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I have created a new mod for the remastered version of the game. If you are interested in it, check it out: Heroic Mod

*****TLE Mod*****

Link download? Keep reading and it is listed below those details. Or simply just browse for latest TLE in the files list.

By the way, the latest file has included the original game - so you only have to download the mod to play the game.


No more usual update, but still answer questions and provide help if possible.

Possible future update contents and changelogs are listed in This article, always welcome all players to come and put some suggestions on it. I will consider them for next version of this mod :)

CTD - Fear The Eagle Bug

Recently, many people have reported a bug related to the main campaign sequence, specifically the Fear The Eagle Mission. I am not working on this mod anymore, however I can provide a way to avoid playing this mission, by UNLOCKING all the missions in the game.

First, you need to download this file:

Second, find a folder in your Documents folder (My Documents, in some older windows system) called Praetorians (It may stay in My Games folder inside Documents folder)

Then copy the file you have downloaded above to: .../Praetorians/Profiles

Afterward, you can get into the game and change the profile to Vanka to skip the bugged mission and try the the other one which have just been unlocked. Sorry for any inconveniences.



- Balance This Mod! <--- Make this mod become more balanced..

- Video Disscusion <--- Some Praetorians TLE Videos..

Formation: Shieldwall

Romans Shieldwall Formation

Mauritanian Infantry Shieldwall

Barbarians Shieldwall Formation

This Unique Formation is only available for Elite Legionaires, Warriors(Barbarians), Dai Viet Warriors, and Mauritanian Infantry.

It greatly improve the Armor against Arrows, extra resistance against melee combat, but immobilize the units are using it.

It is always recommended to have archery support for this formation. This formation is easily overwhelmed by large numbers of enemy with ranged support.

Medic for Mongols

Since most of the Mongolic Units are on horse, their medics are now moving as fast as them, for faster and convenient combat movement.

Medic on Horse for Mongols

BATTLEFIELD DIRECTOR - Additional Leader at your command!

Battlefield Director

Battlefield Directors(BFD) are unique leader for some races, who can recruit additional units, which are different from what original leaders offer and can build up some new tactics.

They have better resistance against archers, but are easier to defeat in melee combat than original Leaders.

1 in 2 Starting Leaders will be Battlefield Directors.

Battlefield Directors are available for Romans and Barbarians.

Romans BFD:

Available Since 1.6 Version.

  1. Auxiliary Infantry --- Normal Infantry for building structures. Also available in Centurion.
  2. Greek Mercenary --- Light Infantry, quite weak but cost few time to recruit. Throw pilum at further range than original units.
  3. Levy Bowmen --- Low-tiered Archers, weaker than normal Archers but is faster to be trained.
  4. Auxiliary Cavalry --- Low-tiered Cavalry, not match against Equites, but can be recruited without honor points.
  5. Colosseum Gladiators --- Elite Gladiators, stronger than original gladiators, but cost more honor points.

Barbarians BFD:

Available Since 1.6.1 Version.

  1. Infantry --- Normal Infantry for building structures. Also available in Chieftain.
  2. Watcher --- Elite Scout, with faster generating Mana and Better Resistance against attack.
  3. Master Hunters --- Heroic Archers, move in group of deadly three, kill one unit with each arrow. Cost 100 Honor Points. After staying a while in forest, they become hidden to enemies unit, even inside the forest, except for Wolf Scout.

Master Hunters



My Credits to Atamarado for his great help.

In Spanish


Heavy Fire

Heavy Fire - New Skill for All archery units.


When Enabled, the unit with this skill will deal 40% more ranged damage.


Due to their concentration in firing, they become lack in defense. Their armor against other Archery fire is weakened by 50%. - That means they can be counter-fire by other long-range archery unit easily while firing.

For mobile Archer (Cavalry, Hunters of Mongol,.. etc), their movement speeds will also be slightly reduced.

Can only activate when the unit have at least 75% of Mana.



In this mode, all combat troops numbers are x3 per squad. That means 30 Units per squad will be 90, and so on.

Epic #1 Romans vs Egyptians

Epic #2 Romans's Base

Epic #3 Romans Combat

Epic #4 Spearman Defender

1st Knights2nd Knights

3rd Knights
*** Other Important Changes:

* Remove Parthian Cavalry of Egyptians, for Pilum Skirmisher instead.
* Heavy or Elite Cavalry Units of all Races can Charge through enemies formation without being caught.

- Mongol Hunters (Mongols) Ability Enhanced: Can use Moving Shot ability while walking without cost stamina.

- Added more units for many races.

- ADDED RACE: Liberian

A new faction with deathly slingers, good infantry.

- ADDED RACE: The Forgotten Legion

Feature a unique faction that can train only elite units and hordes of legion, but more powerful. No Archer and Cavalry available (Except for the Slingers).

- ADDED RACE: Mongols

A unique faction produce mainly cavalry recruitment, great choice for rushing player.

The first rank is called Light Cavalry. They can go through forest.

The second rank is Heavy Cavalry. They can't go through forest but have heavier armor and damage.

The third rank is Elite Cavalry. Have their own strengths and weaknesses.


The Plunderers and Rangers of Mongols have the highest speed.

Longbowman has the farthest range of fire (Except for machine)

The mobility of cavalry is a dangerous matter of war, which can easily change the course of a battle.

The Mongols Rangers can cause devastating destruction among enemies unit while doing Moving Shot across enemies formation.


!*!. New Race Information:

- 1.The Great Viet - Ambush Role - Plus Strong Elite Units.

As Viet Nam is a tropical country with many forest and mountains, almost all of its units can get into forest, make Guardman(Pike) become deadly ambusher.

Holy Guardian is the strongest units in the game, base on the true heroic history of this army.

- 2.The Forgotten Legion - Elite Troops Role.

Start with 3 Hawk Scout, this race enable the player to search for enemies faster.

2 Forgotten Legion and 1 Infantry at the beginning of the game.

- 3.Mongols - Cavalry Rushing Role

Start with 2 Cavalry Troops, it causes enemies aware of quick rush and speedy attack.

Train first rank cavalry to attack in the early game. Use honor points to train next rank cavalry and strike your enemies. First rank cavalry can go through forest, while second rank cavalry(Heavy) can not.

Mongols GuardPlunderers

Mongol Guards can't go through forest nor lake, due to its heavy armor, while the Plunderers charge enemy with the lightning speed, strong against ranged enemies.

1.Unlimited UCP-TCP(500/50)

The Total Version and Epic Version of this mod have removed the limitation in Unit Control Points and Troop Control Points, which let you train infinitive troops to battle.

This is an extreme difference that will change the gameplay, as well as the campaign.

However, The Limited Version of this mod will bring back the UCP/TCP Limitation. If you want to play without commanding too many units, you can try it.

Romans's MarchGerman CavalryHoplites's March

Spears LegionLegion XII AttackPraetorians

Romans March

2.New Units

Apart from UCPs/TCPs, I have added MANY,MANY new units, including modify existed data.

Honor Points Increased

As the UCP has been removed, units variety on battlefield has been changed. It will be more sensible to make elite units a bit harder to recruit.

All troops' Honor Points Requirement are reduced in Total,Limited Version; While their Units/Troop are x3 in Epic Version.

- Elite Legionaires - (HP:2750 Troops/Units:30 - HonorPoints:5)

It is an improved version of Legionaires, basic heavy unit of Romans. Have higher damage, armor, and the Shieldwall Formation.

- Mongol Guards - (HP:3500 Troops/Units:12 - HonorPoints:6)

Elite cavalry unit of Mongol. Can't go through forest nor lake but have appreciated armor and damage.

- Plunderers - (HP:2500 Troops/Units:12 - HonorPoints:7)

Mongols fast/elite cavalry. The fastest troops in the game.

- Elite Liberians Slingers - (HP:2200 Troops/Units:16 - HonorPoints:8)

Deal high damage from afar, but weak at close combat.

- Sacred Band - (HP:3000 Troops/Units:16 - HonorPoints:10)

Elite Cathagianese unit. Can dragnet against enemy.

- Swordguards - (HP:3000 Troops/Units:16 - HonorPoints:10)

Noble warrior of Liberians. Are choosen for elite combat.

- Mongol Hunters - (HP:2000 Troops/Units:16 - HonorPoints:10)

Deadly cavalry ranged unit of Mongol. Can use Moving Shot abilities while walking without cost stamina.

- Pharaoh Guards - (HP:3000 Troops/Units:16 - HonorPoints:10)

Elite Guards used to defend the palace of Egypt.

Best use for defending at stationary position.

- Dai Viet Bronze Knight - (HP:3500 Troops/Units:12 - HonorPoints:10)

First Elite Cavalry of the Great Viet. Worn strong armor and sharpen blade.

- Asawira - (HP:3750 Troops/Units:12 - HonorPoints:12)

Elite/Fast cavalry of Rashiduns. Can't go through forest.

- Dai Viet Sliver Knight - (HP:3750 Troops/Units:12 - HonorPoints:20)

Second Elite Cavalry of the Great Viet. Worn elite armor and deadly blade.

- Warlords - (HP:4000 Troops/Units:16 - HonorPoints:20)

Barbarian elite melee unit. Have great power and defending skills.

- Longbowman - (HP:2350 Troops/Units:16 - HonorPoints:20)

Persian ELITE ranged units. Suitable for long range slaughtering.

- Dai Viet Golden Knight - (HP:4000 Troops/Units:12 - HonorPoints:30)

Final Elite Cavalry of the Great Viet. Worn superior armor and mighty blade.

- Mongol Rangers - (HP:2500 Troops/Units:8 - HonorPoints:25)

Elite cavalry ranged unit of Mongol. With wide range of firing and high damage, plus the ability of rushing has proved its role in Mongol History.

- Heroic Spartans - (HP:4000 Troops/Units:16 - HonorPoints:35)

The 300 which armed with deadly blade, trained very well. Great power combined with boosted armor.

- Much more additionals troops can be played and experienced while playing new faction.

3.AI Improved

The AI has been improved. Play with CPUs may not be as boring as it used to.


Great Viet Cavalry

Great Viet Cavalry March

Great Viet Cavalry

4. Hero empower.

In the original game, a hero has lowest damage in all troops. Now he can slaughter a horde of soldiers :v



Just imagine :D

5. Others

Some minor changes:

- (Train scouts to increase the UCPs. Then you can able to promote units - In Epic and Total Version.)

Latest files

After a long time working on this mod without the limitation of UCP/TCP, I decided to bring back the 500 Units Limitation in another type of file, called Limited Version, along with Total Version and Epic Version.

All 3 Versions below are included in TLE Version.


With a purpose of making the process a bit simpler, I want to introduce this final type of file - The TLE Version, a standalone Installer.

All Version Included.



Download the link above then download update below(If available):

Update (1.7.x)

After finished updating/installing your game, REMEMBER to run the TLE Settings to apply it.

Since 1.6 Version, Praetorians TLE Settings has combined Praetorians TLE Switcher, Resolution Settings and Language Settings into one.

TLE Settings

Main Menu

TLE Switcher

Resolution Settings

Language Settings


- Balance This Mod! <--- Make this mod become more balanced..

- Video Disscusion <--- Some Praetorians TLE Videos..

Please don't integrate my mod with any others mod.

Thank you all viewers, followers, trackers and users for your attention. If you can, please introduce this mod to other praetorians 's players and vote it. Thanks.


By Vanka123 - This News has been updated: (23/7/2020) For New mod announcement.

Balance this Mod!

Balance this Mod!

News 61 comments

Any ideas to help this mod become more balanced. Including Change Logs and future update.

Videos Discussion

Videos Discussion

Feature 41 comments

A place where videos about Praetorians TLE are posted.

Online battle

Online battle

Other Tutorial 2 comments

Here I suggest you a software that can help us play online with other players over the world.

RSS Files
Praetorians TLE 1.7.0

Praetorians TLE 1.7.0

Full Version 46 comments

TLE UCP/TCP Version: 1.7 - A full completed installation included Total,Epic and Limited Version with basic interface, easy to install.

TLE Update 1.6.1

TLE Update 1.6.1


Update 1.6.1 for TLE Version 1.6. Required TLE 1.6 Installed.

Praetorians TLE Version 1.6 Installer

Praetorians TLE Version 1.6 Installer

Full Version 18 comments

TLE UCP/TCP Version: 1.6 - A full completed installation included Total,Epic and Limited Version with basic interface, easy to install.

TLE Update 1.5.2

TLE Update 1.5.2


Update 1.5.2 for TLE Version 1.5. Required TLE 1.5 Installed.

Praetorians TLE Version 1.5 Installer

Praetorians TLE Version 1.5 Installer

Full Version

TLE UCP/TCP Version: 1.5 - A full completed installation included Total,Epic and Limited Version with basic interface, easy to install.

Resolution Settings TLE

Resolution Settings TLE

Graphics Tool 1 comment

A program to modify the resolution setting of Praetorians. Only works with TLE Version.

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Guest - - 699,489 comments

Nn riesco ad aprirla perché crash scusa ma nn puoi renderla più compatibile sia per le altre risoluzioni che per il formato di fail tipo come i pacchetti argreii della modalità imperiale so che hai fatto un ottimo lavoro per questa versione però nn tutti la possono giocare per via delle risoluzione alte dei formati aggiusta questo pacchetto plesssss e se puoi mettere la lingua italiano sarebbe veramente perfetta.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Vanka(123) Creator
Vanka(123) - - 312 comments

I tried it on my Windows 10 Laptop and it is fine, but of course, it is an old game so there are lots of compatibility troubles that I can't spend my time checking them all out. Regarding the Italian translation, I am not working on this mod anymore so xD

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,489 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 699,489 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 699,489 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

lordofshadowss - - 17 comments

Hello Vanka, i do like to ask, how do i modified the files for unit training time and also the stats? I've been play ur mods for almost 2 months rn, i feel really nostalgic, and the reason i ask this, cuz IM just want to feel 1vs5 on cold treason map, but there is a lack of training time, the AI cpu enemies it's to fast for attacking.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Vanka(123) Creator
Vanka(123) - - 312 comments

Hi there, it has been a while since the last time I worked on this mod, so tbh I don't remember the exact place for such goals. But it should be located inside the DATA/Varios.pak/Def
Good luck

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,489 comments

it is pity that the game often crashes on win11

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RobinLoxley - - 2 comments

Hello! I wanted to ask you! How did you manage to access the various file? I want to dig a little in the story mission files. I did this in the game released in 2003, but unfortunately it is impossible to access it with a simple rar archiver.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Vanka(123) Creator
Vanka(123) - - 312 comments

Hello! Since you also PM me, I have already sent you a reply there.

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