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Firstly, make sure you have a working install of Medieval II: Total War with the Kingdoms expansion. Also make sure none of your kingdoms expansions have been changed in any way(so if you run a mod by renaming say the Americas campaign you will have issues) Both Steam and retail versions work. If you have a pirated version or cracked version of the game, go and purchase medieval 2 with the kingdoms expansions.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Beginning of The End Times on this page (the 1.5 Beta).

Step 2: Unrar the mod using either WinRar, 7zip, or an equivalent extraction program able to handle .rar files. You should end up with a folder named BOTET containing more folders and the files warhammer.bat and configuration.cfg. If it contains another folder called BOTET, use the one that contains the warhammer.bat and configuration.cfg files.

Step 3: Drag that folder into your Medieval II Total War/mods folder, so it ends up Medieval II Total War/mods/BOTET.

Step 4: (Steam only) If you don't have a kingdoms.exe in your medieval 2 folder, copy medieval2.exe and rename the copy kingdoms.exe(do not put .exe in the name, the files are already an executable)

Step 5: Open the 4GB Patch (you have the link to download the file below this own message, simply scroll down the installation video) and direct it to your medieval2.exe in your Medieval II: Total War folder. If it patches correctly it will create a backup file in the same folder. Do the same thing for kingdoms.exe. Make sure you run the program as administrator.(right click on the patch, properties, compatibility and at the bottom you will see "run this program as an administrator" If you get an error trying to launch the game, delete the .exe files and rename the backup files to medieval2.exe and kingdoms.exe, then try "Large Address Aware" instead. It's the same as the 4gb patch, but might not cause that error.

Step 6: Run the game by double clicking warhammer.bat(it will just be called warhammer) in the BOTET folder. If you want, you can right click on warhammer.bat and make a shortcut to put anywhere you want, so you don't have to navigate to the mod folder everytime.

Excessive campaign map lag: Some with older system might find the campaign map very laggy now, if you find it is far worse then before we have a fix for you to try. In the mods folder you will see a configuration.txt. open in notepad. find the line that says

disable_file_cache = true (make it like this, look down)

;disable_file_cache = true (the ; makes the game ignore the line)

next you will need to rebuild the map.rwm. The game does this on its own but you have to delete the old one and start a new campaign to get it to rebuild. So, go to the BOTET folder. navigate to data/world/maps/base and you will see the map.rwm (delete this or drag to desktop(just in case)

then reload the mod start a campaign and the map.rwm will rebuild. might take a while dont worry this is normal the first time. See if that helps your excessive lag issues scrolling around the campaign map.

Advice: Play only Long campaigns, not Short ones.

Advice: To play sieges in Custom Battles first select fort, then the culture level, then the settlement level.

Advice: If you find old totalwar games give you poor fps for your system this might be why, go to your medieval2.exe and kingdoms.exe right click and go to properties/compatibility you will see a check box for "disable display scaling for high DPI settings" Make sure this is checked(or try it to see if you get an FPS gain) made a huge difference for me with ALL totalwar games.

Possible issues: Many settings that affect the game are found in the configuration.cfg file, which can be edited like a text file. If you want banners on or off, change show_banners = false to true, or true to false. Also make sure the log line looks like this: [log]
to = logs/M2TW.system.log.txt
#level = * trace
level = * error
#level=*script* trace


Installation video tutorial thanks to Stan (WarhammerWeekendTimes):

4GB Patch Link:

Advice: If you get an error 0xc000142 while applying the patch, that means you must update your .Net Framework. If you still can't apply, then use LARGE ADDRESS AWARE:

Forge of Realms: Overview

Forge of Realms: Overview

News 3 comments

For being an "indie game", Forge of Realms has very little "game" in it. This is primarily a tool to allow hobbyists and Dungeon Masters to dynamically...

BoTET on Youtube & Discord

BoTET on Youtube & Discord

News 11 comments

List of channels broadcasting BoTET contents on Youtube / List of Discord servers where you can chat about BoTET and find people to play multiplayer battles...



News 128 comments

Enjoy, its still a beta so don't suspect a totally finished product but compared with 1.01 you all should be happy with the progress.

Players Choice - Mod of the Year 2016

Players Choice - Mod of the Year 2016

Feature 82 comments

The time has come, announcing the best Mods of 2016 as selected by you.

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1.5 Beta

1.5 Beta

Full Version 111 comments

Here you guys go, still in beta so lot left to add and finish up. But compared to 1.01 you guys should be happy with the progress.

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Hi, I'm using the latest discord version.

Is it possible to somehow edit the text files to re-enable the chaos invasion? I want that extra difficulty and I want to prepare for the onslaught of chaos doomstacks.

Can it be done?

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tomdoof Creator

The call of warhammer script will not work with botet you would have to modify it or make a new script to get it back. Chaos still acts like the "pope" and calls crusades vs the empire, its not 50 doomstacks scripted to attack specific cities or anything.

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QueenOfGore Creator

There's definitely ways to edit the mod to increase the difficulty without bringing back those large scripts, like changing it so Chaos focuses entirely on invading, with no major infighting, giving AI Chaos factions far easier recruitment of their elites in export_descr_buildings, giving the AI more mercenaries in the field, give AI Chaos garrison scripts in conquered regions, and even adding some of their units to other factions' recruitment buildings for AI. All of that and more would be far easier to do than try to reimplement all the CoW scripts, and would also end up very dynamic and unpredictable.

The current balance is aimed at giving the player a challenge as any faction, although some are much harder than others, but to tailor the balance to make certain factions have a much harder time wouldn't take a massive amount of work.

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Me gustaria saber como activar las defensas de la puerta de las ciudades y castillos. He visto que en el mod estan desactivadas. Incluso editando export_descr_buildings e incluyendo gate_defences, estas siguen desactivadas.
Podrias decirme por que no funciona el acite hirviendo y las flechas del interior de la puerta. En la version original del Kingdoms si funcionaban. Y era muy divertido jugar con ella en los asedios.
Otra pregunta:
En cuanto a los guardaespaldas del general, me gustaria saber si se van a incluir mas personajes (heroes-generales). Vi en fotos que estaban algunos personajes de Bretonia (Theodoric o Jerrod) o Reyes Funerarios (Nagash), por ejemplo.
Ademas me gustaria saber si vais a empezar a trabajar en ciudades personalizadas, como hay en otros mod como el Third Age. Creo que sumaria grandes cosas a este mod.
Gracias por vuestra aportacion. He jugado varias campañas con cada version de este mod. Me parece muy completo y un gran trabajo. Fiel al Warhammer Fantasy.
Escribo el mensaje en ingles con ayuda del google translator. Mi ingles no es muy bueno. Gracias.

I would like to know how to activate the defenses of the gates of cities and castles. I have seen that in the mod they are deactivated. Even by editing export_descr_buildings and including gate_defences, these are still disabled.
You could tell me why boiling acite and arrows inside the door do not work. In the original version of the Kingdoms (vanilla) if they worked. And it was very fun to play with her in the sieges.
Another question:
As for the bodyguards of the general, I would like to know if they are going to include more characters (heroes-general). I saw in photos that there were some characters from Bretonnia (Theodoric or Jerrod) or Tomb Kings (Nagash), for example.
Also I would like to know if you are going to start working in customized cities, as there are in other mod like the Third Age. I think I would add great things to this mod.
Thanks for your contribution. I have played several campaigns with each version of this mod. I find it very complete and a great job. True to Warhammer Fantasy.
I write the message in English with the help of the Google translator. My English is not very good. Thank you.

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I love Warhammer and I've wanted to play this for awhile. I've hit this particular snag a few times. I've done the 4g patch and made a seperate exe called Kingdoms and when I go to the BOTET file and open it there's only a data file and nothing else. I'm not sure what the problem is or if you guys were aware, but any help is appreciated

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tomdoof Creator

yeah thats an issue you should have other files in there hmmm. Well maybe try to download the discord version? Might work out better, you might have got a corrupted download or something.

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just saw a mod for med2 which might have broken limitations on landmass, im going to test it out to see if they have a bigger map or just reduced the size of all continents to fit in more.
historical mod "Eras Total Conquest" came out this year.

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now that i have tried roaming a bit with the nipponese :D
i can tell that the european continent is heavily reduced in size

there is huge ocean filling all around the edges at continents, so telling whether the map is bigger is hard. i just read my own sentence, time for letting off steam...

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I have a suggestion: a lot of event in game happen depend on season (harvest, fishing, MORRSLIEB, OCTOBERFEST,...), may be we need a notification every turn about which month the current turn is.

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Excellent mod. Can't wait to see what the devs will do next!

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