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Why the project was started:

Plenty of people in the HL2 modding community have attempted to make the biggest and best HL2 mod pack, but either by credit and redistribution restrictions or just the sheer mass of the 16 years of content floating about, nobody has been able to bring us a proper, complete, ultimate combination of all the amazing work the HL2 modding community has produced over the years. The founding members of Slip Union decided to take on this challenge and combine their combinations of complex combat, combine combustion, and comfortable continuity into a comprehensive collection of commandeered content to form a true Amalgam Zenith, a mod pack to end all mod packs, an overhaul of overhauls, the endgame of source 1 mods old and new.

So what exactly is this?

We consider Amalgam Zenith to be much more than a mod pack. Although 75% of the included content is available partially or in some other form elsewhere, we have spent a significant amount of time bug fixing, tweaking, and merging assets that were originally completely incompatible. Our enhancements and hybridization make most of AZ's asset library unique. As for the remaining 25% of completely original work, we have created quite a few custom configs, scripts, textures, model ports, and more that can't be found anywhere else.

As we continue to round up the creators of the many great mods no pack is complete without, a much higher percentage of this mod will be made our own. We can't expect to get everyone on board however. We've been going so long that some of the assets we've incorporated from the internet were lost to time and became impossible to find. AZ is an archive and a second chance for the many cancelled, deleted, broken, or perpetually on hold sourcemods scattered about. We will make sure nothing goes to waste.

What about the engine and maps?

AZ runs on MMod only at the moment but we've put a lot of work into making scripts that push MMod to its limits, setting values beyond their intended maximums and bringing back unused features to be used in new, unexpected ways. We will look into compatibility with Overcharged when it is released.

Our focus was originally on Cinematic Mod maps but since the cancellation of Lambda Revision and its subsequent assimilation into AZ, we will be attempting to overhaul the maps of Hl2 and its episodes ourselves. We plan on straying from original HL2 more than HL2U but less than CM2013.

New Features and Changes:

New weapons and related changes:

  • Alyxgun and Annabelle are mostly functional and obtainable in-game with unique hud sprites.
  • Gluon gun is obtainable with a universe friendly model.
  • Holster weapon/Empty hands to free up the screen for better screenshots and story immersion.
  • The crossbow has been replaced with a combine sniper rifle in ep1 and a pressure rifle in ep2.
  • Weapon textures will be modified to be more in line with HL:A.
  • Weapon textures will be modified (scratched/rusted/dirty) to fit better with their episode or mod.
  • All weapon sounds have been diversified and tuned for satisfaction as well as realism.
  • (Experimental) Weapon models will be replaced to fit better into each and every mod campaign.
  • (Experimental) Enemies may have more diverse weapons and may act as mini-boss fights.

Material, Model, and Sound changes:

  • A fusion of improved CM textures, HL:A ports, and an unhealthy amount of AI upscaling has allowed us to replace nearly all brush textures. Munancho_INC. is working on bringing even more HD textures to AZ.
  • Many models have been replaced with smoother versions or HL:A alternatives.
  • Effects, impact decals, and particles have been improved.
  • Most sounds have been replaced with an alternative from multiple packs including HL:A sounds.
  • Many sounds are made from a combination of individual reworks of a specific sound, individually enhanced and fused with their HL:A alternatives.
  • The Sonic Reconstruction mod for MMod is being developed alongside AZ. Assets are being shared between the projects.
  • (Experimental) RNG texture selection for common objects is being worked on. We plan on having several texture variants for every generic box, barrel, tire, shelf, can, etc.

Settings and Menu changes:

  • Hidden higher quality settings for both standard HL2 and MMod are enabled with a single command.
  • Dive options allow for a single button crouch jump that is a bit more powerful than normal at the cost of some aux power. Great for quick strafe jumping to cover while shooting.
  • We've added a removable HEV helmet for added headshot protection, more hud elements, and immersion.
  • More HUD configuration options are available.

Quality of life changes:

  • (Experimental) CM2013 content and asset replacements may be included by default so you will not need to have an entire install of CM cluttering up your drive just to get a few custom assets. You would still need to install the maps you'd like to play yourself.
  • All mods use content from the same AZ base folder so no duplicate custom folders are needed for every mod.
  • Custom steam icons are used for each campaign with a shortened name that fits better on a slim games list. New icons were made if the mod had no icon originally.
  • Steam banner and icon assets are included.
  • (Experiential) Reshade is included with the install along with a custom preset.

We plan on having complete compatibility with all episodes and nearly all mods eventually. Any mod with an MMOD compatibility patch is prioritized for compatibility testing.

Community Discord

For getting in contact with our team or other followers. Questions and requests can be handled much more quickly there.

Youtube Channel

For video demonstrations and showcases.


For all our standalone mods.

AZ Credit List

Developers, Testers, & Direct Contributors:

Given Permissions or Allow Asset Modification:

Unable To Contact:

These people's accounts have been inactive for a long time. Help us find a way to make contact.

GameBanana Credits:

Moddb Credits:

Gmod Credits:

Music Credits:

Studio/Steam Credits:

Mod Subcredits, Non-mod File Sources, Inspiration, & Special Thanks:

  • 3dhdscan
  • ArachnitCZ
  • BernieBuddy
  • Cutout-trees
  • Dyna
  • Evermotion
  • Glitchvid
  • Hauptmann
  • janwalter
  • jay!
  • JimmiusGD
  • jmarcos28
  • José Baltazar
  • Just Jacob
  • kazım saatçı
  • Kidney_02
  • Mr Funreal
  • NvC_DmN_CH
  • Piggo
  • Red slug
  • RetroBoy
  • Reverend V92
  • Rockstar Games
  • Samplistt
  • Steffan Shibe
  • steve grease
  • Textures.com
  • The Astronauts
  • vldbshh
  • YuRaNnNzZZ

If your name is on this list:

  • Get in contact with our team through discord if possible.
  • If you can't seem to find what assets of yours we used, your content was either phased out at some point or only a minor portion of you mod was used like a single normal map, single script, or just an idea you had before we did.
  • If you are unsure about allowing us to distribute your assets as part of AZ, we are more than happy to welcome you to the team so that you may use your assets and our own as you please.
  • If you specifically do not want something of yours used in this pack but it appears in some form here anyways, please get in contact with our developers through discord so we can discuss any issues.

If you've made an asset that in some form is being/has been used in screenshots, videos, or standalone mods and you have not yet received a permission request from us, one of the following may have happened:

  • Your asset was included with a pack or mod that we did get permission to use or was sent directly to us by a community member who may have not received permission to do so
  • Your mod is being used temporarily while a fully custom version is being made (for compatibility and performance testing as well as inspiration and map design acceleration)
  • No valid contact information was available from the source of the asset (very commonly applies to mods from deleted accounts sent to AZ by someone who had a copy before it was deleted)
  • One of our developers received permission from an original source before they became part of the AZ team
  • Nobody has gotten around to asking yet because we're still looking for valid contact info, the assets are being used exclusively by testers who have personalized their builds of AZ, or we aren't sure how/if the assets will be used and are waiting for the right moment to ask. Nothing will me made publicly available until we've asked everyone.

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Upscaled Hybrid Juniez Pistol Skin

Upscaled Hybrid Juniez Pistol Skin

Weapons Skin

Hybrid of an HD mod for the original pistol model and an AI upscaled version of the Juniez skin on the Juniez model. Normal maps have also been upscaled...

Comebine-ish Juniez Grenade

Comebine-ish Juniez Grenade

Weapons Skin

A blue-grey, combine-ish skin for the Juniez grenade model. Based on the larger light skin variation. To install, first download and install any Juniez...

Animated Immersive Helmet

Animated Immersive Helmet

HUDs 2 comments

A mod that adds a fully animated, immersive HEV helmet to MMod along with many other functions like bullet time, dive/mini-longjump, more animations...

New Kleiner textures

New Kleiner textures


These textures are a hybrid of multiple different Isaac Kleiner skins.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 95)

I think you guys should stay away from the Half Life Alyx asset although it had some stuff that is a recreate of HL2 the fact that using it in Half Life 2 just feel wrong to me like the Scanner and the Force Field. Half Life 2 should be just Half Life 2 so i suggest you guys should used some asset that is unique and/or inspired by Alyx. That would be better and we had like an achive of High Quality assest for HL2 so finding stuff to replace that doesn't that hard (If i sound rude sorry, English isn't my main)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Munancho_INC. Creator

Speaking of which. You can see some of the new textures and models that combine the art styles of both games

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Slip_Union Creator

We're doing something like that. We've been porting a lot of HLA assets directly to start but then if possible/worthwhile we've been hybridizing HLA and HL2 assets to make something we think gets close to the best of both worlds both aesthetically and in the sense of maintaining continuity. AZ is trying to patch up the continuity problems between Black Mesa, Half Life 2, and Half Life Alyx but we are working hard to not mess with the iconic design of HL2 in the process.

To address your concerns more specifically, we are considering adjusting the textures of the scanner to resemble HL2's design. The forcefield is still being worked on but isn't being shown doing its full animation here yet. We used the HLA effect for when the player is up close but used a fading effect similar to HL2 to make it function much more like the original forcefields. Also, we have several moderately sized packs of model enhancements for the stock hl2 props that are being used often, mostly in situations where HLA items do not fit the general shape of the HL2 counterpart. Let us know if you have any specific ideas for how to adjust anything we have to resemble HL2 better.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i think the Alyx Combine Soldier need to be replace, like i said using HLA assest in HL2 no matter what doesn't look right. I had a few candidate to take it place the Jims combine soldier v3 (the types that don't had the backpack it actually fit pretty good with the base CM map and it look very similar to the og one just a bit more practical), Romka Soldier (classic soldier with more detail like you can see the line on the armor pad), Replacement Combine Soldier (like a reimagine of the soldier in the same style very good i would like to see this being used although the mod didn't had a zombine skin and a ep2 dirty).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Slip_Union Creator

We've been using this mod.
It fixes a lot of what's wrong with the original HL:A combine but we plan on adding some upscaled components of the original hl2 texture to give it the depth of the original while keeping the model quality. (A good example is the forehead texture's flatness) A lot of the time all we've needed to do to fix HL:A assets for use in HL2 is increase the contrast and lower the normal map intensity but more manual touchups are done where possible.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hm well ok, i want to ask if the mod can be customizable like i can install my own wanted addon

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Slip_Union Creator

Oh absolutely, AZ is compatible with almost every mod made for MMod and most regular HL2 mods.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

cool looking mod
will the music be updated?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Slip_Union Creator

An expansion to Munancho's response: We will be mixing together several remixes of the original songs followed by mixing the result with the original song and/or a direct improvement or expansion of the original song to create a 50/50 remix hybrid of the original song that doesn't mess too much with the song's overall feel but adds depth, length, and a much longer fade. We also plan on using remixes of BM/HLA ambiance and adding remixes that stray far from the originals to locations that originally lacked music but would be improved through having it. If any of the modded campaigns AZ supports use the original HL2 song files, we will attempt to replace them with their own custom remixes unique to the modded campaign.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Munancho_INC. Creator

We would try to maintain the original music but also include some music from other titles like BM and HLA

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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