This mod allows to install 24 new weapons for Blood. The weapons were created by using QAV animation, so this means they have changed characteristics and/or balance. The current version of the mod not only adds new and cool weapons, but also adds new great features such as:

  • renaming vanilla weapons and items for weapons you installed,
  • DSCA system which allows you to know which characteristics of certain weapon were changed (See more information in GetInfo option),
  • all-new, much faster, way to install selected weapons,
  • presets manager that allows to load and save selected weapons,
  • compatibility with every addon even with custom content,
  • most of old weapons significantly reworked,
  • BMOUSE support,
  • multiplayer game support,
  • extended cofiguration of main BAT file.


  • Axe
  • Triple DZ (Shadow Warrior beta riot-gun),
  • Wrath Heart (Shadow Warrior beta and retail mix),
  • Pump Action Shotgun,
  • Lupara (Single barelled sawed-off),
  • Colt MI12,
  • Tesla Coil,
  • Electric Pitchfork
  • "Holy Death" double sawed-off,
  • Napalm Launcher (Blood Alpha),
  • Sawed-off (Blood Alpha),
  • Beast Claws (Blood Alpha),
  • Riot Shotgun (Shadow Warrior),
  • Aerosol Can (Blood Alpha),
  • Dynamite Bundle, Proximity and Remote (Blood Alpha),
  • Revolver (PowerSlave/Exhumed),
  • Life Leech (Faster, better balance),
  • Shadow Gun (Blood Alpha),
  • Demento (Book of Magic)
  • Submachine Gun,
  • Stick of TNT,
  • Flamethrower,
  • Magnum,
  • Rat Master.



  • NoOne
  • Dzierzan


  • BME
  • NoOne
  • Douglas Boling
  • Magical C0DEr
  • -=CHE@TER=-
  • M210(R)
  • OzWoz Software
  • FreeDOS project
  • RAD Game Tools


  • Q-Studios
  • Dzierzan
  • Gothic
  • Monolith Productions
  • Xatrix Entertainment
  • Cory Whittle
  • Mike12
  • Lobotomy Software
  • GAA1992
  • Torridgristle
  • Captain J.
  • 3D Realms
  • fgsfds
  • Blox
  • Scuba Steves
  • Vostyok,
  • Mor'ladim,
  • HexenMapper,
  • Dude27th
  • xenoxols
  • Michael Lee.


  • Hendricks266,
  • sirlemonhead.
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Hey lads!

We are releasing another version of our modification for Blood. This version comes with two new weapons, the Rat Master and Magnum Revolver. Moreover, with some recent modifications, we managed to move all revolvers to slot 2 which is Flare Gun's slot.

Magnum .45:

It's a powerful revolver which can kill most of the enemies with one shot. However its amunition is limited so use it wisely.

Magnum 1

Magnum 2

Magnum 3

Rat Master:

This weapon transforms enemies into rats. Once they are rats, you can use weapon's regular fire in order to kill them. It's a very powerful weapon and only recommended for "fun mode".

Rat Master 1

Rat Master 2

Rat Master 3

Weapons Mod 4.0 has been released!

Weapons Mod 4.0 has been released!

News 7 comments

Weapons Mod 4.0 has been released! The new version adds 6 new weapons as well as changes/balances old weapons.

Weapons Mod 4.0 coming soon!

Weapons Mod 4.0 coming soon!

News 3 comments

Weapons Mod 4.0 is coming, along with it a lot of new weapons and features!

This Week In Mods: May 4 2018

This Week In Mods: May 4 2018

Feature 2 comments

The biggest mod stories for the week of May 4 2018.

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Weapons Mod 4.3 (Dosbox only!)

Weapons Mod 4.3 (Dosbox only!)

Full Version 18 comments

The latest version of Weapons Mod. Compatibile with only Dosbox.

Weapons Mod 4.01 (Dosbox only, OBSOLETE)

Weapons Mod 4.01 (Dosbox only, OBSOLETE)

Full Version 7 comments

This is a mini hotfix which balances a bit some weapons.

Weapons Mod 3.5 (BloodGDX, NBlood, Fresh Supply Compatible)

Weapons Mod 3.5 (BloodGDX, NBlood, Fresh Supply Compatible)

Full Version 50 comments

This is Weapons Mod 3.50 compatible with BloodGDX, NBlood and BloodEX (Blood: Fresh Supply).

Weapons Mod 4.0 (Obsolete)

Weapons Mod 4.0 (Obsolete)

Full Version

Weapons Mod 4.0 which allows you to install 22 new weapons for Blood.

Weapons Mod 3.0 (Obsolete)

Weapons Mod 3.0 (Obsolete)

Full Version 4 comments

The package which includes Weapons Mod and txt file with the most important information such as credits or troubleshooting.

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How do i install pls help i love bloOd

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Dzierzan Creator

Please, read the installation guide first which you find by clicking any of download links above.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Seems to be working great in 2021 through BUILDGDX source port. I hope the extended work is being done for the ports but i know how tedious moddding can be and its great work already. Lucky to have it and appreciate it. That Flamethrower looks amazing and wish i could use it though!

i do have a few questions;

Is there a list of the weapons stats? especially to compare to base weapons, for example i'm using the Axe and it seems extremely balanced compared to the Pitchfork (and thats GREAT) but things like the Silver Pitchfork say it does more etc. I'd just like to know. I cant seem to find how to access the system or option that tells me, i'll keep looking though.

Certain weapons are tied to a number key and take that spot. Ok cool gotcha. However is there a way to use the Revolver AND the Submachine gun anyway for example? Revolver or Colt pistols seem so fitting for Blood but missing out on the tommy gun seems awfully huge.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dzierzan Creator

There's no way to add more weapons, apart from replacing vanilla ones. Fresh Supply is only able to do so since it's not Build Engine and it uses AngelScript.

If you use WM3.5 then there are no hacks (unlike WM4.3 which works for DOS). Sadly, I don't have any stats. Axe or Silver Pitchfork in WM3.5 just have more triggers per frame, that means they will "attack" more often per attack animation.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

while i'm sad i wont get to use that sexy flame-thrower i SUPER appreciate this mod and it helped make Blood feel all over just different enough to be a better experience to replay. the axe alone just feels more appropriate as a melee weapon ha.

thanks again for the hard work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It doesn't work. I'm convinced of it. Tried 3.5 AND 4.3. Fresh Supply as well as OWUB. Same exact result. A message stating it's incompatible with the 64-bit version of Windows 10. I GIVE UP. I've literally been trying for over 2 weeks in my spare time to get this thing to run and it doesn't. Not coming back.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Dzierzan Creator

Because you didn't read the installation instruction at all (who reads them anyways?). If it says it's not compatible with Windows 10, that means you're trying to run batch file without using DOSBOX. Go figure.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hello, thanks for making Blood Weapons Mod

I'm using BuildGDX 1.09

1. I copy contents of Weapon Mod 3.5 zip (DOS4GW.EXE, WPNMOD35 folder, WPNMOD35.BAT etc) to my Blood GDX folder (contains BuildGDX.exe, BuildGDX.jar, TILES0xx.ART etc)

2. I copy DOSBox.exe (v.0.74) SDL.dll SDL_net.dll to my Blood GDX folder.

3. I drag WPNMOD35.BAT over DOSBox.exe and follow on-screen instructions. I use keys to select my weapon replacements, then press '1' to install changes and play.

4. The replacement weapons never show in-game, though my weapon selections remain ticked in the WPNMOD35 menu. (visible whenever I repeat step 3)

I tried setting DOSBox.exe to run as administrator for all users but it made no difference.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Dzierzan Creator

Hi. First of all, did you put this mod into your Blood folder? Not BLoodGDX/BuildGDX folder (since BuildGDX can be totally somewhere else than Blood folder). Now, are you sure you selected weapons which you wanna install? They should be highlighted. After weapons are installed, the Weapons Mod window should be closed. Check if Blood.RFF file has be modifed after installation (look at modification date), if it's old, that means nothing was installed at all.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I installed Blood GDX into my Blood folder, as described. The BLOOD.RFF and SOUNDS.RFF files were dated 1998, so I had a look inside the WPNMOD35 folder. There is a TEMP folder containing BLOOD.RFF and SOUNDS.RFF dated 2020, so I copied them over the old ones manually. Still doesn't work... presumably those were just backup copies created by the WPNMOD35.BAT, and not the changed files.

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Dzierzan Creator

If they are not modified, then yes, nothing was installed. Just to be sure, you've got your Blood folder looking more or less like that and WM3.5 should be there too

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