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Jobesky - - 200 comments


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SweetRamona - - 5,126 comments

You did a fantastic job on Turok 2 Plus, updating T2 Ascension to more balanced and less over the top, but still fun.

Have you thought about doing something similar with Perfected Doom 3?

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|Totalitarian| Creator
|Totalitarian| - - 1,033 comments

I don't consider D3 worthy of my time. Not a terrible game, but the core design isn't there to work with.

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SweetRamona - - 5,126 comments

Fair enough.

I guess I'll just stick with Overthinked D3, the only downside with that mod is it doesn't support the EXP Resurrection of Evil.

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coreDFDR99 - - 44 comments

Hi, All I have a Windows XP computer. I downloaded the 1st Deus Ex game and it works. Does anyone know if the mod will be able to change up the first game?

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greasygrisham - - 2 comments

I am getting popping and crackling audio with GMDX 9.0.2. Mostly the music, and most noticeably in Unatco HQ. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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BurnThemAll - - 5 comments

I have a massive issue with the mod, where I'm missing entire features, like perks, and the stealth tree. yet other features are there, such as hardcore mode, and the fact that it says skills/perks, there's just no perks.

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TECMEC - - 191 comments

Love your GMDX mod.

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Shablagoo - - 16 comments

I didn't even know they had a 'friends' feature on here. :p

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dasraiser - - 2 comments

Yo sup dude :)

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|Totalitarian| Creator
|Totalitarian| - - 1,033 comments


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jsb1 - - 11 comments

May I ask, is it really required to have beaten the game once to play GMDX? I haven't played it much because I can't get into it. Would Deus Ex benefit from me getting the GMDX mod?

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Klokinator - - 25 comments

If you play the vanilla game first, you'll love his mod even more because you can see the additions. I've played Deus Ex so many times that I know the levels by heart. Playing his mod makes it a fresh new game.

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