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a remaster of the "first HL2 mod ever made" (why and how do we know that? Because it was released even before HL2's official release... as it was based on HL2's leak...),

And it fell on me, shortly after, "if we know the first HL2 mod ever made... What was the first HL1 map/mod ever made?"

and it made me fall back to 1998... (sweat) - Moddb wasn't really helping on that, never was Google and some research on forums...

RTSL/ (ex - PlanetPhillip) was more helpful... As I dug deeper, I found onf the first maps ever made, judging by the dev's comments and the date of the file, it was probably released 12/30/98... and it was explicitly rushed just to be one of the first maps ever released...

"The Lounge"... so... 41 days after the official retail release.

But it's probably not the very very first...

So, I'm launching a big worldwide call, help me to find it, help me to find what could be the first HL1 map/mod

kingdruiduk.AKA.DJ - - 777 comments

Saw you review of 'the thing' I remember when it first came out. Nice one.

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Qwertyus - - 2,539 comments

Thanks, found some clues in your walkthrough about things I've missed.

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