In the name of God

A Present to Soul of the Blessed Nasereddin Shah Qajar ( King of Iran 1848 - 1898 ) , Qajar Dynasty , History of the World and all of the people who passed away to save flags of their countries ...


Victorian Era 1860 is a new Modification about The World in Late 19th Century .
Our goal is to make one of the most Popular mods for M&B Warband and make a lot of Enjoyable Moments for you dear fans of M&B Warband , We hope you will like our Modification...

Based on Brave new world and 16th century mods , special thanks to Dears Cghopk, Sina Afshar , Yifeng_konjac , Archduke of Hell , Quintilies , Mightyl , N3cromanc3r and all dear Friends who helped and supported us .

Please send us a message if you can help us with 3d models or textures , we really need help in this section !!


1860 a.d Colonial Powers are conquering from west to east , north to South and Others
British Empire has Totally Conquered India and Eastern Makran , some parts of africa and arabia
in Central Europe , a new Great Power is Rising and will be Rival of France and Britain , its name is Kingdom of Prussia which will be The German Empire at 1870 .
Another New Great power will be Kingdom of Italy , King Victor Emanuelle ii is planning to form a united nation in Italia by help of Comannder Garibaldi.
at the Middle East , the Ottoman Empire has started its Tanzimat Age and new Reforms in Policies and Engine of their System , after bloody wars between iranians and ottomans, they finally Decided to be Friends ( Qajar Dynasty and Ottomans )
Qajars are trying to keep their power and adopt modernism by the Great Chancellor Amir Kabir in age of Nasereddin Shah Qajar ( 1848 - 1898 )
In North Africa , France is still conquering lands and is interested to increase its colonial power and form more Colonial States.
in Slavic Lands , the Russian Empire is trying to Reach to Free Seas of Mediterrania and Wants to be the Greatest Power.

Now , you yourself can play in a very important role and Change Destiny of this World
Take Power of Middle eastern Empires and Rebuild their Golden Age
help Empire of Russia and make the dream of Petr the great a Truth and reach to mediterranian sea
support Bismarck to Form The German Empire
be a Colonial Commander and Conquer more lands and Wealths
can you Join the Spanish Empire and Rebuild their Power one time again?
or you prefer to join Islamic Emirates in north africa and Arabia and Fight against Colonial Powers?
you must Choose your way for a Glorious Future !

factions in first version of the mod:

Qajar Dynasty ( Iran )
Barkazai Emirate of Afghanistan
British Colonies
Khanate of Khiva
Khanate of Bukhara
Ottoman Empire
Khadivate of Egypt
Russian Empire
Austrian Empire
French Empire
Kingdom of Greece
Kingdom of Italy
Spanish Empire
Great Britain
Kingdom of Prussia
German States
Kingdom of Belgium
Kingdom of Naples
Kingdom of Netherlands
Arabian States ( Najd , Yemen and Shammar )
Emirate of Tunis
Sultanate of Morocco
Kingdom of Portugal
Emirate of Tripoli
Sultante of Oman
Kingdom of Sweden and Denmark
Principality of Romania
Papal States
French Colonies
Ottoman Arabia

Some of the Features exists in 16th century and brave new world :

1. Banking System
- players have line of credit that is directly linked to honour (higher honour means more money)
- players' savings will increase in value over time as there are interests
- Bank will send mercenaries to force player pay debts when player do not repay them

2. Customizable Units
- once players found their own factions, it is possible for them to customize the factions' units
- to access this feature, players need to go to the camp panel, in which they can change the attribute and name of the unit by clicking on the unit, and modify the equipments of the units by clicking on the picture of the unit
- player customized units generally are better, but they cost more
- players will be able to recruit their customized units several days after their creation
- lords of players' factions will also enlist these well trained and equipped soldiers

3. The "O" Key of Party Management
- players can use the key "O" to access a panel in which they can quickly check the status of their party, character, and NPC; players can also change the equipment of the NPCs in this panel

4. Titles of Nobility
- players can now become nobles (there are 5 rankings)

5. New Recruitment System
- players will need to improve their relationships with cities and castles in order to unlock different grades of units (cities: relationship 5+ unlocks first grade,10+ unlock second grade/ castles: relationship 10+ unlock third grade)

6. New Trading System
- players can now purchase special goods in certain cities that will bring enormous profit when sold in distant lands; players can also find peasants in the taverns who are willing to exchange special goods with the players' goods
- YingTian: Silk/ Kyoto: Sake/ Kuran: Steeds/ Chunpei: Nutmeg/ Deli: Pepper/ London: Whisky/ Venice: Glassware/ Moscow: Vodka/ Seville: Mercury/ Tenochtitlan: Tobacco/ Ankara: Carpet

7. Building Certain Settlements
- Players can now build villages and/or castles as soon as they have 6 right to rule and 200 renown
- Players can also construct patrol stations in which they can enlist/disband patrols
- For more information please check the "game concept" within the "report" panel
- Players can buy back this village if they loss it(Talk with village elder).

8. Fog of War
- Players can only see settlements they have already visited, so start exploring! (can be enabled/disabled in camp panel)

9. Freelancer Incorporated
- Players can offer their swords to lords now as an average soldier (there are bugs as it is not perfectly merged with the game yet)

10. Special Locations
- There are special places on the campaign map in which players will be alone fighting some enemies to acquire certain equipments
- Diaoyu Island/ Villa of Spain/ Beached Galley of Bermuda/ Ruins of Mali/ Pyramids of Egypt/ Hu Guang Government Council of Ming/ Tavern of Antioch/ Castle of Cossack/ Ancient Arena

11. Injuries and Treatments
- Hunger: players' strength and agility will be lowered without food, however, the effects are reversible as sufficient food will restore the players' attributes into their original value
- Injuries: players have chances to become injured in different areas of body (head, hand, feet), lowering corresponding attributes
- Treatments: players need to seek doctors in taverns in order to be fully healed of the injury; doctors can also heal NPCs and soldiers

12. Fast NPC Search
- Players now can ask the tavern keepers for NPCs' locations or pay the tavern keepers to find and bring the NPC for them.

13. Steward
- Players now will have a steward in their castle and through him players can adjust tax rate, change the name of the castle, etc.; in cities the mayor=steward, in villages elder=steward)

14. Miscellaneous
- Patrols: now every city, castle, village will have its own patrol(remove in new version)
- Enlisting Captured Lord: now lords in prison can be talked into joining players' factions (or you can be nice and release them)

15-Detailed Map of the Europe , Middle East and North Africa

16-30 Factions

Developers Tean :

Team leaders : Aria Hasanzadeh , Ali Kawoosi
Historians :
Sina Aghaei Afshar ,Enis , Napalam Princess , Vexelise , big_boy , Fitlias ,MightyL , Emperor Ryan , Garov
Texturing and Modelling : Mohammad Ismaili , Melfius , Azoresnightfever , Ugur Sadat , Berk aytug , Tugsel Sadat , Dazzer, Kurtubazullah , Zulu NoShaka , Vasikle , lady_ashwood , Ninian
Scene Editor : ShieldBearer , lady_ashwood , Cghopk , Ninian
Artist : Nomad Dushman , Gustavo_br
Technical Support : Эльдар(Eldar) , MightyL , Cghopk

rest of the duties and members will be posted soon

special thanks to all supporters , Followers and helpers for tutorials , historical pictures and etc

Credits :

Brave new world and 16th century
Europe 1805
Blood and Iron OSP
Blood and Steel 1870
This is Balkan 2
Crusade against Jihad
1794 kosciuszko Uprising
19thcenturyfirearms OSP

Discord Group:

We will be Happy to see you in our Discord group.

Best Regards

Rise and Fall team is Recruiting new Members , join us if you are interested :)
Your Country needs you !

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It's a long time that we are working on Victorian Era 1860 and fortunately, things are going well, not perfect but well :D
Soon we will release our new update 0.6 .
This update adds some uniforms for Sardinians, Equipment for Russian infantry , some small bug fixes and maybe some uniforms for Greece.
After that , We must wait for Dear Aria Hasanzadeh to replace the European scenes and we will release update 0.7.
As you may have noticed, updates after 0.6 will focus on the scenes but we might add some small contents or fixes too.
So I will be free for a while, in this way I will work on a small project about early 17th century, that's going to be a nice mod I think, it's about religious wars at early 17th century and it's based on Sands of Faith.

Here you can see some screenshots from Broken Crescent 1603!
Safavid uniforms are from Battal Gazi!
Soon we will write you more about Broken Crescent 1603 and why we named it as Broken Crescent!

Notice that Victorian Era 1860 is our main project and we are planning to add some amazing features such as starting the game as a king, cannons and more (if dear friends support us :D)

mb warband 2018 05 12 12 18 05 6

mb warband 2018 05 13 10 17 30 6

mb warband 2018 05 12 13 02 09 0

Best Wishes

Beta 0.3 Franco-Prussian Edition

Beta 0.3 Franco-Prussian Edition


Beta 0.3 Franco-Prussian Edition is under development , please read the description.

Beta 0.2 Spanish Edition is Coming soon !

Beta 0.2 Spanish Edition is Coming soon !

News 8 comments

Beta 0.2 Spanish Edition is Coming soon ! Please read the description.

Austro - Italian Update

Austro - Italian Update

News 3 comments

Austro - Italian Beta Update , please read the description .

Current state of Beta Version ( Important )

Current state of Beta Version ( Important )

News 11 comments

Greetings ladies and Gentlemen , read the description please.

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Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.5

Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.5

Patch 50 comments

Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.5 is now available , please read the description !

Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.4.

Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.4.

Patch 12 comments

Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.4 is now available ! Read the description please.

Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.3

Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.3

Patch 14 comments

Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.3 is now available ! Please read the Description .

Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.2

Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.2

Demo 72 comments

Victorian Era 1860 Beta 0.2 ( Spanish Edition ) Please read the description.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,879)

this mod is great but i have some things to say :

1-if you can fix the map in the report menu that would be great i know it's a minor thing but i would love if you can fix it

2-i always have this event that pops up saying some with peace treaty if you can please fix it

3- if you can delete the skins that you start off with it would be great

4-if you can add more companions it would be awsome

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

Thank you :)

We will check them
Skins/clothes are in your inventory because it's difficult to find them at marketplaces at the moment.

Thanks again for your comment

Reply Good karma+1 vote

wanted to share this italian uniforms for your mod
also some new german uniforms like the bavarian helmet

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

thank you :) which mod is it?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Extremely disappointed. I was overly excited for this mod because i thought it was going to be really promising. A mod set in the 1860's is the probably closest we'll ever get to a Warband historical mod being set in a time other than medieval or Napoleonic. (Besides Parabellum which was sadly removed) My first impression was doubtful, as it was strange to me how you managed to shell out multiple updates in such a short period of time. But after downloading all of the updates and getting to play it i realized 5 mins in why that is, the mods is obviously in its most underdeveloped phase. While i understand that there is such a thing as a "beta", you would've at least started developing the most obvious and significant parts of the game such as the building rendering, item availability in the marketplace, etc. Instead you guys released the game so early and in such a state of incomprehensibility that i found myself wondering why you would release it in such a state at all. Now, i understand, that modding is difficult and i can always opt to not download this particular mod, however, the thing is, i absolutely love the concept of this mod. To further this statement, i love the mod itself. However what i don't love, is its current state and its continuous updates. My problem with the continuous updates reflect my frustration with big game companies shelling out multiple dlc's that you have to purchase so you can have the complete game. The same could be said here, as you guys seemingly preferred to post the mod still in its most rawest form and add other corrections or improvements later. I don't understand why you guys don't just take your time and let us followers of the mod wait for it to be finished. (Or at least finished past its aforementioned 'rawest form') That way both sides win. You get to finish your mod all the while balance your personal lives and us followers would get a well-polished mod. That's it. Again, just to clarify, i'm a big fan and supporter of the concept of this mod. The way you conceptualized and executed the mod, was already worth praising. (even in its current state) However, again i urge you guys to take your time to finish the mod and please don't let public pressure tell you otherwise. Thanks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have to disagree with the idea of the modders waiting to release stuff. It's better for them to release what they have as soon as they can. That way the players can see constant progress and not have to fear yet another mod dying in the ether. The fans of Blood and Steel, for instance, waited for years and years and got next to nothing. This way produces more winners than your idea of waiting, because those who just want to play something, even if it is unfinished, can have their fun, while those who opt to wait for the finished product still can wait.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

Thanks for your comment

Our plan was to complete main parts of the mod until full version 1.0
It's somehow early access maybe , so we are planning to add more features after 1.0

We said Beta because it's not completed yet, this is a heavy project and it takes too much time to be completed so we are developing it step by step.

Best wishes

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Can There Be More Updates For All of the Textures for the clothes and Headwear in the Game

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

as soon as our guys find a free time , we will make more stuff :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Do you think about do a mod based in neolithic-chacolithic period? with the egyptian protostates, sumerian cities, palestine tribes and all of this. I say it because there aren't any mod for warband about egypt, and near east (that I belive is a very desired subject) and there aren't anyone about neolithic-prehstoric times. Also it isn't needed so much stuf (stone maces and axes, spears and simple bows, shields, no horses, simple skirts, and may be a small group of troop trees(for example one egyptian for five factions, one sumerian for also more factions, nubian and libian, all of this with three unit types for example, hunter>infantry/bowmen)), and all of this in the area that you develop all your mods.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

Hello , that's an interesting idea
for example 550 or 600 b.c

Egypt , Persia , Media , Lidiya , Babylonia etc :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

HI man i was playing this mod and it was amazing but it really hurts me because troop customization doesent woorks it al
Ways says pollish...texture not found or armor not found. Then my pc crashes wtf pls fixxxxx plssss

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

yes custom troops feature doesnt work at the moment :( we are planning to fix it in further versions.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

May be, I dont know, 3500 BC, in the birth of civilizations (more primitive armies, so I imagine easier to do it)
and factions like
Egyptian cities:
Nejen (hierakompolis)
Nubt (Nakada)
Tjenu (Thinis confederacy)
Sau (Sais, Nile delta)
Near East:
Ur, Uruk, Susa, Asur, Eridu (in fact a lot)
Palestine: Jericho
Nubia: Buhen, Qustul
Lybian tribes

(and a lot of small chifdoms with incipient and nascent cities, may be the player make his own)

But in fact any mod about Ancient civilizations (not greeks and romans, there are a lot) must be a sucess, because there arent any one (there were a few tries but were never finished)

PD.: If you want to do about 600 or 550 bC there are a very interesting period in the 8th century with the neo assyrian empire and the third intermediate period of egypt

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

that'd be great :) since there is not any mod about middle east during ancient era :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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needs a LOT more development, but if it doesn't die, it will be glorious someday

Apr 7 2018 by pawelord

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