Arx - End Of Sun is a new free and fan made game that is based on the first person dungeon RPG : Arx Fatalis developed by Arkane Studios.

In our game world you will play out the events ( with a liberal dose of poetic licence ) that precede the original story of Arx Fatalis.

The modification / total conversion itself is based on the IDTech4 (Doom3) engine.

You will no longer require a copy of Doom3 to play Arx - End Of Sun. We are now running on a custom version of the engine code and we use no assets from any commercial titles in our game.

Arx - End Of Sun is not an Arx Fatalis clone, Our game is full of new content based on the original game universe. We use no assets from the original game or any other commercial game. We are using a completely different and newer game engine. and we aim to capture a likeness and pay tribute to the original game of Arx Fatalis.

The Arx EOS total conversion is currently being developed by a very small team of hard working volunteers, everyone is working for free in our limited amounts of spare time, often sacrificing other activities or taking time off real work to work on our game. We hope that many people will enjoy playing our efforts when it is released.

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The Arx End of Sun (Beta) is released!

A completely free and standalone game that is now available to download and play. Based on the game Arx Fatalis created by Arkane Studios. Note you do not need to have played the original game to enjoy Arx EOS although we recommend you do as it's a fantastic game!

Arx - End Of Sun - Beta Release

Arx EOS has an original storyline which loosely precedes the events of the original game. including RPG elements, problem solving puzzles, with faster paced melee and projectile weapons and a more forgiving magic casting system.

Arx - End Of Sun - Skeletons

Over 5 years in the making from initial idea to release, a lot of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears have gone into the making of this Doom3 total conversion. Created by a very small team of hardworking volunteers, everyone has worked for free in their limited amounts of spare time, often sacrificing other activities or taking time off real work to work on this game.

Arx - End Of Sun - Abandoned Mine Camp

Present Contributors:

  • Russell (Solarsplace) Taylor: Project founder, management, design, programming, scripting, mapping
  • Ron Goode (Mr.Rocket): Vocal artist, sound effects, music composer, texture artist (2d and 3d), mapping
  • Garth (Zombie) Hendy: Mapping, models static & animated, textures, particles, design, project management
  • DoomTrinity: Programming, scripting, animated models.
  • Nemyax: Models static & animated

Past Contributors:

  • Raider: Textures, animated models
  • Neurological: Music artist, GUI design, texture artist, models static & animated
  • Tox: Mapping, models static & animated, textures
  • Adam Spade: Music composer, sound effects artist
  • Andrew Garasiyka: Some in game readable items

Over 5 years later we have...

  • 1000’s of lines of new C++ and DoomScript code.
  • Nearly 2.5 thousand new textures.
  • About 1000 new models, static and animated.
  • All commercial assets removed and recreated / replaced.
  • A fully standalone game that bears almost no resemblance to its Doom 3 past life.
  • A long main quest spanning all 16 of the released levels.
  • A treasure hunt side quest.
  • Over 10 new monster types to fight against including: Goblins, Zombies, Poisonous Spiders, Rats, Demons, Snakes, Trolls, Cave Piranha, Reanimated Skeletons, Ylside Predecessors… There might even be a boss?

A unique feature to the Arx EOS id Tech 4 code enables the player to revisit the levels as many times as needed to complete the game. Items collected / dropped, quests completed and monsters dispatched retain their state across the levels each visit.

There are often several ways to complete sections of the game and you do not have to complete much of it in any particular order. You are quite free to explore the game world as you see fit.

Arx - End Of Sun - Spider Caves

The public beta has undergone several rounds of play testing and critical bug fixes before being released to the public and we have tested the game to be beatable from start to finish, however it is still possible that other issues remain, so please report game breaking issues to us so we can address them. We are currently not looking to address minor or superficial issues at this time.

Arx End of Sun - Beta Release

The release is currently available for Windows in English language.

We hope you enjoy playing the game!

News Update - Late December 2011

News Update - Late December 2011

News 5 comments

Having worked slavishly on the Arx - End Of Sun project in isolation for many months, it gives me great pleasure to welcome several new extremely talented...

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Arx End of Sun - Beta Release Patch v1.4

Arx End of Sun - Beta Release Patch v1.4

Patch 8 comments

Arx End of Sun (Beta) - Patch #1 (v1.4) - Provides updates to the initial 1.3 full beta release to address the main issues found during the public beta.

Arx End of Sun - Beta Release

Arx End of Sun - Beta Release

Full Version 49 comments

The initial Arx End of Sun - Beta Release is finally here! This release is for Windows. The game language is English only at present. Download the release...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 137)
Meowkey - - 2 comments

Still hoping this makes a comeback

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Argoon - - 1,078 comments

I have knowledge about c++ and idtech 4 and would love to try solve some of the bugs on this game myself, but unfortunately, I don't see where is the c++ source code, or SDK for this game? Does one exist or is everything made using doomScript? I'm under the impression that some work was done on the c++ side as well.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
aurocell - - 15 comments

I'm sorry, but I can't get this working for the life of me. Any help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SpecShadow - - 684 comments

I was watching this project for years (watched your blog, then sidebar activity), it breaks my heart that such promising project ends unfinished.

Good luck then, we gonna miss you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
coffeepowerup - - 24 comments

I actually didn't even know it was released in any form. I followed the project back then, then I kinda forgot about it. And a Youtube video popped up and saw some gameplay. I'm shocked this exists. I loved the original Arx Fatalis, still one of my favourite RPGs, just for the atmosphere and uniqueness, it's closer to my heart than Skyrim.

I would love to see a true spiritual successor of Arx. And I'm definitely going to give this a try!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
kaptenkabelsatan - - 19 comments

Check out " Monomyth " It is a spiritual successor to Arx currently in development.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Meowkey - - 2 comments

What a legend for this post

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SpecShadow - - 684 comments

I have it on my wishlist, hope it won't jump into Epic Store like other dungeon crawler.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,847 comments

Inspirational! It's crazy what you achieved with such a small team over the years, mad props to you guys!

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