3: Time Of The Truth v0.4 beta


X3: Time Of The Truth V0.4 beta (first public beta) available for download. Russian language: text & voices English language: text (translating in...

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X3: Time Of The Truth v1.1

X3: Time Of The Truth v1.1

Full Version 1 comment

1.0 to 1.1 change list - the mod was adjusted to 3.1 game's version; - previously found errors were fixed; - sector names were colored; - some performance...

X3: Time Of The Truth v1.0

X3: Time Of The Truth v1.0

Full Version

0.4 – 1.0 change list - fixed errors found; - an opportunity of space fogs removal added. To activate this option, you should click “Choose mod”...

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Alot I like about this mod - new and powerful ships, new bases and sectors with new much more to see and do. What I don't like ss the new sector announcements when entering are not in English. In 2022 waiting for a patch.

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why cant i fly ancient ships?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hey i've been looking around ppl who can make mods and i was wounder if somone could make this ship or even being it to the X³: Terran Conflict there the link if u guys wanna try

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thanks for a great MOD. I have a couple of compatibility questions using other scripts with your MOD. Sector Take Over 1.57. Military Base Revamp 2.16. Litcubes Saturn Complex Hub 0.99. That last one broke my game when i tried to install the Befelhlsbibliotek libraries. It overwrites your MOD scripts and breaks the game. Ouch. I like the Saturn Hub as it greatly reduces lag with large complexes. Is there a way to use it with your MOD?

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I made a comparison. In new Xtended developer is skeleton.
Here I see a USSR man.
It is argument, excuse, to do use this mod,
and ignore xtended.
But game is not good, because no physics..
In Evochron is big space, and etc.

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no ussr> RUSSIAN

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm Gonna Learn Russian Just for this Mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
ILLJAH Creator

I voted -1. Sorry.I wanted to vote +1.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is there an English walk-through planned or available for the Time of the Truth plots?

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ILLJAH Creator

Maybe in this thread you will find answers on your questions?

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