Let me introduce you to Tiberian Sun: Tech Level War. It's a mod with a new gameplay tweak, in which you have to build very expensive buildings - the tech centers - in order to level up and have superior buildings and structures and eventually win the battle. However, there are not useless units in the lower tiers.

More than a big mod, this is something like a game mode, with almost all of the original Tiberian Sun/Firestorm units and structures, some units taken from the next game in the series - C&C3: Tiberium Wars -, a couple of new units and structures and even more. There are also some new tech buildings to capture and get some very useful goodies.

The pace of the gameplay has also been changed, now it's faster, I mean, some units have increased speed and some do more damage.
The AI of the mod has been completely redone, attempting to be harder; more frequent attacks with more amount of units and adapted to the new tech leveling system.

Despite not having a story, this mod aims to have not just Skirmish/Multiplayer gameplay, but also new singleplayer campaigns.

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It's been a long time... but here it is. Now the mod is standalone, that means you don't need to have any TS installation. Lots of things have been changed. For example, in Tech Level 1 there are 2 classes, Deffensive and Offensive. The Deffensive class includes units and structures that work well for that purpose, just defend. The Offensive class includes, for example, fast and deadly units like the Pitbull and the Buggy, so, using them, perhaps you could destroy an enemy base in the 1st Tech Level. But you don't have the same defenses, so be careful!

Unzip into any folder you want to.
The AI has just one difficulty level, 0= no AI, 1 and 2= hard AI, this will be changed in the future.

New Maps
TiberFCSL1 is a map created by the random generator and modified by me, so don't expect too good quality LOL.
Hi-Tech Tactical Opportunities is a map in which the battle is based only in the higher tiers of technology. Sorry, no Light Infantries nor Buggies in this map.
Test is a map created just for the sake of testing new features.
Some original TS/FS maps have been changed to adapt them to the new features of the mod. You'll recognize them with the "TLW" in their names.

Brotherhood Of Nod Campaign Demo
This is a mission made for my Nod campaign. It's called Deja Vu and you'll know why once you played it. There will be more missions in the future, in fact, they are WIP.


Medium Tank by RLY_BiG_Tank
Mammoth Tank by Styg (Chriz Voxel Remakes Pack)
Adv. Harvester and Tick Tank by Hassan_2030
Nod Buggy by Navy Seal
Mammoth Mk. II by shin.peter.pan
C&C3 Mammoth Tank by Rebelmoon
Pitbull, Upgraded Venom and Nod Carryall (resized by me) by TksSdo
Scorpion Tank by Bu7loos
Venom by Medusa
Devil's Tongue Flame Tank by Mirage
Small Harvester by me

Cyborg Guardian by SuperJoe (sounds will be changed in the future)
GDI Light Infantry by SuperJoe
Nod Light Infantry and Engineer by Denmon
Mutant Power Plant by Askhati
Avatar Warmech (resized by me) by TksSdo
Note: This SHP will be changed in the future as resized it looks pretty bad.
Grenadier (Disc Thrower recolor) by me.
Icons by Alex06 (the better ones), Gangster and me. Special thanks to the mods TS Rising and Tiberian Genesis, but even more to the staff of TS Reborn, as they gived me permission to use their assets to make my icons.
Also thanks to Spider_Man_2999 for the SAM upgrade render that looks amazing!

Closed Beta Testers
TiberianFuture, TiberCarlitoHSL and topshotman22. Thank you for your support.

This mod was made upon the Tiberian Sun: Unofficial Mini-Patch v0.2 .

Special but very very special thanks to Project Perfect Mod, without that site I couldn't do anything!!! Be sure to visit them at www.ppmsite.com!!!!!!

New Beta Release Coming Soon

New Beta Release Coming Soon


I'm working a lot in the mod and it's going very well. Lots of new things have been added and will continue that way. Below it's a list with some of the...

RSS Files
C&C Tiberian Sun: Tech Level War Beta 0.31 26-06

C&C Tiberian Sun: Tech Level War Beta 0.31 26-06

Full Version 1 comment

Nothing new, this is a pack that includes the mod version 0.3 along with the patch 0.31, there's no need to download it if you already have those two...

TS Tech Level War Beta 0.31 Patch 09-02

TS Tech Level War Beta 0.31 Patch 09-02


Installation Instructions: Just unzip into the Tech Level War folder. Hope you like it!

C&C Tiberian Sun: Tech Level War Beta 0.3 15-01

C&C Tiberian Sun: Tech Level War Beta 0.3 15-01

Full Version 2 comments

This is the Beta 0.3 version of my mod. Hope you like it! Any comments, suggestions, bashing, etc. are very welcomed and please put them at the main page...

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Hey this mod is great!
Only things to bother is that the AI always kinda rushes you, what makes def techs easyly op, as you can dig in and tech up until you devastate the enemy. ALso, the attacker tech tree doesn't seem to be quite as powerful as the defenders, the only get some small bits over having very powerful defenses.
Maybe you can ad more units from other mods (with permission of course) and more tech stages to the game, that would be awesome!

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Lots of promising comments :)
I'll give this mod a try, it sounds pretty cool!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

What exactly did you do to Nod walls? I noticed they were not buildable, but when I look at it in the Rules they are set up perfectly fine.

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This mod has alot of potential. Having a defensive and offensive choice is epic for online play. Since I tend to defend, having a choice to cater to your play style is awesome.

and the Mammoth MK.II is the way it should be, Huge!

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TiberFCSL Creator

That's cool thank you!!!!!!!

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I gave both GDI and Nod a try and this is what I think so far for the early version:

- Your experience in modding is visible, overall the changes are of high quality.
- Your techs are from TD to TS to TW, great Idea and execution.
- I could hear new sound effects at the Venom, nice.
- The start wit the many E1 is a good idea i think i will copy that :p
- The AI is enhanced and fun to play against, i was finished off at AI level 2 soon.
- The coincidents are getting fewer, actually its only the tech leveling and some of the units and how we handle subfactions through building to unlock them. There's still some difference however, few.
- I had a lot of fun playing even for such an early state.
- Very nice cameos I can identify what it is and they look a lot better too.
- The notifying is too short witch makes it annoying, when you have your cursor over a unit or the buildlist.
- I dislike the TD mouse in TS.
- Soundtrack by the almighty Frank, while this is nice some other music would be nice too as he's not the only person able to do good music.
- I like the quick mortality of infantry, the balancing is well done such as the tier 2 infantry cyborg and grenadier.
- Your mod is providing a new experience, not only due to the techleveling.
- you forgot to finish the sonic turret but left it inside and I couldn't find out what the security center is good for, the police is not buildable. small issues but you should patch this with uploading a new rules.ini IMO.
- Nice Intro screen

This sure is motivating me to not loose track on my mod.

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TiberFCSL Creator

Thank you!!

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Something happened to your avatar, it will look better if you fix it ;)

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TiberFCSL Creator

Some things I'd like to say about the mod:
- About the soundtrack, I'm already working on some new tracks, I mean, writing music scores.
- About the security guard office: if you build it and then capture certain civilian buildings, then you can train security guards. So, there's no bug.
- About the deffensive/offensive upgrades, they are made for making the first level not boring. If you build the deffensive one, you get some deffensive buildings and special soldiers that help you defend your base but don't let you attack the enemy. If you build the offensive upgrade, you'll get different units out of the light factory which you can use to attack, but you won't get any base defenses.

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TiberFCSL Creator

New beta comming soon... I'll try to get it ready by tomorrow :)

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