We're a team consisting of experienced modders, based at the3rdage.net.

This mod is a campaign mod, that means there will be no new factions.

Current mission list:

Prologue: The Battle of Azanulbizar

Mission 1: The Trollshaws
Mission 2: The Warg Chase
Mission 3: Attack upon Rivendell
Mission 4: Over Hill
Mission 5: Under Hill
Mission 6: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Depending on the success of these releases, we will work on additional ones to cover the rest of the story.

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Lots of new maps!

News 21 comments

new logo

Hi all,

Today we're showcasing a bunch of the new maps coming in the soon-to-be-released AotR version 3.0. We tried to make each map look and feel different from the next, with unique features. Some maps have objects specially made for them that won't be seen anywhere else. Others have map hazards that will provide an additional level of immersion and challenge.

Cerin Amroth

Cerin Amroth 01

Made by NJM1983. The Hill of Amroth, last king of Lothlórien. A two-player fortress map featuring build plots for the player inside of the hill fortress. Build plots in AotR are universal, meaning they change depending on the faction you choose to play as, meaning you are fully able to defend Cerin Amroth while playing Mordor.

Cerin Amroth 07Cerin Amroth 08

Cerin Amroth 04

Ered Luin Highlands

Ered Luin 01

Made by Fudge. Set somewhere in the Ered Luin, this icy map makes for a great 1v1 battleground. Spot Balin's vacation estate in the northern portion of the map.

Ered Luin 02Ered Luin 05

Ered Luin 06

Fords of Carnen

Fords of Carnen 01

Made by Fudge. The Carnen (or Redwater) flowed south from the Iron Hills. An atmospheric 2-player map.

Fords of Carnen 11Fords of Carnen 12

Fords of Carnen 13

Harad Coast

Harad Coast 01

Made by NJM1983. Set along the southern coasts of Haradwaith, this 3-player map features a variety of new AotR features: Jungle trolls, wild and roaming Mûmakil, a map hazard in the form of scorching heat, and custom palm tree models made specially for this map.

Harad Coast 02Harad Coast 05

Harad Coast 06


Harrowdale 01

Made by Fudge. A deep north-south valley cut from the White Mountains by the Snowbourn river. Harrowdale is a 3-player map featuring varied terrain and lots of passageways you can use to surprise your opponent.

Harrowdale 04Harrowdale 05

Harrowdale 08

Midgewater Marshes

Midgewater Marshes 01

Made by Fudge. An inhospitable marshland infested with biting insects such as the Midge Cloud map hazard and other discomforts. This map supports up to 5 players.

Midgewater Marshes 02Midgewater Marshes 03

Midgewater Marshes 05

Mirkwood Eaves

Mirkwood Eaves 01

Made by Tomasz_exe. An 8-player map set on the borders of Mirkwood forests. It features a set of new autumnal trees.

Mirkwood Eaves 05Mirkwood Eaves 02

Mirkwood Eaves 04


Nimrodel 01

Made by Fudge. A 5-player map set around the Nimrodel river in Lothlórien. A beautifully lit map featuring various new types of vegetation made for AotR.

Nimrodel 03Nimrodel 07

Nimrodel 04

Targul Quarry

Targul Quarry 01

Made by Fudge. Targul Quarry is 4-player map set somewhere close to Erebor, featuring similar terrain and a specially-made Dwarven bridge.

Targul Quarry 05Targul Quarry 07

Targul Quarry 03

Look forward to a release by the end of this month!

Join us on Discord where you can talk with the team and play the mod with others. Also consider supporting us on Patreon.

The AotR Team

Spells of the Dwarves

Spells of the Dwarves

News 7 comments

The dwarves of yore made mighty spells, While hammers fell like ringing bells In places deep, where dark things sleep, In hollow halls beneath the fells.

New Mordor Spellbook Powers

New Mordor Spellbook Powers

News 8 comments

Mordor's getting 3 new spellbook powers next release. Read below to find out what they do, as well as take a look at a new map.

The Lord of Ravens

The Lord of Ravens

News 8 comments

Introducing and detailing one of Erebor's more unique heroes: Ro├Ąc the Raven-lord.

Halls of Ironfoot

Halls of Ironfoot

News 10 comments

Deep within the jagged, inhospitable landscape of the Iron Hills lies the fortress of Dain II Ironfoot. This article explores the all-new fortress map...

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The Azanulbizar campaign mission has been released in Age of the Ring. Download it here. Moddb.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So.... the mod is dead? Too bad I was waiting it for 2 years

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

The campaign that would have been part of this mod has been moved to Age of the Ring, and when they release the Erebor update it will have the first mission of An Unexpected Journey. Don't miss out!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Really, Pavikjan??

Another one of your troll mods? Hell, on how many mods are you "working"??

For the people wondering if it's dead, yes it most likely is, just like alll Pavikjans mods. It never even lived and it never is going to.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Lol, Thrandy never worked on this mod mayne.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

... Now you're saying it... Damn, was I really that confused? I saw Thrandy's post and the first thought that went through my mind was: 'don't say he did another one of these' especially since what he sais here below is like something a developer would say. Seems I was wrong. Sorry for that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Mod is being combined with the Horse Lords mod for those who don't know.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Is there going to be Horse Armor like in Oblivion?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Glad the mod combined with The Horse Lords, it's showing much more promise with every new update!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is this mod dead ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Yep mod is ded.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
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