With Hidden Stroke II, the Allied Power Team created a rousing sequel of Hidden Stroke. The completely new designed damage system and many new features are waiting for the fan of strategy.Further new units are ready for action in new thrilling campaigns and missions. Cities and coasts aren't safe - the war has begunBritish, French and Italian are completely equipped for combat. Four new landscapes have been designed, one featuring close-combat in cities, two long-range fights in the country and the fourth battles in the desert.The landscapes consist of over 760 different units, over 500 buildings and countless objects. They vary from a small road sign to a huge submarine riding at anchor. New buildings (haystacks, trees, trenches) offer a big variety of clever hiding places and entrenchments.FEATURES:

  • New units:
  • more than 40 new ground units
  • more than 40 new aircrafts (transparent propellers; aircrafts of flying aces)
  • many revised units (infantry, vehicles)
  • New types of units:
  • Heavy Tank" (They cause bridges to collapse, and break trees.)
  • Amphibian vehicles (They are able to drive and to swim)
  • Portable mortars
  • Mini-submarine" (Torpedoes)
  • Landscape
  • New landscape "Close-combat"
  • New landscape "Long-range fights 1"
  • New landscape "Long-range fights 2"
  • New landscape "Desert combat"

Now Udated to Sudden Strike Resource War engine:- Over 750 units.- Introduced fuel system.- Many new units and landscapes such as normandy, france, berlin, desert, westfront, eastfront, kursk,...- Repairing of buildings avaliable.- Realistic lines of sight.- SSF campaing included.- Many new animations and also many new realistic sounds included.

Download the game for free and play with more people online in this website where u can create games and chat with other people: www.sudden-arena.com

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List of changes


Tank dead hulls stay more in map for more realistic gameplay blocking way.
Fire stay more time. Burning a forest = hell.
Heavy bombers now drop less bombs and in a more straight line to make them more useful in multiplay maps (only otspreusen have heavy bombers).
New and different types of explosions for tanks, recovery vehicles, fuel trucks and houses.
New fire animarions for houses, dead flamethrowers, tanks and objects.
New unit: Hand Air raid Siren. It detect planes from very long distance and siren start when detect a plane. (very useful for newies that make line of tanks).
Repaired houses life and damage. Now asault guns are better vs bunkers.
Granades fixed damage.
Snipers fixed damage.New sounds (some from Soundmod 3).
-All submachine guns, rifles, machine guns are changed with real sounds.
-New sounds for bombers (now they dont sound all like stuka).
-New stuka sounds.
-New sounds for falling planes.
-New sound for heavy bomber and C47 transport.
-Many new sounds for tank engine start, idle and stop (real ones, some mixtured).
-New sounds for pershing, sherman and tiger (real ones).
-New sounds when a MG shoot metal, house or trees.
-New fire voices for paks and flaks (usa, ger and rus voices, from CUB apocalypse, Mixtures for Paks by me)
-New sounds when tank crush a tree/bush or break fences
-From soundmod 3: 90mm firing, 105/150 ballistic sounds, 105/128mm and some more i forgot.-Artillery/rokets damage updated.
-New driver/guner sight for tanks.
-Sight vision of gunner from withmman/vassily/abrams tanks increased.
-New gunner sight of tanks range (31 turret comander on): -31= t34-76. sherman 75mm, early stug & pnz4, Pz III, all tanks up to 75mm.
-34= panther adf, t34-85, su85, panzer4 f2 to J, sherman 76mm, jpanther, is1, t44, stugs, m10, hellcat, comet, kvs
-37= panther g, tiger nashorn, jtiger, KT, maus, e100, is2, is3, isu122-152, su100, centurion, pershing, m36, elefant, assault guns
-40= officers, Feldwebel
-43= scout cars
-45= major, wittman/vasily/abrams op tank
-50= general-Houses are more strong (Big ones).
-Assault guns do good damage to houses, trenches, bunkers...
-Repaired life and values of Fusion scheme houses (some name houses still wrong).
-Added diferent animatios to houses when are being hit or damaged
-Added diferent sounds when houses are damaged or ruined.
-Added diferent tipe of animations and sounds to static objets when they are destroyed.
-Deleted many old hs/ssf unused files.
-Russian 100mm gun now have same damage than su100 (dont kill kt at front).
-Russian 100mm and german 128mm gun range decreased a little.
-Russian mobile AA crew fixed.
-Repaired vertical objects from all schemes and added new explosions and little fire.
-Fixed winter and desert SSRW schemes
-Better animations for Paks shooting groundNew units, hand cranked siren, german static siren and british static siren.New dificulty modes:
Normal = Same values than HS2.
Hard = Paks and Flaks have better AI and shot tanks first.
Realistic = Tanks, Paks and Flaks have better AI defending a rush.Thnks:
To Sahib for felp testing and for the SSF campaing.
To Apocalypse for sounds and test.
To Rommel53 for Ai suggestions.

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Hidden Stroke 2: Resource War

Hidden Stroke 2: Resource War

Full Version 12 comments

Hidden Stroke 2 now is updated to Sudden Strike Resource War engine: - Over 750 units. - Introduced fuel system. - Many new units and landscapes such...


its possible to add AI players in multyplayer by modding?

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is it works for gametop version?

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unit names are in german. is it possible to convert it to english?

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