DISCORD is complete shit, the perfect utility to bully individuals, and things aren't kept between one smaller group of developers, instead developers of other projects and players of different mods all get to read and share everything, which is bad when for example there is a fallout between two modders, then everybody else gets to pick a side and before you know it every single modder or player may or may not pick your side, in something that shouldn't be their business anyway.

I've been negative to Discord the last year or so, thinking of deleting the Discord because of a lack of activity anyway.

But if you're wondering it's not my own Discord channels that I'm writing about, I mean I think that the Warcraft: Total War Discord is inactive in which i hardly ever get responses on anything in 2024, and this is unlike in 2021 and earlier when any post about the development of Warcraft received replies.

The fact the Discord is so inactive has made me consider deleting it though..

But the Discord Channel I am mainly negative about is of course the Medieval 2 Modder's Discord where the Admins have bullied me since at least the spring 2021, by banning and blocking me a lot. And it all started with a political discussion about Ukraine that later ended up discussing politics in general, where obviously people may have different opinions, so many of the modder's there didn't like me very much after I stated I was against certain politics.

Anyway, in 2024 it has nothing to do with politics - but politics is what caused a divide in that Discord between people who don't like me and people who do.

In 2024 I feel they're just stupid. I just got banned from the Discord for stating a comment was retarded, in which a user (not an admin) made fun of me saying "I can't write about the entire issue with adding a certain Faerun-model to Faerun: Total War in one single sentence", this was after I had posted more than one post about my issues in the "Model's and Animations"-channel where you're supposed to post when you have troubles. An admin demanded I'd keep to one single sentence, and "Warned me" - I answered that it's impossible to stick to one sentence, after which a guy who wasn't an admin made fun of me by writing "You're saying you can't post sentences" - which received "laughing smiles" - after which I called his comment retarded, and after that they kicked me out of the Discord!

So yeah, Discord as a service has only been bad for relations between modders.

I used to be one of the admins in that Discord prior to the political discussion in 2022? I wrote 2021 earlier but I believe there was another issue in 2021 between me and one modder about the Narnia: Total War update that we had been working on, where I had been given sole control of the project after the other modder said he was out. So I handed permissions to another modder to do my "work" for me and then the modder who had left the project, who had made the models, got mad because I had "given away his models" - when in reality I had only given away the work.

On TWC this wasn't a problem because modders only wrote in threads regarding their own projects, or in the bugs and issues-related threads where they all shared the same issue. You could never write "too much" there. Plus in a TWC-thread you had to make longer single posts because it wasn't a chat, so you ended up reading other people's posts, then posting your own - then waited on answers which could take any length of time.

But as Discord is a chat it's easy to post multiple posts, and everyone will be able to read it, so unlike on TWC you'd have every single med2 modder there, and many med2 players - in the same Discord, whilst on TWC members/modders hang out in their own mod-threads and only entered other areas if they themselves shared the same issues.

Me and Bantu also used Skype between 2017 to late 2018 when developing the mod, and the benefit with Skype was that things were kept between the developers, whilst on Discord a lot of other people can see and read everything so you quickly make more people dislike you there, if they side with whoever you have a problem with.

Yes, I believe that on TWC it was easy to be popular as a modder but on Discord it's easy to become impopular. Discord sucks as such.

And the medieval2 Modder's Discord is run by idiots..

I want to state that my modding has been taking up most of my free time since the beginning of the year 2016, and I've been doing music sub-mods for Wrath of the Norsemen, Divide and Conquer, The last Kingdom: Wrath of the Norsemen and Warcraft Total War, then I've also done real sub-mods of other mods like the following sub-mods - The Last Kingdom: Wrath of the Norsemen, Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate, Wrath of the Norsemen: Factions United Sub-Mod, Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced Version 4.0+ (and I weren't alone in every project, with GoT I had a partner who did the models and the unit cards, the symbols and such - but I did the coding and also quite a few family portraits) - with the music sub-mods I spent entire days on each faction/cultures music and they were very detailed - with the sub-mods I've spent months on each, with Hyrule that's most of the years December 2018-July 2021 - even though most of the modding was done in 2018-2021 - only the strat-model package in 2021..

And that's without mentioning Warcraft: Total War - a mod which only had very little when I started the new project in March 2017 and were joined by two old team-members and three new ones. The creator of the map left after updating it one final time during the summer of 2017, the first modeller did the Warcraft 3 models, and the improved human models - then he left as well - then we were 4 people remaining doing most of the work until the release in April 2018. During 2018 another main release was worked on and during that fall it was me and Bantu who did everything - WarcraftHero did do some unit cards in the final days before the release in December though.

To put this in perspective, this is what the mod looked like in March 2017:

Needless to say a huge amount of work was needed here - and while others did the quotes, the models in battle, some of the strat-models, the loading screens, the family tree's, the starting family members, fixing, certain scripts etc - I did code about 400 models into the mod, I implemented the videos and edited them, I made 150 unit cards at least, I did the majority of the gameplay of the campaign - especially all the Frozen Throne-stuff - and I did lead the mod team and keep track of every single version etc. I did a lot, if my work was removed from the mod it would not be playable - Bantu, who rigged the majority of the models since May 2017, stated that he didn't have the patience to code all of them into the game - it's done in an oldschool way using Notepad++ - it takes forever to code all of those models and their entries in every file into the game - half the work was doing the coding - and the other half was doing the models - everything else was just additional work that didn't require as much time or effort. Of course the map itself took work but TheHappyCrusader created it back in 2009-2012 - it already existed. He then updated it a little during the summer of 2017 but it still had a gamebreaking bug and had about 40 regions at the time - to my memory I added all the new regions, placed out the new factions, fixed the gamebreaking bug.. (A bug where the game would crash whenever the Legion attacked Stormwind, or Stormwind attacked the Legion in the grey area of Medivh.)

The development did take most of the year March 29th 2017- April 23rd 2018 before we even had a release - maybe 10 months of work that year alone - in 2018 me and Bantu were extremely active between August and December. In 2019 I did a smaller update in February. In 2020 the same - and in 2021 the mod received 56 new strat-models that I made 100% out of Bantu's battle-models. That required about a month of modding too.

Bantu, who did rig more than 400 of the battle-models - is the other half of the majority of the work - I don't count the map because it was created by the old team prior to the new project - the map already existed back in 2012 unlike the rest of the mod.

Warcraft: Total War is based in the Warcraft universe by Blizzard Entertainment. The setting for the mod is based around the Warcraft III Reign of Chaos - Warcraft III Frozen Throne, and will contain a large map containing dozens of iconic provinces, along with factions very distinct from each other such as the Scourge, the Horde, the Burning Legion, as well as many units and heroes essential to any Warcraft experience.

With the mod undergoing a revival, we figured it is time for a list of updated features, to better clear some confusion which might spring up regarding the past and present versions of WTW.

First and foremost, the mod IS a continuation of the original project started by TheHappyCrusader, which is why we are still using this Moddb page. However, the revival was possible due to an almost entirely new set of people, and they have their own unique twists and changes to the original vision intended for the mod. Therefore it is safe to say that this is a NEW mod indeed. In essence using the old one merely as a base from which to expand, re-utilizing whatever assets and ideas we could salvage.

However the goal remains the same: to bring the Warcraft 3 era to the Medieval 2: Total War engine.


The Kingdom of Lordaeron

The Kingdom of Stormwind

The Kingdom of Stromgarde


The Scarlet Crusade

The Horde

The Dark Horde

The High Elves

The Night Elves

The Naga

Khaz Modan

The Dark Iron Clan

The Kingdom of Azjol-Nerub

The Scourge

The Drakkari Tribe

The Amani Tribe

The Gurubashi Tribe

The Farraki Tribe

The Burning Legion


The following factions are emergent on the campaign map

(although still playable in custom battles):

The Forsaken

The Blood Elves

Q: I downloaded the Alpha version that says "old version, don't play it" and it crashed/there were no new units/the campaign was barebones/etc.

A: It did say "don't play it". The download currently available is from the old incarnation of the mod. As stated above in this list, it has no relation to the current version, apart from having been used as a base for its development. You can download it if you want, if you are curious about it, or simply if you want to take a look at the campaign map. Perhaps you would like to even create your own version of WTW using that as a base. In any case, do not expect that download to be playable by any means.

Q: Will magic be included?

A: Yes, magic is already included. The units who use magic mostly resembles the byzantine flamethrowers from the Kingdoms campaign, with longer range. In essence small units which are vulnerable in melee and can be easily destroyed, but when properly used, can be devastating to the enemy. However they will be priced accordingly and have a rarity to match their power.

Q: When will the mod be released?

A: We have plans to release a beta as soon as the campaign is playable to our satisfaction, and all factions have at least most of their roster complete. It will be a full release, but not the final release, it will still lack a lot of the polishing and more complicated features (such as final high end units, mercs, etc) but it will probably be enough to sate your thirst until further work is done. If all goes well, the public beta version will be available at the end of april or may 2018.

Q: Why are there factions present before their time (such as the Naga) or why does the Horde and Theramore start in Kalimdor if Lordaeron is still in the first stages of fighting the Scourge?

A: This is due to the ever delicate reason of trying to balance lore with gameplay. Without the Horde and Theramore, for instance, Kalimdor would be quite empty. Then, there are several races we really wanted to be playable, such as the Naga or the Nerubians. Also, a lot of the fun in Total War games is the fact that you can take a faction and lead them into a completely different historical route. The same can be said here at WTW. This is the reason why Lordaeron starts almost fully intact, or why the Nerubians are still present. Lordaeron is set to fall to the Scourge, yes, but what if the player can avoid that? What if the Nerubians held out in their underground kingdom and actually managed to turn back the tide? What if the Naga rose up to Illidan's call much earlier than in the Frozen Throne?

Q: Will there be new religions in the mod?

A: Yes, currently we have reached the game limit of 10 new religions, which are divided between: The Holy Light (humans), Adoration of the Sun (elves), Worship of Elune (night elves), Shamanism (orcs), Necromancy (undead), Fel Magic (legion), Worship of Azshara (naga), Troll Gods (trolls), Worship of the Titans (dwarves) and the Old Gods (nerubians and heretics). The purpose of religions is also because we are going to use them to give each race different character portraits (otherwise we would have to give them portraits based on culture, which only has a limit of 7... some races would have to share portraits which would just be very strange). This is the reason why the High Elves for example 'worship' the Sun instead of the Light, so that they can have unique elven portraits. Again, it's a compromise between the lore and what the game allows.

Q: Will there be heroes and unique generals?

A: Yes, a lot of heroes will have custom battle models, such as Jaina, Thrall, Grom Hellscream, Arthas, etc. Wether they will have unique abilities or not remains to be decided. In addition, almost every starting character (and agent) in the campaign map is based on actual characters from the lore, in addition to some easter eggs. Whoever recognizes one of the custom Stormwind generals gets a virtual cookie from me.

Q: What about the other human kingdoms such as Dalaran or Gilneas? And where are the Trolls and the Tauren in the Horde?

A: The minor human kingdoms are present in the mod. More specifically, they have re-skinned versions of some of the playable human nations, and these units can be recruited in specific AOR zones (for example Dalaran units in Dalaran, Gilnean units in Gilneas, etc) by whatever human faction controls them. It is perfectly possible then, to be playing as Lordaeron and, if you control Dalaran, field a full stack of Dalaran troops led by none other than Antonidas himself. They are also AI independent minor factions before any of the playable factions do in fact conquer them - in the case of Gilneas and Alterac. A similar thing was applied to the Horde's "minor" races, such as the Trolls and the Tauren. Currently, they are recruitable in what are considered to be their home regions, for example the Trolls are recruited in Sen'jin and the Echo Isles, and the Tauren in the regions associated to them in World of Warcraft, such as Mulgore, Taurajo, Thousand Needles, etc. However you are not limited to those regions, for there are specific buildings that you can build, which will be costly and time consuming, but will essentially serve as 'colonies' of those races. This will serve nicely as an immersion feature, as you can decide where in your Horde empire those races will inhabit, and therefore, be recruitable. In addition, the Scourge also has a similar system with the Vrykul. Since they are not their own faction, Vrykul units can be recruited by the Scourge in the Ymirheim, Jotunheim regions and also in places like Utgard Keep and the new Vrykul regions, Dark Horde has a similar system with their Dragons, Drakes, Trolls and Ogres.

Q: Will Outland, Pandaria or any other such places have a presence in the mod?

A: No, those regions are not among our present plans unfortunately. It's not that we would not want to add them, but there is a limit to what can be added to a Medieval 2 mod. However certain references are made, for example the Burning Legion has Fel Orcs in their roster. You can imagine them as coming from Outland for some reason, again as a sort of "what if" scenario.

I think this is all for now, if you have any further questions be sure to ask them in the comment section and we will try our best to answer them for you.

2023-05-07 - New VOICE PACKAGES by TUCKET1 for the Night Elves/Kaldorei, High Elves/Quel'Dorei, Blood Elves/Sin'Dorei and the Kingdom of Lordaeron!

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RSS Articles

2021-07-19 - JOIN MY TWITCH on this link where I'll be streaming campaigns from now on:


EDIT as of 2021-05-23 - New installation-video made and uploaded on how to install Warcraft: Total War Version 2.2 using the Medieval 2 Total War Engine Overhaul Project (M2TWEOP)-tool.

- I've re-uploaded the mod with the new updated version of the M2TWEOP-tool.

Changes include:

"Many stability issues have been fixed, new features have been added. The list of changes will be when the creator of the tool finish version 1.19.

Some of the changes from this patch:

1. Added an option that allows you to simply run the mod without opening the program window.

2. Spawn_army fix now works for the console command spawn_character, and now the army that appears will block the port if it is enemy.

3. The game will no longer crash when changing settings for resolution, anti-aliasing, etc.

4. The program now correctly detects the monitor resolution
and much more."

M2TWEOP-TOOL and instructions on how to fix an issue with a small screen on Windows 10:


I tried it on Windows 7 - no issues, I tried it with the CD-version on Windows 10 - no issues - But according to the creators of the tool it is required to change some stuff for the Steam-version on Win 10 in order to prevent the screen from being too small.

You do need to right-click on the Medieavl2.exe/Kingdoms.exe and change some things in the compatibility mode. It will also need to be done with the tools .exe file.

- This is due to the scaling settings in windows 10.

"You need to open file properties-> compatibility-> change DPI settings-> check the box and select "application""

"This option also helps with med2 for some people (+20fps) (Set dpi scale to "controlled by application"

So the new version of Warcraft: Total War has the M2TWEOP (Medieval 2 Total War Engine Overhaul Project)-tool already integrated into the mod - it's required or all the giants, giant dragons, giant scorpions, Fel Hounds, Snap Dragons, Doomguards and Doomfiends will crash to the desktop a few seconds after the camera centers on them - as the new version has re-added all of these units to the campaign recruitment (but not the starting armies) it's required. It also enables the "berserker"-mental state in use by the Horde/Dark Horde Blademasters and the Stromgarde Trollslayers. The mod also needs to be started through the tool which has replaced the old executable.bat-file.

This tool has fixed the giants in Third Age DCI, Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate etc - even on windows 7 it might make battles more stable as certain battles do crash on 7 as well - sometimes due to certain giants due to the giants. However, I do believe that with the Win 7 version it's easier to start the mod as firewalls/security programs of Win 10 might treat the tool as a virus - as such you should de-activate your firewall/security programs or make an exception for the tool if it's treated as a virus by your security - which it is not.

It's a tool that modifies the games .EXE while the game is running. Such tools are often mistaken for viruses by modern windows security. With this tool you'd still need to install the mod like written in the installation-article - but now you'll also need to start the mod through the tool.

To use the tool you just need to right-click the tools .exe with your mouse and run the tool as an administrator. Then the UI of the tool should be pretty self-explanatory. I would suggest not to use all the features of the tool due to the game becoming less stable the more features you are using. The features I'd use are the ones I think will be activated for you as well.

You can place ancillaries at 32 only if you wish to modify the mod and add more ancillaries to each character - the old limit was 8, you can place religions at 12 if you want more religions - the old number was 10 - otherwise I'd suggest not to use these as they might still affect the mod negatively as they are increasing the limits of the game. These options might be activated from the start so you could return them to 10 and 8 respectively if you want to. There is a button named "Click Me" - if you click on it you'll get information about the program, things you shouldn't do unless you want a crash and shortcuts to certain features like for example being able to zoom-out enormously on the map, highlighting all the troops and other stuff. The information about CTD if changing the anti-aliasing inside of the game might be outdated since the updated version of the tool which released on december 3 2020.

On the right-side of the tools UI are many options - I would only have a few activated - those are the "berserks-fix" which will enable the berserker ability from Rome: Total War to work on the units - you'll just have to hand out the "berserk"-attribute to the units you wish to go berserk in the Export_descr_units-file - in the vanilla Medieval 2 game and in mods not using the new M2TWEOP-tool this attribute would crash as soon as the units entered a battle on the battlefield - this feature is needed as two units are using it and you won't be able to start the mod without it activated/checked, if you activate the "Unlock Console Command" feature of the tool - it will enable all the console command codes in the mod and finally I would activate the "creatures-fix" which will fix the skeleton of all the elephant-based units in the mod - such as the Giants, the giant dragons, the dog-like creatures like the Snap Dragons and the Fel Hounds etc - this is the main feature I wanted in this mod due to players reporting that units like the Mountain Giants or the Fel Hounds have crashed for them during battle immediately upon starting the battle. This fix will make it possible to play with all these units in both the campaign and in the custom battles. If you play custom you can have an army of Ancient Dragon Turtles versus an army of Infernals or Molten Giants - the point is that giants and four-legged-creatures will no longer crash to the desktop. I'm pretty sure that other reasons for CTD during battle will be fixed as well.

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - COMPLETED EDITION! (Win 10) Released!

Link to the Total War Center-page of the Tool where it can be downloaded for usage in other mods and projects, and it also has all the tutorials you may need for using it even if it's not necessary unless you wish to try more advanced features:


Credit for the tool should be given to youneuoy and Jojo00182.

Warning: Always start a quickbattle after re-starting the game using the new version, before you launch a new campaign - and then exit the game back to the main menu immediately after the loading screen has finished after you have entered the battle-map. You don't have to play the actual battle but just load it up - this is required in order to launch a campaign in the new version - or the mod will throw you back to the main menu alternatively CTD (crash to desktop) - I've had this issue in Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced in the past and i believe it is caused by too many things on the strategic-map!

It worked fine up until Tyrande got added but after started to require this to be done. Moving over the mod-changes to my other computer solved it with everything up until Tyrande - but after updating with the entire Night Elven strat-map and the rest of the previewed content - it even started to happen on there as well.

Other players have had to do this on the old release - so it could be both due to the map-changes and the computer - as they had old computers and more recent computers would take longer until this started to happen.

- So always start-up a quickbattle, then exit after the loading screen has finished loading - then launch the campaigns - if you exit a campaign you can start another one up immedieately. The mod will crash if you click on the Frozen Throne-campaign and then try to go to the Reign of Chaos-campaign without first starting up the FT-campaign.

Installation: (Steam)

1. You need to go into the folder named "Medieval II Total War" and then copy the file named "medieval2.exe" - then rename the copied file to kingdoms.exe. This is needed or the mod won't launch with Steam.

2. You do need to patch the medieval2.exe and the kingdoms.exe with a program named "4gb patch" found at this link:


3. It's a program, extract it anywhere on your computer, then run it as an administrator - then browse to both .exe-files inside of the "Medieval II Total War"-folder and select one of them and click on "patch" - then repeat the process with the other one.

4. You need to have just one folder named "WTW" as in "Steam\steamapps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods\WTW - and then You'll start it by double-cllicking the M2TWEOP-file of the mod after which you'd click the "start Mod"-button and not "Start Vanilla" .

5. With the CD instead it would be "D:\Games\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\WTW - and you'll still start it by double-clicking on the M2TWEOP-file after which you'd click the "start Mod"-button and not "Start Vanilla".

Also, download the MedievalII.Preference-file that i did upload on here & place in main Medieval II Total War folder - replacing the old file there. This will enable you to play defensive battles in hotseat, as well as prevent a bug causing CTD when clicking buildings on the campaign - it will also make FMV's work.


The 4gb patch found in the Warhammer: BotET-mod - it's required for the Warcraft beta to work i've been told. I have decided to upload it here so people won't have to download the entire BotET (Beginning of the End Times) submod for Call of Warhammer.

Patch your kingdoms.exe, and only do it once. It will make all heavy mods work and be more stable. Without the patch you may experience alot of crashes.

The update is huge, as it includes content from last year that wasn't in the previous releases - content that I released a week ago on the Discord - but it also includes fixes since then and a bunch of new heroes in battle, a couple of new units and what-not.

Changes of this version compared to release from a little more than a week ago:

1. New Kael'Thas strat-map model in the Reign of Chaos-campaign using a blue skin - he is also using the blue-skin in battle!

So I've found out that there existed a High Elven-skin of Prince Kael'Thas which has now been added to him in the Reign of Chaos (RoC)-campaign on the map.

New Kael'Thas in the Reign of Chaos-campaign using a blue skin!

He has this look in battle as well.

2. Prince/King kael'Thas now has a unique battle-map model!

In the previous versions of this mod King/Prince Kael'Thas used the mage-unit as his custom model resulting in any of the variations of that unit - now he only has his own model as an option.

- I've added a separate model for the character - and the Quel'Thalas version has the blue High Elven-skin.

King kael'Thas now has a unique battle-map model!

3. New Vereesa Windrunner custom-skin in battle!

I've added Vereesa Windrunner as her own character to battle as well - previously she would be one of the blue Elven Rangers but now she has a unique green texture with grey hair.

- She is also green in the Frozen Throne-campaign instead of red in both battle and on the map..

New Vereesa Windrunner custom-skin in battle!

4. The great demon Kazrogal added as a unique custom hero to battle!

The Demon-general Kazrogal is now a custom character in battle as well.

Kazrogal added as a unique custom hero to battle!

5. Night Elven Huntress Naisha a custom hero in battle!

I've made Naisha a custom character in battle using the Huntress-model - and she has a Huntresses-boydguard now as well.

Previously she used to be an archer with a ordinary bodyguard. This is more correct to lore.

Night Elven Huntress Naisha a custom hero in battle!

6. Tyrande Whisperwind is now a custom hero in battle!

So Tyrande Whisperwind is the only Moon Priestess using her hair color now, as she has been made into her own custom hero character - she is using the "Moon Priestesses" as a bodyguard unique to her. All the other Moon Priestesses have different hair color such as white, red and purple.

Previously she used to be a Priestess dismounted with an ordinary bodyguard. This is more close to the WC3-game- and aims to be like on the strat-map.

Tyrande Whisperwind is now a custom hero in battle!

7. Varimathras added as a hero to the Forsaken in battle - all the Dreadlords in the Legion have unique skins made by WarcraftHero in battle. The Dreadlord-general no longer CTD - the bodyguard of the Burning Legion are now Dreadlords - Wrathguards were too small for the Dreadlord-general to handle.

Varimathras added as a hero to the Forsaken in battle!

So I've fixed the CTD caused by the Dreadlords using the wrong animations as officers in battle.

Changes include removing the Wrathguards as the general's bodyguard as they're too small for the Dreadlord to be able to use their animations causing a crash, and also I've made the bodyguard of the Burning legion the Dreadlords only instead - handing the Dreadlord Generals their unique Dreadlord-animation.

All the Dreadlords have their custom skins back - Tichondrious and Varimathras share this red skin seen on the picture, then Mal'Ganis has his unique look and Antheron has a green skin instead.

All of the Dreadlords are custom characters in battle with these unique skins - while on the strat-map they use the same old skin - as otherwise they'd require separate entries and there is a limit on the number of strat-map models the game allows.

So I've also added Varimathras to battle for the Forsaken, but unlike with the Legion the Dreadlords aren't their main generic generals - so the skeleton is that of the smaller Death Knights. Just like with Illidan he is slightly glitched and below ground because of this - while in a faction using the Dreadlords as the generic general he looks perfect.

8. Amaren and Nials of Stromgarde now has unique female custom models!

So I managed to make female custom models for Amaren and Nials of Stromgarde - the two female commanders of the Stromgarde-faction.

This model will probably be used as it's own unit in a later update as my plan is to remake at least the 7 basic units of this faction - and add female medium/elite units and not just male.

New helmet-texture by Embu!

Amaren and Nials of Stromgarde now has unique female custom models!

9. New Lady Vashj custom character and a new Naga bodyguard/general!

I've added a custom skin to Lady Vashj, the Commander of the Naga forces under Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage.

The Medusa Matriarchs are now the generic generals of this faction as that's the only way to fix her bugged animation, and the new bodyguard is the Medusa Matriarchs as well - the Wraths of Azshara are still in use as the captains.

The old smaller female general will instead become her own infantry-unit.

New Lady Vashj custom character and a new Naga bodyguard/general!

10. Scarlet Crusade leaders are now Grand Scarlet Crusaders in battle!

I've added the battle-models of the leaders of the Scarlet Crusade to battle now. So they have the same models in battle as on the map - I will say though that I plan on changing stuff for this faction later.

Scarlet Crusade leaders are now Grand Scarlet Crusaders in battle!

11. New HE Sylvannas Windrunner/Undead Sylvannas Windrunner!

I've added a new skin for the Undead Sylvannas Windrunner that is much superior to the old one - and High Elven Sylvannas also got a skin that is different from the one commonly used as the Ranger-unit.

New HE Sylvannas Windrunner/Undead Sylvannas Windrunner!

12. Paladins of the Silver Hand replaced with a new model!

So I did find this re-skin of "Uther the Lightbringer" that used the Arthas-model as a base - I decided to add this skin for the Paladins of the Silver Hand-generals on the map, and in battle.

But I also replaced the old unit named "Paladins of the Silver Hand" with this model.

Paladins of the Silver Hand replaced with a new model!

13. Strat-map models of Lady Vashj, Undead/HE Sylvannas and Uther the Lightbringer!

I've added the new Undead Sylvannas Windrunner and High Elven Sylvannas Windrunner to the strat-map, I've also added the new skin for Lady Vashj to the strat-map model of her - and I've implemented the "Uther the Lightbringer" paladin-skin for the Arthas-model to the map as well.

The paladin-model is in use by all the starting heroes of Lordaeron that are paladins.

Strat-map models of Lady Vashj, Undead/HE Sylvannas and Uther the Lightbringer!

14. Naga Sirens a new unit for the Naga!

I've made a unit called "Naga Sirens" out of the old female general, as the Naga has a new general now - the Medusa Matriarchs.

The Naga Sirens are an elite heavy infantry unit but they are still weaker than the Guardians of the Abyss.

Naga Sirens a new unit for the Naga!

15. New Scarlet Crusade unit - "Onslaught Crusaders"!

The Scarlet Crusade were supposed to have a "Hyena" animal handler-unit but we failed to make the hyena work in the game, this was back in 2018 - as such they had one unique unit less than every other human faction.

- I've added a new elite unit named "Onslaught Crusaders" using the militia-models, and textures from WoW Classic - and then I've moved a weapon, shoulderpads and a shield. The shield were in use by the Elven Volunteers but it's a Scarlet Crusade-shield.

The cap, cloak and the skin are all based on the Scarlet Crusade directly from WoW Classic - fortunately the old militia had the same model - just a different skin and different gear.

New Scarlet Crusade unit -

16. Warcraft Total War now has two diverse campaigns - Both the campaigns are now different from each other!

Both the campaigns have seen an overhaul in the new version.

So in the release of april 24th I added mostly new strat-map models to the mod, removed the OP projectile of the Amani Soulreavers and included the first version of a Frozen-Throne campaign with all the continents and factions touched upon.

- But this version wasn't the real deal because on my Win 7 I had another version with all the changes to the Reign of Chaos-campaign, the garrisons, giant-fix, new animations, new stats etc - I did finish this version during the last two days and it now also has new starting buildings, remade rebel garrisons, quite a few additional heroes in battle and more.

Both the campaigns are now different from each other.

Warcraft Total War now has two diverse campaigns!

17. New starting buildings for most factions!

I've added starting buiildings manually to most factions of the mod, after being inspired by the Warcraft Total War: Wind of Change sub-mod made by Russian modders - I looked at their files and added new starting structures while still keeping this mods current level of developed cities and not changing any settlements into later levels - like they had done.

Copying over the text didn't work because they had changed the city-levels - I had to compare each building with the export_descr_buildings-file of this mod and then make sure the structure wasn't too high for the settlement in question.

Certain factions have no buildings at the start such as Ahn'Qiraj and the Vrykul.

Other factions such as the Horde and Theramore only has buildings in the Frozen Throne-campaign.

New starting buildings for most factions!

18. New starting garrisons in both campaigns - for all the playable factions and the rebels/Minor factions!

I've remade all the starting garrisons of the mod in both campaigns. The playable factions will have mostly basic and medium troops at the start with 1 to 3 elite infantry-units and no mages/giants/dragons - this is in the Reign of Chaos-campaign. In the Frozen Throne-campaign they might have one or two mages, one giant or so - but the armies are currently mostly the same in both campaigns with only minor differences - there are exceptions - the Scarlet Crusade and the Blood Elves have really good starting units to make up for few areas and many enemies.

All the rebels have been re-sized - expect only ten units in each rebel garrison instead of the maximum size of 20 - also expect the mages to be limited to 1 per stack. So a Quilboar army would be one Shaman and 9 infantry. The Dragonflights still have armies of 20 dragons as these areas are boss-areas. The same is true for the Zandalari Trolls.

New starting garrisons in both campaigns!

Videos of Version 2.2:

Video of working giants:


Old Battle-map models - Bantu Chieftain and Eoghan Wolfkin.

New strat-map models - Mr_Nygren

All the game-play changes - Mr_Nygren.

New texture of the helmet in use by the female Stromgarde commanders Nials and Amaren - Embu!

"Warcraft Total War is an unofficial modification with no profit for Medieval 2: Total War, a game developed by The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA. The Warcraft Total War modification is neither created nor affiliated, supported and endorsed by The Creative Assembly Limited, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. or SEGA Corporation.

Total War, Medieval 2: Total War and the Total War logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Creative Assembly Limited in the United Kingdom and/or other countries. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of SEGA Corporation. All rights reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

Warcraft® is ™ trademark or ® registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries. The Warcraft logo and Blizzard Entertainment logo are either ™ trademarks, ® registered trademarks and/or © Copyright of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries. All the marks, characters, character names, races, race names, units, unit names, factions, faction names, factions insignia, banners, names, symbols, places, place names, locations, location names, vehicles, vehicle names, images from and related to the Warcraft world are either ™ trademarks, ® registered trademarks and/or © Copyright of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries. No challenge intended to their status. All Rights reserved to their respective owners.

The "Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA 1.5" is not an attempt at a "World of Warcraft: Total War", - it is an attempt for a full release of a Warcraft Three (Third War) Total War."

Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA V 2.1! (New release)

Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA V 2.1! (New release)


I've re-uploaded the mod 2021-04-24 - and it's been updated with at least 69 new strat-models at minimum. It also has a few updates to both campaigns...

Warcraft Total War Update 2.0 Released - preview of what's to come!

Warcraft Total War Update 2.0 Released - preview of what's to come!

News 2 comments

I've re-uploaded the mod - and it's been updated with at least 37 new strat-models at minimum. It also has a few updates to both campaigns - removing...

Warcraft: Total War: Version 1.6 released!

Warcraft: Total War: Version 1.6 released!

News 11 comments

Warcraft: Total War has been updated to version 1.6 - adding the Trade Coalition to both the campaigns, new victory conditions, the current Vrykul roster...

Warcraft: Total War: Version 1.5 released!

Warcraft: Total War: Version 1.5 released!

News 21 comments

Warcraft: Total War has been updated to version 1.5 - adding lots of new units for all the factions including the Minor Factions and a new faction, adding...

RSS Files
Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA V 2.4! Updated 2024-06-15

Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA V 2.4! Updated 2024-06-15

Full Version 255 comments

I've re-uploaded the mod 2024-06-15 - Added Hero-abilities to all the starting heroes, fixed hero voices for 5 heroes etc, Fixed Legion/Naga General CTD...

Unit_Info-Cards for every faction & every unit by Abeam!

Unit_Info-Cards for every faction & every unit by Abeam!


Abeam has finished the remaining Unit_Info cards/pictures in the mod for all the units of every faction that lacked them, this is after he had already...

medieval2 preference-file needed for new version!

medieval2 preference-file needed for new version!

Script 17 comments

My personal medieval2.preference file, to be placed in the main directory of your Medieval II Total War game. As in Sega/Medieval II Total War - it is...

4GB patch for Warcraft Total War

4GB patch for Warcraft Total War

Patch 20 comments

The 4gb patch found in the Warhammer: BotET-mod - it's required for the Warcraft BETA to work i've been told. I have decided to upload it here so people...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 2,979)
Guest - - 698,755 comments

how do the bonus garrisons work. I noticed its usually a capital that has a bonus garrison spawn when you siege it, but not all the time.

i didnt see any info on this main page and was just curious about the settlement bonus garrison mechanic

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Mr_Nygren Creator
Mr_Nygren - - 3,888 comments

Only the important cities have garrisons, and only for the race owning the region.

So for example if Silvermoon is under siege and it's defended by Quelthalas or Venice/Blood Elves then they will spawn a big garrison. If it's held by the Scourge instead it won't spawn a garrison if under siege. And unimportant placed like Brill might not spawn garrisons at all.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 698,755 comments

Ever thought about upgrading EOP to latest version? They seemingly broke the unit limit in some way I think

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Mr_Nygren Creator
Mr_Nygren - - 3,888 comments

No, they haven't broken the unit limit as far as I'm aware.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Red_Comrade00 - - 18 comments

Are you completely sure? On it's github, version 3.0.0 has this line:
Added ability to recruit EOPEDU units from buildings
With this change, the unit cap has now been broken in it's entirety

And I've seen other mods use this feature, like a few submods for DaC and Steam and Steel iirc.
Here, look for yourself, it's down below

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator
Mr_Nygren - - 3,888 comments

The EDU-file is limited to 500 units, meaning you can't add more than 500 units into that file.

I don't know about the latest version of the M2TWEOP-tool but I would guess that it can enable recruitment directly from that file through the program.

I don't think they've broken the 500 unit limit as they didn't state so explicitly.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Red_Comrade00 - - 18 comments

From what I've seen in the documentation, it's not that they changed actual EDU file for the game, but rather it's a different EDU specifically for EOP, which the game now can read thanks to the scripts and add units straight from it. You can't use those units in custom battles but they work in game.

And no, they actually explicitly stated they broke 500 unit limit on their website, lol
Second line in Features

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator
Mr_Nygren - - 3,888 comments

I see, I didn't know that. I haven't visited their website before.

Edit: I've now read all their text on their website.

So it would be possible to modify the game without restarting it, like the game will change during gameplay - that's really cool to be honest.

No custom battles is a bit of a problem though. It would force us to have one campaign-version and one version with custom battles.

Also, I don't really know how to use those features and I don't expect the creators to be very helpful as we had a fallout years ago.

It could be a useful feature, but it's a bit too recent for me to want to include it. I'll keep an eye on it and try it out at some point.

Also, the issue with LUA scripts etc is that they might not function on Windows 7 which I'm using.

Callistonian is probably the only one out of them that doesn't hate me.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Red_Comrade00 - - 18 comments

Yeah that's fair, just wanted to let you know in case you might want to use it later or something, since it is pretty big and you did say before that you are being really limited by game restrictions. Also about custom battles, it's apparently fixable, DaC Expanded Unit Roster submod actually managed to fix that just today, which is a kinda funny coincidence.
Shame about that fallout though, but can't please everyone I guess.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator
Mr_Nygren - - 3,888 comments

Nah, the fallout with the creators of the M2TWEOP.exe tool started in 2021 with me having an issue with ReShade and the M2TWEOP where they weren't compatible, so I couldn't start the mod at all after installing both. And when I wrote about my issues there in their Discord they were very unfriendly and hostile so and started accusing me of writing ******** when it was a real issue..

Since then I've had kind of a negative view on their creators.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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