A redesign mod I've spent quite a long time working on.

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First, let's show a changelog to start things off.



*Minerals now return 5 instead of 8.
*Gas still returns 8 and there still will only be 1 per base.
*Som'o UI and bug fixes.


NEW UNIT: Widow Mine
NEW UNIT: Liberator

Ghost Academy is unlocked after Barracks.

Orbital Command:
*Scanner Sweep ability removed.
*Cost reduced to 50 minerals. Builds in 25 seconds.

NEW BUILDING: Sensor Tower
*Addon to the Command Center, Orbital Command, or Planetary Fortress.
*Has the Scanner Sweep Ability.
*Cost 50/50. Builds in 18 seconds.

*Snipe now does 100 flat damage and can target both Bio and Mech units.
*NEW ABILITY: Maelstorm Round.
Completely disables the target unit. Lasts 10 seconds. Can target both Bio and Mech units.
*Health reduces to 45.
*Cost reduced to 50/75/1.
*Damage reduced to 5+5 vs Light.
*Range increased to 7.
*Attack speed is now 0.92. Was 1.07.
*Still starts with 75 energy and Cloak and Nukes are still researched at the Ghost Academy.

*Health decreased to 75.

*Health decreased to 125.
*Base Armor reduced to 0.
*Damage reduced to 12.
*Speed reduced to 2.8 (Was over 3)
*Hellbats can now attack while moving.
They have no turret, so they still must be facing their target in order to fire.

UPGRADE CHANGED: Infernal Pre-Igniter.
*Adds +12 damage vs light to Hellbats.

UPGRADE CHANGED: Mag-Field Launchers
*Reduced upgrade to Cyclone range from +3 to +2.

*Health changed to 150.
*Damage changed to 16+10 vs Armored.

NEW UNIT: Widow Mine:
*Creates 2 Widow Mines for 50/50/1. Builds in 29 seconds.
*Built at Fatory.
*50 health.
*5.75 movement speed.
*Burrows to attack.
*Once burrowed, cannot manually unburrow.
*Unburrows when enemies get too close.
*Is not activated by hover units (such as workers).
*Detonates on enemies at melee range, dealing 100 flat damage with 3 falloff zones.
Zone 1: 0.3 radius. Deals 100% damage.
Zone 2: 0.8 radius. Deals 50% damage.
Zone 3: 1.3 radius. Deals 25% damage.
*Trigger radius is 2.
*Will follow indefinitely or until loses target.

Video Demonstration: Youtube.com

NEW UNIT: Liberator:
*Replaces Viking as anti-light air role.
*Deploy's to attack ground targets but becomes immobile.
*Costs 150/125/3. Builds in 43 seconds.
*200 health, 1 base armor.
*2.65 speed.
*Anti Air Damage: 5*2 @ 1.29 attack speed with 5 range.
*Ground Mode Damage: 35+10 vs Armored @ 1.14 attack speed.
*Deploy Range: 9. Can place 1 Liberation Zone per Liberator anywhere in this radius.
*Liberation Zone Radius: 3. Can only attack in Liberation Zone.

*Yamato Cannon and Tactical Jump now share the same cooldown.
Using one will start the cooldown on both.
*Cooldown is now 60 seconds instead of 71.

*Auto-Turret partially redesigned.
Now burrows when placed.
Expiration Timer does not run while burrowed.
When enemy units approach, is activated which unburrows and starts the expiration timer.
Is not activated by hover units (Such as workrers).

NEW UPGRADE: Advanced Ballistics
*Researched at Starport Control Tower.
*Increases the Liberator's anti-air range by 1, to 6.
*Costs 150/150. Researches in 79 seconds.

NEW UPGRADE: Ionic Engine
*Researched at the Starport Control Tower.
*Increases the Liberator's movement speed to 3.5.
*Costs 100/100. Researches in 54 seconds.

NEW UPGRADE: Reinforced Hull
*Researched at Starport Control Tower.
*Increases Dropship health 180.
*Costs 100/100. Researches in 64 seconds.



NEW UNIT: Bile Worm
NEW UNIT: Guardian
NEW UNIT: Devourer
NEW BUILDING: Larval Colony

*NEW ABILITY: Metabolic Steroids.
Kills the Drone to speed up the construction of a building. Stacks to a maximum of 5.

*Now morphs to Bile Worm when a Roach Warren is complete.

NEW UNIT: Bile Worm:
*Heals nearby friendly biological units or buildings. Heal does not cost energy.
*Costs 125/125/2 in total (Including the cost of the Hydralisk)
*Cannot move while unburrowed.
*Cannot heal while burrowed.
*1 base armor.
*125 health.

NEW UPGRADE: Caustic Glob.
*Corruptors gain +2 damage vs biological.
*Costs 100/100. Researches in 36 seconds.
*Researched at Spire.

*Health increased to 50.

*Health reduced to 120.

*Health reduced to 120.
*Damage changed to 20.
*Range increased to 7.
*Corrosive Bile changed
Now deals 40+10 vs Biological.
Now falls in 1.285 seconds (Down from 1.428)
*Speed reduced to 3.15. (Down from 3.5)

*No longer morphs into Spine or Spore Colonies.

NEW BUILDING: Larval Colony
*Costs 75/0. Builds in 14 seconds.
*Produces larva.
Maximum of 2 larva per Larval Colony.
*Morphs into Spine and Spore Colonies.
*Spreads Creep.
*300 health. 2 base armor.

NEW UNIT: Devourer:
*Air Superiority fighter.
*Costs 250/150/2 (In total, including Mutalisk cost)
*Applies up to 9 stacks of Acidic Spore.
Acidic Spore reduces the attack speed of targets by 14.5% per stack.
Each stack also increases damage received by 1.
Applies in an area of effect of 1.5.
Devourer's actual attack DOES NOT do splash damage.
*Air Attack deals 25 damage @ 2.14 attack speed with 6 range.
*Ground attack deals 8 damage @ 2.14 attack speed with 6 range.
*250 health. 2 base armor.
*3.15 movement speed.

NEW UNIT: Guardian:
*Heavy air-to-ground assault and siege unit.
*Costs 150/200 (In total, including Mutalisk cost)
*2.1 movement speed.
*20 damage vs ground @ 0.93 attack speed and 9 range.
*150 health and 2 base armor.



*Removed Chronoboost.

*Range reduced to 4.

NEW UPGRADE: Singularity Charge
*Increases Stalker range to 6.
*Researched at the Cybernetics Core.
*Costs 100/100. Researches in 71 seconds.

*LotV 3.8 changes applied.
*Ground range increased to 10.
*Disruption Blast removed.

*LotV 3.8 changes applied.
*Interceptor Leash Range increased to 15.
*Does not start with any Interceptors.

High Templar:
*Now has the Revelation ability. Costs 50 energy.
*Now has the Guardian Shield ability. Costs 75 energy.

*Speed reduced to 1.85.

LotV 3.8 changes applied.

That's all of the changes. For a further breakdown of my decision making behind these changes, wait for the actual update which should be out in a couple days.




In this article, I will be posting all updates made to the mod.

Changelog & Detailed Thoughts

Changelog & Detailed Thoughts


Here is a long explanation of my changes and my thought process behind almost all of them. I thin the only thing I don't actually talk about is the Ravager...

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ShockCraft v1.0

ShockCraft v1.0

Full Version 2 comments

First release with the mod, medic dependency, and the maps. Make sure you put the Units/Medic mod in your Mods folder in your StarCraft II directory...

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