Just another try to escape from the Black Mesa. Can the nameless scientist save himself with your help?

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A very awesome mod! Mapping is classic ans very detailled, difficulty is challenging, I liked the little exporation style, find a special item to continu... classic but effective.

The mod use the Blue Shift "engine" and not a lot of mod use it.

Awesome work!


poshgaloo says

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Not bad. It is a bit generic tho with the abrupt ending. Even if the ending is just text on a screen, it's better than having a mod end so quickly. Otherwise, Hopelessness was pretty good. I like the Black Mesa atmosphere.


Excellent mod. It is short, but this works in its' favour as it results in a thrilling, tightly paced adventure. Although it throws you into the action straight away, it really helps hammer home the theme. Would love to see more!

Very well made. Gives the sense that you are just a scientist trying to survive. Some small yet welcome puzzles in this, some really tough action, and boy do they throw you into the thick of it early on, just before getting a decent weapon.

+Level design is terrif, gives for a very banged up Black Mesa, damaged panels, cracks, doors that you don't have clearance for, vents, dead guards and scientists ect
+some puzzles
+well placed enemies and just enough ammo to be able to take on all enemies
+Medium length, a sad but rather abrupt... yet somewhat fitting ending.

This mod makes me want more, and that the creator may wish to continue this at some point.



This mod is so brilliant. It makes you feel the suspense and the story is well made. Wish it had a second part.


Kotion says

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Perfect Style And Amazing Detail


A true contribution to HL universe.

The only issue is that at the beginning of the game, there are quite less ammunition comparing to the number of enemies in terms of medium difficulty.

Time to play the sequel!


thedeadcamper says

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I had a really fun time with this one, but only on a second play-through.

The first time I tried this mod, I was turned off by the painful difficulty that this mod started out with, often leading me into situations where my health went below 10 and I had to do some serious save scumming tactics just to get through. I gave up quite early on, but didn't realize how close to the end I was at the time.

The second time I started this up, I came into it with the expectation that this was a hard mod. It fits well with the title, as it's meant to feel like a 'Hopeless' situation. It pulls no punches to establish how hopeless the situation should be, from scientists refusing to help you out, to teleporting alien grunts at the least convenient times, to minor tweaks to the attack damage of each enemy to make it harder.

Because of the game really earning its title at this point, I was sort of expecting it to give some kind of downer ending at the end, but I don't agree with the mentality. Downer endings kind of spoil the feeling of accomplishment, which a hard game like this needs at the end. However, my major complaint is that it ends too abruptly, with mostly text to fill it in as a cliffhanger.

These complaints aside, the level design here is great, and feels like one of the more professional Black Mesa based mods, and could even outdo Half-life: Blue Shift back in the day.

It's well worth your time if you want something really challenging.


Crypt says

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Nice puzzles and level design. There were a few issues (the keypad was annoying to use, some vents were awkward to get into), and the action is a bit difficult from the get-go, but overall very fun. I only wish the ending wasn't so abrupt.

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Would have easily given this a 10 if it weren't for two things. First, don't upload your config.cfg file with your mod. Some people may use different controls and mouse settings and it's annoying to have to reset them. Second, a couple of issues getting into some of the vents near the start, requiring you to crouch and then jump to get in. Otherwise, I loved it. I hope you continue because the ending was a bit of a downer. :P

Oct 4 2013 by UrbaNebula