Ultimate Mod for Knights of Honor, it's not only a compilation of older mods, it's a complete lorefriendly rework. New content, new music, new quest, economy tweaks, AI clever than ever and full HD ; now in French / English and German

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Tis is da reason why i play KoH again

Overcomplicated and doesn't work properly for me. And after i deleted the mod changes still persist. Very frustrating.


It's not bad but i can't play my game anymore...it's all broken i can start the game its self normally but if i wanna start a campaign i can't use the start or back button and a reinstallation of the game doesn't fix the problem how can i uninstall the mod?

My favorite game in a new cover, huh, I like it! Thank you!

Excellent Mod !!!


really good balance and really good support from the creator


For Best game Best score! :)

The mod itself is excellent and really builds upon the base game without sacrificing any vanilla elements.
The real strength of this mod however is in the developer-Gazatus- who is a rare breed among modders. The mod is consistently updated with new and improved content and Gazatus is always willing to lend a personal helping hand if you are having troubles. Most other modders tend to leave you out to dry and only concern themselves with the mod itself rather than the community, but not this developer, and for that he deserves commendation.


What a great mod, it brings new life in to this game.

Some truly excellent work has been put into this mod. The last edition has put on the finishing touches of this beautiful and thorough HD remake of a classic medieval strategy game. Without completely shaking the foundations of the original, this mod has in my view made the game into what it was always supposed to be, and has brought fresh new life into the game so that new players will surely enjoy this classic. This is an excellent example of modding done right, perhaps even at its best.

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