2011 was the tenth anniversary of when I first released part 1 of my mod Legends of Iconoclast. From what I remember, fans of Blood were eagerly awaiting it (according to Planetblood). And I didn't disappoint.

Of course, the mod wasn't made with the Plasma Pak installed, so I doubt it was compatible with the expansion installed.

I've been playing through the levels of the three parts and I found certain areas that had some problems, glitches, and other errors that made me wish I had a playtester (I had one for part 3, but not for parts 1 or 2)

So I've been thinking of re-releasing the entire mod, a new and improved version. I've been considering adding more new music (some to replace current midi tracks), improving the maps by changing textures and adding more sprites, making modifications to the story's cutscenes, and making it compatible with Plasma Pak (including the new enemies).

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of when I first released part 1 of this mod, I've decided to update the mod and re-release it for the Plasma Pak.


-Map quality will be improved. More special effects. And depth cueing as well!
-Corrections to errors found in maps.
-Features of the Plasma Pak will be active. New weapon modes, new enemies, and new art.
-More wall sprites will be used to decorate where necessary.
-Some textures in levels will be changed (celing, floor, wall) to increase map quality.
-Storyline will be improved. Text files of the cutscenes will be available for reading. I'm even thinking of making changes so that the mod's plot has nothing to do with the storyline of Blood. I know because some people have criticized Caleb for going from anti-hero to hero.
-More new music tracks, some of which will replace older tracks.
-More new sounds.
-Some new secrets in certain levels.
-Powerups such as guns akimbo, invisibility cloak, deathmask, beast vision, and reflective shots which were very rare will be more common.
-Some of the shorter levels will be expanded. I'm even thinking of adding a couple more!
-Some levels and episodes will be renamed.

Excerpt from LOI2 storyline: The-postmortem.com

Released LOI2 Levels
Underhalls - Blood.freeminded.de
Plateau of Decay - Blood.freeminded.de
Forsaken Crypt - Blood.freeminded.de
Courts of War - Blood.freeminded.de (revised)

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Blood for Monolith Productions is one of the most well known first person shooters ever made. Even today, it has a very large fanbase as bloodlites continue to make new maps or episodes. The names of some of the most popular are well known. Rage Against The Machine. French Meat. Death Wish. In 2012, Dwayne Anderson released Scourge of Humanity, the first part in the remake for Legends of Iconoclast, the largest known mod for blood.

Legends of Iconoclast was known as one of the few mods for blood that added new content such as new music and new sounds. The majority of its levels were set in a medieval society with a story combining the elements Blood was known for and fantasy. Scourge of Humanity made many changes to certain maps from the original and others were replaced altogether. Many changes were made to the story as well. The quality of level design was improved. The result was a game that is considered by many to be superior to the original trilogy released by Dwayne Anderson more than a decade ago.

On May 7th, 2017, five years after Scourge of Humanity was released, Dwayne Anderson released the long-awaited sequel entitled Unfinished Business.

The story for Unfinished Business picks up where Scourge of Humanity left off. Two months following the dissolution of the curse that long imprisoned its people in stone, the realm is suddenly under siege by the Scourge, the army raised by the misanthropistic villain of part 1, Garibaldi. The death of their found has done nothing to stop them. Now they are stranded in the realm, bent on reclaiming what was taken from them, and exacting revenge against the traitor responsible for their current plight and the downfall of their benefactor. The protagonist, the Romanian gunsmith Logan is summoned back to the realm to aid the people in their time of greatest need. Realizing that he has unfinished business to attend to, Logan must prepare himself for the fight of his life.

Like Scourge of Humanity, Unfinished Business offers twenty-eight levels of action set within war torn cities, forests, caves, deserts, canyons, castles, cathedrals, crypts, mansions, a fortress, and finally a castle floating among the clouds. It also has more new sounds, new music, and a powerful new story.

Legends of Iconoclast 2: Unfinished Business can be downloaded here at the Moddb in the section for Monolith Production's Blood. The game can also be downloaded at the Bloody Repo or the Blood Freeminded web site.

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Shrine of Elemental Destiny Patch

Shrine of Elemental Destiny Patch


A patch that corrects errors in the map that prevented progress without cheating.

Underhalls Oversight Correction Patch

Underhalls Oversight Correction Patch


Download this patch to correct an oversight in one of the early maps that would force you to cheat to continue.

Legends of Iconoclast 2: Unfinished Business

Legends of Iconoclast 2: Unfinished Business

Full Version 3 comments

In 2012, Dwayne Anderson released "Scourge of Humanity", the first chapter in the remake to Legends of Iconoclast, at the time, the largest mod ever made...

Legends of Iconoclast : Scourge of Humanity

Legends of Iconoclast : Scourge of Humanity

Full Version 4 comments

Ten years after being originally released, Dwayne Anderson, the creator of the largest mod ever created for Blood has announced remake of his epic trilogy...


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Hey, if you ever need a tester for any Blood mod, I'm up for it.

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How is the mod going Mr Dwayne?

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DwayneGAnd Creator

I've been doing some more work on some of the other levels, such as adding new sectors, adding more detail, I've also done a complete remake for the Living Quarters and am currently working on a complete redo of the Courts of War.

By the way, tell Nesfag that he should try looking for the solution to his problem on other Blood forums such as Blood Transfusion or Post Mortem.

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I've also tried to make the .conf files launch soh.bat but that didn't work either. I have no idea why none of these solutions work.

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Hi, can you please tell me how to play this with the gog version of Blood?

After unzipping everything to the blood gog folder, I've tried the following solutions :
-editing the conf files so that they launch 'blood -ini soh.ini'
-replacing blood.ini by soh.ini directly
-renaming the map names from 'sohE1M1.map' to 'E1M1.map'

and none of this worked! it always starts the original Blood instead. I have no idea why it doesn't work as replacing map names by 'E1M1' always worked in the past....


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