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Sep 15th 2016. V4D available. Contains small improvements.

Regarding Multiplayer

Aug 13th 2016. Successful Multiplayer gameplay video uploaded (below)

Aug 3rd 2016. I've been testing multiplayer via Hamachi in my home network, and it works smoothly. By solving the problems I've been experiencing with multiplayer maps, I can now announce the mod (V4C) is 100% multiplayer-capable and thoroughly tested. I even tested it with a high lag emulator.

However, when playing with some other remote machines, multiplayer games sometimes suffered from desync problems, which eventually led to crashes. The reason behind this has not been identified. Could be settings, could be wrong Wargus version, could be network connection problems.

Yet, even though I still do not know the cause of these problems, I know for sure the game and the mod are 100% stable in multiplayer when certain conditions are observed. Here's a video with a failed test:

Testing MP in V4C3. Success.

Intro to the old mod (V3)

Ponies in a classical strategy game... What a joke! And that's how it all started - ponies burning your villages and enslaving your kids, ponies rushing at your cannon towers. But MLP is a comedy show on it's own, so the first version of this mod was especially fun for those familiar with the show. Rarity being a peasant for the "evil side", forced to mine gold - I like that! This version of the mod is called V3, with V3A being multiplayer-capable. In V3, almost no aspect of the original game has been altered - every restriction has been observed, so the mod allowed to play anything Warcraft 2.

Intro to the new mod (V4)

But since MLP is not only about comedy and drugs, there've been folks who insisted a fantasy-themed MLP mod would be a better option, so I made the second version of this mod called Nightmoon, which is the secret kingdom of princess Luna that stood up against Canterlot. In this new version of the mod I used more opportunities offered by Wargus and Stratagus, and went a little beyond the limits of Warcraft 2, however trying to keep compatibility as much as possible. Nightmoon has several successful game modifications, which include:

  • Separate trees
  • Pegasi bombers
  • Habitable ships and towers

However, you can only use the new mod on maps that have old trees replaced.

V4 Nightmoon lacks the fun of V3, but has obtained a certain style and a fantasy feel. I like both versions.

All-team Organizer V3A

  • All units and buildings ponified, except the Runestone and such
  • Allows to play any Warcraft 2 game mode
  • Allows to play multiplayer

All-team Organizer V4B: Nightmoon

  • All units and buildings ponified
  • Standard Warcraft 2 campaign ponified
  • Includes several converted maps, and the map of Ponyville area to play custom games
  • Allows to play multiplayer
  • Other standard Warcraft 2 game modes or maps unusable unless converted

About Wargus

Stratagus is a game engine that runs as a background process.

Wargus is Warcraft 2 that installs using a Warcraft 2 CD or image, and relies on Stratagus to work. So technically, All-team Organizer is not a Warcraft 2 mod, but a Wargus mod.

Wargus used to have critical errors that prevented Multiplayer from working, but thanks to the good people, the fixed version of Wargus 2.4 had been released. Since it's easy to confuse with the standard 2.4, the right installer has been included in versions V3A and V4. These two use Stratagus 2.4 and Wargus 2.4. The older V3 uses Wargus 2.3 and Stratagus 2.3.

Balance changes to beware in V4:

  • "Rangers" are cloaked
  • Detectors are: Scout towers (only), Luna/Celestia, Rangers
  • "Knights" have been strengthened and made more expensive
  • Battleships and transports can transport units, allow them to fire on the move
  • Guard and cannon towers are habitable, allow the garrison to fire


Ok, this part is oldschool and can sometimes get problematic.

1. Get a Warcraft 2 CD or its Image
2. Install Stratagus
3. Install Wargus using the CD, skip all errors

The versions must be 2.4 for V3A and V4.

4. For V3A: copy contents of the archive over the Wargus game dir.

4. For V4: extract the archive somewhere, copy wargus.exe to the game dir.
5. Run wargus.exe "as Administrator"

Multiplayer note: use VPN software like hamachi, enter IPs manually. Brace yourself - anything may be coming.

NEWS (V4 development)

June 17th. V4B released. Intro sequence added. Mission accomplished. All works on this mod temporarily halted.

May 12th. The forum has been launched for lengthy discussions. Article added on converting old maps to the V4.

May 3rd. Released All-Team Organizer V4A, which is: an alpha, a completely reworked version, pretty exciting to play. You can play Tides of Darkness for Luna or Celestia, up to campaign levels 11 - 12. Nothing else happened - no Apocalypse.

April 28th
Operation Mayday

April 22nd. Map 5 technology tested. Video uploaded. Everything else is basically tuning - the road is open to releasing the alpha.

April 18th. Map 4 technology fully tested. Habitable towers, units firing from transports - map4 technology tested! Tower upgrades will be disabled. UPD: no they won't. Only firing towers will be ponyable, only Watch Towers will have detectors.

April 17th. Hey guys! Check out the gameplay video. Almost all goes well up to map 3. Note: I'm using lots of art and music - every piece will be referred to ingame in credits.

April 11th. The hard part is done. Now I'm fixing stuff. Fixed guards sprites. Succeeded in replacing trees on an original campaign map. All units gained 2x visibility. Looks pretty cool!

April 7th. The hard part is officially over. Not only is the problem of ships solved, but hey guys! I got individual trees! Old wood will no longer be harvestable, so it has to be replaced with individual trees. It was a hard decision, but there's just no way to make 32x32 tiles look like solid trees. Now, every map has to be changed in order to provide this vital resource. I guess the alpha will be out soon enough.


Most of them go to Urimas and the Gameloft guys who develop their MLP farm game. Most credits are listed ingame.

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Step by step installation Guide (forV4C)

Installers Tutorial

1. Insert the Warcraft 2 CD

The hard part is to obtain the original game CD. This mod is not even really a Warcraft 2 mod - it's a Wargus mod. Wargus is the improved version of WC2 made by enthusiasts. To ensure Blizzard is not going to send assassins to hunt them down, the creators of Wargus made their game require the Warcraft 2 CD or image to install. Since your first step is to install Wargus, you'll need a CD or image file of the CD of either Warcraft 2 Tides of Darkness, or Warcraft 2: Battle.net Edition. I only had experience using the latter.

So, how do you get the "Warcraft 2: Battle.Net Edition" image? I hope not via torrents, which is easy, but illegal. Take the legal path instead - respect Blizzard's property rights for this 1995 game.

If you have the image*, which is possibly an .iso file, you need to mount it For that I use DAEMON Tools Lite. Once you have both the image and the program installed, you'll be able to mount the .iso file, by either clicking or right-clicking on it (you'll need to choose a proper option from the menu).

You're now supposed to have the CD mounted. In my case - to drive K:\

* obtained by backing up your original game CD, not via torrents

2. Install Wargus, get the wargus.exe file

Download the mod - version V4C1. Run the Wargus-2.4.exe file found inside.

First time you're asked, enter the path of the mounted image. Like "K:\". The second time you're asked, just leave the field blank. You're now supposed to have Wargus installed to somewhere, like C:\Wargus. Go there and grab wargus.exe

3. Unpack the mod

Unpack the "Wargus + Nightmoon V4c" folder anywhere. Put wargus.exe inside, run it. If something, right-click and "run as Administrator". That's all there is.

4. Patches & Maps

The relevant patch currently is V4C3. It contains the "scripts" folder, so you need to replace the original "scripts" folder from where you installed the game with this one.

To install maps, put the individual files strictly to the maps\ folder.

Network out of Sync - Have a Nice Day! (Notes on Multiplayer)

Network out of Sync - Have a Nice Day! (Notes on Multiplayer)

QA/Testing Tutorial

Playing this in multiplayer mode may be tricky. In this article I'm going to gather the most relevant info on the subject.

All-Team Organizer: Adding custom units

All-Team Organizer: Adding custom units

Mapping/Technical Tutorial

All-Team Organizer: How to add custom units based on existing ones. The guide does not cover the whole process, but elaborates several critical moments...

Converting single-player Campaign maps to V4

Converting single-player Campaign maps to V4

Mapping/Technical Tutorial

This guide helps you add new trees to Wargus Campaign maps, but can also be useful for those interested in opening various existing maps and troubleshoot...

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ATO V4D Campaign Patch 1

ATO V4D Campaign Patch 1


Fixes Canterlot Mission 14 - now passable. Put all files into the game folder.

All-Team Organizer V3A - Alternate Install

All-Team Organizer V3A - Alternate Install

Full Version

Install V3A just like V4D: 1. Install wargus provided using a WarCraft2 CD 2. Take the wargus.exe from there 3. Extract the mod to a separate location...

All-Team Organizer: Nightmoon (V4D)

All-Team Organizer: Nightmoon (V4D)

Full Version 3 comments

Most importantly, added new sounds. Added 2 background ponies for each side. Included all map packs. So currently, this version is supposed to be the...

All-Team Organizer: Nightmoon V4C3 Patch -Obsolete

All-Team Organizer: Nightmoon V4C3 Patch -Obsolete


Applies to: V4C1 Installation: replace contents of the "scripts" folder in your wargus dir with this one. Changes race names and action descriptions...

All-Team Organizer: Nightmoon V4C2 Patch -Obsolete

All-Team Organizer: Nightmoon V4C2 Patch -Obsolete


Applies to: V4C1 Installation: replace contents of the "scripts" folder in your wargus dir with this one. Now, that it's obvious, that Multiplayer problems...

All-Team Organizer: Nightmoon (V4C1) - Obsolete

All-Team Organizer: Nightmoon (V4C1) - Obsolete

Full Version 2 comments

I'll use this version for multiplayer tests. It depends on the latest builds of Wargus and Stratagus, has garrisoning towers and firing from within other...

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Warcraft II Battlenet Edition gog version how install mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Several issue with the changed battleship mechanics in water map campaigns
1. The game AI with starting battleship have no range units load or don't load any range , also having no default attack option they sit useless on the water
2. Range units load in battleships are easy distracted by trying to target enemy units instead of building like the towers.
3.Cannons tower (now shoot fireballs) I feel does too much damage to Battleship due additional splash damage the fireball does on top of the ship's large hit box.
4.Battleship are too expensive to build
battleship 1000gold500wood1000oil + loaded ballista 900gold500wood or other range units.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

4VD is the last version or V4C3?
Pd:Nice work,in a future i upload videos of this,will you leave me with your permission?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mizukami Creator

Yep, V4D is like final, but V3a is totally different (older, more about fun, no changes to the game itself)
Of course you have my permission!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Hello I come to tell you something that is happening to me in the mod campaign, the last canterlot mission, the army AI that is on the island where I have to do the base, comes and expands to the gold mine that I later have what to use, when he sees me or attacked the expansion, he comes with all his army with all the Upgrates and defeats me.
I wanted to know if something I can or can do about this, as I remember in the original Warcraft 2, only the dragons attack

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mizukami Creator

So nice you noticed!
I'll fix this.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Another little thing, do you think also put the expansion campaign of Warcraft 2 Beyond the dark portal for the mod?
By the way, if I encourage myself, I will translate it into my language, Spanish, if it does not bother me!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mizukami Creator

I've uploaded the fix to the files section. The map is now supposed to be passable) Beyond the Dark Portal is a good idea, of course. But for now I'm unable to do that - too much work. I hoped some people would make their own stuff since I've left some instructions...
I was actually trying to make another version of this mod, but encountered too many bugs in the game engine. So now I've put everything on hold.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


All-Team Organizer: Nightmoon (V4D) You did a good job. love it. cool nice game mod

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Aug 12 2016

Warcraft 2 #MLP mod completed: Moddb.com

Jun 18 2016

#MLP All-Team Organizer: Nightmoon Intro Youtu.be via @YouTube

Jun 18 2016

Testing multiplayer 1vs1. The game didn't crash. Completed 2 games. Further testing required, but new units work... T.co

Jun 9 2016

All-Team Organizer: Nightmoon (V4b/final demo) Youtu.be via @YouTube

Jun 7 2016

Luna Victory T.co

May 23 2016

Just look at what other people do! A cool MLP intro for AoE 2! Youtu.be via @YouTube

May 12 2016

Wrote an article on how to convert the old maps - must add new trees to play. Right now it's being premoderated. T.co

May 11 2016

All-team Organizer V4A Alpha released on May 4th Moddb.com

May 6 2016

Now that's what I call STATISTICS! T.co

May 3 2016

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