7 Days To Die: Live Free or Die

Ive been working for a few weeks solid on this Mod, including time spent on the preceding Mod. Everything from the preceding Mod is inlcuded in this one, and much, much more. Cities have been reworked, prefabs have been added, and numerous new food, drink and medicine items have been added. Emenies have been completely reworked along with weapons and general balance. Machines have been added to assist in some of the more mundane day to day tasks. Crops have been added, fish and game traps have been added, and Beekeeping has been added.

This mod will require installation of a new sharedassets1 file, a new sharedassets2 file, all new .xml files, and a new resources file. The mod is all inclusive and touches on virtually every aspect of the game. A new UI is also included, but not necessary. There is an alternate download available for those who wish to use the default UI.

Cities and Landscape
Not every city was turned into a blasted wasteland. Some were spared the brunt of 'containment efforts' and only suffered moderate damage.

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

The outskirts of the cities still saw heavy damage, but life is returning.

User Posted Image

Several new prefabs populate the city, including a Research Center, Grocery Store, a Bank, a damaged 5 story Office Building, and a Park. Burnt structures are still on fire fromn the outskirts of the city to the Burnt Pine Forests. In addition, new prefabs are to be found in every Biome.

Speaking of Biomes, each Biome received some changes. The addition of subbiomes gives some variance to each one and some have had terrain reworks. The Plains Biome, for instance is much flatter and the Forest Biome has a bit more rugged terrain. Other Biomes recieved less drastic makeovers so as not to disturb them natural ambience, however, the changes wont go unnoticed for long.

Food and Drink

Many new food items have been added, most from the 7 DayZ to Die Mod. Other additions include farmable Aloe, Yucca, Wheat, and carrots. New craftable foods include Potato Soup, Toasted Shammiches, and Bread. In addition, new consumables can be found such as Veggie Juice, Lemonade, Jalapenos and seeds for the new crops. Purified Water has also been added, craftable without cooking - provided you have the tablets needed. What new food items can you look forward to?

Toasted Ham Sandwich
Potato Soup
Purified Water
Veggie Juice
Apple Pie

There are also new Medicinal Items to craft and loot as well. These items can be essential to survival in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Purification Tablets
Venom Sac
Caffeine Pills

New Farmable Crops:


A rebalance of wellness gain was also performed on all food and medicine across the board. Wellness is much harder to gain than before. Only the top tier food and drink items provide wellness gain, and many of the added items include buffs and other benefits. Top Tier foods must be learned to cook via a book, but not a rare book. In addition, the 'disappearing glass jars' problem has been solved. Glass Jars of water are no longer used to cook bowls of soup. Instead, clay bowls must be filled with water, boiled, and then used to make the soups. Upon comsumption, your bowl will be returned to you. Glass jars are for drinking and crafting beverage items.


A couple new buffs have been added. Fat Cop Zombies' Acid Puke attack now covers you with Acid and burns for some time, but will stop on its own provided you have enough health to survive it. Hornet Stings inject the victim with poisonous venom, which can be cured with AntiVenom. Hornets drop Venom Sacs which can be used to craft Anti Venom pills as needed.


Players can randomly catch the common cold. This illness is temporary, but has no cure. A reduction in stats will occur when the cold peaks, and players will be returned to their pre-cold state when it passses.


Perhaps one of the most exciting additions to the game with this Mod are Machines and traps. Yes, machines...and traps! They can make life in the post apocaplyptic world easier and less tedious - leaving more time for Zombie blasting.


One of my favorite additions is the Miner - a machine that does the mining for you! It provides slow but steady production of dirt, stone, clay, sand, and gravel. Also has a chance to find ores while producing materials, including Tungsten! The Miner will require scavenging rare materials to construct, but well worth the effort. In addition, the schematic must be found to learn how to craft the device. You guessed it: its rare.


The Condenser captures moisture from the air and condenses it into bottles for collection and use. Like the Miner, the materials required for its construction are also rare. Also like the Miner, a Schematic must be located and read to gain knowledge on how to build the device.

Trapping and Beekeeping

Rabbit Traps:

Set one in grass to have a chance to catch a rabbit! Check it frequently for meat. Once placed the trap will continuously catch wild game for you. Requires reading a rare book to gain knowledge of how to properly construct the trap. Rodents are pesky, but oh so yummy.

Fish Traps:

Set at the water's edge for a chance to catch Fish! Check back for Fish every so often. Once set, the fish trap will produce Fish at a steady rate. Requires reading a rare book to gain knowledge of how to properly construct the trap. Fish Fillets, anyone?


Bees can provide tasty, nutritional Honey. Why risk hunting them in the wasteland when you can become a Beekeeper? Craft an empty Hive and wait for the Bees to turn it into a home. After that happens, the empty Hive will become a Hive, complete with Hornet Loot.


Several new weapons and icons have been added; most from the preceding Mod. However, I will list them again.

Modified Crossbow + Explosive Crossbow Bolts
Silenced Pistol
Desert Eagle + .50 caliber Rounds
Surplus Rifle + .30 Caliber Rounds
Modified Shotgun + Incendiary Slugs
.50 Caliber Hunting Rifle
Scoped Assault Rifle + .556 Ammunition
Improvised Frag Grenade

In addition, the Sniper Rifle has been reskinned!


The enemies in the game are also deadlier than ever now. Chances for infection, bleeding and broken limbs has been increased across the board. In addition, some Zombies have become more specialized in the type of damae they can cause - listed below.

Fat Zombie Cop:

Acid Attacks do damage over time. Vomit Projectiles can heavily damage blocks, the extent of which depends on what the block is made of. Their explosion radius is greater and the damage heavier to surrounding blocks and entities. Acid can be washed off in water, or it will wear off if you have enough health to survive it.

Burnt Zombie:

One of my favorites, the Burnt Zombie will ignite players when struck by him. He also has a projectile attack, able to alight players from a distance. These guys are very dangerous now, and one of the top priorities do deal with when they appear. Burning players can douse themselves with water to put the fire out.

Fat Zombie:

Fat Zombies are tanky and explode when they reach you. Think of them as more of a suicide bomber than anything now. They favor lumbering towards you and exploding over swiping at you, so dont let them get close!

Crawling Zombie:

Crawling Zombies are stealthy and will break your legs with one swipe. Keep a watchful eye out and listen for the telltale grass rattling!


I will only briefly touch on the subject of blocks. Many uncraftable blocks have been added to the crafting list, including staples such as the working wall oven, lootable/storage fridge bottoms, and upgraded storage capacities. Also added were less common blocks such as functional lighting (only the long thin ceiling light as of now), the ability to pick up some blocks that were not moveable before, and rebalancing of spike traps. Most of this was done in my preceding Mod and made its way into this one as a base. Many of the top-tier blocks have become slightly harder to craft, requiring more materials to do so. A bulletproof safety glass has also been added in place of Business Glass, making it difficult to enter some prefabs through the walls and windows - but also providing extra protection for those who use them in their structures. This was not only changed in balacing enemy strength with player fortification, but to aid in keeping doors the most efficient way to get into a building.

Concrete blocks must be poured just like reinforced concrete now. Before, it was too easy of an alternative to reinforced concrete. Now it takes just as long to accomplish but it is weaker as it is not reinforced. Unreinforced Concrete must be repaired with cement, just like Reinforced Concrete.

There is so much more to this Mod; but I dont have the space needed to list it all.

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Beta v0.56


User Posted Image

We have a website launched, with brief explanations of the machines on their own page, as well as listings of some of the new items, crops, and foods. Not everything is covered as the site is still very much a WIP, but it is a starting point to playing the Mod. You will need to visit the site at very least to familiarize yourself with the machines.


Next, you'll want to stay up to date with the latest Mod updates here:


And, you'll need to go here to download the Mod:


Now, remember - this is a Beta. We are still fine tuning the balance. Its close, but not perfect, and we want perfect. It is intended to be HARD MODE. This Mod is not for you if you want it to be even remotely easy.

There are two download links in our thread (soon to be added to the website) The Google Drive Files are the files we update as often as necessary. They are always the most up to date files while in the 'beta' stage. These are the same files distributed to the players on my server, and the exact same file I am playing with. The GameFront .RAR files, however, are only updated weekly. They were last updated today, 2.27.2015, but will not be updated again until next week. I also do not post every update here, as I have the website and the clan forums to update already. The absolute best way to stay up to date is to use Google Drive and follow the file if you have your own Google Drive account. It will notify you when it is changed. The next best way is to simply check the thread on our forums, which is 100% always up to date on server/mod updates. It also lists exactly what files you need at the bottom.

The RAR file has a readme that explains how to install for a dedicated server as well as a client install.

To Install:

1. Back up your game files!
2. Drop the 7 Days To Die folder in your Steam Install Path (typically steam>steamapps>common)
3. Thats it - simple as that.

To Install on Dedicated Server:

1. Back up your Dedicated Server Install
2. Drop ONLY the Data folder in the game directory (typically Steam>steamapps>common>7 Days To Die Dedicated Server) Do not copy the Sharedassets or the 7DaysToDie_Data folder!
3. Go into the Data folder and copy the recipes.xml file to your clipboard
4. Back out to the Dedicated Server install path and paste the recipes file there as well
5. You're done!

Release Coming Soon!

Release Coming Soon!

News 3 comments

Release is within a couple weeks time! The Mod is largely complete and ready to test on our live server.

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There are ZERO posts on your forum over at Death-legion.com!

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agent00kevin Creator

That forum is gone, I am no longer a part of that community. 90% of us left and formed a new community. I will be reposting the Mod project for A12.4 very soon.

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not a single machine works, can't access them, this is a game breaking bug, please fix it

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agent00kevin Creator

Youre playing an outdated version that does not work with A11 or A12. Im surprised your game even starts.

If using A10, then you've installed it improperly. There are several servers to this day still using the last 10-.4 version of the Mod.

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where is the download button?

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agent00kevin Creator

There is a download link in the post.

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how do i download?

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agent00kevin Creator

There is a link at the bottom of the news article. Go into our forums and the 7 Days To Die area. The LFOD thread there has download links.

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