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Dubbed the "Definitive Deus Ex Experience" web-wide, GMDX is a one-of-a-kind all-encompassing modification of the classic video game Deus Ex, currently half a decade into rigorous development. Intended to be the best looking and playing version of Deus Ex available all the while remaining true to the original identity of the game, GMDX is the greatest thinking man's Shooter/Sneaker/RPG hybrid on another level. Prepare to be blown away by Deus Ex once more.
Polished, Tight, Deep Gameplay
    1: Vastly Overhauled, Formidable Artificial Intelligence; 
    2: Polished, highly refined weaponry;
    3: Deeper, more balanced RPG systems;
    4: New player tools and mechanics, such as mantling, zooming in with scopes, and upgraded augmentations;
    5: New physics, User Interface upgrades, difficulty and config options and more;
    6: Deeper simulation aspects -- attention to detail second to none.
    7: Every aspect of Deus Ex's fantastic gameplay refined in ways you'd never have thought possible;

Enhanced Artistic Direction (and graphics)
    1: Faithfully enhanced level design and level detail;
    2: New high resolution textures;
    3: many new graphical effects and art asset replacements;

Extensive Bugfixing
    1: the most comprehensive bugfixing mod available;
    2: there's no erroneous functionality too small for GMDX;

Audio Design Updates
   1: new sounds to replace duplicates, replace low quality audio, or enhance actions that were previously silent (e.g climbing ladders);
   2: updated audio experienced in the world, increasing immersion;

//This and so much more!

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GMDXv9.0 Release Trailer:

It's finally here. This is the culmination of five years uncompromising hard work striving to bring an absolute classic to the next level. Nearly all aspects of design are improved in faithful, logical fashion. The often named "greatest PC game of all time" given the update it truly deserves.

Download GMDX:
GMDXv9.0 Release

Visit GMDX's new website for installation instructions and a feature list:

Enhanced Artistic Direction
Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Fulfilling Augmentations
New Effects, Animations and Graphics
Updated User Interface
Polished Weaponry
Improved Level Design
Multi-Lingual Support
Highly Customizable Settings
Updated Physics
Attention to Detail Second to None
Fleshed Out Audio Design
Extensive Bug Fixing
HDTP and New Vision Support and Extension
Fine-tuned Balancing
Expanded and Refined RPG systems
Variable difficulty Settings
New and Improved Simulated Systems

If you have an technical issues with or would like to get more involved with the GMDX/Deus Ex community, visit:

GMDX v9.0.1 patch released

GMDX v9.0.1 patch released

News 8 comments

NOTE: This patch is only relevant to those that downloaded GMDXv9.0 before 10th July 2017. If you've downloaded GMDXv9.0 any time after the aforementioned...

GMDX Will Not Compromise Quality

GMDX Will Not Compromise Quality

News 31 comments

Dubbed the "Definitive Deus Ex Experience" web-wide, GMDX is a one-of-a-kind all-encompassing modification of the classic video game Deus Ex, currently...

GMDX Announcement

GMDX Announcement

News 15 comments

Dubbed the "Definitive Deus Ex Experience" web-wide, GMDX is a one-of-a-kind all-encompassing modification of the classic video game Deus Ex, currently...

Enhanced Artistic Direction Update

Enhanced Artistic Direction Update

News 17 comments

Dubbed the "Definitive Deus Ex Experience" web-wide, GMDX is a one-of-a-kind all-encompassing modification of the classic video game Deus Ex, currently...

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Full Version 96 comments

Continue reading for installation instructions. ______ It's finally here. This is the culmination of five years hard work bringing this incredible classic...



Full Version 87 comments

Experience Deus Ex pushed to its potential with GMDX. Also comes bundled with HDTP & New Vision graphics mods.

Veronika's HDR brightness fix

Veronika's HDR brightness fix

Effects GFX

Unborks the brightness when using HDR lighting in the Direct3D 10 renderer

Jobesky's Difficulty Tweaks UPDATED AGAIN

Jobesky's Difficulty Tweaks UPDATED AGAIN

Singleplayer Map 1 comment

Numerous changes to difficulty and balance. Install instructions are included in the folder. Here are some of the changes. The rest can be found in the...

Vanilla Dragon Tooth Sword for GMDX

Vanilla Dragon Tooth Sword for GMDX

Weapons Model 2 comments

I liked the look and animations of the Dragontooth Sword more in the vanilla game so I got the help of Totalitarian and RoSoDude in order to revert the...

Radial Augmentation Menu

Radial Augmentation Menu

HUDs 38 comments

This makes gameplay more fluent: tired of always searching the right F-key to toggle augs in your dark and moody (and untidy) gaming cave? Simply toggle...

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Any ideas on fixing brightness in the Direct3D9 renderer? Or getting the Direct3D10 renderer to work?

I've been playing GMDX with the Direct3D9 renderer at 1900x1200 resolution but the game is unreasonably dark. I would use Direct3D10 except that when I attempt to do so (at any resolution) there is severe lag, even at the opening menus. With D3D9 many areas are pitch black that should really be lit or at least visible based on the area (and yes, I know that Deus Ex is a dark game).

Any thoughts on tweaks or settings to correct either of these issues? I would be glad to use D3D10 if only the lag could be solved, but I would be fine with D3D9 if only I could figure out the brightness issue.

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Hi, I'm playing with the mod now and I'm loving the improvements and being blown away by your understanding of game design but there were also some problems, I don't know if they're all from the mod though.
(I'm playing on Steam with a fresh install, I'm focusing on stealth and non-lethal takedowns on Medium Difficulty with the Pistol (adv), Stealth(master) and Hacking(master) skills and using mainly a Baton, Prod, Mini-Crossbow and Stealth Pistol):
• The items that were in the MJ12 Armory were NOT mine, only a few were and all the modifications applied were gone. (I was pretty screwed after this point);
• AFTER someone has seen me, everyone seems to see me through walls, even if I run and hide behind something they come directly at me as if the "last known location" thing is turned off. Also turning invisible after being seen is useless, once again it's like they have wallhack and aimbot. I can only escape if I run far away.
• MANY times people just see me through the invisibility even before detection. ^^
Tried moving loudly, moving silently and standing still. (Cloak Lv 3)
• Man, those spiderbots are BAD, they're almost unavoidable and the only "reliable" method to deal with them is the EMP grenade. The Scramble grenades are only lasting like 3 seconds (shouldn't they be permanent?) and shooting them takes A LOT of shots (at least 13 with the Stealth Pistol). This isn't Invisible War with all those EMP options. What happened?
• Those 2 radioactive barrels at the end of the VersaLife are also BAD, it's a main passage, what happened? What if the player doesn't have bullets, grenades or enviromental resistance from augs or items? Grabbing the barrels makes JC drop them after being hit so I ended up destroying them by THROWING HUMAN BONES AT THEM, which also needed a Aug the player may not have.
• In the level with the crane, after opening the first gate, the soldiers from inside started shooting me, then the ones that let me in started helping me, then they all turned on me, except for one. Something weird going on there.
• Also in this level, inside the first hangar, the room with 2 vending machines in front of it seems to have problems with the walls as enemies could see me through them, even if I turned invisible, I had to keep reloading and eventually I made me give up on the level/on getting more LAMs and I went to the ship with just 2, which was just the right amount.
• The skyline from outside the VersaLife building has a really obvious seam where it connects with the sky.

That MJ12 bug(?), inconsistency in stealth and the spiderbots made me really not want to play anymore, it feels like I traded the original's inconsistencies for new ones.
I stopped at NYC - Lower East Side Cemetery (after leaving the ship), at least for now.

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• There are still one or two oversights here (that I found while making my fork/patch) but the transfer is actually much more reliable than vanilla
• All seeing eye **** is baked into the vanilla AI routines, even despite some special GMDX code to mitigate it. Seeing cloak after alert is whole other can of worms, balance-wise
• Wut? Literally never heard of anything like this. Maybe there are robots or cameras nearby and they set off alarms and alert nearby human NPCs?
• Spiderbots were scary in vanilla too; I'm not aware of any major differences. And they should be! Need to support builds with EMP resistance as well as make bot killing tools relevant. Spiderbots are one of the best parts of the game's encounter design towards the later game, IMO
• There are so many possible solutions here that I don't see the issue. Yes, you could be out of luck if you're out of explosives, bullets, health, medkits, hazmat suits, don't have Enviro, or don't have Muscle aug, etc, but the compounding probability is vanishingly small. At worst players may have to reload back to the UC, which notably features a medical bot that will put you up to full for the sequence that follows. This addition recalls the chokepoint challenges of SS2 and it's a good fit for DX's multi-solution gameplay.
• AI weirdness with the troops is certainly vanilla behavior. Don't know how much can be done there (some already has been IIRC).
• Again, never heard of anything like this regarding Cloak or AI visibility. I have to assume there's some factor here that is being left out of the picture
• Go to Documents/Deus Ex/GMDXv9/System/gmdx.ini and turn "SimulateMultipassTextures" to false. You'll get a tradeoff with how reflections look, unfortunately:

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• Yeah, I noticed a big improvement in basic stealth as soon as I started Invisible War and Human Revolution, too bad it can't be helped much here. / I just tried it in Human Revolution and Cloack after being spotted works, people just shoot at your general direction if they hear you, the high cost is enough to balance it and it's more consistent this way.
• I just played a little more and it worked, I escaped the Cemetery using Cloak, like I did in vanilla, it also worked in Paris, but from the Crane level to the Ship level soldiers could see me, I even kept reloading saves to test it like I said, standing still, running, moving silently...
• What are those bot killing tools? I can only remember of EMPs and explosives/heavy weapons, since the Scramble only lasts 3 seconds... The biggest problem I think is the range and damage of their attacks, you lose your BioEnergy and your health very fast and from afar, it's too much to kill them with other weapons and to properly run away (especially since they're in tight spaces and in groups.
And their placement on the ceiling makes grenades even harder to hit, adding more "reloads because I missed what I shouldn't miss" to the game.
I died MANY times in that roof entrance using the Crane.

• There are many solutions but I think main objectives should be able to be completed by the base character as well, even if it's harder. I actually tried getting past it using only my full health but it's not possible. You have to spend too much time getting boxes out of the way and end up dead. Even the devs put an enviro suit beside that radioative room in Paris so people could survive running through it.
There are other similar things like this in the base game, whenever triggering a laser would basically result in your death, the devs put boxes beside it so the base character can jump over them. When you don't die fast after trigerring a laser they leave this out, like in a level close to the end, you can Bypass the blue lasers or open a vent with Lockpicks, but if you don't have them you can just run through the laser, since it releases spiderbots, and that takes time, it means you can avoid them if you're fast (that's how I solved it in my first playthrough). And of course, when it comes to guards/robots/cameras, you can avoid them by exploting their patrol patterns through the basic stealth. When that's not possible, I think the devs just add vents that are unlocked or are unlockable through codes as an alternate route, like in the hostage situation.

• I just mean the SkyLine's sky is too bright, so when it connects to the dark sky from the SkyBox, it is noticeable, it's a texture "problem".
"SimulateMultipassTextures" turned off does something to that? ^^

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• Vanilla AI routines don't have any notion of last known position, though GMDX adds extensive support for this feature. Still, the mechanics are not built in a way that can support Cloak during combat in a balanced manner. Though there is suppressive fire in GMDX on LNP, it can't really be tuned to wholly make up for the player's mobility, and the ability to become (even partially) invisible during combat would require a lot more work to be anything resembling balanced, and isn't a great idea given how powerful Cloak remains for stealth in GMDX.
• Can you PM me a save file? I'd like to test what you're talking about.
• EMP grenades, explosives, Sabot/AP rounds, Spy Drone EMP attack, even flamethrower/plasma will work okay
• The barrels take 4 pistol rounds to blow up out each, or you can just slip past them without taking much damage.

• Yes, "SimulateMultipassTextures = false" will render a (fairly) smooth transition between the background and skybox, no harsh line where they obviously meet. Comparison:

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Oh, and there's Radar Transparency for bots in general, don't forget that.

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• Using AP 10mm Ammo I remember it taking around 10 shots, I even remember I cheesed out one by using leaning from a place above it so I could hit it but it could hit me.
Stealth-Pistol with 3 Damage Mods.

• Like I said, I tried slipping past them with full health but there are also 4 blocks you have to remove to get in the passage, it takes too long to live.
I don't have a save there though, can you test it?

• Yeah, I wasn't trying it on bots.
I tried the saves on those levels again but I didn't have the specific ones from before.
In the Ship U had a save waiting a guard turn a corner, I would turn the Cloak on and just stand there and he would see and shoot me. Now I don't have that save anymore and Cloak worked in the Ship. ¬¬
And in the Crane Level but the rooms in the with the 2 vending machines might still have inconsistencies with the walls OOORRR it might have something to do with the alarms. I left a dead body in sight (non-lethal, silent), when a guy noticed it, he sounded the alarm then lots of guys immediately start saying "It's Denton", "There he is", even the robot "Target locked", even though I'm inside the dark room with 2 sofas, a PC and a security console.
Sometimes they would be running around for around 10 seconds then calm down, other times I could clerly hear the guy coming directly at me standing in the room, and shoot immediately, as if he already knew I was there and had his sight locked on me, no bark of surprise.
One is in the bathroom and the other is following the guy with Cloak if you wanna test that.
It wasn't exactly here (in the bathroom) but I managed to recreate them turning the alarm and saying the lines by Tranq Darting the guy in the room and throwing the body through the window for others to find, try testing stuff like that (the cameras are off).

Just asking, saves from this work in a vanilla game? (Paris Catacombs)

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Hey there Totalitarian... love the mod, great work! I have a quick question that you might be able to answer given your intimate knowledge of Deus Ex behavior... I'm trying to use the new Sabotage perk as part of a Hacker / Stealth strategy but I can't seem to figure out how to *force* or *entice* NPCs to use the alarm panel in order to knock them out.

What are the triggering conditions that cause an NPC to go for the panel? For example I have a situation in Castle Clinton tunnels where an NSF NPC is right by a panel, I hack the panel, but then no matter how I try to alert the NPC he never goes for the panel, he just tries to shoot at me. What's the secret sauce? Does the NPC need to take damage before they will sound the alarm or do they have to go to full combat alert and then lose sight of me, or... ?

Any help appreciated and thank you for all your years of hard work on this impressive mod!

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|Totalitarian| Creator

NPCs may go for an alarm panel under four conditions:

1. They spot a dead/KO'd body and a panel is nearby.
2. Some are scripted to run to trigger an alarm immediately after having spotted you. Probably only approximately 8 NPCs in the game though.
3. This is a somewhat rare occurrence: the player has alerted enemies and has ran away and hidden. During their period of checking out the player's last known location, they may trigger an alarm, which activates nearby turrets which you don't want to be hiding near.
4. They enter a fearful state (typically happens if their health is low, but not always).

Only #4 was ever a thing vanilla. I added behaviours 1, 2 and 3, which results in alarm panels being somewhat more relevant to gameplay, and a little more worthy of hacking/sabotaging. More still could have been done though, perhaps.

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Thanks for the reply! So this answer helps me a lot in terms of not spending too much time on this strategy... sabotaging alarm panels would not be a reliable method to knock out guards as part of a stealth strategy, but still might be worthwhile in certain cases as a hedge against those "rare" situations you describe above. Will have to use extra judgement... once again adding interest and realism to the game!

Thanks for continuing to support the DX community!

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|Totalitarian| Creator

It's useful as stealth defense. Like if you don't want to hide bodies because it's a tricky area with lots of patrols, or you know a particular NPC likes to run for the alarm when he spots you. I regret not making a high level tech perk that enables costless hacking of alarm panels though, since they're otherwise not often worth the effort or resource expenditure even despite my many efforts (reduced cost to hack panels. AI behaviour described above + more, such as improvements to how NPCs react to activated alarms. Addition of the Sabotage perk).

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One thing I thought would have been really neat as a Master Electronics perk would have been the ability to hack bots. I would imagine the effect as something like a scrambler grenade.

The alarm panels thing is great though. And the mod is just really well balanced all the way through. I'm noticing all the teeny tiny little improvements everywhere that are all singularly focused on increasing the immersion and realism, and it's really effective. Clearly a labor of love.

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If you followed the development of GMDX for the last few years, you know the drill: New version, new enhancements, GFX updates, and bugfixes - same old, same old? Of course not. v9 of GMDX is the logical conclusion to v8's approach towards a major redesign of the combat & AI, stealth, and RPG systems. What do I mean by that? Take combat, for instance. The original Deus Ex was never a stellar example of an ego shooter who could compete with the classics of the genre at the time. There were a lot…

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