The mod aims to provide mental exercises for strategy makers: with a high level of scaled*(see below) realism, realistic weaponry, realistic AI attacking and defensive strategy, and a relentlessly fast paced game play, the mod is for the past time of real generals! Highlights: 3 New Factions: China, Japan & Italy! 100+ new Units: Powerful Air Power: Pak-fa, F-22, Su-35BM, J-10B, F-15J, Eurofighter, Rafale & more are all at your command for Air-to Air Combat! Dominating Sea Power: Type 45, Arleigh Burke, Atago, FREMM-ER, Project 22350, Sejong The Great, Kilo, Lada, Soryu & Type 212, Type 214 are all at your dispose Devastating Area Denial Weapons: S-400, FD-2000, Mobile Patriot Launcher, SAMP-T, Type 12 ASM, & Bastion System, with their astonishing ranges, all are poised to give any attacker a devastating blow. 10+ new Buildings 4+ Innovative New Game play logic New Music Themes

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The video showcases the capabilities of the Kilo class submarine as employed by the PLA Navy:

The First: heavy torpedo with uni-kill capability. That is, the torpedo launched from the Kilos are so powerful against other submarines that a single hit would likely kill the opponent.

The Second: Torpedo evasion. The Kilos can evade the hostile torpedo by sharp maneuver turns, or use the underwater terrain as a cover.

The Third: Club tow stage anti-shipping missile. The Kilos use their Club missiles to engage enemy surface ships: the missile would first cruise in subsonic speed using jet engine to increase its range, then in the final phase, where a enemy ship is only around 50 km away, launch a second, rocket propelled stage carrying a warhead of 200 kg at mach 2.9, which is very difficult to intercept and thus would constitute a serious threat toward any surface vessels.

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