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Full HD

Mod Description

This mod is a union of mods on Knights of Honor. It's compiled by Gazatus but includes many many features done by other modders. Even if this pack is the sum of a lot of sleepless night and hard work, you can still feel the vanilla game experience or get a entire new game. Indeed an installer is here to help you customising your game without any compatibility issue or modding knowledge. Just Plug and Play ! Available in English, French and German !

Users review :

Some truly excellent work has been put into this mod. The last edition has put on the finishing touches of this beautiful and thorough HD remake of a classic medieval strategy game. Without completely shaking the foundations of the original, this mod has in my view made the game into what it was always supposed to be, and has brought fresh new life into the game so that new players will surely enjoy this classic. This is an excellent example of modding done right, perhaps even at its best.

Ultimate Edition - HD Patch & Overhaul (EN/FR/DE)

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---
Mods Included and Changes
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---

  • Graphics :

[HD Patch] Unofficial HD Patch - 1920x1080, 1680x1050 and 1366x768 Support by n64gamer and Menssie
[HD Patch] Complete support of 16:9 and new graphic card (Up to AMD RX and GTX 10xx Series) by Gazatus
[Ultimate Edition - Default] Short intro - replace Sunflowers / Black Sea Studios and EA logos by the game owner Crytek and the modders haven : ModDB by Gazatus

medieval europe

  • Sounds :

[Ultimate Edition - Default] + Add 48 mins of lorefriendly music (selected by Gazatus - from various artist in public domain)
[Ultimate Edition - Default] * change main menu music which was so repetitive by Gazatus

  • Content :

It's splited in 2 parts :

  1. Economy Tweaks. The Ultimate Edition installer provides you the choice between 3 mods for Economy : Ultimate Mod which aims at making the game a bit easier in early game but harder in late game and Dusk Of Glory Director Cuts which provides the most "stock" feeling, it's adding many balanced buildings without any powerful bonuses or difficulty tweaks.
  2. Military Tweaks. You can choose between 2 mods : Ultimate Mod which is based on History and difficulty/cost balancement.

I suggest using Ultimate Mod - Economy & Military. I've listed below everything that you might need to know :

First Part : Economy

The Ultimate Mod Economy includes Dusk of Glory 1.8 FINAL. It's 31 new buildings and 47 building upgrades by Feillyne and includes many unique tweaks by Gazatus :

  1. Complete economy rework - early game is less anoying. Late game is harder. Many building bonuses have been completly re-edited.
  2. Cutted content have been restored (new quests,new units and enhanced weakness, cost, kingdom flags and map border have been reworked)
  3. Boost IA for city creation - now AI will be balanced between economy and military buildings
  4. Rework quest system - for now there are 32 quests (list here)
  5. Morale, religion and happiness updated to be less trivial
  6. Marshal cost have been complety balanced, it costs a lot to have many marshal. It's now interresting to have a builder or a farmer - cost almost nothing and provides good bonus.


Dusk Of Glory Director Cuts includes Dusk of Glory 1.8 FINAL but remove every powerful structure which give a more "stock" feeling. No other tweaks have been included. Created by Feillyne

muslim windmill

Second Part : Military

The Ultimate Mod includes :

  1. Squad size balancing - no more x30 soldier for every units squad. Horseman have been reworked to form better assault.
  2. Squad size multiplier : 2x ; 4x or 10x
  3. Overhaul units weakness and bonus - Spearman have a morale bosus vs horseman, a the opposite horseman get easily killed by hallebard... Armor and Knights bonus is more effective. It's hard to kill a heavily armored solider now.
  4. Morale overhauled - you can now have a game changer tactics such as focus low moral units, others will follow who retreats.
  5. Add 4 new units - turkic units, cuman rider, war elephant, Druzhina (russian units)
  6. Units are easier to make, AI will more often use elite units and will invade with more knights.
  7. Realistic Crusade (LOT of units and Commander AI reworked to conquer faster and longer. It's a real challenge now.) BUG - Sometimes you will get your marshal stuck in crusade mode, just lose a battle to restore.
  8. No change on country special units


Units Overhaul

Morale and Commander Impact

For more detailed list of changes see changelog.

  • Other :

There is a Hardcore Mod which is a multiplier of the AI gold income and an AI behavior redraw, it changes EASY / NORMAL and HARD Mode, please install this with caution, it's not fully tested and maybe unplayable !

Easy : AI get 500% Gold and is more aggressive than in regular hard - Much more Economy and Military check.
Normal : AI get 1000% gold and now create more elite units and use more fortified camp
Hard(core) : AI get 2000% gold and will make your life end.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---
How to Install :
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---

- Download the last version here :

- Install the mod with the installer (very easy)
- When prompted install 2 unofficial patch for HD, the first will patch the game for HD resolution and the second one is here to prevent any error or bugs. You will be prompted to send me report, I only use these report to find issue.


When you start the game, you'll see changes (intro, buildings, music, ... etc.)

Official patchs are included into the installer, work with Steam / Gog and DVD copy.

You assume playing over a legal copy of the game, this patch isn't a cracked version of the game, you need to have already downloaded the original content to play.

Thank you !

RSS Files
HD-Patch Only (FR/EN/DE)

HD-Patch Only (FR/EN/DE)

Full Version 4 comments

Size optimized version and minor UI Fix for all resolution Support 3 language and 3 resolutions

Ultimate Edition - with HD-Patch (FR/EN/DE)

Ultimate Edition - with HD-Patch (FR/EN/DE)

Full Version 20 comments

Otherwise, Welcome to KoH Ultimate ! This is the last update. KoH 2 is coming so wait for summer :)

Comments  (0 - 10 of 271)

Hey guys !
I have a BIG PROBLEM so if someone could help me, it would be nice !
I have insytalled the patch and followed they instructions but when i run the game it appears with a BIG ZOOM on the Game's Left Side i can only see the menu but its unpalyable like a game zoomed on 600x400 or something like that....

Thanks a lot of any ADVICES or HELP !

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First try this:
-Go to:
C:\Users\**your PC name**\AppData\Roaming\Black Sea Studios\Knights Of Honor
-Edit KoH.in2 file with notepad


fullscreen = 1
mode = 127
width = 1920
height = 1080
freq = 60

If this doesn't help then you'll need to reinstall game.
-Uninstall mod
-Uninstall game
-Delete all leftover fils in:
C:\Users\**your PC name**\AppData\Roaming\Black Sea Studios\Knights Of Honor
**\Steam\steamapps\common\Knights of Honor
-Download and install game
-Run game and create ingame profile!!!
-install 1.05 patch
-Download and install "Ultimate Edition - With HD-Patch" or
"HD-Patch Only" (Recommended if you wanna only HD)

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Bonjour !
Merci pour le pack mais j'ai un GROS PROBLEME !
SVP si vous pouviez m'aider, en fait j'ai tout bien installé mais quand je lance le jeu celui-ci apparait dans un format avec un Enorme ZOOM où je ne vois que le quart Gauche Haut du jeu, tout le reste est en dehors et totalement incassable ! Du coup impossible de faire quoi que ce soit.

Merci d'avance pour toute aide ou conseil, je suis un peu deg, j'étais tres hypé par l'idée du patch et a et je ne peux même plus rejouer....

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Sooo I just started playing this mod, using Dusk of Glory, and started plundering neighboring lands. After a few hard battles, I managed to defeat the enemy armies and kill some of their marshals. Even got some other neighbours to come in and join the plunder party. And somehow the A.I just popped a new marshal out of nowhere (They shouldn't have any money), AND a new army, of elite type units also out of nowhere, they don't even have the population in their 1 city to get all these units, let alone the money or infrastructure. We're not talking peasants, we're talking cavalry, well equipped archers and swordsman, spearman, thy don't even have pastures.

I mean WTF, I don't mind playing against good A.I or A.I with some advantages but popping a strong army whenever they feel like it seems a bit too much.

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Hi amazing mod,

I have some problems, is it normal when my teutonic knights lose to swordmens? I am using military overhaul by gabri with x2 multiplier option. Thanks!

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First of all, thanks in advance for this amazing mod.

When AI hold a vote, the Grand Emperor of European。
the System will crash to the desktop.
botton "continue" at the bottom center.
botton "next ruler" at the bottom right.

when I hold a vote, if click botton "continue"-> "next ruler",
it's eventually back to the Map,
and AI will declare war to me ,because I was not elected,
if don't click botton, but click anywhere on the screen, the same crash.

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1.uninstall Ultimate Edition
2.uninstall KOH
3.Go to C:\Users\**your PC name**\AppData\Roaming\ and delete Black Sea Studios folder if there.
4.remove the registry key by launching regedit (windows + R) > regedit > enter. Then under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Black Sea Studios
5.AND : SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\steam app 25830 <=delete steam app 25830(mean KOH's REG file)

and RE-install the KOH and Ultimate Edition

everything is fine now!

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some kingdom I picked cant play. game shut down.

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In-game, go to Preferences and untick/uncheck both "Water FX" and "Cloud Shadows"

Had this same issue - they warned us while installing it but I totally forgot. I got it to work after I did this

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