A Cut down Module for independent testing of races, (will generally load quicker than normal game if not using -DEV mode), Will hopefully include a Development kit of sorts, later on in the project which will speed up the Modding proccess

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This mod is intended to be used for testing purposes during development of other mods, and I guess can be used for Total Conversion type mods and those which already override most of the games assets and have no real need to keep loading the old stuff they aren't even using, ( apparently by using it you'll also get the old linear campaign selector back too :) )

How to use :
for now simply make a copy of your mod's module file and change the "required mods" field to _fresh_slate_mod (and of course change the mods UI name)
when you run your mod it will no longer load most of the game's existing races or assets....
though the majority of the game's existing assets won't be loaded at all this is still a work in progress of course, at the moment some kind of crash occurs a few seconds into playing a skirmish game which is likely due to something being missing, (so far it seems like its possibly sound or model(/skybox)related, I need to look into it some time, once that's fixed it should be fully usable)


The eventual goal is to include some other little tools to speed up mod development further,
ScrapCoder (in effect a standalone of the RDG/Lua Macro part of corsix mod tool, but modified specifically to automatically proliferate changes to selected RDG's based on a little set of inheritance text files in the mods attrib folders, (like a manual run version of lua inheritance for your RDG's))

KitBashEditor(set of model parts and animations to XRef, hopefully eventually a simple model viewer / tool, that will likely leverage FFE's code a little and will spit out a prototype Whe/WHM for testing purposes in your mod)

mini Attribute Editor
(Like that old RDG Editor someone released in the past, but just for double clicking and opening Luas for editing and tracking back their inheritance properties, with a burn to RDG Option, (will save all the time wasted loading AE))

-------- related side projects
SCAR only Requirements (I'm often annoyed by how needlessly limited some of the games entity/squad Requirements are, so am also hoping to implement a SCAR based system to replace them later which will also be included here)
SCAR UI (replacing the UI text for units and buildings with ones generated in SCAR, possibly negating the need for numerous UCS ranges for new mods, (instead they will load a language specific text file that loads into a RACE_TEXT table via SCAR)(I recall in the WXP campaign there were some examples of the commanders text being overridden, so it seems possible, (I will look into it in future))

-------- minor related fun side projects
a cut down version of the open source map editor purely for fun, it will produce very simple maps (similar to what you'd see in Wh40k:Final_Liberation), this along with a simplified version of the KitBashEditor
will be intended for people who just want to make something quickly to play around with


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fresh slate test skirmish broken

fresh slate test skirmish broken


This is a test version, Skirmish crashes for some reason, If you want to fix it to save me the time feel free to try

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