Compilation of several mods for a Just Cause 2 fully remastered with a new environment and high quality textures.

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As one sale ends, GOG kicks up another, launching a few new Square Enix titles alongside slashed prices for all the rest in their catalogue. Square Enix games have had a decent modding history across some titles, and so if you're having trouble deciding what to pick up, here's five games on sale and a mod for each!

Game: Just Cause 2: £3.79 GBP/$4.99 USD

Mod: Just Cause 2 Remastered (Original)

By Darkside1997

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Just Cause 2's modding scene is dominated, largely, by a multiplayer mod for the game, but that doesn't mean other creators haven't taken a crack at it themselves. With gameplay that holds up well even in the face of two sequels, the only thing that might be holding some people back is the graphics, which have been outpaced by the follow-ups. For those, this mod'll help smooth the transition and give you a reason to revisit this chaotic classic.

Game: Supreme Commander: Gold: £2.99 GBP/$3.99 USD


By Sprouto

Aeon establishes firm naval control

If you need massive battles, Supreme Commander has you covered. If you need them lag-free and on a reasonably old machine, then the vanilla game was not the best place to look - but now, due to community engine rewrites and some technical marvelling, the LOUD PROJECT (which can only ever be written in all caps) lets you go louder than ever with gigantic battles that barely slow modern PCs thanks to numerous optimisations and custom-made maps specifically designed to let players go ballistic with army sizes.

Whilst Supreme Commander 2 was a great game on its own, the scaled-down complexity and size of encounters from the previous game for the sake of accessibility made some long-term fans of the franchise lose interest in the follow-up. Modders have taken the game to task over the years in an attempt to restore some of that magical mayhem that made grand strategy fans fall in love with SupCom, and the Revamp Expansion Mod, with all its experimentals and new structures, is one of the best.

Game: Deus Ex: £0.69 GBP/$0.97 USD

Mod: Deus Ex: Transcended

By Hawkbird

Conversation Credits

For many, the Revision mod is the definitive patch of choice, but there are quite a few new additions made by the mod that old-school fans might have difficulty with, even if a lot can be disabled eventually through a series of customization menus. For those fancying more out-the-box gleam without too much concern for modularity, Deus Ex: Transcended preserves the original vision of the game as closely as possible, mostly introducing bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements intended to provide the same feel, refined.

Game: Deus Ex: Invisible War: £0.69 GBP/$0.97 USD

Mod: Deus Ex 2 Visible Upgrade

By snobel


Deus Ex: Invisible War might not have stuck the landing, but as a part of the Deus Ex line-up it still has its own fanbase who love it despite its flaws, one of them being visual presentation, which has aged questionably over the years. There's an HD mod for practically everything, though, and Invisible War is no exception, with the Deus Ex 2 Visible Upgrade mod expanding the visual flair of the game and giving you a little more eye candy with your transhuman adventures.

And that's it for our breakdown of some modding representation in GOG's latest franchise sale, which runs from now until July 15th. If you're hurting for more Square Enix mods, we've got an editorial here from a while back that might scratch that itch. What are your thoughts, and did I miss any wicked mods for these Squeenix titles?

Just Cause 2 Remastered

Just Cause 2 Remastered

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Compilation of several mods for a Just Cause 2 fully remastered with a new environment and high quality textures with increased traffic, etc.

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Just Cause 2 Remastered (Original)

Just Cause 2 Remastered (Original)

Full Version 3 comments

Compilation of several mods for a Just Cause 2 fully remastered with a new environment and high quality textures.

Lazarhead - - 92 comments

Are DLC weapons fixed to be free or unlimited ammo or?

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maxxon89 - - 5 comments

That's insane amount of work. I placed sky and cloud textures to my dropzone and i'm happy with how it looks. Thank you very much!

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