The mod aims to provide mental exercises for strategy makers:
with a high level of scaled*(see below) realism, realistic weaponry, realistic AI attacking and defensive strategy, and a relentlessly fast paced game play, the mod is for the past time of real generals!

3 New Factions:
China & Japan & Italy!

110+ new Units:

Powerful Air Power: Pak-fa, F-22, Su-35BM, J-10B, F-15J, Eurofighter, Rafale & more are all at your command for Air-to Air Combat!

Dominating Sea Power: Type 45, Arleigh Burke, Atago, FREMM-ER, Project 22350, Sejong The Great, Kilo, Lada, Soryu & Type 212, Type 214 are all at your dispose

Devastating Area Denial Weapons: S-400, FD-2000, Mobile Patriot Launcher, SAMP-T, Type 12 ASM, & Bastion System, with their astonishing ranges, all are poised to give any attacker a devastating blow.

10+ new Buildings
4+ Innovative New Game play logic
New Music Themes

*scaled realism: the ranges, damage values, rate of fire, of weapons, sensors, and damage radius are scaled to reflect the capabilities to perspective weapons in the real world.

Featured Match Game Play Video: "Russia vs Korea"

The modification has no intention in promoting regional conflict. All the conflicts presented in the video/game, is only for the purpose of training for the making of strategical decisions, "for the past time of generals", so to speak. As the mod was originally designed for the past time of my dad, for the invigoration of his mind.

Credits of A General's Game Version 1.05+
(More credits to be added in The Future versions)
The mod is only made possible by the inputs of the following artists,
their works deserves the gratitude from us:

(1)The I Man
For providing the art assets for:
Allied Pre-release Spy Sat, China Service Depot (using the asset of Yuri
Service Depot), Allied Barracks, Chinese Special Forces (using assets of Gendarme)

&For providing the art assets basis for:
China Airport (superstructures are that of the Yuri's Airpad)

For Proivding the art assets for Allied Power Plant

(3)Mig Eater
For providing the art assets for:
China Construction Yard, China Refinery, Allied Airbase, F35, F22, A-10,
Su-25, KA27 (Also as the basis for KA28), SCUD Launcher, Leclerc, Challenger 2,
T-72, Chinook, ZSU-23, MLRS, Type022

& For providing the arts assets basis for:
Chassis for Avenger ADS & Type96 MPMS , Crotale (MLRS Chassis), Chunma & KFV-R (M113 Chassis)

For providing the art assets for Japan F-2A

For providing the art assets for Tunguska-M1 (Medusa)
& For providing the the art assets basis for:
LightTank for Japan(Type 74 tank), as the basis for the chassis for Type87
SPAAG; Mig-23

For providing the art assets for Steel Desolator (as anti tank missile
trooper in version 1.05)

(7)partyzanPaulZy & Medusa
For providing the art assets for Heavy Spetznaz (as Spetnaz in game)

For Providing the art assets for Tank Killer (as AT INF in game)

For Providing the art assets for Shotgun Trooper (as Light Infantry in
game), Medic

(10)Dark Elf
For Providing the art assets for Sidewinder (as AA INF in game)

For Providing the art assets for PoliceSniper (as Chinese sniper in game)

(12) azri_apoc
For Providing the Allied Mobile Weather Controller as the basis for
chassis for most anti-air missile launcher vehicles (S400, HQ-9, SAMP-T,
Patriot, & CAMML) & Antiship missile launcher vehicles (Type12,
Bastion) & Tactical Ballistic Missile( Iskander) & Cruise Missile
Launchers (CJ10) & Long range MLRS(Tornado MLRS & WS-3) ; Stryker &
Stryker MGS

& For Providing the Art Assets for:
Abrams Tank (also as the basis for M88)& Bradley IFV(also as the basis
for the chassis for K21IFV) & MSTA (Howitzer)

For Provinding much of the mod's attack helicopters, including : Apache,
AH-1, Mi-28, WZ-10, Tiger, & A129 and maritime helicopters, including SH-60
& SH-60J

(13)rocky of RA2 DIY
For providing the basis for many aircrafts & Landing crafts,
including: Mi-24, AN-124, AN-12, C-17, C-130, C-2, Y-9, Zubr, LCAC, Type 726
Yuyi, AW159, EH101, NH90, 052D

For providing the art assets for Mig-29
& For providing the art assets for the basis of Su-34, Mig-35

For providing the art assets for ZTZ-99 & T-80 (also as the basis for

(16) deathreaperz
For providing the art assets for the turrets of Stryker

For providing the art assets for the Basis of Mi-8 Helicopter, Gepard
(also the art assets basis for the turret of Type87 SPAAG)

For providing the art assets for Su-35

For providing the art assets for J-20, Pzh2000
&For Providing the art assets basis for K1A1 (modified form the
Leopoard tank)

For providing the art assets basis for: J-10, JH-7, Su-30MKK, Tornado
variants, BMP-3, MQ-9 (modified form the UAV)

For providing the art assets for China Miner

For providing the art assets for Mirage 2000D, Mig-21
&For providing the art assets basis for F-16 Variants

For providing the art assets for KGB Agent & Allied Agent

(24) ronco
For providing the art assets for Leopard2(Also as the basis for Bpz3)

For providing the art assets for China Tech Center (Allied/Soviet Battle

For providing the art assets for Soviet Airport (as the basis for China

(27)Holy Master
For Providing the art assets for Paladin Artillery

(28)逍遙仙子 of RA2 DIY
For providing the art assets for T-55 (also as the Chasis for SA-3)

For providing the art assets as the basis for Y-20

For providing the art assets for Allied MCV

For providing the art assets for Ariete Tank of Italy

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A General's Game v.1.05

After a 10 day trial run of the mod in its version of 0.98, the refined version of v.1.05 has arrived! The refined version features refined balance, new aircraft and missiles models, new AI tactics, and more!

A Concise listing of major additions introduced by the mod compared to the original game:
1.New Logic Enabled Air-Defense Aircraft: they will automatically patrolling in the skies engaging enemies!
For USA: F-22
For Russia: Pak-fa
For China: J-10B
For Japan: F-15J
For Germany: German Eurofighter
For UK: British Eurofighter
For France: Rafale
For Korea: KF-16
For Cuba: Mig-29
For Iraq, Libya: Mig-21

2. Deploy-able long range air-defense vehicles:
For USA, Japan, Germany, Korea: The Mobile Patriot
For Russia: The S-400
For France: SAMP-T
For China: FD-2000 (HQ-9)
For Cuba: SA-3

3.Massive air-defense ships: they will patrol the oceans shooting down enemy fighters at great range, with their arsenal of tens or a hundred or more of missiles!

For USA: The Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer
For Russia: The Project 22350 Air-Defense Frigate
For France: The FREMM-ER Air-Defense Frigate
For UK: The Type 45 Destroyer
For Korea: The Sejong the Great Class Destroyer
For Japan: The Atago Class Destroyer

4.Prodigious land attack ships/submarines: they will unleash a devastating array of land attack cruise missiles
For USA: The Zumwalt Class Destroyer, and the Vriginia class submarine
For Russia: The Lada class submarine
For UK: The Audacious Attack submarine (with new logic enabled, controllable land attack cruise missiles! they can be steered by the player's command to evade enemy air defenses!)
For France: The Barracuda attack submarine & FREMM land attack frigate
For Germany: The F125 frigate and K-130 Corvettes (also with new logic enabled land attack cruise missiles)
For Korea: The Type 214 class submarine

5.Powerful anti-ship weaponry: as enabled by new logic, the intercept-able, yet still extremely dangerous, low flying, control-able anti-ship missiles, are the greatest threat to any surface ships
For USA: The F-18E with 4 sea-skimming (new logic) harpoon missiles
For Russia: The Bastion system with 2 long range supersonic sea skimming (new logic)Oniks missiles, and the Su-30SM with 4 supersonic sea-skimming (new logic) Kh-31AD missiles
For Japan: The Type 12 SSM with 6 sea-skimming (new logic) Type 12 SSM anti-ship missiles, and the F-2A with 4 ASM-2 sea skimming (new logic) anti-ship missiles
For China: The Kilo class submarine with 2 stage (new logic) supersonic dash, Club missiles, the Su-30MKK with 4 sea-skimming (new logic) YJ-91 supersonic anti-ship missiles, and the Type 022 missile crafts with 4 sea-skimming (new logic) YJ-82 ant-ship missiles

6. Underwater threats: stealthy opponents are the greatest fear of any navy, as the enemy can sneak into the proximity of your naval yard and unleash an unexpected blow with their torpedos and missiels
For Germany: the Type 212 submarine, with torpedos
For Japan: the Soryu class submarine, with torpedos and sea-skimming (new logic) harpoon anti-ship missiles

7.Submarine Hunters: submarine defeating surface ships and maritime helicopters (new logic) armed with sonar and torpedo/anti-submarine rockets as their weapon
For Russia: The Project 20385 corvette with long range club anti-submarine missile, and the Ka-27 with air dropped torpedos
For France: The FREMM with torpedos, and the NFH-90 helicopter with air dropped torpedos
For Germany: The NFH-90 helicopters with air-dropped torpedos
For UK and Korea: The AW-159 helicpter with air-dropped tropedos
For China: The Ka-28 helicopter with air-dropped torpedos
For USA and Japan: The Seahawk and Seahawk J helicoters with air-dropped tropedos

8.Cruise missile launching Stand-off strike aircrafts as enabled by new logic of terrain following land attack cruise missiles!
For USA: The F-35 with JASSM
For Russia: The Su-34 with Club missile
For UK: The Eurofighter with Storm Shadow missile
For France: The Rafale with Storm Shadow missile
For Germany: The Eurofighter with KEPD 350 missile
For Korea: The F-15K with SLAM-er missile
For China: The JH-7 with KD-88 missiles

9.Ground Attacker, Bombers, and Fighter Bombers: those aircraft armed with high yield bombs with great numbers, capable of destroying the important buildings in one bombing run:
For USA: the A-10
For Russia: The Su-25 and Mig-35
For China: The J-20
For Germany: The Tornado
For France: The Mirage 2000D
For Cuba, Iraq and Libya : The Mig-23

10. Air-Defense Suppressors: Fighters armed with long range anti-radiation missiles are the greatest threat to any air-defense units:
For USA: The F-16CJ
For Russia: The Su-25 and Su-30SM
For Germany: The Tornado ECR
For UK: The Tornado IDS
For France: The Mirage-2000D
For China: The Su-30MKK
For Korea: The F-16

11.Short Range Air-defense systems: the systems that plug the gap between the firing of the long range air defense systems, forming the last line of defense of a basse:
For USA: The Avenger ADS
For Japan: The Type 87 SPAAG
For China: The Type 07 SPAAG
For Germany: The Gepard SPAAG
For Russia: Tunguska M1
For France: The Crotale
For Korea: The Chunma
For Cuba, Iraq, and Libya: The ZSU-23-4 SPAAG

12.Repair Vehicles: Mobile, automatic (new logic) seeking vehicles with a wide moving range, capable of maintaining the health of vehicles of around the base. Particularly useful in a large scale land battle: as it maintains your units free of your command:
For USA: The M88
For China: The ZBD-04 Repair vehicle
For France: The VBCI Repair Vehicle
For Germany: The Bpz-3 Repair Vehicle
For UK: The Ascod Repair Vehicle
For Russia: The BREM-80 Repair Vehicle
For Japan: The Type 11 Repair Vehicle
For Korea: The KFV Repair Vehicle

13.New Main battle tanks: the tip of the spear of any land invasion, with a robust armor and powerful armor-penetrating guns, the main battle tanks are the backbone of an armed force:
For USA: M1A2
For Japan: Type 10
For Russia: T-80U
For China: Type-99
For UK: The Challenger 2
For France: The Leclerc
For Germany: The Leopard 2
For Korea: The K1A1
For Cuba, Iraq, and Libya: The T-72 & T-55

14. Infantry Fighting Vehicles: The supports for the main battle tanks, armed with high-rate-of-fire auto cannons or long range rifled guns, the Infantry fighting vehicles help the main battle tanks tanking on soft and numerous targets:
For USA: The Bradley
For Russia: The BMP-3
For China: The ZBD-04
For UK: The Ascod SV
For France: The VBCI
For Germany: The Puma
For Korea: The K-21 IFV
For Cuba, Iraq, and Libya: The BMP-1

15.Mobile Artillery/ Rockets: Long range fire support for hardened positions and buildings:
For USA and Korea: The M109 Paladin and MLRS
For UK, France and Japan: The MLRS
For Germany: Pzh2000 & MLRS
For Russia: MSTA-S
For China: PLZ-05

16.Gunship: Heavily armored and armed transport aircraft employed by the US military:
For USA: The AC-130

17.Heavy Transport Aircraft: The large cargo aircraft capable of carry large amount of troops and vehicle quickly across the waters or mountain ranges within a map:
For USA: C-130 and C-17
For Russia: AN-124 and AN-12
For China: Y-9 and Y-20
For France, Germany and UK: The A400M
For UK: the C-17
For Korea: The C-130
For Japan: The C-2

18.Attack helicopters: The heavily armed helicopters specialized in taking on ground targets including battle tanks, infantry and base defenses:
For USA, Japan and UK: The Apache
For USA, Korea and Japan: The AH-1
For Russia: Mi-28
For France and Germany: The Tiger
For China: The WZ-10
For Cuba, Iraq and Libya: The Mi-24

19. Tactical Ballistic Missiles: The long range, high speed, hard-to-intercept missiles are the great fears of any base defenders, as they are capable of unleashing devastation far behind enemy line:
For Russia: The Iskander

20. Cruise Missile Launchers: The long range, controllable, terrain following (new logic) cruise missiles are the stealthy threat to bases, as with care, the attacker can by pass the primary defenses of a base and unleash maximum impact:
For China: The CJ-10

21.Disguised Intelligence Agents: The undercover counter-espionage agents are the great terrors of any infiltrators, be it spies or terrorists
For USA, Japan, Korea, UK, France, German: the Agent, modeled after the fame 0007, dresses just like normal infantry, is always on a hunt to counter disguised enemy infiltrators.
For Russia, Cuba, Iraq, Libya: the KGB Agent, is similar to their allied counterparts: dressed just like normal infantry, but has the mastery in detecting disguised infiltrators and in firing light automatic weapons.

There are still plenty more to be discovered in the mod!
Be sure to have fun with us!
Have a Happy New Year! A Good Year worth remembering!

Best Wishes,
Your Mod Developer
Yue-Li Lee

Pre-Release Session Start!

Pre-Release Session Start!


A General's Game Pre-release version 0.98 has been released. The purpose is to test the new installer and to detect any issue faced when operating on...

[Know Your Weapons: EP2] Eurofighter Strike Variant (For UK & Germany)

[Know Your Weapons: EP2] Eurofighter Strike Variant (For UK & Germany)

Design/Concepts Tutorial 4 comments

The second episode: The Eurofighter strike variant is designed to engage highly defended enemy bases, using their long range, stealthy, terrain following...

[Know Your Weapons: EP1] F-16CJ (For USA & Korea)

[Know Your Weapons: EP1] F-16CJ (For USA & Korea)

Design/Concepts Tutorial

As a general, you have to know your weapons first to conceive a valid strategy. Thus here goes the new series of Know Your Weapons in A General's Game...

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Selected Map Pack 01 For A General's Game

Selected Map Pack 01 For A General's Game

Singleplayer Map

The maps large enough for the combats of the mod: A General's Game. The intellectual properties are of the authors of the maps, I did not own them, I...

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where i can download this mod..??

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and i suggest making some balances to infantry and change building to look like modern army bunkers and aa-guns and bases

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i like the mode but a ai that acts like real military like stratigicly attack your power supplies ore refineries try to get across your defencess
will be better for this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Download Link:

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Why its deleted? Where I can download this mod please? :(

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how do you enable air-to-air combat in this mod/game???!!

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THIS is a fu*** great mod!
I love it!
the anti air unit is really cool!

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Hey guys I found the mod finally I will be posting the link sonly, BTW I didn't uploaded it, the author did

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