The mod aims to provide mental exercises for strategy makers: with a high level of scaled*(see below) realism, realistic weaponry, realistic AI attacking and defensive strategy, and a relentlessly fast paced game play, the mod is for the past time of real generals! Highlights: 3 New Factions: China, Japan & Italy! 100+ new Units: Powerful Air Power: Pak-fa, F-22, Su-35BM, J-10B, F-15J, Eurofighter, Rafale & more are all at your command for Air-to Air Combat! Dominating Sea Power: Type 45, Arleigh Burke, Atago, FREMM-ER, Project 22350, Sejong The Great, Kilo, Lada, Soryu & Type 212, Type 214 are all at your dispose Devastating Area Denial Weapons: S-400, FD-2000, Mobile Patriot Launcher, SAMP-T, Type 12 ASM, & Bastion System, with their astonishing ranges, all are poised to give any attacker a devastating blow. 10+ new Buildings 4+ Innovative New Game play logic New Music Themes

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[In Game] Fully-Featured Chinese Base
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The base of China with nearly all of its features
Tank Bunker
Field Howitzer
LD-2000 30mm air-defense CIWS
Chinese Repair Depot
Chinese Air Base
Chinese Air Defense Command
Chinese Spy Sat Up-link

WZ-10 attack helicopter
Y-9 transport
Y-20 transport
JH-7 fighter bomber armed with YJ-82/KD-88 anti-ship/land attack cruise missiles
Q-5 attacker armed with laser guided bombs
Su-30MKK armed with YJ-91 supersonic anti-ship version missiles and YJ-91 supersonic anti-radiation version missiles
J-10 air-defense fighter
J-20 air-defense fighter
Mi-8 Transport helicopter
Ka-28 anti-submarine helicopter

Type-99 MBT
ZBD-04 amphibious IFV
PGZ-07 35mm SPAAG
PLZ-05 155mm SPG
WS-3 long range MLRS
ZBD-04 repair vehicle
CJ-10 mobile long range cruise missile launcher
FD-2000/HQ-9 mobile air-defense missile launcher

Type 726 LCAC
Kilo class submarine armed with Klub tow stage anti-ship cruise missile with supersonic mach 2.9 terminal stage
Type 022 missile craft armed with C802 anti-ship missiles
Type 054A multi-role frigate
Type 052C air-defense destroyer

Light Infantry armed with QBZ95 assault rifle and QLB06 grenade launcher
AT Infantry armed with PF98 anti-tank rocket launcher
Heavy sniper armed with QBU10 12.7mm heavy sniper rifle capable of taking out lightly armored vehicles and helicopters
Chinese Special Force armed with QBZ03 assault rifle and C4 bombs
Attack dog for detecting disguised units

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