Built largely for first-time players, Deus Ex: Transcended is a mod focused solely around faithfulness to the original, while bringing an unmatched arsenal of bug fixes, paired with key notes of Quality of Life changes.

For most all purposes, it'll play identical to the original, without any substantial changes to balance and no changes to assets, be they map, model, or sound. Virtually all changes outside of pure bug fixing are entirely configurable, allowing for the user to stay even closer the original in every possible way, should they choose it.

Recommend combination with for Confix conversation based fixes.

For contact, find me on this mod's Discord server, here: Discord.gg

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Additional level changes included in the Help/Readme.html file, hidden here due to spoilers.



  • AI no longer bothers attacking disabled robots.
  • AI no longer lets the player use disabled robots as shields.
  • AI no longer shoots through ALLIANCE_Neutral to hit the player, to avoid in fighting.
  • AI no longer stops rubbing their eyes after the door they were opening opens.
  • AI reacts to doors being opened that they can see.
  • Allowed NPCs to use the GEP gun lock-on feature on realistic difficulty.
  • Animals can no longer eat through walls.
  • Animals can now be knocked out.
  • Bosses no longer drop their weapons.
  • Bosses now fight to the death, like the characters state they should.
  • Breaking an NPC's legs now slows them down.
  • Burning enemies now take fall damage.
  • Buying ammo from the AI no longer gives the player ALL of the AI's ammo of that type they have.
  • Divers no longer T-pose from gas damage.
  • Dogs can now jump attack.
  • Dogs now bark and alert other enemies in the area before attacking.
  • Enemies rubbing their eyes now go to the stunned state when hit with the prod.
  • Enemies who are immune to gas no longer try to avoid it.
  • Enemies who are rubbing their eyes no longer immediately attack when hit by a tranq dart.
  • Fixed NPCs forgetting what they were doing when opening a door or falling.
  • Fixed NPCs not dying properly if falling into water while dying.
  • Fixed a crash if a robot is destroyed while in use.
  • Fixed animations for underwater combat.
  • Fixed breaking an NPC's arms and making them drop their weapon giving no ammo from picking it up.
  • Fixed extremely rare case of NPCs being able to resurrect themselves by getting into a conversation while dying.
  • Fixed possible crash when dying during a conversation.
  • Fixed robot rockets spawning above the military bot's weapons.
  • Fixed robots not being disabled if they were in use when they were disabled.
  • Headshots are now any hit in the upper 30% of the body, regardless of angle.
  • Increased the collision of all NPCs to fix the tops of their heads not having collision.
  • Increased the height that walker bots can climb, allowing them to move up streets properly.
  • Increased the range for a critical hit to the back of the head.
  • Knocking out an NPC while they're on fire now kills them.
  • Made NPCs switch weapons if desired if they need to reload on realistic difficulty.
  • Made the following objects block the AI's sight: Bushes, cars, carts, trash bags, trees, vans, vending machines.
  • MiBs, WiBs, and commandos now play their critical damage sounds at 25% hp.
  • NPCs are now able to shoot through windows.
  • NPCs now notice weapon lasers on realistic difficulty.
  • NPCs now play their melee lines when switching to melee weapons.
  • NPCs now react to unconscious bodies if they react to dead ones.
  • NPCs now wait 0.5 seconds for a door to open instead of up to 5 seconds, should make them less brain dead while waiting for it to open.
  • NPCs that are stunned with the riot prod while in the process of opening/closing a door will no longer go back to being unstunned when the door has finished opening/closing.
  • NPCs that die holding a grenade on realistic will drop an armed one.
  • NPCs will shoot at explosives and gas barrels around the player on realistic difficulty.
  • People can now die when unconscious, from fall damage, and from drowning.
  • Reduced explosive damage against the bosses.
  • Robots no longer open doors.
  • Robots play a critical damage sound at 25% hp.
  • Robots reboot for 5 seconds after a scramble grenade wears off, giving players time to react.
  • SCUBA divers no longer fear combat.
  • Security bots now have more accurate BaseEyeHeights.
  • Sneak attack bonus now always takes priority over stunned bonus as it's better.
  • Sneak attack bonus now doesn't apply as much for flamethrower damage.
  • The AI is no longer penalized for not using the scope.
  • The AI no longer uses batons against robots.
  • The AI now has the ability to use non-primary ammo types.
  • The AI now prioritizes explosive damage against robots.
  • The AI now reacts to burning objects.
  • The AI now reacts to injured dogs.
  • The AI now reacts to objects being in a new position than they were before or lamps being on/off compared to before.
  • Updated AI collision while they rub their eyes to make the hitboxes match.


  • Added lights to the spydrone.
  • Aggressive Defense System no longer detonates non-explosive projectiles.
  • Aggressive Defense System no longer detonates wall mounted grenades, allied projectiles, or projectiles out of sight.
  • Allowed free augmentations to be used without energy.
  • Can no longer use augmentations when out of energy or dead.
  • Combat strength no longer boosts grenade damage.
  • EMP shield is now passive and free.
  • EMP shield now reduces damage from 'shocked' damage (spider-bots).
  • Killing someone with ADS now ties the kill to you.
  • Nerfed regeneration values (but still fairly overpowered).
  • Regeneration now drains 10% when not healing instead of turning off.
  • Synthetic heart is now passive and free.
  • The energy shield augmentation protects the player from getting ignited at level 4.
  • The power recirculator is now automatic.
  • The targeting aug now also shows the EMP health of robots.


  • Accuracy and recoil mods can no longer be applied to weapons when they'd do nothing.
  • Allowed grenades to be thrown through windows.
  • Allowed headshots with non-lethal weapons.
  • Allowed multiple LAWs and PS20s in the inventory.
  • Binoculars display the name of what they're looking at.
  • Buffed flare dart damage to match regular darts and increased lifespan to 4 minutes.
  • Bullets now penetrate glass.
  • Cameras and turrets no longer see through thermoptic camo.
  • Disabled duplication glitch.
  • Doubled the range that the sniper rifle can be heard (by the player) to prevent people being confused from dying randomly.
  • Fixed being unable to use the GEP gun lock-on feature after stealing the GEP gun from an NPC.
  • Fixed disposable weapons being able to be fired multiple times by taking them through level transitions during the fire animation.
  • Fixed duplication glitches related to conversations.
  • Fixed grenade climbing.
  • Fixed grenade clipping.
  • Fixed grenade jumping.
  • Fixed inventory overlap exploit.
  • Fixed LAWs being able to fire through walls.
  • Fixed lockpicking while paused exploit.
  • Fixed multitooling while paused exploit.
  • Fixed plasma damage using multiplayer values in singleplayer.
  • Flares now burn objects they touch.
  • Food is eaten immediately if there's no room to hold it.
  • Grenade ammo loss only happens when the grenade correctly spawns now.
  • Grenades no longer detonate from halon gas.
  • Grenades no longer detonate from touching bodies.
  • Hazmat suit now does what it says on the tin.
  • Hitting the level with melee weapons now makes a noise the AI can hear.
  • Holding a body reduces damage by 10%.
  • Holding down the fire button now makes melee weapons keep swinging.
  • Increased flare lifespan from 30 seconds to 6 minutes.
  • Lasers are now auto-activated.
  • Lasers now show where a shot will hit instead of giving 100% accuracy.
  • Light weapons are kept equipped during conversations.
  • Made the LAW scope functional.
  • Made the pepper gun hit more reliably.
  • Mounted grenades are no longer triggered if the player is using radar transparency / thermoptic camo.
  • Multiple of the disposable weapons can be carried at once.
  • Only allowed one pair of binoculars in the inventory at a time.
  • Picking up flare darts gives regular darts back.
  • Recoil is now more immediate rather than drawn out over the course of the firing animation.
  • Sabot slugs now hit in one location rather than a spread.
  • Sniper rifles now play a short zoom animation when zooming.
  • The GEP gun can lock-on to cameras and turrets at advanced level.
  • The hazmat suit now protects from catching fire at master level.
  • The plasma rifle now glows.
  • The prod no longer damages non-explosive objects.
  • The range mod now affects projectile weapons.
  • Trying to plant a grenade on the wall and looking away will cancel the planting but no longer lose ammo.
  • Weapon mods now stack.
  • You are now correctly blamed for flamethrower kills.


  • Added the ability to save emails by logging in legitimately or hacking with advanced skill level.
  • Breakable doors will now tell you the minimum damage required to damage them.
  • Cameras no longer go into stasis when out of view.
  • Cameras now notice bodies on realistic difficulty.
  • Can no longer log into an ATM with the correct PIN but any text in the account field.
  • Crates now handle level transitions without duplicating contents.
  • Disabled DoOpen and DoClose for bDestroyed movers to prevent ghost doors.
  • Increased LaserProxy wakeup range from 960UU to 1920UU as the ones in chapter 15 can be seen waking up.
  • The following objects now make a sound that the AI can hear when used: Buttons, doors, faucets, lamps, light switches, pinball machines, shower controls, switches, toilets, valves, vending machines, water coolers, water fountains, pianos.
  • Using a computer no longer makes the player invisible on realistic difficulty.


  • Added a bindable option to quickly use medkits/biocells.
  • Disabled teleporters while dead.
  • Fixed one of the images bought in the Old China Hand not appearing due to the game mistakenly thinking it's a duplicate.
  • If both legs are broken healing is prioritized for them.
  • Increased quicksaves to three.
  • Remembered crouching state when loading the game.
  • The player now switches to the desired weapon after using a one-shot weapon.


  • Changed medicine skill values from 30/60/75/90 to 30/45/60/90.
  • Fixed pistol skill starting at trained when untrained in menu.
  • Swimming bonuses are immediately applied if the player is swimming while they upgrade the skill.



  • AI no longer makes critical damage sounds when stunned.
  • Added names to fish.
  • All barks (non-conversation lines) now lip sync.
  • Animal bodies can now be picked up.
  • Animals can no longer eat themselves.
  • Birds and rats no longer wait to finish their animation before dying.
  • Birds can be set on fire.
  • Birds now actually get poisoned by poison damage.
  • Birds now fear loud sounds.
  • Cats now hate rats and birds.
  • Cleaner bots no longer move if disabled.
  • Dead cats and dogs no longer bounce in water.
  • Disabled flesh fragments on low gore mode.
  • Dogs no longer bark while dying.
  • Dogs now bleed.
  • Fish can now be killed.
  • Fixed pigeon and seagull feet clipping into the ground.
  • Flies no longer bleed.
  • Flies now die when entering water.
  • Greasels now hate cats.
  • Greasels now play their unused water attack animation.
  • Halved bird health to die in one hit.
  • Holograms should no longer fear things.
  • Increased the minimum range for the AI to use the GEP gun to prevent them killing themselves as much.
  • Jaime and WiBs hold all weapons one handed as they have no two handed animations.
  • NPCs no longer sit on burning chairs.
  • NPCs now look at the player when they get near.
  • Military bots now crush what they stand on.
  • People will complain if you mess with lamps near them.
  • Pointing a gun at someone makes them tell you off.
  • Prevented t-posing when loading levels.
  • Randomized fish sizes.
  • Robots no longer spawn bubbles underwater.
  • SecurityBot3 now spawns shells out of each of its 4 guns.
  • The AI can no longer talk with their heads underwater.
  • The AI no longer turn to face the sky when talking to themselves.
  • The bark system now correctly handles flag checks.


  • Augmentations now turn back on if they were on when upgraded.
  • Augmentations now display the true energy rate, accounting for cloak/radar transparency upgrades and the power recirculator.
  • Augmentations now provide specific numbers in their descriptions.
  • Invincible objects no longer show their health in the targeting aug.
  • Leaving a level and coming back no longer keeps the hum sound playing.
  • Taking damage no longer drops objects if the muscle aug is on at level 4.
  • Targeting aug displays a transparent box instead of a fully black one when too underleveled to show an image.
  • Targeting aug no longer displays class names and now displays human readable names.
  • Targeting aug no longer shows negative health values and will force red text instead of black.
  • The cloak aug has a visible effect.
  • The energy shield aug now draws a shield around the player, like it does for NPCs.
  • The light aug now affects bSpecialLit surfaces.
  • The radar transparency aug has a visible effect.
  • The spydrone no longer lets the player keep moving while in water.
  • The spydrone now turns off when destroyed to prevent a softlock.


  • Added AllItems cheat.
  • Added GiveNPC cheat.
  • Added TantalusAll cheat.
  • Added TantabusAll cheat.
  • AllAmmo cheat now gives all types of ammo for all your weapons, and reloads the equipped weapon.
  • AllEnergy cheat gives max energy instead of default.
  • AllSkills now gives swimming bonuses while in water.
  • AugAdd cheat now correctly upgrades desired aug by 1 level.
  • Enabled full control in the ghost/fly cheat states.
  • ShowAugmentationAddWindow now requires cheats.


  • Added batons to the low-tech skill description.
  • Added names for NPC exclusive weapons.
  • Adding a laser to a weapon automatically enables the laser.
  • Augmentation canisters now include the slot location of the contained augs and their descriptions.
  • Broken drinks now leave liquid on the ground.
  • Can no longer use the scope when putting the weapon away.
  • Can no longer switch to ammo that the player has none of.
  • Disabled the flamethrower's fire if in water, reloading, or out of ammo.
  • Disabled weapon lasers on level transition.
  • Fireballs now get extinguished when entering water, as intended.
  • Fixed culling on models at 100 FOV.
  • Fixed grenades being at the wrong rotation when placed on floors and ceilings.
  • Fixed mini-crossbow fire sound.
  • Fixed silenced assault rifle fire sound.
  • Fixed the laser dot appearing at 0,0,0 at large distances.
  • Fixed trying to drop a body in insufficient space causing an invisible one to spawn that bleeds.
  • Fixed typo in DTS description.
  • Fixed typo in augmentation canister description.
  • Gas grenades no longer spawn under the ground if crouching and aiming down.
  • Improved flare description.
  • Increased fireball light.
  • Increased plasma rifle ThirdPersonScale by 25%.
  • Items are spawned on the ground when unable to be taken from carcasses.
  • Lowered the low ammo mark for 20mm ammo.
  • Made recoil and reload weapon mods display their full name on the belt.
  • Made the scramble grenade description more accurate to what it really does.
  • Meleeing a body now plays the correct sound.
  • Napalm and plasma now burns the world.
  • Planting your last grenade on a wall and looking away will no longer show another in your hand.
  • Pressing the scope button with nothing equipped will zoom with binoculars, if the player has some.
  • Sabot shells spawn metal fragments when firing.
  • The nanosword now creates light when dropped directly from the inventory.
  • The riot prod no longer displays its electricity when out of ammo or reloading.
  • The sniper rifle can no longer take range mods as they don't really do much.
  • The soda sound now comes from the player instead of the soda.
  • The sound of wearable items now follows the player.
  • Using a disposable weapon will try to find another one in your inventory and place it in the same belt slot.
  • Weapon idle animations can no longer overwrite the currently playing one.
  • Weapons now correctly make ricochet sounds and create decals and breakable doors.
  • Weapons now point at their lasers.


  • ATMs auto-fill their withdraw amounts with the maximum.
  • Added names to cacti.
  • Cameras now display static while turned off.
  • Cannot read books that are burning.
  • Changed BoxSmall mass 20 -> 10.
  • Changed Plant1 mass 10 -> 30.
  • Datacubes now turn gray when read.
  • Destroyed blood on water contact.
  • Disabled the "Bypassed" text for retinal scanners, as it looks silly.
  • Enabled unused skins for couches/chairs which were already set in maps.
  • Fixed a glitch where some barrels would get destroyed if you saved and loaded multiple times in the level.
  • Fixed objects not burning properly if pushed while on fire.
  • Fixed paper destruction sound.
  • Fixed seats having the incorrect push sounds.
  • Fixed tumbleweed disappearing.
  • Fixed typo in HangingShopLight.
  • Frobbing a non-frobbable mover will put your weapons away instead of doing nothing.
  • Hacked cameras and turrets now tell you if they're on or off when highlighted.
  • Increased ParticleGenerator wakeup range from 320UU to 1920UU as they can often be seen waking up.
  • Improved poolball physics.
  • Increased the security console animation speed by 150%.
  • Made computers not play their deactivate animations when loading for the first time.
  • Made the following objects flammable: books, clothes racks, flag poles, flowers, all furniture, hanging lanterns, tables, tarps, junks, pillows, plants, ship wheels, all trash, tumbleweed, book stands, cabinets, desks, logs, pianos.
  • Objects can now be pulled from under others.
  • Objects now rotate to their velocity when thrown.
  • Plastic fans now produce plastic fragments.
  • Reduced collision for boxsmall, plant1, basketball.
  • Smoke from the incense burner now follows it when moved.
  • The invincible crates will now move if hit by an explosion.
  • Turrets no longer try to spawn their guns when being deleted.
  • Watercoolers no longer make water puddles if out of water.


  • Can no longer frob while using the spydrone.
  • Fixed superjump exploit.
  • Fixed the player's overall health not being calculated when using the menu to heal.
  • Improved footstep texture sound recognition.
  • No pain sounds play if the speed enhancement augmentation removed all damage.
  • The player no longer makes a sound if hit by a door while dead.
  • Trying to pick up an item without room will display the required space.
  • Wet people and things now drip water.


  • Added a button to fullscreen the notes page for easier note reading.
  • Added dark blue as a valid UI theme.
  • Added keyboard support for keypad * and # keys.
  • Added the ability to sort and search through notes.
  • Allowed items to be dragged out of the inventory to be dropped.
  • Changed the "Fx" key names in the settings to "Augmentation Slot Fx".
  • Changed upgrade hotkey on character creation from R to U to prevent conflict with reset.
  • Conversation choices can now be selected with the number keys.
  • Difficulty is now automatically added to the save name.
  • Disabled the use button in the inventory for lockpicks and multitools.
  • Enabled cutscene subtitles on 16:9 resolutions.
  • Enabled horizontal scrolling for the log.
  • Fixed being unable to save on multi-terabyte harddrives.
  • Improved the debug menu to make it much more versatile.
  • Increased max characters for computer logins/passwords from 20 to 32, to account for the 21 character login at the cathedral.
  • Increased the amount of available resolutions.
  • Keypad windows now close if the player dies with one open.
  • Made the use button for augmentation upgrade canisters go to the augmentations screen.
  • Obtaining a key from a body only shows the icon on screen if it was a new key.
  • Picking up some ammo from a body now also shows the amount in the message log.
  • Ported inventory sorting from Vanilla Matters.
  • Quickloading can now be done without a prompt if on the main menu or dead.
  • Receiving ammo and credits from carcasses now correctly displays the amount obtained.
  • Receiving ammo from a conversation now correctly displays the amount of ammo you received.
  • Receiving items from a conversation now leaves a message in the log.
  • Recoil value now correctly shows the skill bonus.
  • The HUD no longer reappears if opening and closing the main menu while dead.
  • The ammo system no longer always uses the words "rounds" and "clips" for everything.
  • The amount of credits the player has is displayed on the top left during conversation choices and when they receive credits.
  • The clip mod now displays its bonus as an absolute number, rather than an incorrect percentage.
  • The crosshair can now target objects past 500ft.
  • The scroll bar no longer overlaps the date of saves.
  • The turret option can now be cycled backwards to immediately disable it.
  • Weapons now display their true damage for projectiles and the amount of times they hit for spread weapons.


  • Added anti-epilepsy option.
  • Added option to add newspaper and book information to the datavault.
  • Added option to auto-save.
  • Added option to disable the augmentation hum.
  • Added option to switch the keypad layout with a numpad one.
  • Added option to switch the spydrone view to the main view and player to the smaller view.
  • Ported item refusal system.


  • Included more polished maps with fixed geometry, particularly for CMD and Silo.
  • Added vocalization system.
  • Displayed ping and player IDs on the scoreboard.
  • Redesigned team scoreboards for widescreen displays.
  • Fixed death messages for dying to NPCs.
  • Fixed NPCs not being able to attack in MP.
GOG Square Enix Sale On; 5 Squeenix Games On Sale (And A Mod For Each)

GOG Square Enix Sale On; 5 Squeenix Games On Sale (And A Mod For Each)


GOG joins the sales craze with a new one featuring Square Enix titles, so here's a look at five games for sale and a mod for each of 'em!

Transcended and Graphics Mods

Transcended and Graphics Mods

Textures Tutorial

Getting New Vision to work with Deus Ex: Transcended

RSS Files
Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.5.6 (.exe format)

Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.5.6 (.exe format)

Full Version 1 comment

February 2023 update for Deus Ex: Transcended modification.

Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.5.5 (.exe format)

Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.5.5 (.exe format)

Full Version 7 comments

May 2022 update for Deus Ex: Transcended modification.

Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.5.4 (.exe format)

Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.5.4 (.exe format)

Full Version 8 comments

August 2021 update for Deus Ex: Transcended modification.

Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.5 (.exe format)

Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.5 (.exe format)

Full Version 2 comments

Sixth release of Deus Ex: Transcended mod. Contains non-GotY edition levels and fixes for levels. See contained changelog file for main changes.

Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.4 (.exe format)

Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.4 (.exe format)

Full Version

Fifth release of Deus Ex: Transcended mod. Contains non-GotY edition levels and fixes for levels. See contained changelog page for main changes.

Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.4 (.rar format)

Deus Ex: Transcended - v1.4 (.rar format)

Full Version

Fifth release of Deus Ex: Transcended mod. Contains non-GotY edition levels and fixes for levels. See contained changelog page for main changes.

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Does Transcended affect using cheats? In vanilla, I'm able to use cheats, but in Transcended, the "Set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True" text doesn't work.

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The text is really small. Playing on a 1920x1080 screen. Is there a fix for this?

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Defender detected a trojan (Win32/Spursint.F!cl) in the 1.5.6 version of this.

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how do i make this run in 2560x1080?

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Does this work in other languages?

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Is there a way to just get the menu option for higher resolutions? I just want that little bit of cleanliness

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Hi, the mod is excelent. But I have one issue, the mouse sensitivity in the inventory and menú screen is too high. It feels like when you play an older Game at low res with full screen. I'm playing at 1080 .When playing borderless fullscreen this problem dissapears but i cant change the brightness then. I Hope you can help me if it's a bug. If not, i would like It to be fixed in the Next update, the high sens makes it unconfortable to use the inventory screen.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey Hawkbird. I think one of Deus Ex's biggest problems nowadays is playing it above its default FOV, and having the viewmodels unnaturally extend and cut off. I think a fix for this would be of great benefit as the only known fix is a big pain to go through. Would this be possible for future updates?
Having DirectX 9 and/or 10 available would also be of great benefit as in my experience, they're easily the best around, although I imagine you'd have to get permission for those. Compatibility with Kentie's Launcher would also be a great touch, and help to make this the definitive Deus Ex package for a vanilla yet playable and compatible experience. Lastly, launching with Steam and GOG would be ideal.

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I tried this mod with the Kentie launcher/mod manager it works great. You can change the DX version to your liking. I like the Kentie launcher for that but also changing the scaling to 2X so the GUI isn't tiny in higher resolutions. Just replace the original Deus Ex.exe file with the Kentie launcher exe and then Data Directories to set what mod you want to run.

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