⦁ Cut / unfinished guns implemented.

⦁ Added alternate versions of the shotguns that use slugs.

⦁ Various issues fixed with the weapons.

⦁ Weapon and attachment selections opened up.

⦁ All weapons come with 1000 rounds. The Player can hold 10000 now. Hand grenades are unaffected.

⦁ Burst fire has been replaced with semi-automatic.

⦁ The rate of fire and magazine capacity of the weapons have been adjusted to better match their real life counterparts.

⦁ Recoil has been increased/reworked. Note that using a handgrip only reduces recoil for hip firing, but will have no impact when aiming down the sights and firing. This cannot be fixed by modding.

⦁ Weapon names have been changed to be exact or closer to their real life counterparts.

⦁ Added canted sighting to the M40A3. Press the handgrip key to use. Only works on weapons the player brings into the level.

⦁ Added iron sighting to the RPG-7. Press the handgrip key to use. Only works on weapons the player brings into the level.

⦁ The Kel-Tec RFB (ACR-2) no longer requires unlocking.

⦁ The HUD is completely removed except the distance indicator to the current objective.

⦁ Alternate versions of all the missions are available. They include changes to the lighting, previously unused dialog and music, and alternate music, characters and weapons.

⦁ The intro level for the first mission(Al Qa'im: Outskirts) has been restored.

⦁ Intro videos when launching the game are skipped. The player is taken right to the main menu.

⦁ New main menu music.

⦁ The main menu music does not restart when entering the gear select screen anymore. It still restarts when exiting the gear select screen and going back to the difficulty select screen however.

⦁ Changed main menu to read “soldier of fortune additional payback”.

⦁ Implemented unused 'prisoner' character in Mogaung: Farming Village.

⦁ Fixed issues with enemy gear in Donetsk: Garage. They wear gloves and do not have the green ammo pouches now.

⦁ Fixed club music in Donetsk: Club Evolution. Now the music gets louder as the player approaches the dance floor.

⦁ Impact sounds implemented when shooting bodies.

⦁ Heads changed to dismember like other limbs.

⦁ Most bosses can be dismembered now.

⦁ Difficulty settings adjusted. The game should be overall more challenging now but without the difficulty spike for the last three missions.

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The unused content of Soldier of Fortune Payback

This article will cover some of the interesting content discovered while developing the Soldier of Fortune Additional Payback mod. While the mod does incorporate some unused assets, many are still left abandoned within the game's data files. Here is a brief summary starting with some vehicles:






They look WWII era. Perhaps these were placeholder assets. Next up, weapons:



Based on unused dialog, mortars were going to play a bigger role in the first mission, Al Qa'im: Outskirts. Miller tasks Mason with eliminating the mortar teams. Ultimately, the only thing related to mortars in the first mission ended up being the mortar barrage throughout the mission. Note the ammo boxes and shells are all part of the model and their textures were never done.

Browning M2


Once again going off of unused dialog, the player was to encounter a stationary M2 while working with Miller in the first mission. It animates similar to the DShK machine gun. The player pulls the charging handle before using the gun and the ammo belt and charging handle animate when firing. Note the lack of a heat shield around the thicker part of the barrel.



knife icon


It seems at some point the knife was to be a select-able weapon. It has a selection icon which is grouped with the icons for the pistols. It has take out, put away, idle, attack, and grenade throwing animations. All of the animations have the player using the knife with their right hand except the attack animations. It appears when the knife was reworked to be the player's melee attack, the attack animations were just flipped from right handed to left handed and all the other animations were dropped.

All of the weapons in the game have their own melee attack animations:

melee g36k
melee mp7melee mk23

Melee attacks

Note that scopes and suppressors disappear during some animations. These melee attacks are done using the melee attack key. Only in some of the work in progress / test maps does the player use their gun to melee instead of the knife. That is to say, the map specifies if the player will use the knife for all melee attacks or the guns themselves. Which brings us to the next section, unfinished / cut maps:

iraq escape


Iraq escape would have taken place after the first mission. A friendly vehicle picks up Mason and together they head for the “green zone”. The unused dialog suggests this would have been an on-rails level, with the player firing from some kind of vehicle the whole mission. The map is quite big and takes a long time to traverse on foot. Note that within the game files the Al Qa'im campaign is known as “Iraq”, the Mogaung campaign “Burma”, Eshkashem is “Afghanistan”, Llebo is “Congo”, and finally Donetsk is called “Ukraine”.

iraq escape mp


A multiplayer version of Iraq escape seems to have gotten further in it's development than the single player version. It did not make the final game, however a picture of it is featured in the credits as seen below in the lower right corner:




Industry appears totally complete despite not appearing in the final game. It features the train engine and train cars that are otherwise exclusive to the single player version of Iraq escape.

mp jackal DM


Jackal is another seemingly complete multiplayer map. It uses a mix of assets from the game's other maps.

In one of the game's many test maps exists two characters who did not make the final game:


Based on their appearance and name, these guys would have been the villagers forced to work on the pipeline in the Mogaung campaign. Note there is some random variety in their colors like many of the game's characters.


Majid was probably going to be some kind of main/named character. He has a unique head and clothes. His file references an unfinished piece of head gear, the “pilot_helm”. To his right is Miller, who is the last and perhaps most interesting piece of 'cut' content.

Within the data of the first mission, Al Qa'im: Outskirts, known internally as “iraq_town”, there are lines of code that suggest Miller was at some point supposed to be John Mullins, the protagonist of the first two Solider of Fortune Games. Here are some snippets of code where Miller talks to Mason after killing Quan Li:







Notice how Miller's character is referred to as “mullins4”. The code is commanding 'mullins4' to speak Miller's dialog. Next are some lines setting up Miller for the boss fight:






Next the player is taken off invincibility and Miller(mullins4) is assigned to the enemy 'team'.

player.Invincible = false;

mullins4.TeamID = EnemyForce2;

Finally these lines are just to create the newest objective for the player which is to eliminate Miller. Again notice the name “mullins” is used.

objectives.Add(iraq_obj6mullins).TargetObject = mullins4;


Imagine that! You begin the game working alongside the hero of the series, only to get to know what a greedy, blood-thirsty animal he has become before he betrays and attempts to kill you. Or perhaps the developers were just using “mullins” as a place holder name. Certainly an interesting find. And that concludes this look into the unused content of Soldier of Fortune Payback.

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SoF Payback Dialog

SoF Payback Dialog


This is a complete list of all the dialog of Soldier of Fortune Payback. It is a combination of subtitles extracted from the file "TextLib.eng", as well...

SoF Payback cut / test mission selection

SoF Payback cut / test mission selection


This modded file will make the most interesting and useful cut and test maps available for selection in the mission selection screen. This can be used...

SoF Additional Payback v1.0

SoF Additional Payback v1.0

Full Version 2 comments

Soldier of Fortune Additional Payback is intended to fix, polish, and expand upon the original Soldier of Fortune Payback game. The main features are...

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does it work for GOG version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will there be an option for a version of this mod with the full HUD (so ammo counts) and/or like the now taken down mod that just restored cut weapons while keeping everything else intact?
No Ammo Counter but a comical amount of ammo are changes I don't want. (I'd rather have ammo counts close to the normal game with a full HUD.)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I wish this would also fix the bullet sponge bosses and artificial difficulty where enemies sometimes can one shot you
mostly the reasons why the game was hated back than
it actually would be a good game if it werent for these issues

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dream_knife Creator

I experimented with weakening the bosses, and the final mod I uploaded does weaken them in a way. I ended up making them more vulnerable to light and medium weapons than they were. But I think I left heavy weapons the same. The problem is, if you make the bosses too weak it's the opposite effect and the fights feel underwhelming.

The default damage model was weird after I looked into it. They had it where the damage an enemy does is scaled by the distance he is from the player. For most of the game it was okay as the enemies tended to be at medium to long range. The last three levels however, is when things went bad as the close distances resulted in the enemies doing tremendous damage.

I think what the game really needed was the conventional health bar / health pack system. It's difficult to work with a regenerating health system as there is little incentive for the player to avoid taking damage here and there. To compensate, the player dies in only a few hits which can feel cheap. I tried to make it so the player can take several hits but the recharge time is slow. That's the incentive to play more carefully as waiting to recharge is annoying. In testing I also noticed with a longer recharge time, sometimes the enemies will change their position and finish you off as you're hiding and waiting for a recharge.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

First of all: Thank you very much for your amazing mod! Astonishing! Without you we all wouldn´t be able to fully enjoy SOF3!

I got a couple of questions though, and I am sure you can help me here:

1. How do I unlock the M2HB Browning Machine gun?

2. How do I get to use the knife and the C4 explosives (https://tcrf.net/File:SOF3-C4_icon.jpg) as a selectable weapon?

I tried your map Maps/weapons/SOF_weapons but there is neither the knife nor the C4 to use?
(Knife files are in included in the mod files so this should work though)

3. How do I get to explore the unused vehicles in the game?
You did not include the folder Models\Vehicles in the mod files

4. Same goes for the mortar! Models\weapons\mortar not included in the mod files

5. There is a real problem that occurs: After installing the mod one can´t choose the option “Continue” anymore! The game freezes up at the loading screen!

Looking forward to your reply


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dream_knife Creator

Hi Luke, glad to hear you are enjoying.

To unlock the M2HB do the same cheat code you would do to unlock the ACR-2. I see you commented on my video which explains how to enter the code.

Alternatively, you can unlock it permanently by modifying the mod itself. Find the file “Models\weapons\KEL_TEC_RFB\kel_tec_rfb.def”. Delete the line “locked = true;” and save the file. This way, the M2HB will be available like any other gun.

The knife requires some modding to select but there is really no point to it. The C4 could never be selected or equipped. There are selection screen icons for them both that didn't appear in the final game.

I didn't make the SOF_weapons map. That was a left over from the developers. Obviously they used it for developing the weapons.

The unused vehicles don't appear in the game or my mod. The screenshots I released where something I setup just to take pictures of them. If you want to see them in-game you'll have to do a little modding yourself. I can explain further if you're interested.

It's the same situation with the mortar. I didn't include this as it's already part of the game's data files. You need to unpack the game's data files with this tool: Moddb.com if you want to mess around with game data that isn't already unpacked.

Hopefully this clears things up for you.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Great work! Glad to see this game get some modding love, and especially happy to finally see the AICW, F2000, and MR-C all fixed up!

Few questions:

1.) Is it be possible to have the grenade launcher on the AICW as an attachment/secondary fire instead of a separate weapon?

2.) Could you enable the fire select on the AR10T/JP-AR? I can't remember if that's something I did manually to my own modded copy, but I noticed on a fresh install with your mod that I can no longer switch to full-auto with that gun.

3.) Have you considered combining your mod with the "Functional Ironsights" mod?

The only gripe I have with that mod is the default holding positions of the guns are changed pretty drastically, you can hardly see most guns while running around, and they're all centered quite a bit.

Years back I was working on my own overhaul mod, which included me setting all viewmodel positions to vanilla except when aiming, and also tweaked some of the aiming positions to be not so rough, but never got around to finishing it, I can't even remember how I did half of that work lol.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dream_knife Creator

Thanks! The F2000 was a lucky one as it was just complete enough by the devs to piece together a 'finished' usable weapon. As for your questions:

1. Yes, but to represent how the AICW grenade launcher works, it needs to be it's own gun. Otherwise it will behave like the other grenade launchers in the game, with a one round capacity.
2. As I remember the JP-AR was only semi auto in the vanilla SOF3. I remember testing different fire modes. I thought it had all the animations for it. Ultimately I went with semi only as, to my knowledge, that is true to the real gun it's based off.
3. I thought that iron sights mod only did the G36? Regardless, I like the iron sights as they are. You can actually see the guns firing, the bolt racking back and forth, the enemies reacting to your shots. There are enough games with more realistic iron sight views. It think the default views work for this game. I did add an iron sight option to the RPG-7. Use the alternate fire button to toggle it.

Overall I didn't mess with the gun views that much. I had to do it on the unfinished guns, and the P90 and maybe one other. I did change all the guns to react better to the player getting too close to obstacles. In the base game, the guns just use their sprinting animation when the player is too close to a wall or whatever.

That's kind of how this mod got started. I initially wanted to see if I could finish the cut guns, tweak some gun related stuff, and do something about the damage model. Then I discovered more and more possibilities and here we are.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How do i extract weapons sounds??? i really wanna know how to do it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dream_knife Creator


You need the FS Extractor program.


Use that to extract the contents of "models.fs", which you will find
in the "Data" directory of your Soldier of Fortune Payback directory. Note there is a "sounds.fs" archive but the weapon sounds are packaged with the weapon models and textures in the "models.fs" archive.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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