The LOUD Project is a complete replacement for most of the core files from Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. As a result, it addresses most of the performance issues that have plagued the game from it's release. A more complete description can be found here: What Is the LOUD PROJECT ?

The package includes a subset of many of the most popular mods for Forged Alliance, adapted for use with LOUD, and an entire collection of maps updated for optimal performance with the project.

You can contact us directly, text or voice, at our Discord server - the link can be found on the front page of the launcher.

Please feel free to come by and talk directly to me on any and all matters relating to the LOUD AI Project and otherwise find others with which to game with.

Installation and Staying Up To Date

To use this package, you must use the updater provided to download all the necessary files.

Once installed, you can keep LOUD up to date by using the Check for Updates option.

The updater and LOUD operate from their own directory so that your original game remains untouched, and you can use the updater to not only stay current, but launch LOUD after checking for updates. To play your original game of Forged Alliance, use your original game shortcut (or thru Steam). The updater can also create separate shortcuts so that you can launch LOUD directly.

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The LOUD PROJECT - Version 5.4 - February 2021

Greetings one and all - welcome and welcome back.

As has become custom, I rarely find enough time to communicate like I once did - which makes this annual update more valuable. Our community continues to thrive, with not only so many more of you than there was just 2 years ago (We recently had our 30,000th download) but a lot of both visual and operational improvements that I did not see coming - just last year.

We had a lot of changes, and our new installer/launcher/updater with a map library - is the one most people get right up front.

LOUD Launcher 5 6 1

It's a big step forward, with integrated patch notes - both for the launcher - and the data - and as always - the ever handy Update - which makes keeping The LOUD Project up-to-date as easy as it's always been. This year, we received this tremendous contribution from LOUD Project member RD, who worked tirelessly for several months to not only build it from our original humble work, but crank it up with features we would never have dreamed of last year at this time. I know, my recently passed partner and co-founder, Terminator, was here at the beginning of this work, and would have been so pleased to see this. We have memorialized him, just on the right of our launcher, as the ever-present spectre of the Seraphim ACU. Term - we miss you very much. I wish to thank Balthazar (BrewLAN) for making the artwork available.

The map library gives us a place to store other maps that work well with LOUD - but that we don't necessarily want to eat up your download budget with. It will even install/uninstall the maps for you, and - as always - keep them updated if the author makes revisions. So, as we get more well marked maps available, we'll add them here for you to have as well.

LOUD Launcher Map Library 5 6 1

Mod Manager and a Unit Database

LOUD ModManager 5 4 09

The new Mod Manager makes seeing, finding out about, and selecting the mods available with The LOUD Project, super easy. Not only are there more details available about each mod and what they do - but there are over 20+ additional new mods for you to investigate, including the many favorite sub-mods of BrewLAN, which have finally made the leap to LOUD, and several others as well, like CityScapes, that will add fortified civilian towns to almost any map you like (It really is quite a bit of fun). There are still more to come.

If you're not sure which mods to use to get the truest LOUD experience - we've made it easy - just press the LOUD Standard button (top right) and those mods will be turned on for you.

Once you've turned it up with those mods that you like - you can find MUCH more out about all the units the come from your favorite unit mod - with the recently added Unit Database module, from another very welcome addition to the LOUD Project, RatCircus. Rat has tackled both of these awesome UI changes with great energy and in conjunction with some tireless editing, so you can see a great amount of detail about your favorite - or most hated - units.

LOUD Unit Database 5 4 0

RatCircus is also responsible for bringing forward some big changes to our game lobby and setup screens, and some of the in-game dialogs. We had wanted, for a very long time, to bring discrete AI cheat levels to LOUD, but we never had the skillset to make that happen - but now it has - and not only that - we have some brand new AI options to show off.

LOUD lobby 5 4 09

The first thing you'll notice is the ability to have different strength AI - some stronger, some much weaker than normal - no more AI or AIx - just pick the level of challenge you desire. But - what's not so obvious here is the other big addition - we call it ACT for short. Advanced Cheating Thread.

A.C.T. - Advanced Cheating Thread

LOUD has always been credited with being a smart AI - already dynamic in the way it adapts to a wide variety of map situations, over the past year, we've significantly upped his small map game - but we've also added some tools so that you can tailor him. We call this ACT.

ACT allows you to create two different kinds of economic cheats for a LOUD AI. FEEDBACK, allows you to make an extra-tough, defensive AI that only gets a bonus (but a substantial one) if he's losing. If he manages to survive - he'll return to normal until you threaten him again. This is useful if you just want to configure LOUD as a punching bag.

The second ACT type is TIMED - which is pretty simple - Every so often he'll get an increase (or a decrease) to his basic resource rates - so you can tailor an AI to get stronger or weaker over the course of time, as you see fit. You want an AI that starts off nice and quiet - but becomes a blood-enraged mongrel as the game goes on ? Then a TIMED ACT is for you.

Of course - you can use both of these together, on any - or all the AI in your game - or leave the ACT setting at FIXED - which means he's the same old LOUD AI you've always loved or hated - he'll just use the Cheat value you set up just for him. However, if you wish to give them all the same basic cheat, we've also added a button to set them all to whatever level you require.

The Game Options panel will allow you to tailor some of the specific rates of the ACT for more or less aggressive action.

What about the AI work ?

Well, that's my domain - but I really wanted to get some of those who deserve some recognition for all that they do for this mod community - they and the great number of you who joined our Discord server this year, and chose to make a contribution, either with your comments, suggestions, complaints or praise, but more importantly to me - your replays and log files - and the never ending questions about the sheer myriad of things that LOUD does - or doesn't do. Without it - all this work would be for nothing - and I am personally invested in making sure we give you not only the best performing Supreme Commander experience, but the most flexible, dynamic - and sometimes, down right devilish - enemy.

While I started the year with some ideas, some things took greater importance as the year moved along. We got a great deal of data from our community this year, and with the vital support of some other AI developers, namely Azraeelian Angel, Uveso and Relentor, from the FAF community - it allows me to examine certain parts of LOUD in a new light - and confirm some of the things we already do. Besides, it great to have some dialog with others that have similar goals.

A lot of work went into tuning LOUD's aggression - getting him to build units is one thing - but getting him to use them effectively, as a game evolves from one phase, into another, is work that requires a great amount of close observation - and lots of repetition. We've made great strides in that area - so if you were concerned about him being timid previously - try again. We're always working to make him better - so please - if you see something we may have missed - speak up.

What's that ? Dinner bell....oh sorry. This is a long article. Tuning - yes.

Tuning is a lengthy process of 'nudges' and we've made a lot of them this year - and you can see it in a number of areas - his air power especially. His fighter squadrons like to mix it up with your air force, and he'll punish you in the air if he gets the chance. This kind of work also applies to how he selects targets, and goals, and decides upon if and how to deliver his calling card when it's good for him - not you.

A lot of what I do is build 'metrics' - measurement values that allow LOUD to understand the ebb and flow of the game. Using those metrics in ways that are meaningful to him, adjusting his production, attacking your weak spots, keeping him a flexible and dynamic opponent, all while managing his assets to keep his unit cap in control, and your game performance as high as is it can be. It's a bit of tightrope - but we've seen and learned a great deal about it this year - and much of it is in some play at this point.

Balance and New Units

My other job is balance work - understanding and defining the relationships that make the game flow in certain ways, and in this area too - we've moved ahead with some very important work. With able assistance we put a lot of work into getting a much better 'threat' value for units. This threat value is central to everything LOUD does - and finding a way to equate certain things like weapon range, and unit speed into a formula, along with typical items like rate of fire, damage and area of effect, make this crucial work - work that has been done this year - and the aim and result of this is simple - make LOUD understand the units - and his responses to them, just that much more accurate.

While looking at balance, we also look at gameplay - and explore how certain factors play into making a map a turtle's paradise - or a rapid slugfest - and how the units play into some of those behaviors - and how we can nudge certain more open and/or aggressive playstyles away from what are typically dead-end situations. One example of work in this area is in regard to how long-range AOE weapons impact the mobile game and can lead to predictable stalemate situations. This kind of examination, and seeing how players will gravitate towards it, can lead to changes, not to those weapons themselves, but in the economic reality of powering that kind of defense with those kinds of weapons. That's not a process we ever take lightly - and long periods of tiny nudges, followed by extensive review and observation - allow us to make changes that open alternative gameplay styles - creating more opportunity for players to demonstrate their own 'Supreme Commander'.

The final topic I want to talk about is 'new' units. While we didn't entertain any sparkly new unit pack additions to LOUD this year - we've got new units anyhow. Part of this process is simple - and part of this process is you - the user. As a result, we frequently discuss opportunity for new roles that perhaps LOUD has a weakness in, that might provide space for new units. Some of our community actively and directly support that development - commissioning new custom-made units, from Balthazar of BrewLAN. Here are just 3 that made it into BrewLAN and LOUD this year.

BrewLAN SudethBrewLAN XiphosBrewLAN Deluge

So - look - don't take my word for it. Come and see for yourself - it's never been easier to get involved - the link to our Discord server is right there on the front screen of our launcher. Try LOUD for yourself, and see if it's what you've been missing in Supreme Commander Forged Alliance - you won't be disappointed - and well, if you are, then please - come bend my ear about why. Everyone is welcome, but leave your pulse cannon at the door !

What is the LOUD Project ?

What is the LOUD Project ?

Feature 1 comment

A summary of the purpose and features of the LOUD Project for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

LOUD Project - Setting up a LOUD Game

LOUD Project - Setting up a LOUD Game


Some tips on how to setup your LOUD game for the best results with it's AI.

The LOUD Project - 2020 - Version 5.2

The LOUD Project - 2020 - Version 5.2

News 1 comment

A summation of the latest point release for The LOUD Project. Discussion of work completed, upcoming efforts and the general state of things.

BrewLAN for LOUD ver 0.65

BrewLAN for LOUD ver 0.65

News 1 comment

Announcing an update to BrewLAN for LOUD - Ver. 0.65 - Introducing the Penetrator Aircraft series.

RSS Files
LOUD Project - Updater/Launcher v5.7.5

LOUD Project - Updater/Launcher v5.7.5

Installer Tool 51 comments

This version of the LOUD Project Installer (SCFA_Updater) is 5.7.5 Created November 7, 2021. You may need to make an exclusion in your AV software in...

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After installation, the original game slows down as before.

And in the loud version, even after an hour, the AI ​​does not attack me, it just builds units like the bigboy x20 and waits for unknown what.

I have not changed any settings

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I had a problem like this in the past, where the AI will only build extractors and the like. Sometimes if you use too many, or simply the right (wrong), game mod (like No Air, no Navy, No ground, etc.) the AI just breaks and wonders wtf you're smoking.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sprouto Creator

The LOUD Project has no impact on your original game.

As for the AI not attacking you - I would need to see a replay to diagnose the situation. If your unit cap is simply too low, or you've used a map without markers, then LOUD won't be able to put together the formations he needs.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Great Job so far!
Especially AI!!

Could you please add:

1. Unit selector
Pre-game unit-selector for adding not always a whole mod to extend
vanilla. Means like just add wanted units or block unliked ones.

2. Unit Modifikator for every faction.
Just an application-window for personal rebalance and a setting
save option.


Other topic but in General:

Some ideas of different mods reach from nice till excellent for balancing, but at least it is worse. This has a simple reason.

Vanilla suffers much similarity because of less differnces between the units and diversity between the factions.
Unfortunately most mods strengthen this problem in a worse way.
Means T1 has everywhere almost the same units with less differences, T2 same T3 same T4 is ok maybe a bit to less diversity in vanilla but like it should be in T1-3.

If you add mods to vanilla -> T4 becomes like T1-T3 as well and T1-3 recieves a lot more simmilar units factionwide. Some of them usefull, plenty of them useless or just unfitting because of turning vanilla units to almost useless.

For example:
- T3 Mobile Shields, T3 mobile SAMs almost everthing turns the same.
- Sera and Aeon in vanilla has huge T4 walkers. Now the UEF gets also one.
- Sera, Aeon and Cys with T4 Airunits, UEF gets it too.
- T4 Resourcegenerators.
- T4 shields.
- and and and ...

What faction you ever play -> it morphes into almost the same one just with a couple of different optics what is -> if we are honest <- not different enough as well.

A bit more Starcraft would be not to bad i guess.

Game-mechanics and game-balancing is like mathemathics. Not everyone who is talented in writing counts and letters beautifully on paper is able to calculate in an working way. Opposite it is the same with the Animation and Graphics. Sometimes people just has to work together.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sprouto Creator

One of the reasons we curate all our mods is to make sure that ALL the units have value, and are balanced against the entire arsenal. We considered having a screen to selectively restrict units, but the problem with that is that LOUD is expecting to see them all - and it's simply not possible to make him work, as expected, when there are restrictions in play.

The other reason we curate our mods speaks directly to your later point about unit overlap - and factional diversity. When we integrate a mod into LOUD we look very closely at this. Units which duplicate an existing role are generally left out, and units which duplicate another factions express flavor, are either left out, or modded to be less effective 'copies' of the original idea. The idea that another faction might try to copy a successful idea, from another faction, is something that litters history - so we're not against it.

As for making modifications - that's something you'd have to tackle on your own. Every single unit in the game has HUNDREDS of moddable parameters, so it would be a project onto itself, to have a program to do this, upfront, before a game actually starts.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is there any possibility to scale the ui? At 4k everything ist pretty tiny...

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Sprouto Creator

While it's possible, we haven't got anyone to tackle that project at this time. Sorry for the bad news.

I'm on 4k myself, and yes, it's pretty darned tiny. I set the resolution, in game, to 2k (2560*1440) and it's ok then.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can you play the single player campaign with LOUD?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sprouto Creator

There would be no advantage - the campaign is pretty much entirely scripted (no AI) and the performance requirements are very low. We opted to cut all the campaign code and data out in favor of more workspace instead.

If you desire to play the campaign, your original game will play it very well.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

hey guys, ..i do got a question.
can you upload a version of loud wich will not be flagged by my av?
now i know.. that sometimes files "can" be missjudged...
but as a general principle, i wont use anything that could be something bad. and i believe many people operate like that.. so if it were possible.. that would be great..
side question..
what versions of

wyvern battle pack mod
total mayhem
are you using?

i will take this oportunity to adress "FAF" ..
every mod.. they do have for all versions wich you can download.. my av wont let me download them because of a security risk..
the same people try to take down any mod as far as i know that tries to operate outside of faf.

if there once in a while there is a mod wich is good and not on their platform they come asking for it,
but wont share barely anything, and if.. like i mentioned.. a security threat.
I full heartily despise this community

*side tip
if i were you i would show more units (loud units)
i would link the mods i do have listed so people could see what they contain.
in doing so you would attract far more people..
because people starting to play the likes of SC/FA SC2
because they started with something newer and want more, or hear that most of the newer games these days arent as good as the mentioned. and the mentioned are being worked on quality wise
and in some cases look even better than that what they can play.

i will be on crusade to stop each and everybody from joining faf with legitimate reasons lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sprouto Creator

I'm not sure we can help you out here - we don't intentionally use code that triggers any of the AV programs - but it happens - and it doesn't take much at all. For most AV programs, anything that opens a port to talk to the outside world is considered 'threatening', which is fair. We used to have to submit the program to MS every time we updated the launcher, and then wait, sometimes weeks to get an 'OK' - if ever, even for the most minor change. It's not practical for us, or for any modder.

As for mods, we start our adaptation process with the most current version available at the time we decide to integrate it into LOUD. We don't stress about staying current, because the integration, and more importantly, the balancing process is intensive and time consuming, and many units in any of the mods you mentioned may be left on the cutting room floor as repetitive or redundant in the LOUD universe.

FAF is, without a doubt, the heart of the SupCom community. There is no one else - like them, love them or hate them - they have sustained this game for a great many years since GPG closed it's doors. Yes - they cater to a specific audience (PvP) and their support for the rest of the community is pretty weak (which is where LOUD comes in) - but for most people - FAF is where people find life before they start looking for what they really want. Unfortunately, the chest-thumping attitude, of a portion of the playerbase, tends to dominate the discussion - and for many, it's an unpleasant and often hostile community. I don't blame FAF for that, but they do have a responsibility to moderate it, and that takes a lot of effort.

As for showing more units (LOUD units) - there are not really many to show. We don't author a lot of units ourselves, but our community provides support to authors who do (BrewLAN).

For the most part, we curate the work of others into a seamless worldview where they all play together with some meaningful guidance, in a very easy to install and self-maintaining package. That's important to us, since it's frustrating to try and stay up to date on dozens of out-of-date mods, and maps, that don't always get along. We would rather take all that painful nonsense out of the process and just get people onto playing.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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