- Sailing (max size 2) on all commanders, coastal start with border mountain preference. No coastal income bonus or ability to trace income through seas.
- Excellent archers, stealthy raiders, average infantry with a preference for axes, no cavalry.
- Two recruitable sacred: Capital-only berserker with two attacks and light popkill and recruit-everywhere naked dancer with high defense, animal awe 1 and a stunning MR-resists attack.
- Two summonable sacred size 4 tramplers, based on the White & Black Bull pretendrs.
- All priests are mages. Men have base Blood with Earth-Fire-Nature randoms, women have base Nature and Fire-Earth-Air randoms. Linked randoms means the higher level mages are reliably useful, and you have cap-only, slow to recruit H3 for both.
- Can blood sacrifice, but the priestesses cause some unrest when doing so to discourage using them for this.
- Heroes:
Alconis the Lynx-Eyed: prec 16 human with A1, automatic air shield, stealth, forest+mountain survival, built-in improved Bow of War.

Rhadamantus the Wise Bull: E2S3N3H3, research bonus 4, fortuneteller 7%. 25% per turn be horrormarked if blood hunting, sacrificing or empowered in blood, can't appear before turn 10.

Pasiphae, Daughter of the Sun: F3E2A2N3H4, disease healer 3, awe 3, inspirational 1, can't appear before turn 10.

IDs used
Nation 165
Weapons 1140-1143
Units 5600-5622
Site 1600

You can comment and provide feedback both here and in this forum thread.

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Knoss Let's Play by iSeenUB4


iSeenUB4 played version 0.95 of Knoss in SP against several Impossible AIs and made a series of Let's Play Videos.

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Knoss 1.00

Knoss 1.00

Full Version

1.00 release of Knoss, the Bull Kingdom. Most of the changes are bugfixes, but there is also a new pretender.

foo_jam2002 - - 873 comments

I can't even play the demo of dominions ii because the difficulty is so high. It seems like a cool game but it should be easier to learn.

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TheZonk Creator
TheZonk - - 3 comments

Are you sure you wanted to comment here?
This is the page for a Dom4 nation mod, not for Dominions as a whole, that would be

Anyway, Dominions 4 is quite a different game from Dom 2, and has some important differences compared to 3, too. I think it's much more accessible, there have been noticeable interface improvements.

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