Star Wars Galactic battlegrounds: Expanding Fronts is a massive fan-made expansion that brings new civilizations, units, maps, gameplay features, and quality of life improvements to Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. Built over nearly a decade with contributions from dozens of community members, Expanding Fronts provides the definitive Galactic Battlegrounds experience.


  • New Civilizations! Do battle with seven entirely new playable civilizations; the Zann Consortium, Geonosians, First Order, Resistance, New Republic, Imperial Remnant, and Black Sun. Each new faction is fully realized with a unique graphics set, as well as a competitive roster of new unique units and technologies.

  • New Units and Techs! The standard unit and technology roster of each faction has been enhanced with numerous new units and researches. Use Transport Mechs to ferry infantry into battle; dominate the skies with the Interceptor; annihilate coastal defenses with Monitor ships; and much more!

  • New Maps! Expanding Fronts provides players with over 40 new Random Map scripts, based on various worlds from the Star Wars universe. Over 100 new terrain options, native buildings that provide benefits when captured, and enhanced scripting capabilities make these settings more unique than anything ever seen before in GB. From the wastelands of Jakku, to the snow-tipped peaks of Alderaan; the galaxy is yours to conquer!

  • Bigger Battles! Expanding Fronts greatly extends the maximum population limit, allowing armies of up to 1,000 units per player! In addition, the maximum map size for skirmish games and scenarios has been increased, with experimental options ranging up to 640x640 tiles - over twice the size of the default Giant map!

  • Enhanced Scenario Editor! The barriers of the editor have been shattered with countless new enhancements. Off-grid object placement, new terrains, thousands of new units and props, and completely new trigger conditions and effects make designing complex scenarios and campaigns easier than ever before!

  • Performance and Stability Improvements! Widescreen/Windowed mode support, increased framerate, and numerous user customization options allow GB to run on modern systems with ease.


Expanding Fronts is always looking for additional help! We are currently in need of:

- Concept Artists to help design new units, buildings, and characters for planned new civilizations and campaigns.

- 3D Artists/Animators to help construct new characters, creatures, vehicles, buildings, and props for us to add to the game.

- AI Scripters to write AI scripts for use in skirmish games and custom scenarios/campaigns.

If you're interested in joining the team, please feel free to send a message to us, along with some examples of prior work, here on ModDB or in our Discord server.


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RSS Articles


It's time again for another Expanding Fronts update! This update features a host of random map improvements, AI improvements, balance changes, new editor content, campaign revisions, new features, and numerous bug fixes.

Expanding Fronts 1.4.1a (Full)


20230504 H


Random Map Overhauls!

Thanks to the feedback of multiple community members, primarily Battlegrounds pro player Luckyllama, significant improvements have been made across the board to Expanding Fronts' library of random map scripts. Nearly every map has been altered for better playability and balancing.

The key change is a rewrite of the Food distribution system. Unlike most AoK maps where players begin with a static amount of Food, Galactic Battlegrounds' Random Maps utilize a randomly generated food table. This system forces more variety in opening plays and build orders. However, it could often lead to extremes, where players could start with absolutely no food, or could be inundated with absurd amounts of resources. Our new system adds further variations in the amount and types of Food sources that appear in most maps, while also reducing the chances of extreme generations. While a no Food start is still possible, it is significantly less likely.

The Expanding Fronts maps have also been adjusted to maximize build space by reducing the amount of obstructive elevation, cliffs, and props that generate. This extra space should also allow AI players to perform better on previously cramped maps.

In addition, all Expanding Fronts maps now have their own Map Type category in the lobby map options and there are now several blind random options for them. All EF maps now include short descriptions as well. Note that if you are updating from v1.5.0 or older, please delete all the old "[EF] Map Name.rms" map files from your ‘Game\Random' folder, as they are no longer used.

20230527 G

New Water Resource!

A new source of gatherable Carbon has been added in the form of Underwater Gas Vents. Found primarily in deep sea water, Gas Vents spew valuable minerals from the planet's core. This can be gathered by Utility Trawlers. These vents provide an infinite amount of Carbon, which is typically lacking on water-based maps.

20230527 E

Allied Vision!

The lobby Map Reveal settings now include Allied/Normal and Allied/Explored settings. These settings provide the effects of Holonet Transceiver for free at the start of the match, without the need of a Spaceport. Should you not utilize these settings, Holonet Transceiver will still be available at the Spaceport, now occupying the spot of the tribute fee techs, which have both been pushed back one Tech Level. The Trade fee technologies now occupy their own slot.

20230504 A

More Editor Goodies!

It's never been a better time to be a scenario designer for Galactic Battlegrounds! Several new units, heroes, podracers, animals, and props have been added to the scenario editor. One of our dev artists, Revan the Sith, has been continuing to work hard with adding nearly every notable character imaginable from across the galaxy! We hope to see more user creations in the future with the editor.

20230504 I


New Content & Features

  • Allied Vision game match options in the Reveal Map setting.
  • Numerous balance changes to several civilizations.
  • New "Expanding Fronts" Map Type category: All EF maps are now stored in their own category and there are now blind random map options for Random All, Random Standard, Random Locale, Random Land, Random Water, Random Mixed, Random Volcanic, and Random Space. (Please delete all the old "[EF] Map Name.rms" map files from your Game\Random folder, as they are no longer used)
  • New and updated maps: Overhauled several [EF] maps to improve playability.
  • AI improvements: Better performance, fixes for attack passiveness, improvements to trading, and improvements on water.
  • Added numerous new editor units and heroes. (Not trainable in standard game matches).
  • Updated Confederacy and Republic campaigns.

Cheat Codes

  • New cheat code “there's always a bigger fish”: Spawns a controllable Sando Aqua Monster unit in water terrains.

Performance & Stability

  • Changed implementation of new cliff types that was triggering Voobly's anti-cheat system.
  • Fixed incorrect recorded game length calculation for games containing chapters.
  • Corrected issues with the scenario preview screen that caused crashes.
  • Improved scrolling smoothness while paused in singleplayer.
  • Improved Recorded Game playback speed control.
  • Improved saved games, recorded games and scenario files launching from File Explorer. The file extensions of game files should now automatically launch the appropriate game version.
  • Various misc. fixes.

Gameplay Fixes & Improvements

  • Added Allied/Normal and Allied/Explored options to map reveal settings. Selecting these settings provides the effect of Holonet Transceiver for free at the start of a match.
  • Reworked buildability for some terrains.
    Now buildable: Rock 3, Snow w/ Rock 3, Mud Rock 1, and Lava Rock 1
    Now unbuildable: Volcanic Cracks 2, Cavern Floor Ice*, and Cavern Rock Ice*.
    * See Interface category for terrains that were renamed
  • Corrected multiple issues with terrains, including cliff generation terrain exceptions and AI player's inability to build Shipyards on EF water terrains.
  • Command Centers can now be placed on non-flat terrain more easily to make some maps more playable.



  • (IR) Commander changed to Palpatine Clone.
  • (NR) Worker now is scaled at 85% of original size and some gather animations were changed to differentiate more from idle ones.
  • (BS) Interceptor hull coloring changed to differentiate it from the Fighter line more clearly.
  • Remade graphics for (GE) Tarkin, (GE) TIE Pilot, (GE) Navy Trooper, (GE) Admiral Screed, (RA) Luke Farmer, (RP) Trandoshan Jedi, (CF) BX Commando Droids, Jedi General Human, Nikto, Rodian, Twi'lek Male, and Bossk.
  • Remade walking graphics for (RP) Clone Cadet Armored, (RP) 41st Clone Trooper, (RP) 212th Clone Trooper, (RP) 327th Clone Trooper, (RP) 501st Clone Trooper, (RP) Coruscant Guard, (RP) Commander Bly (Phase 1), (RP) Commander Cody (Phase 1), (RP) Commander Gree (Phase 1), (RP) ARC Trooper (Phase 2), (RP) Airborne Trooper, (RP) Commander Bacara, (RP) Commander Gree (Phase 2), (RP) Neyo, (RP) Senate Commando, (RP) Senate Commando Captain.
  • Re-rendered Large Rock Formation for better quality and added more variants.
  • Improved graphics for Rock 3, Red Desert 5, Moss, and Tropical Shallows terrains.
  • Tatooine Arch graphics remade and collision box sizes adjusted.
  • Jedi Padawans/Knights/Masters for Gungans, Naboo, Wookiees, and New Republic now use green lightsabers instead of blue for variety.
  • All grenade projectiles now use the original white explosion effect and the Explosive Yields Increased tech upgrades the explosion effect to a larger explosion.


  • (ALL) Sith Master and (GE) Emperor Palpatine: Fixed broken holocron, missing player color in holocron, and missing shield outlines.
  • (BS) Gladiator Droid: Fixed incorrect footstep effects.
  • (CF) Pummel: Fixed red pixels in attack animation.
  • (CF) Elite MagnaGuard graphics fixed for Gaia.
  • (IR) Worker: Fixed player color issues with Carbon Collector movement animation.
  • (IR) and (NR) Aquaharvesters: Fixed incorrect graphics.
  • (ZC) Medic, Mounted Troopers, and Vornskr - Increased brightness of player colors for better visibility.
  • (GN) and (IR) Transport Mechs now leave tracks on certain terrains.
  • (GN) Medium Turret: Fixed positioning of tech upgrade icon graphic.
  • (TF) Assault Mech: slightly raised height position of graphic.
  • (GO) Repeater Trooper: Fixed frame issue with attack animation.
  • (GO) B1 Battle Droids: Adjusted coloring to a different shade of brown.
  • Adjusted heights of Cargo Freighter graphics.
  • Fixed issues with (NR) Kyle Katarn graphics - Missing player colors, pink pixels, and bad anchors on holocron walk animation.
  • Fixed issues with (RP) Kit Fisto holocron graphics.
  • Fixed (black) Orbak's decay graphics.
  • Corrected Ithorian Medic healing graphics.
  • Adjusted Artillery Tower graphic position.
  • Adjusted Tatooine Garage graphic position and reduced collision box size.
  • Adjusted A-wing projectile graphic to a thinner red laser.
  • Adjusted frame delays and projectile spawn points across various units to better match with attack animations.
  • Improved animation speeds for multiple units.
  • Corrected numerous miscellaneous animation errors and visual artifacts.
  • Fixed black pixel anomalies with Grass 7 and Seabed 2 terrains.
  • Various misc. fixes and adjustments.



  • (All) Cargo Freighter: Unit now has unique sound libraries for each civilization variant.
  • (CF) Transport Ship and (CF) Cargo Hovercraft now have unique sound libraries.
  • Added various new voices and sounds to numerous Editor units.


  • (BS) Assault Mech - Corrected voice audio using the wrong voice actor clips.
  • (RS) Trooper / Hvy Trooper and (RS) Repeater Trooper- Fixed projectile sounds being swapped.
  • (RA) Han Solo (Carbonite) and (RA) General Dodonna (Wounded) no longer speak and have more appropriate sounds.
  • Changed move sounds for (CF) T-series Tactical Droid.
  • Reduced frequency of Sand Burrower idle sound effects.



  • Adjusted mini-map terrain colors for better readability - Rock terrains are blue-gray, metals are gray, red deserts are tan, ice terrains are white-blue (brighter than carbon), volcanic cracks are dark red, unbuildable rocks are brown-gray, and other minor changes.
  • Many more terrains now display elevation gradients on the mini-map, unless unnecessary.
  • The Idle Worker button now only starts flashing after there has been a 500ms continuous period of idleness. This should prevent random idle flashes when Workers only momentarily pause.
  • Changed “Episode I,IV,V,VI Campaigns” to “Original Campaigns” and “Episode II Campaigns” to “Expansion Campaigns” in the main menu.
  • Renamed terrains:
    Cavern Floor Brown -> "Cavern Floor (Brown)"
    Cavern Floor Gray -> "Cavern Floor (Gray)"
    Cavern Rock (Brown) -> "Cliffside (Brown)"
    Cavern Rock (Gray) -> "Cliffside (Gray)"
    Cavern Floor Ice -> "Cliffside (Snow)"
    Cavern Rock Ice -> "Glacier"
    Rock 4 -> "Crait Rock 1"
    Cavern Rock Crait -> "Crait Rock 2"
    Salt Rock -> "Crait Rock w/ Salt"
    Asteroid Rock 1 -> "Rock 4"
    Asteroid Rock 2 -> "Asteroid Rock (Gray)"
    Asteroid Rock 3 -> "Asteroid Rock (Brown)"
    Marsh -> “Shallows 2”
    Arid 1 -> “Arid”
  • Added a "1" to all first entries in a terrain set that have at least a "2" version.
  • Added a "[X]" to the end of all terrain names that are unbuildable.


  • People of the Trees tech no longer appears as accessible to the New Republic in the Tech Tree.
  • Corrected missing tooltip descriptions for (GE) Adv Infantry Center units.
  • Corrected Trooper descriptions to uniformly state Hvy Trooper upgrade cost as 175F, 240N.
  • Changed ‘Knights and Masters' to ‘Force Users' in Holocron tool-tip entry.
  • Corrected missing Republic computer AI name for Eeth Koth.
  • Fixed missing Anti-Air Battery description.
  • Added missing Confederacy shipyard unit upgrade tech descriptions.
  • Fixed incorrectly linked Hvy Monitor upgrade tech descriptions for several civs.
  • Fixed incorrectly linked Geonosian upgrade tech descriptions.
  • Fixed some Geonosian and Republic ship names in the tooltip help text to match the ones seen in the upgrade techs for consistency with other civs.
  • Renamed various units with brackets instead of parentheses for the unit's stated weapon type for consistency.
  • Deleted mention of Flak Batteries in Anti-Air Retrofit description.
  • Changed mentions of "build speed" to "creation speed" since that's already the term used in most instances.
  • Corrected some of the descriptions of units trained at capturable buildings that had mentions of stat increases that didn't apply to them.
  • Made various corrections to civ descriptions.
  • Corrected various mistakes and inconsistencies in unit descriptions and tech tree text.

20230527 C



  • Fixed missing scenario-specific AI in scenario 6 of the Empire campaign that caused the standard AI to be used instead, which would then resign before the player could complete the objectives.
  • Fixed broken AI in scenarios 1 through 3 of the Wookiee campaign that caused an AI error to be displayed.

Sev'Rance Tann and the Confederacy Campaign

> Scenario 3

  • Replaced (TF) Troopers with (GO) B1 Battle Droids (brown B1 troopers).
  • Replaced (TF) Hvy Destroyer Droids with (CF) Droidekas (fix for MagnaGuard icons).

Echuu Shen-Jon and the Battle for the Republic

> Scenario 1

  • Changed AI player “Count Dooku” from Confederacy to Geonosians.

> Scenario 2

  • Changed AI player “Geonosian Mining Camp” from Confederacy to Geonosians.

> Scenario 5

  • Changed AI player “Decimator Foundries” from Confederacy to Geonosians.

> Scenario 7

  • Replaced stormtroopers with Coruscant Guard troopers and added more of them.
  • Slightly increased the player's starting forces.

20230527 B




  • Medic: Medics for all civilizations now cost 35C.
  • Mounted Trooper: Corrected issue that allowed IR, NR, and BS to train Mounted Troopers without first constructing an Animal Nursery.
  • Fast Fighter: Attack bonus vs Workers reduced. Now requires 4 hits to kill a Worker rather than 2.


  • Animal Nursery: Building now has a garrison heal rate of 0.1 (1HP/10s), allowing them to heal any wounded herdables inside.
  • War Center: Building armor progression increased from 1/7 > 2/8 in TL2, 2/8 > 3/9 in TL3, 3/9 > 4/10 in TL4.


  • Hvy Trooper: Nova cost reduced from 300N > 240N.
  • Hutt Endorsement: Moved from Tech Level 2 to Tech Level 3. Now has Holonet Transceiver as a prerequisite (except in Allied vision starts).
  • Galactic Banking: Moved from Tech Level 3 to Tech Level 4.
  • Medium Turret: Ore cost replaced with Food. (Note: The upgrade cost, not the turret cost!)
  • Advanced Turret: Ore cost replaced with Food. (Note: The upgrade cost, not the turret cost!)
  • Superconducting Shields: Reduced cost from 100O, 300N > 50C, 200N.

Galactic Empire


  • Dark Trooper: Reduced training time from 40s > 22s.


  • Walker Research: Anti-Air accuracy raised from 30% > 80%. Damage vs Light aircraft reduced from 50 >25. Attack bonus of 30 added vs Hvy Aircraft.



  • Corrected issue that caused Workers to gather Nova Crystals faster than normal.


  • Fambaa Shield Generator: Reduced training time from 70s > 30s.
  • Fambaa Shield Generator: Unit is now affected by Mech speed upgrades.

Rebel Alliance


  • A-Wing Upgrades: Tech now occupies a new menu slot so it is not behind the Flight School techs.
  • Evacuation Protocols: No longer resets Animal Nursery and Troop Center work rate if their work rate-affecting technologies were researched prior to Evac Protocols.

Royal Naboo


  • Royal Crusader: Reduced training time from 55s > 30s.

Trade Federation


  • Destroyer Droid: Reduced training time from 35s > 15s.
  • Destroyer Droid: Secondary projectile now also gains additional strength from War Center techs.
  • Gains access to Medics.



  • Berserker: Reduced training time from 35s > 15s.



  • Jedi Starfighter: Reduced training time from 40s > 30s.


  • Gunship Armaments: Now adds +2 garrison capacity to Attackers when playing on All Techs mode, allowing it to be usable.



  • MagnaGuard: Reduced training time from 45s >20s.
  • MagnaGuard: Increased Trooper class armor from 5 > 10 (8 > 15 Elite).

Zann Consortium


  • Corrected Fortress bonus.


  • Defiler: Reduced training time from 40s > 30s.
  • Nightsister Beastmaster: Removed Mounted Trooper armor.



  • Fortress bonus now provides +5 max projectiles when garrisoned.
  • Air units now have the reduced base HP of other civs with access to Shielding.
  • Team bonus now properly affects V-wings, Shadowtroopers, and Gladiator Droids.
  • Free Basic Training now requires an existing Command Center. (For Raiders/Nomad starts).


  • Geonosian Warrior: Reduced training time from 40s > 30s.


  • Geonosian Engineers: Now correctly reduces reload time on Artillery instead of Anti-Air Mobile.

First Order


  • Jet Trooper: Reduced training time from 30s >16s.
  • Flametrooper: +2 Mounted Trooper armor.



  • Ski Speeder: Attack vs Hvy Weapons increased from 15 >18 (18 >21 Hvy).


  • Salvaged Components: Moved to Tech Level 4.

Imperial Remnant


  • Team bonus armor no longer applies to Shadowtroopers.


  • Shadowtrooper: Increased Nova cost from 95 > 100.
  • AT-AT Swimmer: Unit can now be garrisoned by all units capable of garrisoning Assault Mechs.


  • Adv Particle Cannons: No longer provides +1 Range.
  • Adv Particle Cannons: Increased research time from 50s > 150s.
  • Fortress Worlds: Increased research time from 50s > 100s.

New Republic


  • Corrected issue that caused Temple discount bonus to not affect some technologies.


  • V-wing Airspeeder: Reduced base melee damage from 9 > 5 per missile; added +3 vs Troopers, +3 vs Mechs. Attack bonus vs buildings changed from class 11 to class 21.


  • Loses access to Adv Turret.


  • Scramjets: Increased research time from 50s >90s.
  • Veterancy: Increased research time from 50s > 80s.
  • New Jedi Order: Increased research time from 50s > 125s.
  • New Class Modernisation: Increased research time from 50s > 100s.

Black Sun


  • Gladiator Droid: Reduced training time from 60s > 40s.
  • Gladiator Droid: Unit now has equal Search Radius to Line of Sight.
  • Gladiator Droid: Removed Mech Armor from Phase II, reduced Mounted Trooper armor to 2.
  • Gladiator Droid: Added +2 damage vs Pummels and Cannons (+3 for Colossal Gladiator Droid).
  • Gladiator Droid: Second stage stats have been significantly improved.


  • New Technology: MagDet Enforcers - Grenade Troopers gain +10 HP and cost 50% less Nova to train.
  • Receive access to Targeting Sensor.
  • Spirit Ichor: Increased research time from 50s > 160s. Moved to the Temple at slot 15 behind Force Meditation.
  • Huntress Training: Now reduces Reload Time from -0.1 > -0.25, and adds +1 damage vs Hvy weapons, Strike Mechs, and Mech Destroyers. Moved to slot 7 at Fortress.
  • Huntress Mastery: Now reduces Reload Time from -0.2 > -0.25, and adds +1 damage vs Hvy weapons, Strike Mechs, and Mech Destroyers. Moved to slot 7 at Fortress.
  • Disruptors: Increased research time from 50s > 85s.
  • Cloaked Smuggling: Increased research time from 50s > 120s.

20230527 A

Other Changes


  • The "deploy the garrison" cheat now includes some units and techs at the Adv Infantry Center for more civs, except Gungans, Resistance, and New Republic.
  • Jawas less effective.
  • Both Jawas, Explosive Droids, and now Bursas require Tech Level 2 to train, and Gamorrean Guards require Tech Level 3.


  • Standardized capturable building's HP, LOS, and Armor.


New Maps!



A terrestrial world split between vast plains and dense jungles. Carbon is sparse on the outer grasslands of the map, but venturing inwards reveals a large central forest.



Narrow waterways encircle a large, mineral-rich mountain ridge. Plentiful forests dot the outer lowlands, but Nova deposits are rare outside of the rocky peaks.



Starting in close proximity on a cramped asteroid, players are forced into early aggression to control its meager resources. Numerous smaller asteroids dot the surrounding space, many of which contain extra Nova and Ore.



A forested valley rife with vegetation and wildlife. Cutting through the elevated treelines at the corners reveal valuable mineral deposits.



Dense jungles encircle a large central lake. Thin strips of land between the water and treeline make for easy walling against land attacks, but fights will quickly shift to the lake, as control over its islands make for easy access to Nova and Ore deposits, which are otherwise hidden among the trees.



Giant redwood forest covers the homeworld of the Wookiees with only narrow paths through the trees to reach other areas. Find capturable Wookiee treehouses to add to your population headroom.



Tropical beaches surround a large bay in which plentiful fish and mineral-rich islands can be found.



Large forested land masses are separated by a frozen lake in which plentiful fish reside.



An oceanic map featuring large tropical islands connected by a wide strip of shallows.



Amongst the rocky wastelands resides a secret well of Force power, providing vast riches to those who can control it.

EF Map Changes

  • Implemented new resource template.
  • Reduced elevation/hill generation.
  • Reduced excessive use of props.
  • Increased woodline sizes.
  • Made improvements to straggler carbon generation.
  • Increased Carbon availability.
  • Changed some buildings to non-interactable objects.
  • Various other improvements based on the map.

Original Map Changes

  • Adjusted minimum distance of water predators between the same type of predator.
  • Fish spawns are more evenly distributed on maps that feature them.


  • Added minimum generation distance for Holocrons.


  • Added a second lake.


  • Adjusted distances between buildings and objects.
  • Changed some buildings to non-interactable objects.
  • Changed some buildings to capturable ones.


  • Fixed shorelines that didn't generate shallow water.


  • Adjusted distances between buildings and objects.
  • Changed all buildings to non-interactable objects.
  • Removed Sandcrawlers.


  • Adjusted distances between buildings and objects.
  • Changed some buildings to non-interactable objects.
  • Changed some buildings to capturable ones.
  • Every player now gets a Sandcrawler instead of having them scattered randomly across the map.


  • Fixed map sizes Large and above from breaking.

20230527 D


Computer AI

> General

  • Changed Command Center build rule so that it works on all map types, including Raiders.
  • Improved performance by giving each player slot a unique rule for running resource detection logic.
  • Corrected fault in resource logic that resulted in AI never requesting tribute.
  • Added logic for deleting old carbon drop-offs when no longer needed.
  • Improvements made to awareness of which maps are considered water maps.
  • Tweaked ship train rules so there are ones for goal boat-strategy values SOMEBOATS and MANYBOATS. Previously, rules only existed for RIVERBOATS.
  • AI should now always maintain at least one Transport Ship on water maps.
  • Tweaked resource trade rules so Computer indicates with a taunt and message whether it tributed to the player or not following a resource request.
  • Depreciated Deathmatch-specific behavior (the AI will now play it as a random map), which should result in better Deathmatch performance overall
  • Some of the messages the AI sends to its allies now call unique taunts (as opposed to "Ally").
  • Removed several checks for certain logic that made no sense and reduced the AI's performance (eg: training AA Troopers required a Jedi Temple to be built first).

> Fixes

  • Fixed several issues with the wrong escrow'd resources being released for Unique Tech upgrades.
  • Fixed several issues with the wrong escrow'd resources being released for buildings.
  • Fixed the First Order AI being unable to train their unique unit, Jet Troopers.
  • Fixed the Resistance and Black Sun AI training infinite trade units after researching their unique tech.
  • Fixed several cases where the AI would not check for air units correctly (missing air unique units like Snowspeeders, Air Cruisers, and the new EF Interceptors & Attackers).
  • Fixed the AI being unable to research AA Retrofit, Self-Regeneration (WK), Astromech Repairs (RA), Enhanced Dexterity (GO), and Salvaged Components (RS).

> New Behavior

  • Added a system to prevent the AI from slaughtering all its nerfs in TL1 (some nerf slaughter is unavoidable, unfortunately).
  • Added a system to save up for researching technologies.
  • Added a prioritization system for technologies (mostly range, economy upgrades, and some unique techs); on a per-tech level basis, the AI will not research other techs till these have been completed.
  • Added logic to build more buildings on a per-age and per-civ basis: production, research, command centers, AA turrets, shields, including extra logic to prioritize Command Centers at the beginning of TL3 & TL4. This should drastically increase the amount of units the AI can field, as it was frequently getting capped by production.
  • Rewrote the attack script entirely to prevent stutter, fix failing to attack on large maps, vastly reduce the frequency of sending its entire economy to attack a turret (unless the AI generate close together, which can happen), and be significantly more responsive to taunts 36 (wait for my signal to attack) and 31 (attack somebody): sending taunt 31 to AI allies will almost always now force an attack. AI will also join in on other ally AI attacks, if possible.
  • Rewrote how many units of each type the AI should train for a given civ in TL4. This should result in the AI fielding a diverse army that reflects the civ's strengths including almost-never-seen units like Artillery and Pummels. In particular, the army also reflects the civ's weakness so it won't focus on units that they aren't good with.
  • On difficulties lower than Hard, the AI will still train a bit of everything.
  • Added forcible checks to halt Trooper production in TL2 to research Trooper and MacroBinoculars.
  • AA Troopers are trained in TL2 & TL3 if enemy air is sighted.
  • Good trooper civs train a trickle of TL4 AA regardless.
  • Grenade trooper rules rewritten to consistently produce them.
  • Bounty Hunters & Vornskrs are only trained if enemies have Jedi.
  • The amount of Air Cruisers that are trained is now civ-specific.
  • The amounts of Faamba Shield Generators are trained once military population reaches certain thresholds (so the AI will not have an attack force that consists solely of Faambas).
  • AI will train some Transport Mechs if it has good troopers to transport (even though it is unable to actually use them for transport).
  • Interceptors will be trained only if enemy air is sighted.
  • Added additional logic which should result in the AI more reliably training Strike Mechs & Mech Destroyers.
  • Added additional logic which should result in the AI more reliably training Pummels, Artillery, and AA-Mobiles.
  • Added additional logic which should result in the AI more reliably training Attackers.
  • AI will now train a handful of Cargo Hovercrafts but prioritize training Cargo Freighters: this was mostly done to prevent the logjams that inevitably occur with the grounded trade units.
  • All civs will research Hvy Mech upgrades if they are available & affordable (sometimes Resistance would not).
  • All civs will research Airbase techs if they are available & affordable.
  • All civs will research Hvy Weapons techs if they are available & affordable.
  • Added additional rules for building farms.
  • Added caps for farms in TL2 & TL3, adjusted farm caps for TL4.
  • AI cheats for Hard/Hardest have been adjusted: greatly decreased Ore cheats, slightly decreased Food/Nova cheats, slightly increased Carbon cheats.
  • Added a small amount of logic to buy Ore if needed for techs.
  • AI no longer builds walls on Hard/Hardest, as they were more harmful than helpful and frequently caused it to get stuck.

Computer Expanded AI

> General

  • Workers are now only used for attack in the first 90 seconds of TL1/TL2.
  • Improved Trade behavior so that AI no longer wastes Nova by excessively buying Carbon/Food.
  • Added additional measures to effectively combat enemy air.
  • Removed rule that prevented Farm construction when militarily inferior.
  • Adjusted Farm build rules from TL3 onward.
  • Adjusted attack logic.
  • Improved system deciding percentage of attacking units.
  • AI should no longer build Carbon Processing Centers in areas with no Carbon.
  • Added escrow system and train rules associated with it on Moderate and above, which should improve training and research efficiency.
  • Changed a Command Center build rule so that it works on all map types, including Raiders.
  • Increased minimum town size on pop levels 800-1000 during TL4 if there are no enemy buildings in town to facilitate more Farms and Prefab shelters.
  • Adjusted enemy air detection rules so that Fortress-based air units are detected.
  • Made improvements to performance during Wonder Race game mode.

> Fixes

  • Fixed errors in Carbon drop-off placement that resulted in the AI not doing Carbon drop-offs.
  • Corrected issue that caused AI to not train Air Transports.
  • Fixed bug that caused AI to resign too early on Raiders maps in team games.
  • Fixed a bug in rules carried over from Computer that resulted in spam when informing players a tribute event is over.
  • Fixed error in research rules that resulted in Hutt Endorsement never being researched.
  • Fixed attack rules so that they only fire when all conditions are met.
  • Corrected bugs in Spaceport-related taunts.
  • Resource request chat spam protection fixed.

20230527 F


Editor Interface

  • Fixed incorrect handling of trigger text prompts introduced in 1.5.0.
  • Fixed ‘AttackGraphics' Change Own/Player Object Master property.

Units & Objects

> New

  • Added new terrains: Carbon Rocks (Gray) and Shallows 3.
  • Added new Scenario Editor buildings: Bursa Hut (Capturable) and Tusken Hut (Capturable).
  • Added new Scenario Editor objects: Carbon Gas Vent (Underwater), Rocks (Gray), Jedi Canals, Jedi Security Consoles, Campfire, and Barrels.
  • Added new podracers: Bozzle Baranta, "Bullseye" Navior, Cy Yunga, Fud Sang, Jinn Reeso, Knire Dark, Occo Ninebar, Kraid Nemmeso, Pugwis, "Scorch" Zaneles, Shrivel Braittrand, Slide Paramita, Toy Dampner, Tzidik Wrantojo, and By't Distombe.
  • Added new Scenario Editor heroes: (NR) Raven's Claw (Kyle Katarn), (CF) Kul Teska, (FO) Kylo Ren Unmasked, (FO) Allegiant General Pryde, (GE) Agent Kallus, (GE) Arhida Pryce, (GE) General Rom Mohc, (GE) Grand Inquisitor, (GE) Third Sister, (GE) Fifth Brother, (GE) Garindan, (GE) Lieutenant Thrawn, (IR) Desann, (IR) Galak Fyyar, (IR) Galak Fyyar (Mech Suit), (IR) Ysanne Isard, (NR) Cara Dune, (NR) Jacen Solo, (NR) Jaina Solo Jedi, (NR) Jaina Solo Pilot, (NR) General Calrissian, (NR) Leia (Pregnant), (NR) Mirax Terrik Horn, (RA) Baze Malbus, (RA) Chirrut Imwe, (RA) Gial Ackbar, (RA) Crix Madine, (RA) Nien Numb, (RA) Ezra Bridger [Blaster], (RA) Ezra Bridger [Lightsaber], (RA) Lieutenant Bridger, (RA) Hera Syndulla, (RA) Kanan Jarrus [Blaster], (RA) Kanan Jarrus [Lightsaber], (RA) Sabine Wren, (RA) Garazeb Orellios, (RA) Commander Rex, (RP) Obi-wan exile, (RP) Coleman Ckaj, (RP) Quinlan Vos, (RP) Dooku, (RP) Sora Bulq, (RP) Ima-Gun Di, (RP) Ron Ron Corobb, (RP) Yarael Poof, (RP) Yaddle, (RS) Ben Solo, (RS) General Leia [Episode VII], (RS) Poe Dameron (Pilot), (RS) Zorii Bliss, Boba Fett [Rifle], Boba Fett [Gaderfi], Boba Fett on Rancor, Cham Syndulla, Hondo Ohnaka, Old Daka, Ar'alani, Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo, Kuiil, Bo Katan, Din Djarin [Darksaber], Din Djarin [Pistol], Din Djarin [Lightsaber], Fenn Rau, Gar Saxon, Grogu, Jaster Mereel, Koska Reeves, Montross, Paz Vizsla, Pre Vizsla darksaber, Pre Vizsla Pistol, Satine Kryze.
  • Added new Scenario Editor units: (TF) B1-A Air Droid, (CF) Chameleon Droid, (FO) First Order Officer Male, (FO) First Order Officer Female, (FO) Sith Fleet Technician, (GE) Imperial Officer Male, (GE) Imperial Officer Female, (GE) Infantry Officer Female, (GE) ISB Officer Male, (GE) ISB Officer Female, (GE) Imperial Crewman, (GE) ISB Agent, (GE) Imperial Technician, (GE) Inferno Squad pilot, (GE) KX Security Droid, (IR) Reborn Cultist, (IR) Reborn Apprentice, (NR) Security Officer, (NR) N5 Security Droid, (RA) Rebel Infiltrator, (RP) Jedi Padawan Female, (RP) Jedi General (Nikto), (RP) Jedi General (Mon Calamari), (RP) Jedi Youngling, (GO) Geonosian Drone, (GN) Sando Aqua Monster (Controllable), Arcona, Cerean Male, Cerean Female, Chadra-fan, Chagrian Male, Chagrian Female, Chiss Male, Chiss Female, Chiss Noble, Chiss Officer, Chiss Recruit, Chiss Trooper, Chiss Sniper, Dresellian, Duros, Gamorrean Soldier, Givin, Gotal, Human Mercenary, Hutt, Hutt Guard Droid Melee, Hutt Guard Droid Blaster, Iktochi, Ishi Tib, Kaminoan, Kiffar, Kubaz, Mirialan Female, Mustafarian Northern, Mustafarian Southern, Nautolan Male, Nautolan Female, Nikto Trooper, Nosaurian, Pyke Soldier, Rodian Female, Talz, Twi'lek Male Crescent Blades, Twi'lek Male Rifle, Twi'lek Male Vibroblade, Ugnaught, Weequay Trooper, Death Watch Flame Trooper, Recruit, Sniper, Trooper, Death Watch Recruit (Maul), Death Watch Trooper (Maul), SD-6 Hulk Infantry Droid [Blaster], SD-6 Hulk Infantry Droid [Melee], Trandoshan Elite, Trandoshan Female, Trandoshan Sniper, and both Civilian and Black Sun (decal) Gozanti Cruisers.
  • Added new animals: Akk Dog, Boma, Gizka, Ice Spider, Ice Spider Hatchling, Kowakian Monkey-lizard, and Hawk (bird).
  • Added "other" eye-candy objects of various buildings for Coruscant, Bespin, Tatooine, Muunilinst, Ord Vaug, Abridon, Theed, Kashyyyk, and Christophsis. Objects are hidden in the editor and can be searched with 'OBLDG' prefix in AGE to use with random map scripts. IDs range from 6348-6490 (or search for “OBLDG” in AGE).

> Fixes

  • Revised Sandcrawlers so that they are slow and can only garrison in TL1, then upgrade in TL2 with an attack and increased HP and speed, and finally more HP, attack, speed, and garrison capacity in TL3. (Note that these upgrades do not affect Gaia captured units.)
  • Mines placed in the scenario editor no longer benefit from techs that they should not have.
  • Restored missing Bespin Buildings 1-3, which had the incorrect name applied.
  • Fixed (RP) Trandoshan Jedi not correctly picking up holocrons, renamed to "Jedi General (Trandoshan)", and made a master.
  • Increased (GE) Scout Trooper search radius to 8 and reduced (GE) Scout Sniper search radius to 10, matching their LOS.
  • Changed accuracy to 100% of editor AT-AT units to match the same change previously made to assault mechs.
  • Fixed (RP) Captain Rex, Alpha-17, and Captain Fordo unit classes to Trooper. (Not Bounty Hunter)
  • Removed detector ability from N5 Sentry Droid.
  • Removed unused second projectile for (RP) ARC Trooper (and Phase II).
  • Renamed "Deathstar" to "Death Star".
  • Renamed "Plo Koon [Episode I]" to "Plo Koon [Yellow Saber]".
  • Moved (RP) Senator Gume Saam to (CF).
  • Misc fixes to various units.
  • Fixed multiple hero name corrections and misspellings.

20230504 B

20230504 C


  • Tech tree has duplicate entries for the Animal Nursery. (Still not fixed)
  • Cannot build a Command Center in a match, scenario, or campaign: This is a fluke bug that sometimes occurs. Completely exit the game (EXE) and restart the game to temporarily fix this.
  • Sharing control with an AI player: This is a fluke bug that rarely occurs. Completely exit the game (EXE) and restart the game to temporarily fix this.
  • AI players cannot build on shallows terrains, preventing them from utilizing space normal players can build on in maps like Mudflow and Swamps of Naboo.
  • Utility Trawlers do not display their collected Carbon from Carbon Gas Vents.
  • Some editor units do not have proper sounds: Sounds will eventually be added in time.
  • Building art for the Imperial Remnant, New Republic, and Black Sun are placeholders; recolored assets of other civilization's buildings until final art can be made. (No promises that these will come anytime soon.)

If you encounter a problem with the mod, please be sure to check the EFREADME.pdf file that came with the download for our Troubleshooting FAQ section. Please note that we infrequently check the comments section here on ModDB and we do not respond to direct messages. We are most active on our Discord server where you can also view a more detailed FAQ section with answers to common problems or questions.


Again, thanks to everyone who has supported and contributed to the mod over the past years. While we do not have any new civilization plans actively in development at the moment, we do plan to continue work on the mod for the future. And once we have something to announce, we will post a news article about it here. So stay tuned!

u hero kuiil walku md hero grogu walku md hero dindjarin pistol walku nr hero caradune walk


This is the May (Progress Report)

This is the May (Progress Report)

News 8 comments

This update covers some of the progress that Expanding Fronts has made following the 1.5 update. Bug fixes, balance improvements, and new content are...

Expanding Fronts 1.5.0 Now Available!

Expanding Fronts 1.5.0 Now Available!

News 17 comments

Expanding Fronts version 1.5.0 is now available! Three new playable civilizations join for fray in Expanding Fronts’ largest update yet! Take command...

Expanding Fronts 1.4.2 Now Available!

Expanding Fronts 1.4.2 Now Available!

News 18 comments

Expanding Fronts version 1.4.2 is now available! This update contains a significant number of fixes, some balance changes, content additions, and long-awaited...

1.5 Civilization Overview: Black Sun

1.5 Civilization Overview: Black Sun

News 19 comments

The last of Expanding Fronts' three upcoming new civilizations is ready to reveal. The Black Sun joins the fight in version 1.5.

RSS Files
Expanding Fronts 1.5.1 (Full)

Expanding Fronts 1.5.1 (Full)

Full Version 11 comments

Expanding Fronts version 1.5.1 is now available! This update features a host of random map improvements, AI improvements, balance changes, new editor...

Expanding Fronts 1.5.1 (Patch Only! 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1)

Expanding Fronts 1.5.1 (Patch Only! 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1)


Expanding Fronts version 1.5.1 is now available! This update features a host of random map improvements, AI improvements, balance changes, new editor...

Expanding Fronts 1.5.0 (Full)

Expanding Fronts 1.5.0 (Full)

Full Version 14 comments

Expanding Fronts version 1.5.0 is now available! Three new playable civilizations join for fray in Expanding Fronts’ largest update yet! Take command...

Expanding Fronts 1.5.0 (Patch Only! 1.4.2 -> 1.5.0)

Expanding Fronts 1.5.0 (Patch Only! 1.4.2 -> 1.5.0)

Patch 3 comments

Expanding Fronts version 1.5.0 is now available! Three new playable civilizations join for fray in Expanding Fronts’ largest update yet! Take command...

Expanding Fronts 1.4.2 (Full)

Expanding Fronts 1.4.2 (Full)

Full Version 20 comments

Expanding Fronts version 1.4.2 is now available! This update contains a significant number of fixes, some balance changes, content additions, and long-awaited...

Expanding Fronts 1.4.2 (Patch Only! 1.4.1~1.4.1a -> 1.4.2)

Expanding Fronts 1.4.2 (Patch Only! 1.4.1~1.4.1a -> 1.4.2)

Patch 1 comment

Expanding Fronts version 1.4.2 is now available! This update contains a significant number of fixes, some balance changes, content additions, and long-awaited...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 2,866)

Riuscireste anche a mettere i tk stormtroopers e a rifare, se possibile, gli stormtrooper dell’impero galattico o meglio una grafica rifatta anche dei trooper recruit heavy trooper, i Granadier, lanciarazzi, ufficiale e comandante?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I don't know if there is a fix for this. When a fortress, placed in the scenario-builder, is destroyed, it leaves behind the silhouette of itself and continues to fire on aircraft. The space it was in cannot be built on.
I am thinking somehow there is an invisible unit in play.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This mod is amazing! I have some suggestions to make.
1) Jedi units randomly spam with alien species and others saber colors.
2) Jedi Units with force Powers (for example force protection, that created a force Shield around the Jedi for a period of time, blaster reflections...you can use the force to deflect some ground Units blaster, saber throw, force grip, force heal...each Jedi Knight or master come with one Power randomly).
3)if its possible...create a trigger that If you pass to some area or press some Button you can load other map (Maybe It could help to space to land scenarios, like battlefront or Empire at war).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The EF cheats have a "join me or die" cheat which allow converting the un- convertible. When used, theunit or building is still auto-acquired by my turrets and fortresses and ubnits set on "attack" even though the unit is under my control.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have found an error in Expanding Fronts mod. When I was playing campaign missions on this mod I cannot build Command Center on certain missions which ones are must build. For example, on Gungan Campaign Mission 1 you must build a Command Center to progress, but it is auto failing. Same for the Rebel Alliance Mission 2 and other missions of the campaigns. Do you have any kinda solution for this? Much appreciated.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It is a know "little" bug that have easy solution, i found it in the quick guide inside the dowload, in the Q&A section. For fix that is needed to restart the game, if you are already in a game save it and reload after relaunch.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Im getting an error with the (TF) Deployment Ranks tech wont work on standard games on the tech tree it is completely crossed out for some reason. Hopefully there is a fix for this its really weird. I searched other factions for issues they might have in the Tech tree but I didnt see any

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

It was disabled in the latest version currently.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Truly impressive work from the dev team, it's obvious that they're putting so much passion, dedication and quality into this amazing mod.
If I may give myself a liberty to suggest for further improvements, would like to suggest two things as a possibility for future updates (both are related to skirmish / single map gameplay):
1) Aside from "Starting Tech Level" in settings, would be great to add an option for "Ending Tech Level" too. As, all tech levels offer so much variety and flavor in their own rights and this set of options would surely add more interesting gameplay, strategies and ways to enjoy in the game. Personally, I use this option a lot in AoE2 and it adds a lot of new dynamic to gameplay and variety, since you don't have to race for the Imperial Age in every game / skirmish.
2) Adding an option for "Treaty Period". Since this mod is very complex, with its own unique civilizations, buildings, units, technologies, etc., having a possibility to have a "period of peace" would surely be of a great help especially for new players, as it will allow them to familiarize themselves with different civilizations, units, technologies, learn and practice build orders and so on.
Thanks again for many years of dedication to this mod and keep up the excellent work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does anyone know if you can use the advanced genie editor to change a building into a resource-producing building? I cannot find a commonality, studying the Jedi ruins, Kessel Mining Building, and Tatooine Vaporators which makes the change clear.

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