The patch contains various bugfixes and game improvements such as widescreen support, and provides some GUI tweaks. It also enables the use of the FMSel fan mission loader frontend with Thief 3 and bundles the most important T3 mods. It works with the GOG and Steam versions of the game.

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Essential. It includes a lot of QoL fixes.


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not bad.

Great mod that makes playing T3:DS much better experience.

It transforms a consolized and mediocre game in a decent one.


Essential nowadays.

Very useful and easy to use tool.
Didn't encounter any problems with it. Along with driver-level tuning for my NVidia GPU, tweaked GUI size and everything to my liking, the game feels just *perfect*.

T3 Gold (no loading screens in missions) is nice too, helps immersion very much. And it's done like it was made like this originally, I can't even remember where those loading sections were :)


A monumental comprehensive fix pack for the the last Thief title with LGS involvement. Widescreen fixes, CPU threading fixes, tweaked movement, this makes Thief 3 properly playable on a modern PC and it keeps improving.

Add the Thief 3 Gold beta patch from the "fat edition" and you are verging on the holy grail of a reborn Thief 3 experience.

(Full disclose: I help promote The Dark Mod which is a sort of a rival to this project, I still think this is damned cool work. Tough competition. :) )


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