Ultra Realistic Wasteland Lighting
The rain that is added is based on the mod Enhanced Weather - Rain v1.1 from Ghiro Volante A.K.A. Skingrad24.
The weather system is totally changed, so all weathers can be encountered everywhere in the world and the
weather follows you on fasttravel for more immersion. I added 10 highly realistic clouds to the weathers too.
Nights will be dark, like they are in real life with the default install, but you can adjust the night brightness
in the pipboy menu which you can find at the aparrel tab.
The rain quest has a slightly higher delay giving the cpu less work resulting in slightly less raindrops
and a smoother gameplay experience then with the original Enhanced Weather - Rain v1.1.
And much much smoother then with Enhanced Weather - Rain And Snow v2.
Interiors are also changed, it is only light where there is an actual lightsource, so if there is no
artificial lightsource or window then it will be dark, sometimes very dark like in real life.
I also added a ton of lights where there were supposed to be lightsources, but the devs did not include
the actual lightsources to go alongside the lighthazes they placed throughout the world.
This was needed cause otherwise the immersion would get lost because everything would simply be pitch
black due to the lack of lightsources.So in effect it is like Fellout only with rain and a total indoor overhaul too.

Unpack the file to your desktop and doubleclick the fomod inside the folder.
If you don't have FOMM installed rename the file to have a .rar or .zip extension
and unpack that file, the Data folder that comes out of there should be merged with
your Data folder in your Fallout 3 installation directory, and enable it in the
data files section of the fallout launcher.

Created by Marcurios.

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Changes in v6.0


OK, so i had some time to edit URWL Rain to make it more complete.
I added a night/interior brightness adjuster in the menu to adjust the brightness/darkness of the nights in the Wasteland, interior brightness can also be set independent of exterior night/day brightness.The script remembers your settings the entire playtrough. Inbetween you can ofcourse alter the brightnesses whenever you want.
I also tweaked the weather colors some more and added 8 extra weather types.

URWL for Fallout 3 URWL for Fallout 3
URWL for Fallout 3

URWLRain v6

Rain settings can now be set to occur in 1,2,4,8 or 16 days.
The script routine will decide for itself if it will be heavy rain or light rain.

The trusty weather testing menu is still there so you can switch to another weather to see what kind of weathers there are, not all weathers are included in there, merely the types.
There are 2x more weathers then you can force in the menu.

A bunch of cosmetic tweaks were done and seams in the clouds are gone.

Hope you enjoy !

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URWLRain DLC Plugins

URWLRain DLC Plugins


These are the plugings for the URWLRain master file that will apply the weather in the DLC's.

URWLRain v6

URWLRain v6

Full Version

Weather mod, makes weather colors more natural, bunch of new features added since v5.1. Rain frequency can be set in days now, so you can choose to have...


Great mod.

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