This is an Extension Mod for Starcraft Legacy of the Void. It is available online in the multiplayer section when you choose to create a game with mod. The name for the extension mod is:

SCII RS Extension Mod

The Concept is very simple:

Make the game more "realistic" in terms of lore while keeping playability but different balance, therefore all units' scale, range, line of sight and stats are adjusted to fit this. I also made buildings more expensive but stronger, modified many abilities like the Nuke to be (a lot!) more devastating and added the Planet Cracker to the Mothership.

Almost all air units (mostly fighters) have strafe style weapons (like interceptors), also adjusted many units' movement, cost and other stuff. All capital ships are bigger and rebalanced. Still feel to strong but hey, "realistically" that's how they're.

Any sugestions that follow the concept of the map will be addressed. This game has a working AI for the custom units and spells.

Some basic game intentions:

-Realism and scale on units/buildings, movement, speed, stats costs supply etc.

-Include almost all campaign units (wich were worth including) from WoL, HotS & LotV.

-Basically rebalanced all the game due to all stats and weapons changes.

-New weapons, behaviors, abilities and buffs.

-Eliminate hardcounters and make units act like real lore units. (A battlecruiser isn't a hardcounter is just a massive powerful ship)

-Try to make several strategies viable.

-Eliminate bioballs and cheese.

-Make the game focus more on battle & base defense than resource harvesting.

-Try to give the feel of cheap mass units and some special expensive units in the army composition.

-A tactical feeling, units movement affected by terrain, small units can evade some attacks by beeing hard to hit.

-Weapon effectivity, small weapons fire do almost nothing to high armor.


This Mod is based on (but adjusted for playability) on Xiarobear's Starcraft scale charts ( ) and also contains several custom units from the map community.

Special Thanks to GhostNova91, Hammer, Solstice & SoulFilcher for the models, icons and wireframes and Kailniris2 for awesome bridges and custom battlecruiser!

Alex06, Rikki333, for the icons, TooMuchTuch for decals, Thrikodias(Forsworne), CybrosX & Gradius for great models and textures, Flink links for icons and wireframes, XLIIVI for some amazing abilities and to all SC2 Mapster community for different spells, tutorials and ideas wich made this possible.

Patch log:

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New Release Update

News 6 comments


Hello everyone, after long waiting I've finally released the Extension Mod for SCII RS melee games, now everyone is free to play this mod with your friends and AI on any map you like.

The mod is currently on all servers and available for LotV expansion levels. I'm working on a HotS & a WoL's only mod but sadly, due to Blizzard's user rights it will only contain those campaign units contained on each expansion level. If you guys want all units, you'll have to get LotV or team up in a party with a friend with the expansion and have him search for the mod so you all can play while in a party with a LotV user.

Even though it's somewhat a final release (which means it won't have any mayor updates anymore) I'll still support this mod and release any patch required by the comunity in terms of bugs or glitches, again, it's not supposed to be balanced as starcraft lore is NOT balanced; so any balance suggestion will only be taken into account when backed up by lore or when it posses a significant gaming issue.

Some of the mayor changes included in this release are:

- Heart of the Swarm & Legacy of the Void units, models, abilities & upgrades are included.

- Units size, movement, speed, range, cost & several other stats have been heavily modified so they fit closer to the lore.

- Structures are stronger to accomodate lore balance.

- Most fighter-type units have changed their weapons into strafing weapons to increase air battles realism. As a result of this, antiair weapons have increased range and several capital ships have improved antiair weaponry.

- Capital ships are still massive but had their size a little reduced due to gameplay issues. Still incredibly powerfull though.

- The Dark Protoss upgrade has been moved to the nexus and changed into the Tal'Darim upgrade, according to LotV's lore.

- Several new custom upgrades have been added in order to keep game improvement, some kind of lore balance & include the overall idea of each race's researches.

- Several abilities have been heavily modified and some are incredibly powerfull and dangerous like the Nuke & the Planet Cracker.


Protoss units size comparison

Terran units size comparison

Zerg units size comparison

Some air battle

Some more air battles

Protoss before battle

Terran before battle

Zerg before battle

Battle time

Battle time2

Next, I'd like to extend my deep gratitude to all SC2 Mapster community, I did not make any of these models, there are several great artists there and withot them I wouldn't have been able to develop this mod.

Last but not least, I'd like to ask the community to try out the mod and give me your feedback, I'll be working on my custom campaign, which uses this mod as a basis, so any improvement that can be made will be more than welcome.

* As a side note, there are a few units in the screenshots that are not currently on the melee mod because they're meant for the custom campaign like most of the battlecruisers, you might want me to add them to the melee mod; if this is the case please post it here while keeping in mind that some will not make it to the melee mod (again, battlecruisers) as they are incredibly overpowered, redundant, etc.

Status Update - MOD NOT DEAD - LotV Update Soon

Status Update - MOD NOT DEAD - LotV Update Soon

News 2 comments

New update preview. Soon-to-be-released. Includes LotV and custom units thanks to SC2 Mapster community. Next week I'll be publishing new features.

Current status

Current status

News 1 comment

The mod is released to the public on battlenet. I'm currently working on the co-op campaign with this mod. There are several melee maps live right now...

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How can download this mod:(

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How do I search for the mod ?

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maybe you should replace the terran ship model with the hyperion ship model and the medvac you should maybe make it smaller. Great mod btw just wish it can be used in offline mode as well tho

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Were you able to find the game in the launch with mod thing?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

why can't I find it

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I think you need HotS and LotV

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i have the mod bookmarked on the eu server but when i start it says " map not found, it might have been deleted"(it's not the map i have tried many maps including blizz maps), so i tried on NA server but it's not there either, i would appreciate to know if it is coming back, because it is one of the best mods i have played

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Legacy of the Void is required for the mod now

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i have lotv, but it still doesnt show up :(

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