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Clan Quest Mod (CQM) is a fan-created add-on for the classic PC title “Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines”. Originally Clan Quest offered seven new quests, each one specific to each of the seven clans. Since the first version, even more new content has been added to the mod, including an additional path midway through the game, allowing you to join forces with the Sabbat and battle it out with the other Kindred of LA.

Clan Quest Mod allows you to easily install several other popular mods for “Bloodlines”, at your discretion, to enhance your game experience along with the new Clan Quest content. The mod is also built atop the Unofficial Patch, which fixes most of the game’s bugs and adds some new content.

  • Arsenal Mod: Which modifies all the existing weapons to be more interesting and dynamic and even includes throwable hand grenades! Read more here
  • Camarilla Edition Lite: Based on the popular Camarilla Edition mod, this feature overhauls most of the game play elements, including revised disciplines, blood loss over time, new character models, sound effects and more.
  • Comp Mod Lite: A modified version of the Companion Mod, this adds Heather and Yukie as traveling companions.
  • Weapons Sounds Mod: This mod changes the sounds for all the original guns to make them more realistic and interesting.
  • Unofficial Patch 9.2: Clan Quest Mod, is built on top of this version of the Unoffiical Patch, and includes the ability to toggle the patch's "plus version" mode, which includes enhanced features and game play. Read more here

Clan Quest Mod is the perfect addition for the Bloodlines player that is looking for a fresh experience while replaying this renowned and well-loved title. Use the links below to download the mod and get started on your next replay!





The download includes self-extracting, menu based installer, and all related documentation.

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CQM at PlanetVampire.com

Highlights of Clan Quest Mod

  • 12 totally new quests - one for each clan, two quests for evil players, a quest giving more context to the Kuei-Jin, and two other special scenarios! Each quest is written and constructed to match the clans' ambiance and feel; dig up dirt with the Nosferatu, work deals with the Ventrue.
  • New Sabbat Storyline - Including a new hub map, several new quests, and three new possible endings
  • Revised Humanity System. The new system more closely represents the pen-and-paper system
  • Diablerie Join the Sabbat, steal other Kindreds' power!
  • New Loading Screens
  • A fully functional achievement system with 36 achievements. Track your progress in-game with an easy to use menu!

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RSS Articles

The newest version of Clan Quest Mod, 4.0, is available for download today, just in time for Halloween! At the last minute, we've decided to integrate the new X20 mod into the installer as well, so it will be easy to include this great new addition to the game when installing Clan Quest Mod.

Clan Quest Mod 4.0 Full Installer

You can download the mod here at moddb.com or at patches-scrolls.de .

UPDATE: The 4.0.1 patch is also available for download at moddb.com. This fixes a number of critical bugs present is version 4.0 of the mod.

bar church hazel

hookers hunters jeanette

jesse joaquin macks

police raid zombies

Here's a quick look at everything else that the mod includes:

  • An entirely new story line for Bloodlines featuring a new hub and a whole new cast of fully voiced NPCs. The story focuses around the the city's Sabbat population and gives the player the option to abandon the Camarilla to join up with the Sword of Caine instead!
  • 3 possible new endings
  • A new humanity system that's more reflective of the pen and paper system, and with greater consequence
  • The ability to diablerize other select kindred
  • All the great new content from previous version of Clan Quest Mod
  • Full integration with Unofficial Patch (v 9.2), installed easily and automatically
  • Limited integration with other mods including Arsenal Mod, Camarilla Edition, X20 Mod, and Comp Mod, all available directly through the CQM's installer

We're also launching a new website, hosted by planetvampire to help support the mod. This page will include supplemental information about the mod, including information about how to install the mod, integrated mods, and support for technical difficulties. Please see this site if you're having trouble getting started with Clan Quest Mod.

Keep your eyes on the YouTube channel as well. We'll be adding a series of Let's Play videos to demonstrate the new content and provide developer commentary. Those will be available later today.

Thanks for you support and interest in the mod, and we hope you'll enjoy this newest chapter of Bloodlines.

Release Date for Clan Quest Mod 4.0 Announced

Release Date for Clan Quest Mod 4.0 Announced

News 33 comments

Halloween and the release of the next version of Clan Quest Mod is just around the corner!

New NPC Preview for Clan Quest Mod 4.0

New NPC Preview for Clan Quest Mod 4.0

News 24 comments

The next teaser video for Clan Quest Mod 4.0 is available today along with a progress report on the mod.

Another Teaser Video for Clan Quest Mod 4.0

Another Teaser Video for Clan Quest Mod 4.0

News 13 comments

In the next preview video, the Prince asks the player to take a new approach to getting rid of the Sabbat.

New Teaser Video for Clan Quest Mod 4.0

New Teaser Video for Clan Quest Mod 4.0

News 20 comments

In this new preview video, Andrei gives the player a road into the Sabbat through a challenge to prove their loyalty.

RSS Files
Clan Quest Mod 4.0.1 Patch

Clan Quest Mod 4.0.1 Patch

Patch 55 comments

This patch for version 4.0 of Clan Quest Mod fixes a number of critical bugs including the high number of crashes on map transitions.

Clan Quest Mod 4.0 Full Installer

Clan Quest Mod 4.0 Full Installer

Full Version 76 comments

Full release for Clan Quest Mod 4.0. Includes executable installer, readme, and all packaged mods' documentation.

VtMB   Clan Quest Mod Installer 3.1.2 Patcher

VtMB Clan Quest Mod Installer 3.1.2 Patcher

Patch 13 comments

3.1.2 Patch for Clan Quest Mod which provides a number of fixes and improvements

Clan Quest 3.1.1-Patch

Clan Quest 3.1.1-Patch

Patch 6 comments

This is the latest patch version for Clan Quest Mod 3.1 that fixes a game breaking bug that occurs in the Tremere clan quest. If you encounter this bug...

Clan Quest Mod 3.1

Clan Quest Mod 3.1

Full Version 61 comments

Full release for Clan Quest Mod 3.1. Includes executable installer, readme, and all packaged mods' documentation.

Clan Quest Mod 3.0.1 - Bug Patch

Clan Quest Mod 3.0.1 - Bug Patch

Patch 9 comments

Patch release for version 3.0 of Clan Quest Mod, fixes some major bugs.

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I look forward to the next update. Gonna play a Tremere. Not gonna ask when the next release is, since you already said about a month a few weeks ago, so instead, may I ask some of the highlights of the next update?

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Finally, I see that we can't scroll to higher level disciplines but I'm not sure how to use the hotkeys. It seems we have to bring up the menu and then click or hit the key? This is really cumbersome in the heat of battle. Am I doing it wrong?

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Howdy Michlo;
just bring up the hotkey menu with your binded button,
now you'll probably see like 10 fields which you might misinterpret as 5 fields with 2 columns at first ,
the 5 to the left are numbered from 1 to 5,representing the actual key you have to hit on your keyboard, the other 5 to the left aren't explicitly numbered but should normally be or are actually the remaining numbers from 6 to 10.
To assign functions to those fields, simply click that little arrow of the field of ya choice, note: if for example field 1 has like already "Melee" assigned to it, then there'll be a 2nd column right next under it, which will let you chose the weapon which shall get equipped from the hotkey, same for Ranged and Disciplines with multiple unique ranks, while some choices like Bloodbuff or Bloodpacks are a single column.
Tip: before you change any of the hotkeys better set them all to unassigned at first, as the default setup is often not very practical.
Additionally I would suggest using Colu,mn number 1 and 2 for 1 Melee and 1 Ranged weapon of your choice, or maybe Column 2 for a pistol and Column 3 for a Rifle, at last but not least use the remaining slots like 4~7 for Disciplines which you can't access trough your scroll-wheel, and the very last maybe for quick access to bloodpack(s).
So to finally use the assigned hotkeys just press the button from 1~10 on your keyboards numberfield, NOT the numpad, eventhough that might work too but I haven't tried the numpad yet, though after all which button you need to press depends on your keybindings in the Controls section of the Options menu .. if I remember right.
Don't forget, like mentioned in some comments under here, if you got too many Disciplines, like after Diablerizing a fellow Kindred, the game might even get in trouble with reconizing the hotkeys or whatever idk ..just read the other comments cause I haven't properly did so ^^

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I have already come up with a suggestion. You can read my comment on page 6 too if you want to know how you can hotkey bind and use Disciplines even IF you have too many using the console. I hope it will be helpful :)

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BTW pls pardon the horrific grammar and spelling issues, I wasn't very keen on spending half an hour on typing that text and am just a German.

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You could read my comment here (currently on page 6) for a workaround that relies on console use. It starts with the words "Good news for fellow diablerists who love to bite more than they can swallow!" I don't wanna paste it here since it's too long.

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burgermeister01 Creator

Again, the hotkeys menu is a victim of the game's buggy engine. For normal use, you just press 'k' to bring up the menu and then you can binds things to whatever you want.
If you have Cam Edition mod option installed, the scroll key doesn't work for most of the higher level disciplines.
If you diablerize a bunch of vampires and get more than 6 disciplines the hot keys stop working all together.

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Also, a small bug. I always map my inventory button to b (I have a gaming keyboard). All of my re-maps are remaining except for this one which becomes the achievements window each time I start. :)

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burgermeister01 Creator

Damn, well if it makes you feel special you're the only person in 8 years to mention this =)
Here's how to fix it:
Open this file <Vampire directory>/CQM/cfg/autoexec.cfg and edit the last line of the file to bind the achievement menu to your preferred key.
Unfortunately, as you can guess, since it's a hacked mess, it's not possible to get this as an option in game's regular menu.

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Having yesterday finish my first vanilla playthrough in years, I eagerly installed and began this mod last night. :) Thank you so much for the hard work and for sharing it.

I'm curious as to when it starts to differ. I've done a few Santa Monica quests and haven't noticed a difference yet. :)


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burgermeister01 Creator

It depends on your clan a bit! There are a few differences you can find as early as downtown. The main part of the game diverges after the first time you talk to Andrei.

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The clanquest mod is brilliant. Combined with the unofficial patch it has improved the game experience to a legendary level. I have played through all the clans with this mod and there is not a moment that i have been dissapointed, so it is really easy for me to give this mod a 10. This mod has been given the stability the game needed and a great depth to the story and the world.

Thank you so much for giving me this amazing experience!

Dec 4 2013 by Donnan

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