because of a messy programming language written half in french
and just loosing interest due to the release of "Act of Aggression"
at least i had problems to test and pack whats done, if someone knows a way to get the modloader/tester/packer working under win7, please contact me on Steam - Contact "link" at profile page!

the plan:
- combine various mods
- bring back some "action" from the previous game "direct action"
- add some units from campaign and gamemodes (reworked ofc!)
- maybe new game modes (not only the existing mod ones!)
- in fact RESURRECT this great game :-)

whats done:
- the cheats (-.-)'#
in fact its the easyest part!^^

- replacing loading screens with concept arts :-)
- add stuff to run it under newer windows systems (need permission first!)

*why the heck does this site mess with the header?! - i take a screenshot and adjust it - its just a placeholder to find the right size - but it doesnt make fun! :-(
would be nice to adjust size and shift it manually guys! ;-)

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Bomber and other aircraft plans


needs hud reskin & recode!

the consortium will get MiG-21 Fishbed as their anti vehicle aircraft
the task force talon will get F-117A Nighthawk as their bomber

to balance the bombers:
B-2 get +2 bombs (from 8 to 10)
Blackjack reduced -8 bombs (from 16 to 8)

New Aircraft:
TFT Nighthawk gets 2-4 guided bombs - maybe upgradeable

Con MiG-21 Fishbed gets eighter
1x air-to-air, 1x air-to-ground, 1x guided bomb
1x air-to-air, 2x air-to-ground, 2x unguided bomb
(planed - but not sure about the programming possibility)
MiG-21 Fishbed - Suicide Drone
2x Air-to-ground missiles & Suicide Attack
maybe with upgrade for 1x guided bomb for damage on the way ;-)
or 2x unguided for extra attack damage (like A-10)

Cheat Table Content

Cheat Table Content

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full list of cheat commands (why the hell need a summery 50 characters?!)


Which program should I use to open files in Act of War? I will try to implement a camera at ground level.

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can you please in the future add the "Terrorist Uzi" and "Terrorist van" to the consortium?, since the consortium considered a Terrorist faction or as cheats if possible.

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BlackRedDead Creator

that was planned! - sadly i lose interest because of the "frenglish" mess at the code, wich make it really hard to understand how things work :-(
also "Act of Aggression" came out but is a big disappointment - even more after the "Reboot" :-(

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Indeed, remains a polished even in 2016. However heard that there is a look-a-like also from Eugen. Still, the old game rocks.

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BlackRedDead Creator

Act of Aggression - sadly not as good as expected - i hate that "disappearing trees" - want that nice cracking&falling; trees from Act of War!^^ (my personal biggest issue - havent played it yet :-( )
the mod is abadoned because i cant test - and thus not pack it - for unknown reason :-/
game runs without problems but modlauncher just ctd without error -.-#
also the game code is in a very ugly mixture of english and french - some parts are very hard to translate/understand - even with the full dokumentary - should be a norm at game development!^^

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