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Half-Life 2 may be one of the most modded games of all time. Plenty of people in the HL2 modding community have attempted to make the biggest and best HL2 mod pack, but either by credit and redistribution restrictions or just the sheer mass of the 16 years of content floating about, nobody has been able to bring us a proper, complete, ultimate combination of all the amazing work the HL2 modding community has produced over the years. Every member here at the slip union once tried to create such a mod pack alone. Recently however, we decided to combine our combinations of complex combat, combine combustion, and comfortable continuity into a comprehensive collection of commandeered content to form a true Amalgam Zenith, a mod pack to end all mod packs.

We consider Amalgam Zenith to be a little bit more than a mod pack, a mod pack plus if you will. Although 99% of the included content is not our own, we have spent a significant amount of time bug fixing, tweaking, and merging assets that were originally completely incompatible. As for the remaining 1% of the work, we have created quite a few custom configs, scripts, textures, model ports, and map modifications that can't be found anywhere else. We've been going so long that some of the assets we've incorporated from the internet were lost to time and became impossible to find due to accounts and forums being deleted. Please let us know if you have any such rare mods sitting around in a folder somewhere. AZ is MMod only at the moment. Our primary focus is on creating a highly custom campaign using modified Cinematic Mod maps. We plan on straying from original HL2 more than HL2U but less than CM2013. A lot of our changes are to remove leftovers from HL2's beta "green phase" and so the game aligns with HL: A. We will also be modifying Cinematic Mod maps to feel more like the original game while maintaining the ridiculous resource requirements of CM. Foliage and lens flares will be reduced, overused detail textures will be removed, and Alyx will not be fully modeled.

New Features and Changes:

(Made using parts of other people's content of course)

New weapons and related changes:

  • Alyxgun and Annabelle are mostly functional and obtainable in-game with unique hud sprites.
  • Gluon gun is obtainable with a universe friendly model.
  • Stunstick is now obtainable in Cinematic Mod Maps.
  • The crossbow has been replaced with a combine sniper rifle in ep1 and a pressure rifle in ep2.
  • Weapon textures will be modified to be more in line with HL: A.
  • Weapon textures will be modified (scratched/rusted/dirty) to fit better with their episode or mod.
  • All weapon sounds have been diversified and tuned for satisfaction over realism.
  • (Experimental) Weapon models will be replaced to make their presence make sense in their mod.
  • Citizens are now used to follow with overhead team markers.
  • (Experimental) Combine forces will have more diverse weapons and may act as mini-boss fights.

Material, Model, and Sound changes:

  • A fusion of improved CM textures and AI upscaled textures replace nearly all brush textures.
  • Many models have been replaced with smoother versions or HL: A alternatives.
  • Many sounds have been individually enhanced and fused with their HL: A alternatives.
  • HL: A enemy models are used where applicable.
  • Every weapon has an improved world and view model.
  • Effects, impact decals, and particles have been improved.
  • Most sounds have been replaced with an alternative from multiple soundpacks including HLA sounds.
  • Many sounds are made from a combination of individual reworks of a specific sound.
  • (Experimental) RNG texture selection for common objects is being worked on. We plan on having at least 3 texture variants for every generic box, barrel, tire, shelf, can, etc.
  • The Sonic Reconstruction mod for MMod is being developed alongside AZ. Assets are being shared between the projects. Gamebanana.com

Settings and Menu changes:

  • Restored menu options MMod didn't include by default like a disconnect button, developer commentary, and video stress test.
  • (Experimental) Optimized standard and MMod options are loaded by default.
  • Hidden higher quality settings are enabled automatically through Autoexec.
  • New combat dive option allows for a single button jump crouch that is a bit more powerful than normal at the cost of some aux power. Great for quick strafe jumping to cover while shooting.
  • (Experimental) Equip the HEV helmet for added headshot protection and immersion. Used this mod as a base but additional functionality has been added. Gamebanana.com
  • The quickinfo crosshair can be enabled to show primary ammo and health.
  • A supercheat console command has been added to quickly enable all the standard cheats with one command.

Quality of life changes:

  • CM2013 content is included so no need to have an entire install of CM cluttering up your drive.
  • Custom steam icons are used for each campaign with a shortened name that fits better on a slim games list. New icons were made if the mod had no icon originally.
  • Steam banner and icon assets are included.
  • (Experiential) Reshade is included with the install with settings pre-loaded.
  • All mods use content from the same AZ base folder so no duplicate custom folders are needed for every mod.

We plan on having complete compatibility with all episodes and nearly all mods eventually. Our ability to do so is limited by not having access to MMod's sourcecode which makes full compatibility with certain mods impossible, mainly ones with custom weapons and NPCs. Any mod with an MMOD compatibility patch is prioritized for compatibility testing.

If you would like to see a full or partial addon added to AZ, please let us know. We are trying to replace every single asset from HL2 with a better one. We have quite a bit of content from Moddb and pretty much everything from Gamebanana like AI upscale texture packs, juniez weapons, foliage, and particle overhauls, HL: A ports, etc. We haven't looked very far into whats on Garry's mod. If you would like to contribute to or join the project, please let us know. Want access to the current unstable build? Give us permission to assimilate your content. We accept everything from A to Z.

Credits so far

It's easy to lose track of things after a couple of years so the list may be incomplete. Underlined names gave us permission. We are constantly seeking new permissions so if you see your name listed here please get in contact. We have sent many requests that continue to be unseen.

GameBanana Credits:

  • _Nemez_
  • 2clip
  • Alfa33
  • agh07
  • AVM
  • Banana Maximus
  • Barnes
  • Based_Eymane
  • Bennyfagor
  • BlueFlytrap998
  • BlooGurftonBlue
  • Chorch
  • clatronix
  • classy_houndeye
  • Comrade_Shephard
  • CrazyDragonOfJustice
  • CrazyHairGuy
  • Creme
  • CzechDeath
  • Darken217
  • DignifiedStorm
  • Dynamic_ (REQUEST UNSEEN)
  • Fosland
  • Futon
  • GeneralEcchi
  • Green Banana (REQUEST UNSEEN)
  • Egon Houstuvk
  • HiranJP
  • Iretuerye
  • J. Barnes
  • JersonGaming
  • Johnyonghwang1
  • Juniez
  • jQueary
  • kizuati
  • kubiiik_svK
  • LambdaFox
  • Lightning McYing
  • Maestra_Fenix
  • maradonna122
  • MaiYass
  • mbramblet
  • Motokuro
  • MotorHead
  • Mr. So and So
  • Myskojorph
  • mystic1
  • Nindzya Nub
  • Reverend V92
  • Rockoman100
  • Shadow_RUN
  • StarFreak22
  • Soldier11
  • Terg500
  • The Gman
  • TheGrymoire
  • themanclaw
  • TrappaKeepa
  • UshWan
  • vertthrasher
  • Volkolak
  • WhiteDove101
  • Whynotll83
  • Wojacket
  • X RaY
  • XRGM1267-X-RED
  • Yogensia
  • yumyumshisha
  • WackyMoon
  • Warlock Hatman
  • Willow/Brooke Haze

Gamebanana Subcredits, Authors, Sources, and Special Thanks:

  • 3dhdscan
  • ArachnitCZ
  • BernieBuddy
  • Cutout-trees
  • Evermotion
  • Hauptmann
  • janwalter
  • JimmiusGD
  • José Baltazar
  • Just Jacob
  • kazım saatçı
  • Mr Funreal
  • NvC_DmN_CH
  • Piggo
  • Rockstar Games
  • sáruna and Steffan Shibe
  • Textures.com
  • The Astronauts
  • YuRaNnNzZZ

Moddb Credits:

  • Blond.Panda
  • Gcan123
  • Gunship_Mark_II
  • Qwerbey
  • Rivarez

Gmod Credits:

  • LonelyAndLookin4Fun
  • Vuthakral

Music Credits:

Slip Union 3 whiteglow

Slip Union was formed through the collaboration of several mod pack enthusiasts who realized that no mod pack could be THE ultimate mod pack so long as a competitor exists. To be truly ultimate, we must create a mod pack of mod packs, one that contains as many mods as possible. No theme, no niche, no purpose but to present as many options and features as possible. We strive to replace every asset of a game with something better until only an echo of the original remains. We believe that a Black Mesa like remake already exists for many games, just scattered across mod sites, forums, and workshops. We exist to bring the pieces together. We are Slip Union. Lower your redistribution restrictions and surrender your mods. We will add your material and model libraries to our own. Your content will adapt to be compatible with us. Resistance is futile.

If you would like to get in contact with our team or other followers, here is a link to our community discord. Questions and requests can be handled much more quickly there.
Community discord link

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New Kliener textures

New Kliener textures


the standalone version of our Kleiner textures acting as a teaser for Amalgam Zenith, these textures are a mix of an upscaled Kleiner and an HD Kleiner...

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this mod would have a discord server or not?

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classy-houndeye Creator

we do have a Community Discord, yet we also have a developer discord that cant be accessed
community discord link: Discord.gg

Reply Good karma+2 votes

ah thanks

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

what version of source sdk base this may need?

and what ciziten and rebels are going to be used?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Slip_Union Creator

Newest beta version available for the sdk.
We are working on custom RNG themanclaw citizen textures. We plan on using the rebel mod linked below when it is complete.

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MMod v2 is going to have an desert eagle and combine sniper rifle, i think that is a problem with Episodic crossbow models

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Slip_Union Creator

We are making this with the assumption that MMod v2 is very far from release but development will shift to full compatibility with MMod v2 once it is released.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Are you just directly porting CM2013's maps or will you be editing them for optimization/cohesiveness?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Slip_Union Creator

We have been lightly modifying CM maps to include new features and remove broken ones. The CM citadel is incredibly broken and near impossible to fix so for testing we replaced it with the HL2:update citadel maps. We are unsure if we should make a separate AZ ultra campaign and keep the original CM maps somewhere else or if we should just include the CM modification. Let us know what you think.

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