Please note: If you're looking for support, then either post here (preferred) or PM me. I'm not around much, and I don't get email notification from posts in the various comment threads.

The patch contains various bugfixes and game improvements such as widescreen support, and provides some GUI tweaks. It also enables the use of the FMSel fan mission loader frontend with Thief 3 and bundles the most important T3 mods. It works with the GOG and Steam versions of the game.

Original game bugs and issues that have been fixed or improved:

  • New missions and restarted missions will use your chosen difficulty instead of Normal/Easy
  • The City sections are played on your chosen difficulty instead of always being on Normal
  • Frame rate and refresh rate limiting fixes broken lockpicking, ladder climbing and wall flattening
  • Some speed-up of level loading, especially with vsync on
  • Fix for the desktop being visible during level loading on Vista and up
  • The game will no longer crash when binding an analogue controller through the keybinds screen
  • Fix for controller axes sometimes being set up reverted
  • Fix for a crash that could happen when using the game's multisampling option
  • Fix for the mouse freezing or becoming invisible when using large font size settings in Windows
  • Fix for the mouse cursor not being captured on Windows 10
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 10 by installing the d3d8to9 wrapper DLL from ReShade

Game improvements:

  • All resolutions reported by the system, plus an optional custom display mode, are available from the options screen. The aspect ratio is shown as well
  • In widescreen the horizontal view is extended, instead of cropping off the top and bottom
  • The field-of-view can be specified by the user. The setting will work with both the original game and fan missions, with existing savegames and with missions which use scripted FOV changes. FOV adjustment includes the mechanical eye and bow zoom
  • The HUD and menus are shown correctly, regardless of resolution and aspect ratio. In 3-monitor modes, the HUD can be constricted to the center monitor
  • The main menu and loading screens are shown correctly, at 4:3 aspect. The proper movies, which are letterboxed, are allowed to crop to fit the monitor (up to 16:9)
  • Take screenshots with descriptive file names, and automatically with savegames
  • XBox360-type gamepads are working, the triggers are mapped to buttons. Support for up to 16 gamepad buttons using modifiers. Mouse and escape key emulation
  • Run the game on a display other than the primary
  • Multiple quick saves, quick load the most recent save, human-readable savegame folder names

As an FM loader, the emphasis is on ease of use and reliability:

  • Easy to set up – besides this patch there is nothing to install or configure
  • The contents of your game installation folder are never changed. (GarrettLoader has a habit of messing up your installation)
  • Works even if the game is installed in Program Files
  • Automatically installs custom conversations. (Used in the FM All the World's a Stage)
  • Fixes for crash on save and crash on exit in certain FMs, and for the mechanical eye zoom not working in many FMs
  • Fix for the in-game loot list showing wrong values and total in certain FMs
  • Fix for an original issue which could cause objectives and sounds to start disappearing after some time
  • The FMSel supplied with the installer is slightly improved over the NewDark version
  • Works with NewDarkLoader and AngelLoader too

Additionally some optional tweaks have been incorporated:

  • Mirror and/or scale down the main HUD
  • Improved loading screen text: Scale it down, improve formatting
  • Minor HUD and GUI tweaks: Remove loading screen tips, mechanical eye overlay, main menu version text, "Nothing" texts, loot percentage, purple fog, 'bouncing arrows', junk item flashing and the lockpicking HUD
  • Always show the healthbar
  • Turn the short intro movies off, or replace them with the game's trailer
  • Alternative background modes for the readable/map and pause screens
  • Better mouse response and removed motion blur, adjust mouse sensitivity
  • More realistic physics, gravity multiplier
  • Scale the difficulty up or down. (Can be set to zero for a 'notarget' cheat)
  • Disable auto-raising of the blackjack and dagger
  • Disable Garrett's breathing animation
  • Reduce or remove headbobbing
  • No switch to third person in death
  • Classic speed. (Walk by default, run qualifier) and a speed multiplier
  • Decrease or increase the ambient fog or ambient light in any level
  • Bright mouse cursor
  • Turn down the volume of cutscenes and other videos
  • Borderless windowed mode
  • End a mission by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Alt+End (see the SU readme for caveats)
  • Auto-equip the blackjack instead of the dagger if clicking attack with no weapon selected

All tweaks are disabled by default.

The full edition includes the mods The Minimalist Project, The Collective Texture Pack (a.k.a. John P), "GarrAT" Garrett Animation Tweaks, Thief 3 Gold, Briefing Videos and a small mod providing updated font textures. Please see those threads or the included readme files for more information. The update edition only includes the SU patch and the SneakyTweaker tool. It provides a much smaller download in cases where the mods are unchanged since the last release.


Tester hall of fame: Estel Randir, Adsk1, Acleacius, Abysmal, fortuni, Maruchin, Linda, noblehelm, Cigam, mensch, AluminumHaste, Depili, Kerrle, decayedmatter, DJ Riff, lowenz, Lolwutman, Corsair, bikerdude, Beleg Cúthalion, Child Of Karras, gnartsch, chrish, Pheonix, PsymH, Hiatus, tolsen64, Xarg, Zaratul, voodoo47, Lord Soth, scavvenjahh, scarcow and TreyM.

This patch builds on previous fixes and ideas etc. from the following sources: massimilianogoi, tolsen64, Hadley, NotCarolKaye, daremo, Xiaopang, New Horizon, Pheonix, Kerrle, lolwutman, swaaye and UCyborg... Face-eating warning borrowed from Voodoo47.

A huge thanks goes to le Corbeau for NewDark and FMSel, to John P, New Horizon, Beleg Cúthalion and mensch for permission to include their mods, and to the FMSel translators: gnartsch (German), Briareos H (French), raven4444 (Polish), DonSleza4e and Glypher (Russian). Thanks also to clearing, Lord Soth and Esme for file mirrors.

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A good four years after the last release, version 1.1.11 is out. Throwing the better-late-than-never card, here's what's new:

The code patch and installer:

  • New tweak to auto-equip the blackjack instead of the dagger when you click attack with no weapon selected. (On by default in the Minimalist Project)
  • New 'no idle breathing' tweak
  • A new tweaker page for difficulty settings - more fine-grained control
  • For new installations of the SU, two quicksaves will now be used. Also, clear-text savegame names by default
  • The Options screen multisampling slider now shows "OK" for the settings that are actually valid, and the full range of 16 values is available
  • The 'Lower resolution while using mouselook' option is now off by default for all installs, to allow depth buffer calculations with ReShade >= 4.8.0
  • 'Direct load' is now off by default. (Could cause crashes during quickload)
  • Logging is now off by default, because apparently some people get "logging" and "telemetry" confused...
  • Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+End in any order to end the current mission. (Previously, End had to be pressed last)
  • Fix for the option to disable gamepad phantom input. (Config key mismatch)
  • Fix for the jerky camera when exiting unpaused reading mode
  • Fix for the installer almost always replacing a local d3d8.dll. Should now leave a manually installed DLL alone
  • Fix for SneakyTweaker going into an endless loop when the Installed Mods folder was empty
  • Updated the bundled d3d8to9 DLL to v1.12.0
  • It is now possible to set up a self-contained and portable install. (No installer support yet but static files like the uninstaller are now placed in a SneakyUpgrade subfolder in the game install)

Here's a video showing the full range of multisampling settings, with those that should actually work marked "OK". Also shows the fixed unpaused reading mode, which will no longer whip the camera around when you exit it:

Lots of work this time has gone into improvements and fixes for the Thief 3 Gold mod, by Beleg Cúthalion and myself with contributions from Glypher. The main improvements:

  • All merged mission maps are divided into sections using assets for the two original half-maps
  • The Inn mission has had several fixes and improvements, such as more AI on difficulties above NORMAL, the new exit from the Inn is now hidden on EASY difficulty and on difficulties above EASY, a final "go back to where you started" objective is now added
  • New option to disable tutorial pop-ups for consumables and an option to make the Enforcers neutral has been split off from the existing option to make them invisible

In all merged mission maps, the map name as used on the pause screen, save games and loading screens now use the original strings and textures for the two original half-maps, as shown in the video below. Notice how the map title in the pause screen (below "Paused") has changed after running down the corridor:

Dividing the merged maps into sections was made possible by code patching done for the (very WIP) City merging project. It also solves a problem with map titles either being meaningful (i.e "The Cradle") for the merged map but then the changed titles would override third-party translations, or rather confusingly using the original titles (i.e. "Outer Cradle") everywhere in the merged map as it was in T3 Gold 1.3.

Here's another video showing some of the new stuff in the Inn mission, like the map playing and looking like the original on EASY difficulty (and in case you were wondering: yes, all the tutorial elements are still there - on EASY), then restarting on HARD to give a peek of the new AI. (On NORMAL, the map plays like the original but with tutorial elements removed.)

The most important fixes in this version of T3 Gold (view the entire list here) are:

  • The knock-out stats for the Inn mission were fixed
  • Several missing patient journals were added to the Cradle
  • A broken portal in the Museum was fixed
  • The unused City section briefing for Old Quarter was restored. Also, a conversation near the Auldale gate, which was missing many lines, was fixed
  • The Compendium of Reproach now actually looks like a golden slab
  • An important missing readable was restored in the Abysmal Gale
  • An important missing conversation was restored in the Docks tavern

The latter two issues were confirmed by Terri Brosius herself - it took a while but now they're fixed...

docks tavern convo

Here's a video showing a glimpse of the Old Quarter briefing, and also the fixed conversation in full. (During the conversation it's easy to notice that the new tweak disabling Garrett's idle breathing animation is active here.)

Thanks to Glypher for skin fixes including the Compendium fix, and for testing and suggestions. Thanks to lowenz and Athalle for translation work.

Apart from T3 Gold there are only minor changes to the mods: The Collective Texture Pack has an additional option to disable the tutorial elements (footprints etc) and the Fonts mod has fixed a bug with the options for individual font textures.

Get it from the files section. Note that saves from Thief 3 Gold 1.3 are incompatible with this version but the Update Edition can be applied on top of the previous 1.1.10 Full Edition - at the expense of the new T3 Gold options having no effect.

Sneaky Upgrade Beta

Sneaky Upgrade Beta

News 5 comments

Pre-release of the SU 1.1.11. Some new SneakyTweaker options, some improvements and lots of fixes in Thief 3 Gold.

Sneaky Upgrade 1.1.10 released

Sneaky Upgrade 1.1.10 released

News 6 comments

An end-the-mission key combo, a bundled D3D9 wrapper DLL and more configurability and fixes for the Minimalist Project.

Sneaky Upgrade released, fixing one bug

Sneaky Upgrade released, fixing one bug


Fix for a bug in the tweaker's Minimalist Project playstyles option

Sneaky Upgrade Editor Edition 1.1.9 released

Sneaky Upgrade Editor Edition 1.1.9 released

News 1 comment

Many changes, including one that makes very large maps possible!

RSS Files
Sneaky Upgrade Full Edition

Sneaky Upgrade Full Edition

Patch 96 comments

Unofficial patch for Thief 3: Bugfixes, widescreen support, GUI tweaks, FM loading. This version includes the mods The Collective Texture Pack, Garrett...

Sneaky Upgrade Update Edition

Sneaky Upgrade Update Edition

Patch 7 comments

Unofficial patch for Thief 3: Bugfixes, widescreen support, GUI tweaks, FM loading. Much smaller download for when there's no changes to the bundled mods...

Sneaky Upgrade Editor Edition

Sneaky Upgrade Editor Edition


Unofficial patches for the Thief 3 Editor: Have multiple independent editor installs, launch the patched game exe directly, generate IBT files easily.

Sneaky Upgrade Beta

Sneaky Upgrade Beta

Patch 34 comments

Obsolete pre-release of the SU 1.1.11. Some new SneakyTweaker options, some improvements and lots of fixes in Thief 3 Gold.

Thief 3 File Tools

Thief 3 File Tools

Mapping Tool

Command line tools for manipulating Thief 3 (and, in some cases, Deus Ex 2) files.

Thief 3 Loot Hunter

Thief 3 Loot Hunter

Other 6 comments

Crude tool for locating loot, keys and arrows in Thief 3 and (primarily) its fan missions. Be sure to read the readme!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 180)
Ziomaletto - - 4 comments

So this is weird.
I had this mod installed and until recently, it worked alright.

Now, everytime I load into different zone, the game just keeps minimizing to desktop. I play on Win 10 in Fullscreen, and I never had this issue before. Only now, in last few days, the game decided to act ret*rded. And it's also seems to be random too, once the game will work as usual, and the other time it decides to minimize upon entering the next area.
And when I play on Borderless, while that goes away, I can't set my Brightness above 5, and the game ends up so dark I can barely see sh*t.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,756 comments

Where is the option to turn down the cut scene volume please? They are so loud, I can't even watch them! But I looked everywhere through the Tweaker app and can't find this option.

Does anyone know where it is ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
snobel Creator
snobel - - 145 comments

It's on the Other Tweaks page, near the bottom.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,756 comments

Hey there,

i wanted to ask if you know why i cannot change my gamma.

when i make it lower or higher it doesn't change something.

It is way to dark to play?? Rest of the game is running good.

hope for your help

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
snobel Creator
snobel - - 145 comments

You're probably not running in true fullscreen mode, either because you changed the mode in the tweak tool, or because of Windows shenanigans behind the scenes.

Also, the proper way to play Thief is in a completely dark room. :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,756 comments

Hello, I have a serious problem with Thief Deadly Shadows, and that is that when I get to the Stonemarket the game closes (crash), and also the chapter where we reach the pagan sanctuary through the pagan tunnels does not load, the game breaks immediately. to load the pagan sanctuary, I am playing this on Windows 10, and I have the sneaky upgrade mod installed, but I still have those two problems when playing. And one last thing, if anyone knows if there is any Spanish translation of Thief Deadly Shadows, please let me know.

Thank you, Greetings from Argentina.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
snobel Creator
snobel - - 145 comments

I've replied to your questions i another comment.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Genly_Ai - - 3 comments

Will enabling EAX per the instructions here cause Sneaky Upgrade to break at all?

I have this weird issue where after installing Sneaky Upgrade v1.1.11 and enabling EAX per the instructions above, my load times increased significantly.

Worse still, during the first South Quarter level (after End of the Bloodline), whenever I saved and loaded (both normal and quick saves/loads), my position would be reset to the start of the map and I'd lose all items and loot (including arrows). Saving and loading was working fine in the levels prior (aside from load times being pretty long).

I did a fresh install of Deadly Shadows with Sneaky Upgrade but didn't enable EAX this time and my saves and loads are working just fine now in the South Quarter level.

Edit: On the fresh install, I also disabled "Plaintext Save Names" in SneakyTweaker.

Any idea what might have possibly caused the initial issue with my saves not saving/loading correctly?

I really want to play with EAX enabled but I'm worried that it may be the cause of my saves and loads breaking the first time around. Not sure if the Plaintext Save Names previously being enabled played a role though.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Genly_Ai - - 3 comments

Update: I have just completed the Sunken Citadel mission after starting a brand new game. All worked fine until after completing the mission where, after arriving back at the Keeper Library, I am experiencing the exact same issue as described above.

No matter how far I progress into the Keeper Library, any quick saving and loading results in my position being reset to the start of the map (Garrett's room in the Keeper hideout) and all of my items and loot lost.

If I load back to a normal save from an earlier level (such as Sunken Citadel), quick saves/loads work fine.

Absolutely no idea what could be causing this issue, so any help would be appreciated as this is hampering my ability to progress in the game.

Edit 1: I just completed The Sunken Citadel a second time. All saves in The Sunken Citadel work fine but the issue reappears as soon as I return to the Keeper Library. All saves and loads reset me back to the start of the Keeper Library with my loot and inventory gone. This isn't solved by loading my save in The Sunken Citadel and recompleting the mission. All saves in The Sunken Library are broken.

Edit 2: Looks like it is quick saves that are broken. Having tested further, normal saves are indeed working fine but quick saves intermittently break. They'll work in one mission. then break in the next. For example, only normal saves and loads worked in the House of Widow Moira mission, but now they're working in the Clocktower mission.

Edit 3: Just finished the Clocktower mission and reached Stonemarket plaza, now both normal and quick saves are producing the same issue. Can't progress like this :(

The only changes made to my game is 1) EAX being enabled per the Steam guide above, 2) I have disabled "Plaintext Save Names" in SneakyTweaker, and 3) increased quick save slots from 2 to 4.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Genly_Ai - - 3 comments


Just reached Day Six and I am hard blocked from proceeding in the game. Whenever I reach Stonemarket Plaza, I receive a notification saying "Objective Incomplete". When I get to South Quarter, no Enforcers spawn in Stonemarket Plaza or Garrett's apartment, nor does the note in the apartment directing the player to Black Alley.

When I travel to South Quarter via the Docks instead of Stonemarket, the game continues as normal, Enforcers spawn, and I meet the Keepers in the Graveyard, however, the "Objective Incomplete" message appears as soon as I enter Stonemarket Plaza afterwards.

When I climb the wall to enter the Keeper Library, the cutscene for the beginning of Day Six plays again (Caduca's murder discovered/Garrett's trial) and instead of beginning the next mission, I spawn somewhere back in Stonemarket.

Extremely bizarre bugs present here and I'm not sure what to attribute this to (the base game or v1.11.1 of Sneaky Upgrade). Please help :(

Update - 9 Jan. 2024: I have managed to solve all of the issues present here by downgrading to v1.1.10 of Sneaky Upgrade and using someone else's saves I found online. Have managed to complete the game with no further issues after doing this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
snobel Creator
snobel - - 145 comments

Can you upload some of those saves - both the ones that fail, and the last save before each one which is working?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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