Demosfen - the largest project on the Call of Chernobyl platform. It is based on the new x64 version of the OpenXRay engine, thanks to which the game has advanced improvements in terms of speed, which allows you to put a large number of graphic bells and whistles. You will find many new locations, several new quest chains, new models of characters and mutants, a full-fledged A-Life, new features, such as flying a helicopter and customizing weapons, and also, only here you will find open 3D sights. For the first time in the history of Call of Chernobyl - Bar "100 Roentgen" has been expanded, now it is the real capital of the Zone. To improve the character creation process and the parameters of the new game, the add-on "TRX: Fresh Start" was added. Constant work on the improvement of various aspects of the game, the introduction of new and unique content, the addition of new features and features - all this shows that the project Demosfen keeps up with the times.


Part 3/3 of STALKER Demosfen 1.05 - for links to the other 2 parts, read the detailed description. This does not require any previous versions of STALKER Demosfen.


I didn't e realize the developer could just delete comments they couldn't handle the truth about their mod. That's just wrong and wrong and cowardly on so many levels.

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If he is a thief and he's change the name of the mod he is stealing from, do not expect honesty (I mean here "gunslinger" changed to "gAnslinger"

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