What is the Ultra64 Mod for Turok 2: Seeds of Evil?
The Ultra64 Mod is a so called graphics modification which aims to improve the
original games look while maintaining as much as possible of the originals
atmosphere and feeling.
There is a first Beta release yet, which in my oppinion it is
already enjoyable so have fun :-)

Does this mod work with the original 1998 release of Turok 2?
No, this mod is especialy designed for Nightdive's remastered version of Turok 2.

Extract the downloaded Ultra64.zip into your Turok 2 main directory, for example
"E:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Turok 2\"
After that you should have a "mods" folder inside your Turok 2 directory, wherein
the mods data lies, in form of a file called "ultra64.kpf" and a folder called "ultra64
After that you just have to start up the game and enjoy!

Known problems
Texture filtering: For now, up to version 1.52, the Kex-Engine does not support
mipmapping, whereas the textures may heavily alias on lower than 4k resolutions.
Kaiser (the main developer) said he might look into that problem for future
One way to milder that effect for now is downscaling, via your gpu-driver or setting
it ingame with the cfg setting "r_resolutionscale_fixedscale".

Visible seams: This is a problem that was always there but not noticeable with the
original lowres content.
It occurs because of the nature of how the levels in Turok 2 where assembled
(made), and as for now there is nothing to be done about that.

Higher System Requirements: As this mod consists of lots of high-resolution textures it
will require a lot more video memory on your graphics card than the original
I advise at least 2 gigabytes.
If you have a less powerful gpu, do not despair!
If the demand is given i will create a less demanding additional version of this mod
with downscaled textures.

Q: Will you redo all textures?
A: I will try to do as many as possible, but as there are thousands of them, this will
be a prolonged process.
I will accept help on this matter, if you are willing to join me on this project, drop
me a line or two ;-)

Q: Will you redo the Animated/Weapon textures.
A: It is definitely planned to redo them, help will appreciated.

Q: When did the work on this mod beginn?
A: Work began on the 4th of April 2017.

Q: Why are you doing this mod?
A: For one thing i enjoy modding since my youth, my first mod beeing a
graphicsmod for Quake 3 called "Chili Quake XXL".
I am a passionate photographer and graphics designer, and Turok 2 is one of my
childhoods games on the N64.
On the other hand i am looking for employment in the games industry, my biggest
dream since my childhood.

Simon "Sock" O'Callaghan
For a detailed listing look into "Ultra64 external sources.pdf"

External Sources
Some of the textures in this pack where made from sources other than my own
For a detailed listing look into "Ultra64 external sources.pdf"

All use of my digital work is covered by this Creative Commons Deed:
Please do not use any of my work for commercial purposes.
If you use any of these textures I kindly ask YOU to give
me credit for my work within your README file or TEXT file
distributed with your map/mod.
For the licenses of the external sources look into "Ultra64 external sources.pdf".

Funny facts i noticed during developement:

- Great parts of this game are still lit using vertex lighting.
- Textures are often scaled weierdly or used in funny ways which wherent noticeable with the lowres originals.

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When will it continue?


Ofttimes i have been asked by fellow Turok 2 fans when this project continues, and gladly i shall answer!

When there i have found either some people to help the project progress, for example with finding out which of the remaining textures correlate to which surfaces/models ingame, or when at least there is a higher demand for the mod, say at least one hundred people wanting an update.

Making this mod was fun, yet it costs time to produce such huge amounts of content, as you surely can imagine.
So, i find at least find 2-3 people willing to help with texture correlation and photosourcing, this project will be finished.
If you are interested in helping, send me a message here on moddb or drop a mail at: der[dot]boehze[dot]wakey[at]gmail[dot]com

Thanks for all your support comments and appreciation, we will surely meet again ;-)

Taking a pause

Taking a pause

News 5 comments

Ultra64 will be paused for now. Read the reasons in this article.

Dev Diary 3: after thoughts

Dev Diary 3: after thoughts


The beta release went very well. Still there is a lot to do.

Ultra64 Beta Release 1 out now!

Ultra64 Beta Release 1 out now!


Over one month of work, over 400 textures finally shining in new splendor. The journey will still go on, as it's still a far way to have all textures...

Dev Diary 2

Dev Diary 2


Work continues, and yet there's so much to do. Yesterday a really nice fellow called Devon contributed an amazing photorealistic water texture. Thank...

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Ultra64 v02 zip file

Ultra64 v02 zip file

Full Version 1 comment

Due to popular demand here the .zip file version of Ultra64 0.2

Ultra64 0.2

Ultra64 0.2

Full Version 3 comments

This is the second release of the Ultra64 graphicsmod for Turok 2! Now with extra texture goodness :)

Ultra64 Readme

Ultra64 Readme


This is the readme file for the Ultra64 graphicsmod.

Ultra64 Beta Release 1

Ultra64 Beta Release 1

Full Version 5 comments

It is finally here: the first beta release of the Turok 2 Ultra64 texturemod!

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KyleRendar - - 17 comments

So I installed this mod wrong somehow. The 'Ultra64.kpf' should have been in the 'mods' folder, but I put it in the directory, and boot the game up. It didn't work, so I fixed it. The problem is, I uninstalled the mod, and the game doesn't boot up anymore, unless there is a kpf file in the DIRECTORY called 'Ultra64.kpf'. Everytime I boot up the game I get an error message 'kexPakLocal::LoadZipFile::Unable to find Ultra64.kpf'.

I've uninstalled the game several times, reinstalled it on different HardDrives, deleted paths in the registry, but everytime I boot the game up without an 'Ultra64.kpf' file in the directory, the game won't boot. I have counteracted this by copying the 'game.kpf' file, and naming it 'Ultra64.kpf' but this is essentially a bandaid solution. The game boots up, without the mod, BUT It won't let me join ANY multiplayer matches, the games says there is a 'KPF mismatch' error.

I have no idea what is causing this issue, if anybody has any idea it would help a lot, I would love to play the co-op mod with my friend, but my game is so completely broken. The only solution I could think of was trying to break my friend's game in the same exact way, but that isn't a very good solution.

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MikeTheGuy1992 - - 1 comments

KyleRendar what you need to do is right click Turok 2 in stea, then go to properties. After that go to the updates tab and at the bottom you will see Steam Cloud. Now uncheck that and uninstall the game. Delete your Turok 2 install folder and reinstall. Now it should be 100% removed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
grabeskuehle Creator
grabeskuehle - - 102 comments

Thanks for this reply!
That explains why i couldnt replicate this issue, because i made this mod with the GOG version of the game.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
grabeskuehle Creator
grabeskuehle - - 102 comments

Ok, that is one strange problem.
I have tried to recreate it but without success.

We should try to eliminate some variables first.
Which version of Turok 2 are you using? Steam, GoG or something else?
Which is the exact directory you put the ultra64.kpf originally?

Form what you describe it sounds like the engine stored the information about the ultra64.kpf beeing there somewhere, like the windows registry.
That would at least explain why the problem is persistent for you over different installs.

The error with the "KPF mismatch" should only come up if you load a singleplayer savegame that was run with such a kpf like ultra64's before which got removed.

One thing that would come to my would be to try to delete all savegames .cfg files and then try again.

You could also try and ask the official engine developer, Kaiser, about this problem.
His official mail is svkaiser(ät)gmail(döt)com

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Alucard0Reborn - - 47 comments

Me and a friend have start playing this again and I'm definitely into this mod. Hopefully more people will flock to this page and maybe set up a donation platform.

I think if they had integrated Steam Workshop for the second game like they have for the first game modding would be more noticed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
dibdob - - 1,334 comments

Not many good graphics mods for this game ,thanks !

More people will probably buy it in the steam sales methinks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CrunchySmalls - - 1 comments

Man I'm surprised more people aren't into this. This series, and this game in particular, was a favorite growing up. I spent countless hours in the cave levels with the spiders. I just found out there was a Turok 2 remaster but wasn't super impressed with it so I thought there might be a better done fan mod and thus I found my way here. The stuff posted looks great for N64 era models. I do a bit of modding for nes/snes so I know it's a lot of work if only a few people are going see/play it. If you ever decide to come back to this project though I'll greatly look forward to it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
grabeskuehle Creator
grabeskuehle - - 102 comments

Yeah, same here, as soon as i catched wind of a Turok 2 remaster coming, i was all in.
Especialy as i wanted to do such a texture mod for it for years anyway.
I am surprised too that it became so silent around this remaster so fast again.
The chances that i pick it up again depends if i find more fans to help with it, like identifying more of the lowres textures, getting more source photos and so on...

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Avoozl - - 291 comments

So is this supposed to be a complete replacer, or is it for fixing up some of the crappy lower-res textures in the game? By the latter I mean the textures that look worse than the rest in the game.

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grabeskuehle Creator
grabeskuehle - - 102 comments

As far as i unterstand you, tha answer is: it is a complete replacer, altough it does not replace every single texture yet.

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