Deus Ex: Revision is a large-scale re-imagining of the world of Deus Ex, bringing a tightly integrated aesthetic-oriented approach to the original gameplay.

RSS Patch 1.5 - FIVE-EYES is live

New experimental gameplay style and various fixes.

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Happy Holidays!

We are now announcing that the latest version of Revision, 1.5 – FIVE-EYES has been released.

Please see the following release notes on what has changed:

Chapter 1:

  • Fixed the player always being blamed as a killer of the NSF mercenaries, no matter what happened.

Chapter 3:

  • Hopefully fixed Simons getting stuck on Manderley's door.

Chapter 6:

  • Fixed being able to manually open the large ramp.


  • Fixed errors that can happen when a riot cop dies.
  • Improved help text for gameplay style option by having different text for each option.
  • New music in chapters 2 and 11.


  • Fixed multiple bugs in the conversation system allowing duping of stackable items transferred during a conversation.
  • Fixed robots not being disabled if their menu was open when they got disabled.
  • Killing someone with the ADS aug now counts you as killing them, meaning you get the blame or XP in Biomod/Shifter.
  • Rain reduces footstep sound.
  • WIP feature where the AI will sometimes go to defend an important location after losing the player. Only happens in some levels in chapters 2, 5, and 6.
  • New experimental gameplay style - HumanRev:
    • Combines the skill and augmentation systems into one.
    • Experimental new radar augmentations.

Thanks for the continued support! Is GOG being updated as well?

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bjorn98009_91 Author

Yes, it should be coming in the next few days. It's been uploaded and the contacts at GOG have been notified.

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Tested HumanRev for few hours and I like it very much. Sweet update!

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