ANOMALY 1.5.2 - NZK MOD 3.1.3

NZK MOD 3.1.3 is unique huge content mod for ANOMALY 1.5.2
This mod is a synthesis of NLC, DEAD AIR and ANOMALY
The passage of the mod with all the quests is designed for 200+ hours
NZK MOD 3.1 uses Anomaly 1.5.2 as a base, without Anomaly 1.5.2 the new version of NZK will not work!
The MOD version will need a clean version of Anomaly 1.5.2

This modification is aimed at changing the game for the better by improving the intelligence of game opponents, complicating the gameplay, improving game aspects and adding new features to the game.
The main goal is to bring the game closer to the Survival RPG genre.
Mod hardcore.

All innovations were made solely to improve the atmosphere and change the complexity of the game.

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NZK MOD 3.1.3 - это контент мод для ANOMALY 1.5.2
Данный мод является синтезом NLC, DEAD AIR и ANOMALY
Прохождение мода со всеми квестами рассчитано на 200+ часов
NZK MOD 3.1 использует Anomaly 1.5.2 как основу, без Anomaly 1.5.2 новая версия NZK работать не будет!
Для версии MOD понадобится чистая версия Anomaly 1.5.2

Данная модификация направлена на изменение игры в лучшую сторону путем улучшения интеллекта игровых противников, усложнения игрового процесса, улучшения игровых аспектов и добавление в игру новых возможностей.
Основная цель - приблизить игру к жанру Survival RPG.
Мод хардкорный.

Все нововведения были сделаны исключительно для улучшения атмосферы и изменения сложности игры.

1) Для версии STANDALONE: распакуйте архив в любую директорию на ПК или запустите установщик мода.
2) Для версии MOD: скопируйте папку gamedata в папку с установленной ANOMALY 1.5.2.

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NZK MOD 3 1 3

ANOMALY 1.5.2 - NZK MOD 3.1.3

NZK MOD 3.1.3 is the content of the mod for ANOMALY 1.5.2
This mod is a synthesis of NLC, DEAD AIR and ANOMALY

The passage of the mod with all the quests is designed for 200+ hours

NZK MOD 3.1 uses Anomaly 1.5.2 as a base, without Anomaly 1.5.2 the new version of NZK will not work!

The MOD version will need a clean version of Anomaly 1.5.2

This modification is aimed at changing the game for the better by improving the intelligence of game opponents, complicating the gameplay, improving game aspects and adding new features to the game.

The main goal is to bring the game closer to the Survival RPG genre.

Mod hardcore.

All innovations were made solely to improve the atmosphere and change the complexity of the game.


1) For the STANDALONE version: unzip the archive to any directory on your PC or run the mod installer.

2) For MOD version: copy gamedata folder to ANOMALY installation folder1.5.2.

11 05 22 08 31 41 l08 yantar


The main character - Kaidanovsky, aka Kaidan, is an employee of the private agency "Omega". The main task of the protagonist is to understand who he is, what his past is, what is happening in the present, what this formation is - the Zone. Who is the Shooter about which there are so many stories and rumors. The search for "his" life path, his place among stalkers, those who come to the Zone for a while and sometimes stay here forever - this is the main incentive that drives our hero to go all the way ...

Two new main storylines have been added to the mod: 1. Added NLC main story

Restored many quests from STALKER Shadows of Chernobyl2. Added the main storyline from the Omega Option mod


A huge number of new dialogues in the game

Most quest characters will now be able to barter quest items with you

Now you can hire stalkers for joint raids

It is possible to have a dialogue with every NPC in the gameEvery character in the game can give you a task

Created more unique quest characters
Additional story and regular dialogues have been added for all characters in the locationNew dialogues for all NPCs in the game (!)

the chain of information trading has been changed - now the Personal Diary can be exchanged for a PDA with the ability to detect a cache. GPS beacons can be exchanged for a PDA with the coordinates of caches (3k1)

- information trading (at the moment, PDA trading with data is implemented)

- for the convenience of the players, the dialogues of different quest lines have different text colors

- dialogues that create atmosphere + all random dialogues from PM restored

New dialogues for absolutely all characters on locations

Added a huge number of new dialogue branches

A lot of dialogues have been added, absolutely for all characters on locations

- Changed many dialogues of the original

- Unique characters assigned unique dialogues

In total, more than 2500 spoken lines have been added, three branches of dialogue for ordinary NPCs, and five or six for unique characters.


Player skill upgrade added to the game - HarukaSkillSystem-v1.5.0 + Skills_Expansion 2.0 - v2.0.4


The attitude of factions towards the GG has been changed - now, playing as Loners, you can complete the tasks of Bandits, Military and Mercenaries (as in the original CoP). Changes in relations affected only the GG and do not affect the game balance in any way. By the way, sooner or later you will have to choose which group to work for by completing certain tasks, so maintaining neutrality will be quite problematic.

In general, this concept brings the game closer to an RPG and gives you the choice in which direction to develop relations with one or another group.

the changes affected only the Loners, while playing for the rest of the factions, the relationship will remain the same as in the original Anomaly

An attempt was made to create a unique biome for each locationNew environment and grass textures for each location - NZK MOD ANOMALY FLORA OVERHAUL v.3.1.3


11 hours of new atmospheric music for the first radio wave

25 hours of ambient music to create atmosphere

Added over 500(!) side quests from NLC7 mods, Omega Option, adapted by Dead Air Revolution Patch3
Increased variety of the same type of quests
Adapted DEAD AIR REVOLUTION PATCH 3 - new quests

New quests (500+ pieces!) from the Dead Air Revolution and Dead Air Rebalance mod + quests from NZK by death_dealer

Dead Air Revolution is a Dead Air addon based on Dead Air 0.98b and Dead Air Rebalance 1.2.5, bringing over 300 new quests.

Arszis Immersive Dynamic Tasks

(adapted everything except the fetch script)

Igi Tasks

GT Tasks

Artifact Hunters

LTTZ DC - 1.5RC18

Basic tweaks and updates:

- Changed the Living Legend: Champion of the Monolith quest to make Eidolon live up to expectations.

- Revised "Mortal Sin: Urban Warfare" quest: enemies spawn in stages to avoid the situation where all Sin's forces come to the same place at the same time.

- The quest "Mortal Sin: Endgame" has been reworked according to the original concept.

- Added a few PDA messages to improve the flow of the story.

- new quest line Hidden Threat (Longreed) + added and restored functionality for Loners

21, Dice, Russian roulette

Added artifact transmutation system
To create an artifact, you will need a transmutation recipe and ingredients

changed and supplemented the system of transmutation of artifacts

integrated Haruka EFP Artefact Transmutation

transmutation recipes from NLC now fully work

transmutation occurs with the help of a special device - an artifact transmuter (integrates into the detector, sold by Scientists)

the recipe is installed in the detector using the artifact transmuter

install the transmuter in the detector (in the description of the models it is indicated whether the detector is suitable for an upgrade), then install the recipe in the detector with the installed transmuter

all NLC transmutation recipes added to PDA (Notes)

general recipes for different types of anomalies (Haruka EFP Artefact Transmutation)

artifacts can be transmuted in two ways - at merchants (you need a recipe for crafting), or in an anomaly (after installing the recipe in a detector with a transmuter)


  • Reworked characteristics of all artifacts;
  • added about 150 new artifacts
  • restored many artifacts from PM

Two types of containers - standard, NLC
A lot of new artifacts (150+) have been added to the mod, artifacts are divided into three levels, artifacts disintegrate
+ Perk Based Artifacts

Added three new factions - Marauders, Raiders and Hunters
Marauders are hostile to the Player - thanks to this, there are more gunfights and non-standard situations in the gameRaiders are hostile to the Player
Marauders and Raiders are neutral to Bandits and RenegadesHunters are based in the Wild Territory in the camp
Present throughout the Zone
Marauders are worse equipped than Raiders
Bandit squads rebalanced

Added missing medics on the Location: - Hip is now a Cordon Medic, - Ecologist medic is added on Yantar

Added a new type of merchant - Artifact Dealer There are only two of them in the Zone - the Informant and Ozersky


Player sees dreamsIncreased the complexity of the gameplayAdded background radiation in closed locations

- New limb damage system

- Toxic air and occasional acid rain

- Animal meat and food spoils over time

- Changes have been made to actor.ltx for realism and complication of the game

- Movement speed now depends on the suit

- Exoskeletons now require a battery

- Redesigned merchant assortment

- Changed things at the start of the game

- Introduced barter system between player and NPC

-Added and balanced withdrawal of money from corpses

- Changed camera movement animations

- Added animations for using items

- Integrated Level_Transition_Travel_Simulator

- Changed the immunities of all mutants and stalkers

- Fixed characteristics of all artifacts

- updated txr_routes.script for DEAD AIR REVOLUTION dialogs

- some transitions (Army warehouses - Radar, Army warehouses - Red Forest, Agroprom - Dungeons of the Research Institute Agroprom, Dark Valley - X18) open only after completing the quest lines

-price for calibration and purchase of a psi-helmet has been increased

-the price for buying transitions between locations has been increased (only when the Open Zone mode is disabled!)

- guides at the initial locations do not escort to distant areas of the Zone

-added Diaries of the Controller (can be picked up from a killed mutant)

- new interactive items have been added to the location (currently these are radios, caches, lamps)

- adapted background psi radiation at distant locations (Red Forest, Limansk, Pripyat, Generators, Chernobyl) from the Grok GAMMA RC3 mod

without a psi-helmet on the locations you will be affected by psi-radiation

- gas masks, filters, cylinders

air in some locations is now toxic (exceptions - Cordon, Bar, Gut, Glade, Swamps, Backwater, Jupiter, Military)

toxic air does not work near stalker camps

gas masks now need filters, filter installation is animated


New unique weapons - Flamethrower, Gauss Rifle, Gauss Pistol, Automatic Saiga, Minigun, Molotov Cocktail, Metro Bear

restored unique barrels made of PM and NLC - AK Strelka, Hunter's Shotgun, etc.
New weapons - integrated B&S mod, as well as some barrels from SHOKER WEAPON MOD


New types of zombies: zombies are divided into three types1 - classic slow zombies2 - ghoul3 - jagger

New types of mutants - Dwarf-mutant, Chimera-beast, Goblin, Wolf, Sabertooth, Leeper, Ratwolf, Deathclaw, Tree Frog, Worm, Slug,Ghoul, Kikimora, Amoeba, Nosy, Spider, Cockroach, Splinter, Mole Rat, Parasite, Foulbrood
Cut mutants from Anomaly restored, new monsters added to squadsSpiders added two logical behaviorsAdded dynamic spawning of mutants (Dynamic Mutants + Nocturnal Mutants) at the location
Several different texture options have been added for each mutant, new models for some monsters

Controller voiced, humanoid mutants have human sound sources

New monsters -added new monsters, monsters from Metro 2033 added original sounds

new lore models of snorks, controllers, zombies from Mutants Model Pack #1-2

- unique body parts added to all new mutants

- added Burer and Controller changes from arszi

+ added new sounds for controller, zombies, pseudo-dogs

The relations of monsters to each other have been rebalanced, namely:

- Bloodsuckers are at enmity with all living beings

- Dogs and pseudo-dogs prey on boars and flesh

- Pseudogigant is dangerous for all animals

- Humanoid mutants are now neutral towards each other

- Cats are the worst enemies for rats and jerboas

Work has been done to adjust the balance - now monsters do not devour quest characters (for the most part), the number of monsters in squads has been balanced, now you can find various living creatures in all locations, rats have been added (their number has been increased, now they can be found everywhere and at each location, they are neutral for stalkers)

Added chromatic aberration effect during rain from the PANORAMIC mod. New sound effects and theme music have been added for the Ejection
- HollywoodFX 3 particles added

Kissel, Amoeba, Sphere, Zero Gravity Zone

- Adapted Eugenium Hazardous Anomalies +1.2 Eugenium Hazardous Anomalies FIX ANOMALY 1.5.0. BETA 2.4 REGIONS PATCH New anomalies + dynamic anomaly spawning system on locations

10 brand new dynamic anomalous zones based on the updated DoctorX random spawn system.

  1. A dozen brand new anomalous zones that didn't exist before. This:

- "Darkness" - "Flash" - "Ghost" - "Liquid Gold" - "Green Dragon"

- "Mephistotel" - "Network" - "Point" - "Radar" - "Press"

  1. Unique random spawn system based on DoctorX Dynamic Anomalies script with custom improvements. The anomalies you see depend on the location.

The closer you are to the center of the Zone, the more diverse and dangerous


  1. Each anomaly has its own unique quality particle effect, sound and impact.

An attempt was made to return the AI ​​pack RC chips
Increased accuracy of NPCs, changed the behavior model


Unique PDAs of stalkersAdded a lot of quest items and notes that reveal the plot of the game

New weapon positions POSITION VIEW by CEMENT + weapon adaptation from SHOKER WEAPON MOD by death_dealer

Restored and fixed many equipment repair items for technicians

Added several new types of anomaly detectors

A huge number of unique quest itemsRestored many types of PM armor

Canned food can be irradiated + toxic


New scientist modelsNew stalker models and texturesNew textures for many items

Environment textures from NZK MOD 1.3:

- texture of doors, posters and some surfaces

- volume effect and rain texture from NZK 1.3.(by Farsight)

- environment textures from NZK MOD and DEAD AIR

- item textures

- new blood textures

The texture of the energy drink was replaced with the texture of the drink "STALKER"

Restored points on the radar

Animated RPG cursor from DEAD AIR

New inventory texture

Partially integrated Simple_Autumn_Retexture_Desaturated

The main menu of the game has been completely redesigned:

New foreground picture + video from NZK 1.3

4K PDA textures + high quality map textures

Anomaly HD Models Addon / HD models for Anomaly.

vehicles require gasoline to drive added a new car - SUV from HL2:EP2added a new car - SUV Hammeradded a new vehicle - ATV, added ATV soundsadded unique textures for carsnew UAZ model

new transport - GA324, Zhiguli

you can start the transport by pressing the "O" key

New inventory textures (backpack dialog, barter window, crates) - NZK MOD ANOMALY INVENTORY HUD RETEXTURE v.3.1

Unique inventory textures, interface and dialogsRestored most of the cutscenes from PM

- restored PDA messages for the Encyclopedia

- added visuals of the GG model from the first person for armor from NLC

-updated inventory

sorting, new features, item names on icons

-fifth slot can now be used for sawn-off shotguns, PP, pistols, melee weapons

-Scorpion, MP-7, Cypress, PP-2000 submachine guns can also be placed in the first slot

you can use the cutoffs in the first slot simultaneously with the detectors

- Interactive PDA, Stalker Tracking System, Atrifact_signature_locator_1.0.2


Changed gun sounds for most guns

New GG step sounds, updated GG status sounds

Campfire stories added

Unique voice acting for many NPCs

Some NPCs speak Ukrainian (added for all factions)

Reworked the whole ambient game

New atmospheric sounds in all locations

Sounds from Metro 2033, SoC, Dead Air and AREA

New unique sounds for all monsters

Huge music library selected to create a special atmosphere

Voiced_Actor_2.0_Russian_Version [reworked by NZK]

The character is now voiced, will periodically say some phrases, if you are with a partner in the game, then the character will voice his actions.

Changed radio

Separately, I want to note the work on the radio - now this is not pop nonsense, but a real element of the atmosphere, now it is possible to catch negotiations, interference and much more on the radio, over 5 hours of new music have been added - special attention is paid to this moment

Song volume has been adjusted and balanced

There are now two waves on the radio - the first wave is atmospheric Soviet music + audiobooks and radio sounds, the second is the soundtrack (ambient + some compositions suitable for the atmosphere of the game)

New sounds for old and new monsters

- Restored sounds from the megaphone on the cordon

- Restored and changed the sound of the anomalous detector + added animation of the Svarog detector screen


Integrated Panoramic Mod 2.1 + PM_COP_alpha for AtmosFear_3_CoP

Now it will be possible to see panoramas in the Zone during clear weather and sometimes in rain

Changed Emission - now it somewhat resembles the classic emission from PM

Changed Psi-storm - closer to the prototype from the builds


The function of searching for living creatures has been returned to binoculars (when you hover over a living NPC or a monster, a frame will appear like in the Shadow of Chernobyl)

New items and weapons from Dead Air and more

All-new items from NZK

Restored GPS beacon from AMK 1.4.1


-new crafting categories

Weapons, Armor, Ammo, Miscellaneous

-added craft items from DEAD AIR

-balanced and changed craft

-added new crafting recipes -

- Blacksmithing Guide

- Weapon Crafting Guide

fixed most bugs and crashes of version 3.0

many small changes

version 3.1.3 includes all changes from version 3.0

NZK MOD 3.1.3 created by death_dealer in 2020-2022; based on ANOMALY MOD 1.5.2 & NLC


The assembly used the developments of sak, mikelik, basil,3vtiger, Shoker, Arszi, RussianSniper117, Asynchron, Eugenium, Tixonics, GhenTuong, Demosfen, Igi, av661194, Johann, London, Strelok7171, Raduga, CAHCAHbI4, Khabarych, Modoskea, KEA Team, Slayer mod developers, REBORN mod developers, Radik619, DanteZ, Short, SmertSaratov, ICHICROW, CEMENT, Vampir, Battlestate Games - Escape From Tarkov, USEC1 voice files, HyperGryph - Arknights music, strelok7171, nPu3PaK (Alexander Overin Dead Air:R), Kramer (quest ideas, innovation ideas, testing Dead Air:R), Physic (quest ideas, new dialogues, Dead Air:R testing), Dragomir (technical points, Dead Air:R quest ideas), Hoperise (Dead Air:R tech points), Hesvul (Dead Air quest ideas: R), Aboba, MrStalkerHacker, Darth_Shepard, Azetrix, UnCheat, Gresnik13rs, 3fallout3, 3vtiger, ed_rez, Samber13, One_ShoT, Domestos, Argus,short, AMK 1.4.1 team, Graffsam, serviga, Eduard Bazyaev, El-Prime, OldW0lf, ValeroK, Feel_Fried, artifax, Mick & Mortan (Forward Frontier/STCoP), Andrejs Green, LsdPro, unethicalrus, Gunslinger Mod Team, _Mr_Vlad_, SEVER3, TV.,Gleb8513,Favkis_Nexerade,Utjan,TheMrDemonized, IENCE, arti, Raven Ascendant,zoust,Chool,Aoldri, CrookR, separator, Wang_Laoshi, IENCE, SWM Devs Team, SynthSnow, LVunter, xcvb, RavenAscendant, Lucy, Ratio-x-Ray, mscnt, TheParaziT, Muchaszewski, Feel_Fried and Bongwatter, RavenAscendant, Longreed, MerelyMezz for DLTX, E.Nigma42 for AO3.1, DeathOrchid, jdud, AyyKyu, Ghost-2142, GhenTuong, Jurkonov, HarukaSai, Blackgrowl, Maid, Utjan, Soulforged, Ninja_Nub [NOR], Aboba, MrStalkerHacker, Darth_Shepard, Azetrix, jenek96,franlorenzo96,SlowVibe, Raven Ascendant,Vintar0, Ishmaeel, Blackgrowl,Aoldri,egor_moro3ov, Yuri Vernadsky and others

Author and sole developer of NZK MOD 3.1 - death_dealer (compilation, assembly, configs, scripts, debugging, some textures + new content)

Special thanks to the forum and for a wealth of information on modding.

Respect to the creators of NLC - you have created a new round of evolution in stalker modding.

The mod used compositions MooZe, Lustmord, Atriumcarceri, Brad Fiedel, IoNiZeR, Kammarheit, Kave, Kelly Bailey, Klangsegler, Northaunt, Msa, Northumbria, Olr, Ilya Ponomarenko, Sabledsun, Spharesechs,Keosz, Alphaxone, Akac, Acclb, Heifehen, Symphocat, Ugasanie, as well as music from Misery and Metro 2033 / Metro Exodus.

I thank the ap-pro forum members for the timely catching of critical bugs



News 4 comments


NZK MOD 3.0 ReadME

NZK MOD 3.0 ReadME

News 2 comments

NZK MOD 3.0 uses Anomaly 1.5 RC 19 as the basis, without RC19 the new version of NZK will not work!For the MOD version, you will need a clean version...

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NZK MOD 3.1.3 Anomaly 1.5.2

NZK MOD 3.1.3 Anomaly 1.5.2

Full Version 20 comments

ANOMALY 1.5.2 - NZK MOD 3.1.3. NZK MOD 3.1.3 is the content of the mod for ANOMALY 1.5.2. This mod is a synthesis of NLC, DEAD AIR and ANOMALY. The passage...

Alternative Cigarettes Textures NZK MOD 3.1.3

Alternative Cigarettes Textures NZK MOD 3.1.3

Prop Skin

FDDA Alternative Textures for some Cigarettes NZK MOD 3.1.3

Fallout 2 Dialog Screen NZK MOD 3.1.3

Fallout 2 Dialog Screen NZK MOD 3.1.3


Fallout 2 Dialog Screen for NZK MOD 3.1.3 (NLC7 + OMEGA + DEAD AIR REVOLUTION Patch3 + AMK 1.4.1 + SWM)

Standart Anomaly Mutants NZK MOD 3.1.3

Standart Anomaly Mutants NZK MOD 3.1.3

GUI 3 comments

Standart Anomaly Mutants for NZK MOD 3.1.3 (NLC7 + OMEGA + DEAD AIR REVOLUTION Patch3 + AMK 1.4.1 + SWM)

Extended Radio NZK MOD 3.1.3

Extended Radio NZK MOD 3.1.3

Audio Pack

Extended Radio for NZK MOD 3.1.3 (NLC7 + OMEGA + DEAD AIR REVOLUTION Patch3 + AMK 1.4.1 + SWM)

NZK MOD 3.0 RC22

NZK MOD 3.0 RC22

Full Version 58 comments

NZK MOD 3.0 [Anomaly-1.5.0-RC22+Dead Air Revolution+NZKMOD3.0] NZK MOD 3.0 [Anomaly-1.5.0-RC22+Dead Air Revolution+NZKMOD3.0]

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Where is the English translation??? I put the game in english via anomaly settings, but items no longer have a name or desc. Is there a eng translation i have to download seperatley?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Clean Anomaly Installation.

Expression : file_handle_internal(file_name, *buffer_size, file_handle)
Function : FileDownload
File : FS.cpp
Line : 172
Description : can't open file :
Arguments : c:/games/anomaly-\gamedata\textures\act\newmonolith\_exo_mon?lith_body.thm

stack trace:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

for me game does not work any help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The first thing you need to do, mate, is provide some details of what is failing. How is it failing? What are you trying to do, etc?
No one can help you if you do not tell us exactly what is going wrong.

However, if you do decide to continue to ask for help, also read the other comments below to see what other folks have experienced in failures and what the offers of help have been.
As it stands right now. there are numerous reports of failure to launch after installation and the author/creator has offered only one potential fix--which did not work. It has been several weeks since the last reports of failure to launch with no response from the author/creator.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


[error]Expression : SG
[error]Function : CRender::model_CreateParticles
[error]File : r4.cpp
[error]Line : 683
[error]Description : Particle effect or group doesn't exist
[error]Arguments : _samples_particles_\place_indicator

stack trace:

Help to fix pls

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

nzkmod, r u trollin m8? this mod doesn't work at all.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Outside radiation which ignores any protection combined with outfit degradation makes wearing any outfit useless, I don't understand how is this supposed to be played

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hello nzkmod,
I have exactly the same issue as Sekyra on 1-3-2023.
Put NZK 3.1.3 over fresh Anomaly 1.5.2, and failure to launch. The log file specifies exactly the same as Sekyra on 1-3-2023.
I deleted the file as suggested by you. Mod still will not launch and the log file reads exactly the same.

Would really, really love to try this mod. Any further suggestions?

the only file I have is named "exo_monolith_body1.thm"
In my system no file exists named "_exo_mon?lith_body.thm", yet the log file persists with this name as the file at fault.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Friday, 1/13:
Deleted, uninstalled all files for NZK 3.1.3 and Anomaly 1.5.2.
Fresh download of NZK 3.1.3.
Fresh install of Anomaly, then successful test of
Overlay of Anomaly 1.5.2, then successful test of 1.5.2.
Overlay of NZK 3.1.3 onto Anomaly 1.5.2.
Failed test of NZK 3.1.3.


[error]Expression : file_handle_internal(file_name, *buffer_size, file_handle)
[error]Function : FileDownload
[error]File : FS.cpp
[error]Line : 172
[error]Description : can't open file :
[error]Arguments : e:/cop/anomaly 1.5.2/play anomaly\gamedata\textures\act\newmonolith\_exo_mon?lith_body.thm

Exact same error as previous, depicting it most likely to be an issue with the NZK mod 3.1.3 rather than a download or install error.

Please help if at all possible.
The mod looks really cool and I can barely wait to play it.

Thanks in advance.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I used PZip for extract on the first two attempts. I recently made a third attempt and used 7-Zip to extract NZK. I received exactly the same failure and error reports as the previous two attempts. Verification processes state “Corrupt file db\shaders.db0” regardless of extraction process.
Please help if at all possible. Can anyone provide or point to a known good “db\shaders.db0” file?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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