The LOUD Project is a complete replacement for most of the core files from Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. As a result, it addresses most of the performance issues that have plagued the game from it's release. A more complete description can be found here: What Is the LOUD PROJECT ?

The package includes a subset of many of the most popular mods for Forged Alliance, adapted for use with LOUD, and an entire collection of maps updated for optimal performance with the project.

You can contact us directly, text or voice, at our Discord server - the link can be found in the Help tab of the launcher.

Please feel free to come by and talk directly to me on any and all matters relating to the LOUD AI Project and otherwise find others with which to game with.

Installation and Staying Up To Date

To use this package, you must use the updater provided to download all the necessary files.

Once installed, you can keep LOUD up to date by using the Check for Updates option.

The updater and LOUD operate from their own directory so that your original game remains untouched, and you can use the updater to not only stay current, but launch LOUD after checking for updates. To play your original game of Forged Alliance, use your original game shortcut (or thru Steam). The updater can also create separate shortcuts so that you can launch LOUD directly.

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The LOUD PROJECT - Version 5.2 - February 2020

Greetings All.

I'm quite sorry that it's been so long since I last had the opportunity to speak with you. Since my last missive, The LOUD Project has grown into a very sizable community, and much of my time is spent conversing with you on our Discord server. The team, and I, are very pleased at the positive engagement and the support we get from all those who take the time to get involved. Come and join us there and take part in the discussion of how we move forward - you'll find the Discord link embedded in the installer/launcher - in the HELP tab.

The Wyvern BattlePack

Since the start of version 5.1, in December of 2018, a lot of development has taken place in a number of key areas - in particular, the inclusion of BrewLAN as a module for LOUD, and we're continuing that growth this year, with the release of version 5.2 and the announcement of the Wyvern BattlePack as the next mod we've adapted for LOUD. Wyvern doesn't bring a great number of units into the LOUD universe, but it does bring some exceptional quality and we're happy to have it. You can find more details about Wyvern at their page Wyvern BattlePack on ModDb

New AI Initiatives

Over the past year, we've moved ahead on a number of AI initiatives, such as the further development of Naval Bombardment, more aggressive Air behavior, and numerous other tweaks and nudges that continue to make the LOUD AI the most dynamic AI available for Forged Alliance. We can only do this with your continued support, and especially those replays that get submitted, where we can closely examine how LOUD reacts to you.

We have more in store for this year, with the Artillery Director, a significant effort towards co-ordinated attacks, more refined and selective air attacks, and of course, as always, our continued work in bringing you the biggest, fastest, most responsive version of Forged Alliance that is available.

Continued Performance Improvement

This latest update, which is perhaps the biggest we've ever done at a single point in time, comes right on the heels of the inclusion of Wyvern, but also the completion of our annual unit review process. That process is something we like to do every year, where we go back thru the entire unit database, and address all of the bugfixes, tweaks and balance 'nudges' that we've compiled over the course of the year. We also take that time to implement any new techniques we've gleaned for better performance or reduced memory usage. Again, it's only thru the continued participation of our users, that we can make this kind of progress.

So - enough for now - what are you waiting for ? Get LOUD - and do it now.

What is the LOUD Project ?

What is the LOUD Project ?


A summary of the purpose and features of the LOUD Project for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

LOUD Project - Setting up a LOUD Game

LOUD Project - Setting up a LOUD Game


Some tips on how to setup your LOUD game for the best results with it's AI.

BrewLAN for LOUD ver 0.65

BrewLAN for LOUD ver 0.65

News 1 comment

Announcing an update to BrewLAN for LOUD - Ver. 0.65 - Introducing the Penetrator Aircraft series.

LOUD AI - Vers. 5.1 - Dec 14, 2018

LOUD AI - Vers. 5.1 - Dec 14, 2018


Announcing the release of The LOUD Project AI - version 5.1. This version corrects a recent issue with random crashing and brings back several visual...

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LOUD Project - Updater/Launcher v4.66

LOUD Project - Updater/Launcher v4.66

Installer Tool 29 comments

This version of the LOUD Project Installer (SCFA_Updater) is 4.66 Created August 11, 2020 WARNING: The installer is created using AutoIt which can be...

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Hello, I have a 2 questions regarding the AI that I have not been able to find anywhere.

Does the AI behave better if you only have one of them in a 2v2 (thus making it 2v1) or does having 2 AI together cause them "crash" into each other so to speak?.

Do you have a list of maps that are most up to date with loud (which one has the best map markers to help LOUD be fully capable)

Thank you for your time.

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Sprouto Creator

That's a good question and one that I get quite often. The answer is not so simple and it's really dependent upon the map. On a smaller map, multiple AI will compete for resources, so less AI is better. On large maps, more AI will function better.

The best guideline I can give is to consider the AI Multiplier to be a good indicator of what to expect. So 3 humans versus 2 x 1.2 Multiplier AI's will give a decent competitive game on 20k maps.

As for maps, what we include with the game are reasonably well marked for LOUD - some are better than others, but typically, maps that have very complicated terrain with tight valleys don't perform very well.

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Sorry for the stupids questions but got some doubts

- How big is the mod?
- How to install the mod?
- If the program if a installer/downloader of the mod where it puts the files?

Hope you can answer please...

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Sprouto Creator

The mod itself is very large - we include all the units and the maps that LOUD requires.

The launcher will handle the installation for you - it puts almost all the files in a LOUD directory which sits in your Forged Alliance directory structure.

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Hi, I'm experiencing a lot of crash during 20x maps.
I need to save a lot and sometimes games saved looks like "corrupted" 'cause on load they crash after few seconds.

Any suggestion?

(every time I play I update the game via your launcher)

Thanks in advance.

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Sprouto Creator

Sounds like a sound issue - FA does not behave well with 5.1 or surround sound and will crash frequently and randomly. You must set your sound hardware into stereo mode.

To confirm if this is your problem, play a game. When it crashes - use the launcher to locate your LOUD.LOG file. Have a look at it - if there are SND and XACT error messages showing up frequently - then this is indeed your issue.

If not, I'll suggest that you come onto our Discord server (link is in the help section of the launcher) and you can submit the save file to our bug-reports channel, where I would be happy to diagnose it more directly.

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Wow, pinpoint analysis.
I'll try and keep you updated.
Many thanks!

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Something like that, ah?

warning: Unknown DirectSound speaker configuration 9. Defaulting to Stereo.
info: MD5 of global settings: d2a23d6464d3fd77956e7648c43b5077
info: IsStreamingWaveBank("/sounds/aeonselect.xwb") => false
debug: Wavebank prepared: 8342ac0
debug: SND: Loaded WaveBank 'aeonselect' at 8342ac0
info: IsStreamingWaveBank("/sounds/ambienttest.xwb") => false
debug: Wavebank prepared: 8342bf0
debug: SND: Loaded WaveBank 'ambienttest' at 8342bf0
info: IsStreamingWaveBank("/sounds/battlepackwb.xwb") => false
debug: Wavebank prepared: 8342d20
debug: SND: Loaded WaveBank 'battlepackwb' at 8342d20
info: IsStreamingWaveBank("/sounds/blackopswb.xwb") => false
debug: Wavebank prepared: 8342e50
debug: SND: Loaded WaveBank 'blackopswb' at 8342e50
info: IsStreamingWaveBank("/sounds/cybranselect.xwb") => false
debug: Wavebank prepared: 8342f80
debug: SND: Loaded WaveBank 'cybranselect' at 8342f80
info: IsStreamingWaveBank("/sounds/explosions.xwb") => false
debug: Wavebank prepared: 83430b0

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Sprouto Creator

Those are normal on startup - wait until the game actually begins - if they show up in that segment of your log - then it's a bad thing. They'll usually be accompanied by XACT errors.

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Sprouto, here I am.

Case closed: set Stereo on my sound card and no crash.
Thanks indeed!

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Hands down the best "mod" for supreme commander that I have tried.

Jan 20 2018 by aaxlleex

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