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Victorian Era is a modification for Mount and Blade Warband which is set in late 19th century between the years 1860-1890. Start your campaign as an unknown adventurer, head of a state or a General at service of your King and lead your nation to Glory.

Attention: We are rebuilding this mod from the scratch and we need your help in different matters for instance: Articles ( Native English Speaker ), Scenes, 3D models, Historical information, scripts and so on.


Great Powers
British Empire
French Empire
Russian Empire
Spanish Empire
Ottoman Empire
Austrian Empire
British Colonies
Kingdom of Prussia
Kingdom of Sardinia

Secondary Powers
Kingdom of Belgium
Kingdom of Netherlands
Kingdom of Sweden
Kingdom of Denmark
Kingdom of Naples
Kingdom of Portugal

Modernized Countries
Kingdom of Bavaria
Kingdom of Hannover
Kingdom of Wurttemberg
Kingdom of Greece
Duchy of Wallachia
Papal States

Partly Modernized Countries
Shahdom of Persia
Khadivate of Egypt
Emirate of Afghanistan
Emirate of Tunisia
Serbian Rebels

Non-Modernized Countries
Sultanate of Oman
Sultanate of Morocco
Khanate of Khiva
Khanate of Bukhara
Emirate of Najd
Emirate of Shammar

Special thanks to all supporters, followers and helpers for tutorials, histroical info and so on.

Credits :

Brave new world and 16th century
Europe 1805
Blood and Iron OSP
Blood and Steel 1870
This is Balkan 2
Crusade against Jihad
1794 kosciuszko Uprising
19thcenturyfirearms pack
Independence of Chile
The Parabellum
The Wild Wind
1812 Russian Campaign - Котофей

Our Discord Server:
We will be glad to see you in our Discord server.

Best Regards

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RSS Articles

Company system:
Mod does no longer use troops division into classes that could be done in party window (because it does not support division of one troop type into more than one class). Instead, player can select class types in pre-battle menu (that is based on PBOD pre-battle menu where you can select which troops can join battle). After battle start and spawn of soldiers, they will be assigned to squads (named companies in game) according to what has been selected in pre-battle menu. Company types:
Line Infantry;
Light Infantry;
Guard Infantry;
Melee Cavalry;
Mounted Rifles (Ranged Cavalry);
Elite Cavalry.
Each troop in all troop trees is one of 6 company types described above. For example Austrian Uhlans will be attached to Melee Cavalry companies, Austrian Jaegers – to Light Infantry companies and so on. If there is no fitting company for troop, it will be attached to any infantry/cavalry company.

photo 2020 01 21 17 09 12

Each company (i. e. squad) has discipline and energy levels, both are indicated by percents (0%-100%):
- Discipline level is an indicator of company morale and willingness to follow orders. Discipline level is affected by enemy actions – enemy fire and closeness of an enemy soldiers. If discipline level is too low, company will retreat (individual soldier retreating from Native has been removed).
Company will be available to receive orders again in some time after retreating. Soldiers retreat not to nearest map border, but away from the enemy. However, if company retreats near map border, soldiers will leave battlefield. Default (maximum) discipline level of company is 90%, but having guard infantry/cavalry in company gives bonus to default level that is up to 10%. Low discipline levels will give penalty to shooting accuracy of company.
- Energy level is an indicator of company tiredness. Running and melee fighting will lower energy level of company. In this mod, running/walking switching is available, so it is recommended to use walking to preserve energy of soldiers. Low energy levels give penalties to walking speed, shooting accuracy, reload speed and melee damage. While standing still, company will restore its energy level.
For better companies management, new aerial view had been implemented. Discipline and energy levels of companies can be seen there. In aerial view, camera moving and rotating can be done with keyboard, and company position and direction of it's formation can be pointed by the cursor (by pointing cursor on minimap or field and clicking RMB).

photo 2020 01 21 17 10 54

Native formations had been completely rewritten because of their technical limitations.
Main changes:
- Player is now able to control direction of formation, while native formations were always directed to average position of enemy soldiers;
- While moving to position, soldiers will be headed towards their position and not towards enemy. This allows to avoid running backwards when retreating, for example;
- Lowered randomness of soldiers' positions in formation so gap between soldiers will be more fixed and formations will be more precise;
- Soldiers won't shoot while moving, so there is no need to switch to melee weapons for better speed. Shooting while moving is still available for “Charge!” order;
- Enabled orders from Napoleonic Wars, so volley fire is now available. Volley fire does better job at decreasing enemy discipline level and is only available for line infantry;
- Loose formation is only available for light infantry.
It is planned to add technology trees for factions that make available the usage of improved formations (like using loose formation for line infantry) and weaponry (like switching to breech-loaders).

Best Regards

Future of Victorian Era, please read

Future of Victorian Era, please read

News 12 comments

Dears, please read the description about Future of Victorian Era.

Quotes, New style of UI and Screens

Quotes, New style of UI and Screens

Feature 12 comments

In this article, you will learn about the new style of UI and Screens in Victorian Era 0.6.

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Kawoos CreatorOnline

Pre-Alpha Report

- Town Scenes ✅
- Uniforms for 12 factions ✅
- New unique props ✅
- Company system ✅
- Advanced Formations ✅
- Additional features ( scripts )❌
- Others ✅

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Foxtrot[1stCav] Online

Seems like we're waited 😁

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Have you got any special city scenes? If you do tell me wich ones you have.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kawoos CreatorOnline

Only the scene of Tehran and it's not complete yet ( need to make the royal palace and walls for it)

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Foxtrot[1stCav] Online


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I just can't wait to play this game. Good job Kawoos.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Do you know what it means for a mod to not be released?

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good luck in developing this amazing mod and i have been waiting to playing it as soon as it comes out for long and i believe that you can finish it and its going too be an awesome and unique mod

PS: you're cool

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Kawoos CreatorOnline

Thanks friend, let's hope we will achieve this goal all together.

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