Warcraft: Total War is based in the Warcraft universe by Blizzard Entertainment. The setting for the mod is based around the Warcraft III Reign of Chaos - Warcraft III Frozen Throne, and will contain a large map containing dozens of iconic provinces, along with factions very distinct from each other such as the Scourge, the Horde, the Burning Legion, as well as many units and heroes essential to any Warcraft experience.

With the mod undergoing a revival, we figured it is time for a list of updated features, to better clear some confusion which might spring up regarding the past and present versions of WTW.

First and foremost, the mod IS a continuation of the original project started by TheHappyCrusader, which is why we are still using this Moddb page. However, the revival was possible due to an almost entirely new set of people, and they have their own unique twists and changes to the original vision intended for the mod. Therefore it is safe to say that this is a NEW mod indeed. In essence using the old one merely as a base from which to expand, re-utilizing whatever assets and ideas we could salvage.

However the goal remains the same: to bring the Warcraft 3 era to the Medieval 2: Total War engine.


The Kingdom of Lordaeron

The Kingdom of Stormwind

The Kingdom of Stromgarde


The Scarlet Crusade

The Horde

The Dark Horde

The High Elves

The Night Elves

The Naga

Khaz Modan

The Dark Iron Clan

The Kingdom of Azjol-Nerub

The Scourge

The Drakkari Tribe

The Amani Tribe

The Gurubashi Tribe

The Farraki Tribe

The Burning Legion


The following factions are emergent on the campaign map

(although still playable in custom battles):

The Forsaken

The Blood Elves

Q: I downloaded the Alpha version that says "old version, don't play it" and it crashed/there were no new units/the campaign was barebones/etc.

A: It did say "don't play it". The download currently available is from the old incarnation of the mod. As stated above in this list, it has no relation to the current version, apart from having been used as a base for its development. You can download it if you want, if you are curious about it, or simply if you want to take a look at the campaign map. Perhaps you would like to even create your own version of WTW using that as a base. In any case, do not expect that download to be playable by any means.

Q: Will magic be included?

A: Yes, magic is already included. The units who use magic mostly resembles the byzantine flamethrowers from the Kingdoms campaign, with longer range. In essence small units which are vulnerable in melee and can be easily destroyed, but when properly used, can be devastating to the enemy. However they will be priced accordingly and have a rarity to match their power.

Q: When will the mod be released?

A: We have plans to release a beta as soon as the campaign is playable to our satisfaction, and all factions have at least most of their roster complete. It will be a full release, but not the final release, it will still lack a lot of the polishing and more complicated features (such as final high end units, mercs, etc) but it will probably be enough to sate your thirst until further work is done. If all goes well, the public beta version will be available at the end of april or may 2018.

Q: Why are there factions present before their time (such as the Naga) or why does the Horde and Theramore start in Kalimdor if Lordaeron is still in the first stages of fighting the Scourge?

A: This is due to the ever delicate reason of trying to balance lore with gameplay. Without the Horde and Theramore, for instance, Kalimdor would be quite empty. Then, there are several races we really wanted to be playable, such as the Naga or the Nerubians. Also, a lot of the fun in Total War games is the fact that you can take a faction and lead them into a completely different historical route. The same can be said here at WTW. This is the reason why Lordaeron starts almost fully intact, or why the Nerubians are still present. Lordaeron is set to fall to the Scourge, yes, but what if the player can avoid that? What if the Nerubians held out in their underground kingdom and actually managed to turn back the tide? What if the Naga rose up to Illidan's call much earlier than in the Frozen Throne?

Q: Will there be new religions in the mod?

A: Yes, currently we have reached the game limit of 10 new religions, which are divided between: The Holy Light (humans), Adoration of the Sun (elves), Worship of Elune (night elves), Shamanism (orcs), Necromancy (undead), Fel Magic (legion), Worship of Azshara (naga), Troll Gods (trolls), Worship of the Titans (dwarves) and the Old Gods (nerubians and heretics). The purpose of religions is also because we are going to use them to give each race different character portraits (otherwise we would have to give them portraits based on culture, which only has a limit of 7... some races would have to share portraits which would just be very strange). This is the reason why the High Elves for example 'worship' the Sun instead of the Light, so that they can have unique elven portraits. Again, it's a compromise between the lore and what the game allows.

Q: Will there be heroes and unique generals?

A: Yes, a lot of heroes will have custom battle models, such as Jaina, Thrall, Grom Hellscream, Arthas, etc. Wether they will have unique abilities or not remains to be decided. In addition, almost every starting character (and agent) in the campaign map is based on actual characters from the lore, in addition to some easter eggs. Whoever recognizes one of the custom Stormwind generals gets a virtual cookie from me.

Q: What about the other human kingdoms such as Dalaran or Gilneas? And where are the Trolls and the Tauren in the Horde?

A: The minor human kingdoms are present in the mod. More specifically, they have re-skinned versions of some of the playable human nations, and these units can be recruited in specific AOR zones (for example Dalaran units in Dalaran, Gilnean units in Gilneas, etc) by whatever human faction controls them. It is perfectly possible then, to be playing as Lordaeron and, if you control Dalaran, field a full stack of Dalaran troops led by none other than Antonidas himself. They are also AI independent minor factions before any of the playable factions do in fact conquer them - in the case of Gilneas and Alterac. A similar thing was applied to the Horde's "minor" races, such as the Trolls and the Tauren. Currently, they are recruitable in what are considered to be their home regions, for example the Trolls are recruited in Sen'jin and the Echo Isles, and the Tauren in the regions associated to them in World of Warcraft, such as Mulgore, Taurajo, Thousand Needles, etc. However you are not limited to those regions, for there are specific buildings that you can build, which will be costly and time consuming, but will essentially serve as 'colonies' of those races. This will serve nicely as an immersion feature, as you can decide where in your Horde empire those races will inhabit, and therefore, be recruitable. In addition, the Scourge also has a similar system with the Vrykul. Since they are not their own faction, Vrykul units can be recruited by the Scourge in the Ymirheim, Jotunheim regions and also in places like Utgard Keep and the new Vrykul regions, Dark Horde has a similar system with their Dragons, Drakes, Trolls and Ogres.

Q: Will Outland, Pandaria or any other such places have a presence in the mod?

A: No, those regions are not among our present plans unfortunately. It's not that we would not want to add them, but there is a limit to what can be added to a Medieval 2 mod. However certain references are made, for example the Burning Legion has Fel Orcs in their roster. You can imagine them as coming from Outland for some reason, again as a sort of "what if" scenario.

I think this is all for now, if you have any further questions be sure to ask them in the comment section and we will try our best to answer them for you.

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RSS Articles

EDIT as of 2018-12-08 - First Patch added to the 1.5 version fixing the following issues and maybe more:

- Armored Scorpions in use by the Farraki Trolls have 8 riders - not 50. They will not be invincible on the strat-map as the AI.

- Wrong armor levels for Argent Dawn units in the Scarlet Crusade EK armies in the "Grand Campaign" which is the Frozen Throne campaign - has been fixed, used to cause CTD when attempting to enter battles in the Hearthglen area where they are located.

- Fixed pop growth for real this time, you need to build population growth buildings and such. Not more bonuses than bonus 1 in all the settlements.

- Inquisitor projectile changed to mage_fire to make it deadlier. It doesn't need the same projectile as the Priest.

- All the casters fixed and no longer has "cannot skirmish" unless they are both melee and skirmish like the dwarves, Medusas or Druids. This means that Dreadlords, Warlocks, Priests, Liches and mages won't go into melee all the time and get themselves killed off.

- Scarlet Crusade improved in both campaigns by giving them one unit of Mud Golems in both their starting areas. In the old campaign they did also get Argent Dawn units from the start for one of their commanders instead of the elites - and i've added one unit of mounted paladins to each of their Northrend armies in the old campaign.

- I've playtested as the Naga attacking Arkkoran, as the Burning Legion attacking the Kolkar camp and as the Gurubashi attacking Booty Bay - no ctd and worked fine for me. - Might be the installation or computer causing crashes for the guy reporting those issues.

- Burning Legion can crash in battle some times - just try the same battle again. At least twice, because with the Legion it usually works the second try.

I've made Marshtide Watch a Stormwind settlement, instead of a Gurubashi one. It is held by Bandits after all.

- Fixed the rebel Orc Raiders wolf-mount - it is now the Legion skin and not the ordinary Horde one.

- Added more ammo to all the dragons because they stoped to fire after a very short while.

The 4gb patch found in the Warhammer: BotET-mod - it's required for the Warcraft beta to work i've been told. I have decided to upload it here so people won't have to download the entire BotET (Beginning of the End Times) submod for Call of Warhammer.

Patch your kingdoms.exe, and only do it once. It will make all heavy mods work and be more stable. Without the patch you may experience alot of crashes.

Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA V 1.5!

Download Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA V 1.5! - Mod DB

Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA V 1.5!

The Official PUBLIC BETA RELEASE of Warcraft Total War - UPDATED dec 06 2018, worked on heavily since march 29 2017 - CD-version of Medieval II is what we developers are using, and so it is recommended - but mod should work for Steam as well - even though we may not be able to help you with issues then.

To install the mod using the CD-version, move the mod-folder named "WTW" inside of your Medieval II Total War/mods-folder - after first using the latest version of winRAR to extract the folder - by moving it out manually by draging the folder with your mouse. And start the mod by clicking the .bat-file - for Steam use the ordinary method. Be advised that you must move the entire SEGA game folder out of program files to prevent issues on new computers, also you'd have to deactivate the UAC (User Account Control) as it interfere with mods making them not work. - Read more about disabling the UAC at TWC (Total War Center) or just shut it down totally).

Also, you'd need to download the 4gb patch i've uploaded since before and patch the Kingdoms.exe with it in order for the mod to work, or you'll face crashes a lot and might not even be able to start the mod - using Steam you should patch Medieval2.exe instead i've heard.

Also, download the MedievalII.Preference-file that i did upload a few days ago & place in main Medieval II Total War folder - replacing the old file there. This will enable you to play defensive battles in hotseat, as well as prevent a bug causing CTD when clicking buildings on the campaign - it will also make FMV's work.


For Steam watch this video:

Mod changelist is huge, and here are some of the changes made:

Version 1.5 changelist:

1. A NEW Radar-Map on the campaign map view by WarcraftHero:

2. New battlefield textures in orange areas on the map such as Uldaman and Durotar, in grey areas on the map such as Desolace and Deadwind Pass - and in the Dark Iron Lands - by WarcraftHero:

WarcraftHero did use the textures from the strategic map - made by TheHappyCrusader - to create the new battlefields.

3. New units for all the factions as well as the Minor Factions/Rebels - plus a new faction named the Trade Coalition (Goblins) - units riged by Bantu Chieftain and implemented by me through coding:

The Trade Coalition is playable in custom battles only for now - but they are in the campaign as NPC rebels!

4. New custom settlements from other mods with unique reskins for most factions - implemented by me:

Khaz'Modan castle types - from Warhammer BotET and used with permission - unused updated version:

Khaz'Modan city types - reskinned BotET Dwarven skins:

Ahn'Qiraj city types - custom settlement from the Great Sea beta without water:

Ahn'Qiraj Castle-types - Ontheon from Hyrule Total War:

Scourge village/town - Scourgeholm from the Elder Scrolls: Total War:

Scourge large town/large castle - Beorn's Halls from Leo_civil_Uef's Alternative Patch for Third Age:

Scourge castle/fortress/city/large city - Ikanian Capital from Hyrule Total War!

Scourge citadel/huge city - the Shadowtemple from Hyrule Total War with a new reskin from Bantu Chieftain, and i did edit it some with help from Makeayane.

Quel'Thalas city/castle type reskins from Warhammer BotET but reskinned by Bantu Chieftain with new symbols and banners added by me:

Blood Elven reskins of the BotET High Elven settlement skins for all city/castle types by Bantu Chieftain - with new symbols and banners by me:

Troll custom settlement citadel - non-cursed Ikanian capital from Hyrule Total War:

Most Troll settlement types - Aztec vanilla settlements using reskins by Bantu Chieftain:

Most Dark Iron castle-types - custom settlements from the Alternative Patch:

Dark Iron city Types and wooden castle - Dwarven reskins from BotET but reskinned by Bantu Chieftain:

Horde/Dark Horde village/town/mottle&Bailey/Large Town/Wooden Castle - BotET Orcs & Goblins custom settlement village - reskinned by Bantu Chieftain for the Dark Horde:

Horde/ Dark Horde higher levels of castles/cities - reskinned Moblin Capitals (destroyed and undestroyed) from Hyrule Total War - reskinned by Bantu Chieftain:

Naga cities - reskinned Lanayuru Province/Storm Zora custom settlements from Hyrule Total War - reskinned by Bantu Chieftain:

Night Elven city/castle type custom settlements from the Elder Scrolls: Total War - reskinned by Bantu Chieftain:

Kingdom of Azjol'Nerub custom settlements from Hyrule Total War - reskinned by Bantu Chieftain:

Burning Legion custom settlements from Hyrule Total War - reskinned by Bantu Chieftain:

5. New reskins of the Theramore and Stormwind vanilla settlements:

Plus lots of fixes, gameplay changes such as lowered population growth, made it harder to recruit giants/dragons as they now can only be recruited from certain areas on the fifth level of a settlement, and they also do have a long time between each recruited unit - play the game for more info!

Mod went from 2.6GB to 4.48GB so it says a lot.

Enjoy the new version!

Version 1.5 CREDITS:

Mr_Nygren and Bantu Chieftain - for the bigger part of all the work done in this update!

WarcraftHero - For the radar-map, battlefield textures, some fixing, the historical battles editor, many of the portraits for the new units etc.

Zerg93 - For the new Trade Coalition banners used in battle.

Elder Scrolls: Total War and LordNazgul for the Night Elven custom settlements (skins by Bantu Chieftain) and for the Undead village/town in use by the Scourge.

Hyrule Total War and Undying Nephalim for lots of custom settlements in use by many factions (skins remade by Bantu Chieftain)!

DBM and it's creator for the Aztecs vanilla settlements that he/they did have available as files in their mod used by the Troll factions in this mod (reskins by Bantu Chieftain)!

Great Sea: Total War Beta and Undying Nephalim for one of the custom settlements (water removed by me) in use by the Ahn'Qiraj faction!

Third Age: Total War and the Alternative Patch by leo.civil.uefs for the custom settlements in use by the Dark Iron Dwarves (reskins by Bantu Chieftain)!

Naga Royal Guards and the Drakkari Mammoth models created by Eges96 - the creator of Warcraft3Rebirth - they were riged by Bantu Chieftain for this mod and implemented through coding by me.

Warhammer BotET custom settlements in use by Khaz'Modan created by Tomdoof - implemented by me!

Warhammer reskins of vanilla settlements by Call of Warhammer/Beginning of the End Times - reskins by Bantu Chieftain, banners and symbols of Elven/Blood Elven reskins edited in by me!

- Link to his thread over at TWC as requested from him in order for me to use his stuff:


Enjoy the update as it's vast!

Don't forget to vote on this mod in the MOD of the YEAR competition:

2018 Mod of the Year Awards via Mod DB

Old credits:

Mr_Nygren, Eoghan Wolfkin, Bantu Chieftain, TheHappyCrusader, Sulfurion Blackfyre &WarcraftHero - all the work on the mod itself turning things into Warcraft style, adding units, adding new menu, new scripts, new animations, the whole EDB, EDU, descr_strat etc - all work on turning the map-only alpha into this version.

Warcraft3Underground fan-site for Warcraft 3 moding - lots of models that we riged for the mod.

Undying Nephalim and Hyrule Total War - Animations and Undead siege engines.

Myth Total War - Animations.

Akhtross Total War - Animations and projectiles.

Call of Warhammer/The Sundering/Beginning of the End Timess - Animations, strat-models for elven princesses, projectiles, Siege engines, ship strat-models and base models for our new models.

Elder Scrolls: Total War - some of Eoghans Undead units were based on Undead from this mod.

Bare Geomod - UI textfiles.

East of Rome - Marka Horse basemodel and texture

Europa Barbarorum 2 team - Skynet Battle AI and campaign script.

Stainless Steel - Savage Campaign AI.

Changes since the demo are too many to list here. Enjoy!

"Warcraft Total War is an unofficial modification with no profit for Medieval 2: Total War, a game developed by The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA. The Warcraft Total War modification is neither created nor affiliated, supported and endorsed by The Creative Assembly Limited, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. or SEGA Corporation.

Total War, Medieval 2: Total War and the Total War logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Creative Assembly Limited in the United Kingdom and/or other countries. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of SEGA Corporation. All rights reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

Warcraft® is ™ trademark or ® registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries. The Warcraft logo and Blizzard Entertainment logo are either ™ trademarks, ® registered trademarks and/or © Copyright of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries. All the marks, characters, character names, races, race names, units, unit names, factions, faction names, factions insignia, banners, names, symbols, places, place names, locations, location names, vehicles, vehicle names, images from and related to the Warcraft world are either ™ trademarks, ® registered trademarks and/or © Copyright of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries. No challenge intended to their status. All Rights reserved to their respective owners.

The "Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA 1.5" is not an attempt at a "World of Warcraft: Total War", - it is an attempt for a full release of a Warcraft Three (Third War) Total War."

PS: Don't use too many Mountain Giants, Sea Giants, Molten Giants or Infernals in the same battle or it will CTD due to polygon hardcoded limit in Medieval II being breached - and try not to have too many big demons in the same small area neither.

Otherwise strat-map is fully stable and battles may only CTD randomly. Always save before a battle. CTRL S will create quick saves.

Warcraft Total War: Official Public Beta updated to Version 1.1!

Warcraft Total War: Official Public Beta updated to Version 1.1!

News 9 comments

The offical Public beta of Warcraft: Total War has been updated to version 1.1 - this means more unique rebels, new units for a few factions, ancillaries...

Warcraft: Total War: Official Public Beta V. 1.0 RELEASED!

Warcraft: Total War: Official Public Beta V. 1.0 RELEASED!

News 9 comments

The Warcraft: Total War: Official Beta Version 1.0 has been released, worked on heavily since march 29 2017 - it has all the rosters of all the factions...

Warcraft: Total War: Official DEMO!

Warcraft: Total War: Official DEMO!

News 16 comments

The official DEMO for Warcraft: Total War, dated back to late may/early june - it has all the models created or edited by Eoghan Wolfkin in use. As the...

Eoghan Wolfkin's unfinished Warcraft: TW Alpha!

Eoghan Wolfkin's unfinished Warcraft: TW Alpha!

News 19 comments

The unfinished Warcraft Total War Alpha released in the Azeroth Total War TWC-thread back in march the 29 at Total War Center. It has a few High Elven...

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Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA V 1.5!

Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA V 1.5!

Full Version 107 comments

The Official PUBLIC BETA RELEASE of Warcraft Total War Version 1.5 RELEASED, - CD-version of medieval II is what we developers are using, and so it is...

medieval2 preference-file needed for new version!

medieval2 preference-file needed for new version!

Script 13 comments

My personal medieval2.preference file, to be placed in the main directory of your Medieval II Total War game. As in Sega/Medieval II Total War - it is...

4GB patch for Warcraft Total War

4GB patch for Warcraft Total War

Patch 14 comments

The 4gb patch found in the Warhammer: BotET-mod - it's required for the Warcraft BETA to work i've been told. I have decided to upload it here so people...

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No Pandas?

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Mr_Nygren Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Having a blast playing the Scarlet Crusade! However I think the priests of the holy light have a small bug, they shoot black oily projectiles, not the holy looking ones in the screenshot

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Mr_Nygren Creator

The ones from the screenshot are not in the release.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Great mod. Just not sure about unlimited income :\

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There is many elite units in starting armies that require a lot of monthly income. Once those are dead, money grows at fast rate.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator

We are a team, certain team-members wanted unlimited income.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

love the mod but ive tried to play high elves and then blood elves. everything works just fine until i go into a battle. the battle loads up i can start to position my units but maybe 20 or so seconds after im placing units it just crashes to desktop. ive installed it correctly, as well as the 4gb patch and the medconfig file. just curious if theres some sort of fix for this so i can actually fight a battle. i have a pretty descent rig too so i know it isnt a hardware issue. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Mr_Nygren Creator

Then i'd suggest getting rid of the Pyrestar Demolishers - they are probably causing the mod to crash for you.

Vrykul Towns are also CTD-friendly because the custom settlement is too small for their units to have enough space to line up on. I will need to find a replacement for those settlements to something with more space most likely.

Reply Good karma+1 vote


Sorry if the question has already been asked and answered...

Have character traits evolved in the last release? I remember, this summer, that characters were unable to gain traits.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator

You remember wrongly - traits were added in version 1.1 released on june 29 2018.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Well, it seems i've been using an older version so far!

Thanks for the answer.

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