What exactly is Tsardoms Total War:

Tsardoms: Total War is a total modification for M2TW Kingdoms set in late middle ages, featuring a campaign centered on Italy, Balkans and Asia Minor. The reason we decided to make a mod like this is, firstly because we are familiar with the history of the region, and secondly (and most importantly) because this part of the world has pretty much been ignored by TW games and mods and we thought it would be fun to play and learn from it.


The modification will begin in the 4th semester (in September) of the year 1345AD and it will conclude in the year 1530. The reason we decided on this timeframe is because we wanted to make a mod about the fall of the Roman Empire and the subsequent struggle of the neigbouring factions for her legacy, so this timeframe fits perfectly.

The game will begin with the Roman Empire devided into two rival factions - the "House of Kantakouzenoi" and the "Imperial Regency of the Roman Empire" - which will struggle for the guardianship of the heir to the throne - John V Palaiologos. At the same time, the Regency is allied with the Bulgarian Empire and the Kingdom of Serbia, whοse King (and wannabe Emperor) - Stefan Uros IV Dusan - is besieging the city of Serrhai which, by capturing it, will allow him to be crowned "Tsar of Serbians and Greeks". On the opposing side, the Turkish beyliks of Asia Minor, namely the Ottomans and the Emir of Aydin, have taken the side of John Kantakouzenos and have already joined the fight for their own interests, harassing the eastern parts of the Empire.

In the North, the principallities of Wallachia and Moldova are trying to defend themselves against Hungary and Bulgaria and they are also looking to expand their teritorries after the withdrawal of the Tatars.

In the Meditteranean and the Aegean Sea the two maritime Republics - Genoa and Venice - are competing and attacking each other for the control of the profitable trade routes from the Middle East and the Black Sea.

In southern Italy, the Kingdoms of Sicily and Trinacria, after the incident of the "Sicilian Vespers", are attemting to enforce their authority on each other's lands. In Northern Italy, the Italian city-states are vying for power, the Swiss Confederacy, in the Alps, is fighting for Independence against Milan and the Habsburgs, who have the vision of a grand Empire...

This is certainly the time for Total War!!

Number of turns per year:

We adopted two turns per year system


Catholic factions:

01. Duchy of Austria (the House of Hapsburgs)
02. Kingdom of Hungary
03. Republic of Ragusa
04. Republic of Venice
05. Republic of Florence
06. Republic of Genoa
07. Kingdom of Sicily (Naples)
08. Kingdom of Trinacria (Sicily)
09. Old Swiss Confederacy
10. Duchy of Athens and Neopatria
11. Knights of Rhodes (Knights of St.John)

Orthodox factions:
12. Tsardom of Bulgaria
13. Tsardom of Serbia
14. Roman Empire - House of Kantakouzenoi
15. Roman Empire - Imperial Regency of the Roman Empire
16. Principality of Wallachia
17. Principality of Moldova

Kristjani factions:
18. Banate of Bosnia

Muslim factions:

19. Ottoman Beylik (later Empire)
20. Karaman Beylik
22. Aydin Beylik

Emergent factions:
23. Papacy
24. Timurids
25. Crown of Aragon
26. Kingdom of France

Is the faction list final?
Faction list is not set in stone, but we are very disinclined to change anything for now.

Are all factions getting equal attention?
Yes, of course. We are very proud of the fact that we are including some factions that have never been in a TW mod. We really want to give the community an opportunity to try them out.


The main cultures of the mod's factions will be:

1. Greek (for the Roman Factions)
2. Slavic (for Serbia, Bulgaria and Bosnia)
3. Eastern European (Moldova, Wallachia)
4. Turkish (for Otttomans, Karamanids, Aydinids & Timurids)
5. Mediteranean (for Aragon, Sicily, Trinacria, Duchy of Athens, Knights of St. John)
6. Nothern Italian (for Florence, Genoa, Venice, Papal States & Ragusa)
7. Central European (for Switzerland, France, Hungary, Austria & Germany regions)


The map of the mod will include the western part of Asia Minor, the Balkans, Italy, HRE up to Strassbourg, Bavaria and Vienna, Central Europe and Eastern europe up to Kiev:

you can see also a preview of how the map will look like here.


All the older previews (from 2008) have been deleted, since they no longer represent correctly the general picture of the evolved game. Currently all the official previews are situated in the "Previews & Promotion" sector of our forum. Ckeck them out, if you want; they are very interesting. They are of several kinds:

Faction Previews:

Gameplay Previews:


Other Features:

Strategic Map Features:

  1. Hundreds of Permament Stone Forts that will represent real fortified cities in the game map
  2. Hundreds of Villages that will represent real cities in the game map
  3. Ports which will represent acurately their real-life counterparts
  4. Roads that will follow their real-life course in the map
  5. New strat_map building and character models for all the factions

Scripting Features:

  1. A newly implemented complicated feudal system
  2. New Religion scripts that will add great depth in the game
  3. Unification of Empires
  4. Dozens of New Historical Events
  5. New eras in the game
  6. Many more scripts that will make the game more realistic

Other Features:

  1. Many new historical battles that fit our timeframe

Release Status:

Mod is released

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The Principality of Wallachia Events

Several new historical characters will spawn belonging to the various Wallachian noble houses:

- House of Balaceanu:

Giaicu Balanceanu (1390)

- House of Craiovescu:

Neagoe of Strehaia (1434)
Parvu Craiovescu - (1453)

Parvu Craiovescu is the son of Neagoe Strehainaul and later became a member of the Princely Council of Wallachia with the title of Mare Vornic. He was also the father of the later Voivode Neagoe Basarab.

Barbu Craiovescu (1463)

Barbu Craiovescu I was a great boyar of the Craiovescu family and the first to hold the diginity of Great Ban of Craiova. He was a member of the Princely Council in 1482 and Great Ban in 1492, 1497 și 1498-1519. He foudned the Bistrita Monastery and became a monk under the name of Pahomie.

- House of Florescu:

Vlascan Florescu (1380)

Vlascan, the son of Florea (or Florev) is the first well known and documented member of the Florescu family. Historically, Vlascan appeared in the records during the reign of the Voivode Mircea the Elder. He avoided joining the Princely Council of Mircea due to the Voivode's aggressive anti-Ottoman policy. He joined the Princely Council of Voivode Alexandru Aldea and advocated a policy of appeasement towards the Ottoman Empire.

Vintila Florescu - 1454

Historically, Vintila was a well known great boyar who was part of the Princely Council during the time of Vlad the Impaler. Like his father, he favoured a policy of reconciliation and appeasement of the Ottoman threat. He was part of the court of several Voivodes and his sister married the Voivode Basarab the Young Impaler.



A whole host of new events including various historical rebellions, feuds and Basarab characters emerging

Death of Dan I (1386) and the Danesti - Draculesti Feud (1390)

The death of Dan I forever changed the landscape of Wallachia and led to a centuries old feud between the two branches of the princely Basarab family


The new characters will either be a supporter of the Danesti or the Draculesti faction which will lead to some serious bad blood of characters belonging to rival factions


Vlad the Usurper Rebellion (1394)

My Lord, a pretender under the name of Vlad is making a claim to the Wallachian throne! Vlad claims to be a scion of the House of Basarab from the side of Dan I and as such claims to be of royal blood. Aided by rebellious nobles and Turkish money and mercenaries, Vlad has raised an army and is now threatening the Wallachian capital. This pretender must be defeated and executed as soon as possible.

Historically, Vlad I removed Wallachia from the anti-Ottoman coalition, leading to his official non-recognition by the Hungarian kingdom and its allies. Struggles to remove him from the throne and return Wallachia to the coalition continued throughout his reign, though when the expedition of Stephen of Lozoncs in May 1395 ended in a military disaster, the Hungarian king said that "Walachia was lost and the Danube fell into the hand of the enemy".

In July 1395, a Hungarian expedition led by Sigismund, probably seconded by Mircea the Elder, captured the Turnu fortress and left a garrison loyal to the king. Throughout the following year the struggles to remove Vlad I continued. These were interrupted only by the participation of Sigismund and his vassals, including Mircea the Elder, in the campaign which resulted in defeat at the Nicopole. During this expedition, the territory of Wallachia was bypassed in order to avoid the Wallachian and Ottoman military forces stationed there. After the defeat, those who tried to find their way across the Danube were either ransomed or executed. This reaction from the Wallachian voivode can be attributed to the massacres by the Crusaders of Bulgarian Orthodox Christians in the conquered cities.

In October 1396, another military expedition headed by Stibor, the Transylvanian voivode, led to the defeat and capture of Vlad, who died in captivity. This allowed Mircea the Elder to regain the throne in January 1397.



Dan II of Wallachia (1409)

My Lord, a scion of the House of Basarab has now come of age and is at your command. Dan II is the son of Dan I of Wallachia and grandson of Radu I. His father was the eldest son and successor of Radu I of Wallachia. As such, Dan is the nephew of Mircea the Elder. Despite the fact that his uncle Mircea was a great rival with his father, Dan has so far stayed loyal to his uncle. Dan II is known to be a very able military commander

Historically, Dan II was a voivode of the principality of Wallachia, ruling an extraordinary five times, and succeeded four times by Radu II Chelul, his rival for the throne.

Dan II first took the throne in 1420, losing it in 1421, but regaining it that same year. He was primarily able to regain the throne many times because he was an able military commander in the field. In 1423, Dan II led an army against the invading Ottoman Turks, defeating them in battle. The Ottomans were invading in an effort to place Radu II back on the throne. In 1425, he again defeated the Ottomans,[citation needed] winning an important victory in a battle that was the first recorded mention of Wallachia using mercenaries in their army. In that battle, Dan II had employed a large number of Bulgarian soldiers. In the spring of 1427, Dan II removes Radu II from the throne for the last time, again defeating the Ottomans in battle, taking back the fortress at Giurgiu. In all likelihood, Dan II killed Radu II either during or after that battle, as the latter disappears from historical records afterwards. However, written accounts of the time are sparse at best, and it is not known for certain. On 3 June 1428, Dan II led an army against the Ottomans at Golubac Fortress, which ended with a treaty that would allow Dan II a semi-peaceful rule until 1432.

In 1432 his country was invaded by a large Ottoman army. Dan was defeated and killed in battle. He was succeeded by Alexandru I Aldea, a son of Mircea cel Batran, who would reign until his death from illness in 1436, and with him being replaced by Vlad II Dracul, father to Vlad Tepes. Dan II's son, Basarab II, would replace Vlad Dracul's son Mircea II in 1443. However, his son lacked the military ability of his father and would lose the throne within a year to Vlad Dracul.

Infante Pedro, Duke of Coimbra, an indefatigable traveler, possibly the most well-traveled prince of his time, and brother of Henry the Navigator, met with Dan II of Wallachia during Pedro's service to Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor.


Radu II Prasnaglava Rebellion (1423)

My Lord, a pretender is making a claim to the Wallachian throne! Radu II Prasnaglava (the Bald) is a younger son of Mircea the Elder and as such part of the House of Basarab. Using this claim he is now marching on Targoviste. Aided by rebellious nobles and Turkish money and mercenaries, Radu has raised an army and is now threatening the Wallachian capital. This pretender must be defeated and executed as soon as possible. Any family connections must be ignored as this rebellious scion of the House of Basarab is threatening his own family and making war on his own people.

Historically, Radu Prasnaglava became Voivode on 4 separate occasions and was probably the last voievod of Wallachia to assert control of Banat and southern Basarabia. Dobrogea was lost in 1417. His short intervals of rulership were marked by frequent and violent clashes with his rival and cousin, Dan II, for the throne of the principality. He found shelter and military support from the Ottoman Empire, and it was this submission to the Ottomans which ultimately caused Wallachia to lose Dobrogea and other territories. Radu II is last mentioned in the spring of 1427, when Dan II attacked him from Transylvania, retook the throne, and most probably killed him.


Vlad Dracul Rising (1406)



Vlad the Impaler Rising (1445)



Laiota Basarab Rising (1444)

My lord, a scion of the House of Basarab has come of age. Laiota Basarab is the son of Danciu and grandson of Dan II. As such, Laiota is a member of the Danesti branch of the Basarab family. He is the cousin and rival of Basarab IV the Little Impaler.

Historically, Laiota Basarab was Voivode of the principality of Wallachia in the 1470s, repeating the achievement of Dan II in being elected by the boyars as voivode on five separate occasions. Moreover, he succeeded the same ruler (Radu cel Frumos in Basarab's case) on four occasions. Two of his reigns also surrounded the last period in which Vlad III the Impaler ruled over Wallachia. In 1479 he joined in the Battle of Breadfield on the Hungarian side fighing against the Ottomans and trying to regain his throne.



Radu the Handsome Rebellion (1462)

My Lord, a pretender is making a claim to the Wallachian throne! Radu Basarab known as the Handsome, the son of Vlad Dracul, and the brother of Vlad Dracula the Impaler is marching on Targoviste. Aided by rebellious nobles and Turkish money and mercenaries, Radu has raised an army and is now threatening the Wallachian capital. This pretender must be defeated and executed as soon as possible.

In 1436, Vlad II Dracul ascended to the throne of Wallachia. He was ousted in 1442 by rival factions in league with Hungary, but secured Ottoman support for his return by agreeing to pay tribute to the Sultan and also send his two legitimate sons, Vlad III (the Impaler) and Radu (the Handsome), to the Ottoman court, to serve as hostages of his loyalty.

The boys were taken to the various garrisons at Edirne. Radu eventually became friends with Murad II's son, Mehmed II. While at the Ottoman court as boys, Vlad and Radu were educated in logic, the Quran and the Turkish and Persian language and literature. Due to his famed beauty it is said that Mehmend fell in love with him and the two shared a romantic relationship.

Radu, at the age of 22, became a leading figure at the Ottoman court. He was a commander of the Janissaries and in the campaign against his brother Vlad III the Impaler, Radu was at the head of 4000 horsemen. He is believed to have taken part in the operations that are collectively known as the Fall of Constantinople. Eventually he would be placed on the Wallachian throne after the defeat of Vlad the Impaler and would rule the Principality under Ottoman suzerainty on four separate occasions between 1462 and 1475.


The Little Impaler Rebellion (1474)

My Lord, another pretender is making a claim to the Wallachian throne! Basarab IV the Younger known as the Little Impaler, the son of Basarab II, and the cousin of Laiota Basarab the Elder is marching on Targoviste. The pretender is a member of the House of Danesti and as such is of princely bone and can press a claim on the Wallachian throne. Aided by rebellious nobles and Hungarian money and mercenaries, the Little Impaler has raised an army and is now threatening the Wallachian capital. This pretender must be defeated and executed as soon as possible.




Neagoe Basarab Rising (1473)

A scion of the Craiovescu family has now come of age. Neagoe Craiovescu is the son of Parvu Craiovescu and later adopted the name of Neagoe Basarab in order to associate himself with the Basarab ruling family.

Historically, Neagoe Basarab V (c.1459 – 15 September 1521) was the Voivode (Prince) of Wallachia between 1512 and 1521. Born into the boyar family of the Craioveşti (his reign marks the climax of the family's political influence) as the son of Parvu Craiovescu or Basarab the Little Impaler (by some theories), Neagoe Basarab, replaced Vlad cel Tânăr after the latter rejected Craioveşti tutelage. He was noted for his abilities and competence.

Neagoe Basarab wrote in Church Slavonic one of the earliest literary works of Wallachia, called "The teachings of Neagoe Basarab to his son Theodosie", where he touches various subjects such as philosophy, diplomacy, morals and ethics.


Tsardoms Total War - Playable Kantakouzenos faction

Tsardoms Total War - Playable Kantakouzenos faction

News 4 comments

In the next version of Tsardoms we will have a fully playable Roman Empire - Kantakouzenos faction.

Tsardoms Total War - Version 1.5

Tsardoms Total War - Version 1.5

News 9 comments

Tsardoms Total War is proud to announce the launch of version 1.5. This is the most stable version of Tsardoms to date and includes a host of changes...

Tsardoms - Humanist Ancillaries

Tsardoms - Humanist Ancillaries

News 1 comment

Tsardoms Total War presents the new ancillary system with a host of famous historical characters. These characters will appear as ancillaries at certain...

Tsardoms Total War Events 1345 - 1354

Tsardoms Total War Events 1345 - 1354

News 4 comments

Tsardoms Total War presents all new historical events which will impact the gameplay. From Tatar raids to earthquakes and from Polish invasions to Ottomans...

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Tsardoms Total War - version 1.5

Tsardoms Total War - version 1.5

Full Version 25 comments

Version 1.5 of Tsardoms has now been released. This is the most stable version of Tsardoms to date (most bugs and CTDs fixed) and includes a host of changes...

Tsardoms Total War - version 1.4

Tsardoms Total War - version 1.4

Full Version 75 comments

We are proud to announce the next version of Tsardoms Total War 1.4. This version includes a large amount of changes including a new faction (Albania...

Tsardoms Battle Beta

Tsardoms Battle Beta

Demo 56 comments

Tsardoms Total War Battle Beta Release - includes the factions of Wallachia, Moldova, Serbia, Hospitallers, Ragusa, Ottomans, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romans...

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Hey, firstly, amazing mod bro, like Stainless Steel on steroids :D secondly, how do I play in fullscreen? I tried looking in the preferences folder for the resolution and I couldn't find it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Oh, nevermind, found it in the settings and just reloaded it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I just wanna ask how do you trigger the Catholic Avignon papacy?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Wallachian Creator

This is not implemented. Avignon Catholics are basically an unused religion at the moment

Reply Good karma+1 vote

And do you plan to add poland, bohemia or the teutonic order? Would be awesome!

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Wallachian Creator

we have reached the faction limit. the teutonic order is outside of our map. we may add poland or bohemia if we remove one of the shadow factions.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Awesome Mod! Many Thanks!
When will the next version coming out? Im looking on the website twice a day since a week =D

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Wallachian Creator

Many thanks. We don't plan on releasing a new version any time soon

Reply Good karma+1 vote

When will the new version arrive? I don't want to play for nothing

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Wallachian Creator

What do you mean play for nothing? Version 1.5 has just been released and is fully playable

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