Currently this mod is a cheat mod, however i do plan on adding units/changing unit sides. But right now what it does is adds more cheat codes to the game However i do plan on adding new units and making it a more "russia vs usa" type game as in consortium to have Russian units instead of its current mix of usa and russia, whats currently planned is to have the mercs SU-25 be the attack/bomber plane for consortium and the B1 (blackjack ingame) be america's bomber and B2 talon's.

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Cheats 1.0

News 3 comments

Ok so the following cheats are;

Type in as written What it does
abrams Gives an Abrams tank
apc Gives Bradley apc
hind Gives hind gunship
burke Gives Arleigh Burke Missile Destroyer
tarawa Gives Tarawa class aircraft carrier (or LHD)
oliver Gives Oliver Class Frigate
ddx Gives DDX destroyer
sanan Gives San Antonio Amphibious Assault ship
bulld Gives bulldozer constructor (US army builder)
vvtran (2 V's not w) Gives CH-53 Sea Stallion
hipcon Gives Hip Constructor (consortium builder)
hoshawk Gives hospital Blackhawk
hawk Gives blackhawk
vrepair Gives V22 repair
marine Gives marine
sniper Gives sniper
blackhawkdown Gives Tunguska
fortknox Gives 1,000 credits

Zoom has been changed so you can actually see the planes on land and see more area

Note for using bulld or hipcon cheats, when you build up base and use the air controler you may or may not get to use all aircraft as Talon doesnt have a 3rd set of planes currently (will soon have a 3rd plane) so if you try to use B-2's are B-1's from us army air tower or consortium's air tower you will be unable to use them however the fighters and attackers work fine just you cant orginize them so recommend to send a couple planes and cancel the strikes ASAP for planes u dont want to strike at that area so you dont lose them.

Also note the YES these WORK in campaign and engagement.

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Cheats 2.0

Cheats 2.0

Full Version 2 comments

Updated with a few more cheats and fixed the fortknox destroying everything bug.

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foxtrot2novmbr - - 51 comments

ambulance cheat not working. What happen?

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JinBitsu - - 55 comments

Hi Shazzer, my question is not related to your mod, but when I edit the stats of units, does it apply to AI as well?

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AIbert_Wesker - - 8 comments

add typhoon please)

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Tallestdavid - - 975 comments

YES! i want a russian faction! my dream! besides being Hokage.

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king-tamino - - 3 comments

More Hight Treason Mods :
Check out the "GCM", it adds new cheats, better AI, zoom, Naval Fights for Singleplayer (and ยด"fortknox" brings now 100.000$)

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GEN.ERIC - - 6 comments

Is not work, why?

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GEN.ERIC - - 6 comments

Very sorry, is working.

This mod can use in Direct Action?

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Shrektacular - - 151 comments

Woh wow wow wow


Can I spawn ships in non-naval maps as long as they have water? I miss playing this game

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Shazer22 Creator
Shazer22 - - 295 comments


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Guest - - 687,512 comments

I tried this, its not working, I even created the mods folder inside high treason folder, I followed the read me

C:\Program Files\Atari\Act of War - High Treason\Mods

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Shazer22 Creator
Shazer22 - - 295 comments

You used the mod launcher yes?

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