Demosfen - the largest project on the Call of Chernobyl platform. It is based on the new x64 version of the OpenXRay engine, thanks to which the game has advanced improvements in terms of speed, which allows you to put a large number of graphic bells and whistles. You will find many new locations, several new quest chains, new models of characters and mutants, a full-fledged A-Life, new features, such as flying a helicopter and customizing weapons, and also, only here you will find open 3D sights. For the first time in the history of Call of Chernobyl - Bar "100 Roentgen" has been expanded, now it is the real capital of the Zone. To improve the character creation process and the parameters of the new game, the add-on "TRX: Fresh Start" was added. Constant work on the improvement of various aspects of the game, the introduction of new and unique content, the addition of new features and features - all this shows that the project Demosfen keeps up with the times.

Post news Report RSS S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Demosfen [BETA 1.03] is here!

The release of the most long-awaited modification where there are many new locations, weapons with 3D sights, tactical body kits, as well as completely new quests and a flamethrower.

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There is an installer, i.e. downloaded, installed, play.
For version 1.03, a new game is needed, and it is also not compatible with old saves!
If you have problems - visit our VK group, the site menu has "Answers to questions".
To start new quest lines, you need to talk with the General of Debt and with a stalker named Fat, you can also talk with Unique Merchant of Debt Anna, she will give you some interesting tasks.

P.S: Be sure to restart the game sometimes to unload RAM and avoid freezes.


The Demosfen project has many interesting changes and quality content.

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Quest lines.


In Demosfen 1.03 you will find these quest lines:
1. Search for the missing Dolgovets: you will embark on a dangerous adventure in an atmospheric location called "Collector".
2. Help a lonely stalker: his name is Fat, go in search of mysterious documents or not, it's up to you.
3. Quests at the new Merchant Anna at the updated location Bar "100 Rangen"
4.Gupi's quest for the destruction of mutants and the creation of a unique flamethrower weapon
Also, the addon "DRX Questlines" is included in the assembly.
Quests from Debt and Fat will not be given to you when the game starts

New Locations

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The project has new atmospheric locations with its own settlement, and a full-fledged A-Life will not let you get bored with any of them!
Become a researcher and cast off the fear of the unknown, you will find an exciting passage of new quest lines in some of the new locations.

New Mutants

Dangers await on every corner, fight and survive in this dangerous environment.

Weapon Update


Innovations and unique features have already been delivered! Only in our project on CoC are there 3D sights, as well as a handle, a flashlight and a laser sight for weapons.

TRX: Fresh Start

S T A L K E R  Call of Pripyat 4

Improved design for the start of a new game. Many thanks to Comrade Tronex for this (but we were not indebted and presented "Anomaly" team with our flashlight for version 1.5.0)
You can choose: your initial equipment; portrait of the main character and his name; grouping; start place; difficulty mode; economic regime; additional save settings in the direction of hardcore; game modes; plot.

Helicopter flight


Until you try, you won’t understand how cool it is. Management is quite convenient, you just need to figure it out.

Download and install:

1. Download version 1.03;

S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Demosfen 1.03.part1

S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Demosfen 1.03.part2

S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Demosfen 1.03.part3

2. Unzip the downloaded archive.
3. Run the assembly installation file - "Demosfen [v.1.03] .exe"
4. Follow the instructions of the installer, install all the software that you are offered
5. Wait for the installation to complete.
6. Install the translation into ENG from a friend bmblbx176

To apply the translation, go to the "Options" in the main menu and select the "Game" tab and in the "Localization" section, select ENG

Demosfen 1.03 ENG

7. It is recommended to play on DX 10 lighting, by default, the assembly has the most optimal settings for a comfortable game, so make changes at your own risk
8.On the version of Windows 10 1903 there is a problem with starting, so download the patch, also download it if your assembly does not start

Demosfen_1.03_Fix startup errors


Yeah very cute and all, but I can have actual sex with the red haired bimbo?

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Honestly you had me at flamethrower, probably gonna need it against whatever majestically terrifying antler beast that is. Awesome job so far!

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ha ha ha VERY badass work, ESPECIALLY the pilotable helicopter! <3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Pilot a helicopter... Well now!
Also Flamethrower, may help to deal with those horrific spiders! (But aren't burning spiders even scarier? Time to find out!)

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Hello, does it work with Steam or only with a standalone version? (OK, just saw in one of the commments that it's a fully standalone mod).

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Самой ожидаемой сборки??? Всё больше и больше удивляюсь твоему вранью.

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Там сплошное ЧСВ и удаление из группы за малейшую критику

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How do I go about installing this? It comes in 3 parts with all the same filenames, so putting them all together in the same folder and running the installer wouldn't work.

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Did you highlight all 3 files with 7Zip and then tell it too extract here? I did and it worked for me.

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Just finished Anomaly, which had the same old levels, tried to grind my way through Dead Air and gave up, then tried this. Brilliant! New levels, expanded old and plenty of life in the zone. Looking forward to the next update.

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