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This article is the first in a three-part series covering Rohan's full unit roster, starting with infantry.

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The Men of Rohan Part 1: Infantry

Another article? What is this, Mod of the Year? No, it's not. That's only in December, please pay attention. We just have some things to share! In this article we'll be taking a good look at Rohan's unit roster, which you'll be able to experience for yourself pretty soon, because Rohan and Rivendell will both be coming in the next version.

Though a largely equestrian culture, the Rohirrim, unlike the Dothraki, knew when to hang up their saddles and sally forth on foot. And so, while their focus in AotR is most definitely on cavalry, Rohan will be able to field a variety of infantry units.


Recruited from the Farm and Windmill


Yes, the iconic BFME1 unit is back, and yes, you'll be able to spam them, though not with complete impunity. Peasants can be recruited from both of Rohan's resource structures through a toggle: to recruit peasants, you'll need to switch your structure to Peasantry of the Mark, which greatly diminishes its resource output (being that the peasants aren't working the fields anymore, but marching off to the war you started). When you've finished your peasant spam, you can toggle your structures back, and their resource production goes back to normal. This way, spamming peasants becomes a powerful high risk/high reward strategy. Make sure to go all-in and pick the Draft spellbook power to arm your peasants with gear straight from the armories of Edoras and save up for Éowyn and her peasant-focused leadership ability.


Yeoman Spearmen and Archers

Recruited from the Barracks and the Archery Range


When the call to war comes, Rohirric landowners gather their arms and armor. Those too poor to own a horse get levied into infantry spearmen battalions, to hold the defensive line or perform special manoeuvres as the Éored's charge into battle. It is not unusual for the Men living in Rohan's frontier regions to be placed in archery divisions due to their superior skill and experience at hunting. The Yeoman Spearmen and Archers are basic units, specialized and stronger than Peasants - a worthy investment for any Horse Lord looking to diversify his roster.



Recruited from the Barracks


The Westfolders were a highly disciplined army under the command of the Marshal of the West-mark, a title newly created by King Éomer after the War of the Ring and first given to Erkenbrand, the fierce warrior who led the Westfolders to lift Saruman's siege of Helm's Deep. The Westfolders wear strong armor and carry seax-swords and enormous shields painted bright red, which they can lock together in a fearsome Shield Wall. They can charge the enemy through their Forth Eorlingas! special power, through which they gain a damage and speed boost. They are unlocked through the first sounding of the Horn of the Westfold, a tier 2 spellbook power.


Firienholt Sentinels

Recruited from the Archery Range


The Firienholt was a hallowed forest covering the slopes of the Halifirien, the Beacon-hill, where Cirion of Gondor and Eorl of the Young formalized their alliance, and the Gondorian land of Calenardhon was granted to the Éothéod, who would come to call it Rohan, home of the Horse Lords. Cirion and Eorl agreed that the forest and hill should be guarded by men from both Gondor and Rohan, and indeed the wardens sent there answered to both realms. In AotR, the Firienholt Sentinels are an elite ranger battalion, similar to the Ithilien Rangers, able to move with speed and stealth to ambush the enemy using their Longshot ability, as well as scare off enemy units through their Halifirien Guards power.


Edoras Door-wardens

Recruited from the Barracks


We encounter these stalwart royal guards when Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and Gandalf attempt to enter the Golden Hall to see its sickly King. In AotR, they carry swords and large shields and grant a bonus to nearby heroes and structures through their Kingsguard ability. They are powerful all-around elites - look out for their mounted counterparts in part two of this article series.


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The AotR Team


Looks interesting. I like the new skins and the sword "phalanx" formation. Jesus loves you lots, by the way.

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MattTheLegoman Creator

Thanks, and to that I say, love like Him. Love like you've never hurt before.

"If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate."

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uuuh! Awesome! and it's really good to see a rangers unit in Rohan. We never see such part of Rohan in most mods. Giving them such unit is an improvement and original :)

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My biggest beef with BFME II was combining Rohan and Gondor into one faction. Just a terrible decision imo, so I'm glad for mods like this.

Love those royal guards sooo much!

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Is it just my ****** laptop, or the pictures in the article all appear to be corrupted?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RiderOfRohan Creator

Try refreshing the page sometimes that happens to me to.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I tried that but it didn't work. I can see the pictures just fine now though. Thanks for the advice!

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Fantastic! It's great to see more unique units that break the standard swordsman/pikeman/archer mold! Keep up the great work!

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Great article, but what about the women of Rohan?

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MathijsRevora Author

Stuck in Aglarond, I've heard.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Fair enough :-p

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Guys, I cannot stress enough just how impressed and excited I am with each update. Everything is obviously well thought-out, lovingly made, and visually impressive. You continue to breathe new life into this old classic, and these updates are a nice little bright spot in my week.

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DúnedainRanger Creator
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