Hi there!

I would like to present You my mod for WarCraft II. It adds few new things including new units, graphics, sounds, music tracks, upgrades and even race. This project is quite big, and now I do not have time to do everything that I wanted to add, but I'd like to show You what I've been able to do :)
At last You have to know that this mod was made by one guy: me. I had to use some graphics that I found on the Internet or found in other games.

Races in Rise of Shadows:


- Tactic based on strong defense, healing or summoning,
- Elven Archers/Rangers replaced by human Crossbowmans/Marksmans,
- Dwarven Demo Squad replaced by Gnome Bomberman,
- Unique unit with special abilities: lord,
- Two way tech-tree: Light with paladins, mages and white towers; Domination with summoners, elementalists and black towers
- Humans includes human and gnome races.


- Tactic based on strong attack,
- Added Wolf Raiders and Ogre Goblinthrowers,
- Skeletons can be upgraded on more deadly unit,
- Two way tech-tree is still in progress...
- Orcs includes orc, ogre, troll, death knights, dragon, and goblin races.


- Tactic based on powerful but expensive units, with high technology or shamanism,
- Dwarven Catapults can be upgraded to long ranged Cannons,
- Strong infantry but much more slower than Footmans or Grunts,
- Two way tech-tree is based on dwarven Gods: Chlijus the god of beer and shamanism; Nordrin the god of technology with skytowers, tanks and self-reparable towers.

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Warcraft 2 Rise of Shadows is a project including new race, rebalanced system with unique units and abilities to Warcraft 2. It's been a year since I released demo version. This demo got 534 downloads, it's quite a lot, more than I expected, so I have to ask you:
would you like to see more, full version of this fan expansion? It's still possible ;)

What's the plan?

The plan is to fix all bugs from demo version. After that I have to finish tech-trees for each race and bring back skirmish games with multiplayer.

What do you want from us?
First of all: opinion. Comment this subject and tell me what do you think about mod. If you like it, say the word to your friends and tell them about this project. Maybe you have some request for this expansion? Tell me about it.

How we can help you?
Every big project need a team. If you are a 2d graphic designer, or programmer, or composer, or even man full of ideas and you would like to work on Warcraft 2 mod - send me a private message and join my team :)

And thanks to everyone who played demo version.

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Hi There. I may have a few ideas:) But sadly, I have had no experience in any modding or Graphics, or anything like that.

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Vendar Creator

Hi. Unfortunately this mod is dead. I have no team so I decided to leave it.

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Is there any way to download this mod if you decided to leave it? I really like most of the stuff on there, and was looking forward to playing it again.

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Chciłbym zobaczyć tego moda w pełnej wersji, więc proszę ogarnij to wszystko co masz na głowie i spowoduj, żeby ta gra nabrała więcej klimatu i żeby można było grać w nią z dumnie wypiętą piersią. ;))

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Vendar Creator

Niewielkie szanse, żebym do tego moda wrócił, ale dzięki za dobre słowo. Przede wszystkim potrzeba mi ludzi, którzy mieliby czas i chęci by robić cokolwiek (grafikę, skrypty, muzykę).
Na chwilę obecną mod jest martwy.

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"...2d graphic designer, or programmer, or composer, or even man full of ideas..." by "programmer", what language you refer to? Is it C++? What kind of code should one program? By "graphic designer", what kind of images you want? Some sprite sheet with pink background and .jpg format? And ideas, what kind of ideas? Only ideas for units or units with missile look, stats, icon and sprite?

Anyway, good luck on advancing with the mod. I like the XP and Kills - stats added :)

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Vendar Creator

"what language you refer to? Is it C++?"

Yep, C++ and also lua scripts.

"By "graphic designer", what kind of images you want? Some sprite sheet with pink background and .jpg format?"

Sprite sheet with transparent background and .png format. If you would like to help me with this mod I could send you some of sheets that I made for this game :)

"And ideas, what kind of ideas?"

Any kind of ideas :) Not only for sprites or icons, but everything what will improve this game in your opinion.

I would like to make War2 much more strategy game than War3. No rpg-elements but full of different tactics and skilled units. Final game should be rts similar to Starcraft but not in space :D

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Sry for late-ish response,

Maybe in June, I'm busy at high school for the Spring.

I'm most interested in the code part, I have no artistic capabilities lolol. I know js and java (and game maker language!), but only a very tiny bit of c++, I'll definitely try to improve it when the summer comes.

I'd like to see an example piece of code, and stuff regarding what kind of code is there to do? Better pathfinding, AI for the new units, new UI, expanded control groups...

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Vendar Creator

This mod based on a game called Wargus (it's not original War2) and on Stratagus engine. This engine is free and made in c++.

Code part you can find here:


(click on " stratagus_2.2.7.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) ")

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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